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The Billionaire's Heartbeat - Episode 19 & 20




The Billionaire's Heartbeat - Episode 19 & 20

Theme: Blazing affection

By Terri Savage


She sucked in her breath as she kept staring at him, blinking like ten times as he came coming closer, she almost shifted but it was impossible to do so, she opened her mouth to say something but no word came out. She locked her eyes on him, waiting for what he want to do, she was so nervous.

Myles bent just beside her and took the car keys that were on the couch just right beside her.

He stood straight, and she started blinking. What was she thinking?

She looked up and their eyes met, a smirk formed on his lips as he stared at her, and she almost looked away when his voice came.

"What do you have in mind?" he asked, twisting the keys in his hand.

"What are you doing here?" she asked, ignoring his question.

"I forgot my phone, I came back to get it" he replied.

"Wait!! Why did you kept moving back? You fell on the couch and... "

"It's not your business, this is my mansion remember?" she intruded.

His eyes went to her wear.

"Why are you dress this way?" he asked, and she glanced at him.

"How?" she asked.

"It's nothing, I will go get my phone in the car" he said and walked out.

Jennifer released the breath she didn't know she was holding.

What was she thinking? But he kept coming closer and she didn't know he was closer just because he wanted to get the car keys. She almost embarrassed herself.

"It's a good thing he didn't notice" she said, palming her face.

The door opened and she looked up again as he came in holding his phone.

"I'm leaving, boss" he said dropping the keys on the couch.

Her eyes were on him as he started walking out till he suddenly stopped, looking back.

"About earlier, if you think I was moved by what you wore then you were wrong in thinking that way, that decimal points on your chest can't captivate me, bye" he said and went out.

She gasped.

"He....." she couldn't say another thing as she didn't know what to say next.

Why did she even hired someone like him in the first place?


Sloane entered the house and fell on the couch with a loud groaned, sounding so tired as she rested her back on the couch.

"I'm so tired,gosh!" she muttered, removing her shoes.

"You came back late, I'm the usual one coming back late" Everest said, coming out from his room.

"Kiddo, did you make anything?" she asked, looking at him.

"You didn't eat from the restaurant?" he smirked teasingly, and she glared at him.

"My father doesn't owns that restaurant" she replied.

"Get a boyfriend then"

"Like you have a girlfriend, punk" she hissed, and he chuckled.

"I made spaghetti and veggies" he said, taking a drink from the fridge.

"I need a shower now" she said, standing.

She took her shoes and started walking inside.

"Ok" he muttered, drinking.

Sloane entered her room and threw her shoes somewhere. She stripped herself completely and entered the bathroom.

She came out after a while feeling refreshed and energized.

"I feel better now" she sighed, flexing her body.

She applied cream on her body and after that she changed into something simple.

Her phone buzzed on the bed, and she looked back. She walked to the bed, and took the phone up.

She saw a text on her screen, and she clicked on it.


She read the message with a blank face, a smile almost formed on her face but she didn't allowed it to show.

"He can't stop" she muttered, dropping the phone on the bed as she walked out of the room.


Myles got minutes later after he left Jennifer's castle, he was lying on his bed, his hands crossed behind his head as he lay his head on the pillows.

He suddenly started smiling lightly when he remembered what he said to Jennifer before leaving her house.

"I should have wait to see her facial reaction" he said and chuckled.

"She has a nice side but she is hiding it, are billionaires naturally created to be arrogant and egoistic, such all of kind manners" he said.

He remembered when she almost cried when she got attacked by her mother.

"Even the strongest have feelings" he said, turning his head on the pillow.


Ceres came into the company and she met her father already in her floor.

The moment their eyes, she saw the anger in his eyes.

"What did you tell me about the contract?" He asked with a scowl.

"Can we talk inside father, don't disgrace me in front of my workers" she said, and walked into her office.

Mr Adams scoffed and entered her office.

"You were bragging about getting the contract, what happened? You can't be useful like your half sister" he said, and Ceres hurtfully look at him.

"It's not my fault, we reached a point of having a deal but that bastard Mr Donald fooled me and went to signed with Jennifer, how is it my fault"

"You lack convincing skills" he shouted.

"You know what dad, what don't you take your company back, I'm tried of this bullshit, handle your company the way you want it" she shouted ragingly, giving him a hard look.

"He competent like your sister" he said and walked out.

"She's not my sister" Ceres yelled, she grabbed a laptop on the table and she smashed it on the floor.

"I will end you myself Jennifer" she said hatefully, her eyes blaring red with anger.


Everest was allowed into the company after telling the guards who he was.

He got to the living room and just in time, Mr Ted was coming downstairs.

Their eyes met, and he quickly bowed.

"Good morning sir"

"You are?" He asked.

He was about to answer when his voice interrupted.

"Paige's secretary, what are you doing here?" Mr Ted asked.

"Can we talk please sir?" he asked respectfully.

"I have only five minutes to spare" he said, and Everest smiled.

"Thank you sir" he said, and Mr Ted directed him to a couch.

"Sir, I'm here because of the contract, my boss disrespected you but I'm begging on her behalf, please give is the contract"

"What if I tell you that I only gave out the contract?" Mr Ted asked.

"You didn't" Everest replied, and he chuckled.

"How do you know?"

"I just feel it, you can consider how much billionaires you will make from this contract,elite group of company is one of the big three companies in America, having a deal with us will profit you more than you will ever imagine"

"You got a sweet mouth young man but I'm sorry to disappoint you" Mr Ted stood.

"You are going to reject even after this my gift?" he asked and Mr Ted looked at him.

"What are you saying?" Mr Ted asked.

Everest smiled, and snapped his fingers, the door quickly open and a curvaceous lady walked in, her three buttons were left open, revealing her lovely huge breasts, her endowed hips stood elegantly in the tight gown, she stylishly turned around and Mr Ted's eyes widened. He started choking on his breath as his got erected instantly.

"Here's my gift, you are not going to sign?" Everest faced him.

Mr Ted smiled lustfully, licking his lips as he stared at the lady.

"We got a deal, Mr Everest" he smiled.


Everest walked into the building with a proud smile on his face, he was late but he knew his lateness worth it, he was holding the contract in his hand as he rode the elevator.

He met Vivian and she rushed to him.

"Everest" she called.

"Vivi" he said cheerfully.

"You are happy, what happened?"

"Something special" he replied.

"The boss will rain fire on you" she said worriedly.

"I can handle her" he smiled and walked away.

He got to Paige's office and she was standing, pacing with an angry face.

Immediately she heard the door opening, she turned around and meeting Everest her anger increased.

"You son of a b*tch, how dare you? You act like you are the almighty here, I can kick you out of my company if I want, I don't know why poor things like you tend to misuse any chance given to you" she barked, and he smiled.

He dropped the contract on the table, and she looked at him.

"What is that?" she asked.

"Check it out?"he replied, and she glared at him before relevutcanly walked to the table, she took the file and after reading the contract, she looked up.

"It just need your signature" he said.

"How? How did you do it?" she asked with wide eyes.

"Using his weakness" he said and came closer.

"And I want you to look for a new secretary" he said, and she looked at him confusingly.

"What are you saying?"

"I'm quitting" he said seriously, and she gasped.


"Yes, I'm going to look for a job where my dignity will be respected, where I won't be reminded of my poverty life, where I will be respected as a worker, I went out there to get this premium contract for you, you didn't even care to ask for my explanation, you insulted me, talking trash about me, you know want I don't belong here, I can't take your bullshit anymore, it was nice for a poor guy like me to work with you" he shouted hatefully, and he turned towards the door.

"Everest wait!!" she ran after him but he was already gone.

Paige stood motionlessly for a minute staring at the contract. Mr Ted swore never to give the contract to her after they clashed they had. How is was able to convinced him is still a misery.

For the first time in her life, his words hit her so hard, she doesn't care about how she treated people since she was treated the same way. She never cares about anyone's words but his words were starting to hunt her. She started feeling guilty, heavy burden of guilty was rested on her heart.

She remembered the hateful look in his eyes, and she sighed.

"He's serious, he hates me now" she said, resting her butt on the table.


"What! You quit" Myles gasped.

"Yeah, I'm fed up with her bullshit, I have had enough of her insults, it's not my fault I'm born poor" he said hurtfully.

"I understand but we promised each other we were doing this for the pay"

"F*ck the pay twin" Everest said.

"Call me that again" Myles said.

"Seriously, you want me to laugh?" Everest smiled.

"You did, it's better than that gloomy look on your face, but listen to me, you can't be jobless" he said.

"I will look for another job and I will find one just like I did"

"You are so stubborn, you are not quitting that job" Myles said, and Everest looked at him.


"Let's just forget about the insults, we are facing the same thing and we aren't selling out our pride or dignity but we need the money to make ourselves better twin, you are angry but you can't quit, I won't be happy working when I know you are jobless not now that we have come to know each other" Myles said.

"You want me to work with her again? Well, I quit already"

"She will call you back"

"How sure are you? Her ego is taller than mount everest, she won't call me back, she doesn't even need me in the first place"

"I'm sure, let's eat, be happy for my sake" Myles said.

"Thanks for being your friend" Everest smiled.


Myles drove the car in the castle and parked in the driveway. He came out and opened the door for Jennifer.

"I'm always afraid when you do this" she said, and he smiled.

She quickly mirrored his face before looking away.

"Good night" he said, getting his phone.

"And don't wear what you wore again last night around the castle, anyone can come inside" he smiled, and started leaving.

Jennifer didn't know when she smiled, she quickly covered her lips and smacked it before she turned to leave, the words ringing in her head.

Suddenly the rain started pouring as strong breeze, it came with no signal.

"Myles, he won't be far, he won't be able to get a taxi fast" she said and she didn't know when she took out her phone and dialed his number.

The phone rang but he didn't pick up till it cut by itself.

She was about to call again when he came rushing into the castle, she looked up and smiled when she saw him. He ran to the corridor where she was standing.

He was partly wet from the rain but it wasn't much.

His hair was wet and some parts of it was sticking to his face.

"You called" he said.

"Calling so you can come take shelter in my house" she replied.

"Wow! You still have a heart"

"I'm human and not a devil like you" she said, and he laughed.

"It's getting cold here, let's go in" she said and they went in together.

"You are wet"

"No, I'm fine" he replied and started removing some buttons on his shirt, four buttons went down and his chest came to view.

Jennifer was about to say something when her eyes fell on his chest and the words went back into her throat.

She started staring till her bag fell from her but she didn't know, Myles was oblivious of what was going on but the moment he looked up, he caught her staring at him. He traced her eyes to his chest, and he smiled.

"Jennifer" he called.

"Jennifer" he repeated and she woke up from trance.

"Why are you..." he stopped when she stood in front of him.

Their eyes staring at each other.

"Let's eat dinner, please" she said senselessly, and again her eyes went to his chest and started staring...."Gawd!!...



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