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The Billionaire's Heartbeat - Episode 17 & 18




The Billionaire's Heartbeat - Episode 17 & 18

Theme: Blazing affection

By Terri Savage



"Hi Everest" Someone called, and he turned to see Vivian smiling.

"Vivian" he smiled back.

"What are you doing in the HR unit?" she asked.

"Here to get some documents signed" he replied.

"Oh, you are looking handsome" she said.

"Thanks, you are cute too" he smiled.

"So are you done?" she asked.

"Yes, I'm about to go to my desk" he replied, adjusting the files in his hands.

"Care for coffee?" she asked.


"Wait for me at your desk, I will get a cup for you" she said, and he smiled.

He walked out of the unit, and Vivian giggled happily before rushing out.

He went back to his desk, and it didn't take upto a minute when Vivian appeared with the coffee.

"Sorry I wasted time, there were people at the pantry" she said, and he laughed

"Seriously? It was just a minute" he said, and she smiled, pulling her skirt down.

It pulled up due to the way she was rushing to his desk.

"Good" he said after having a sip.

"You don't have any work to do now?" He asked.

"I'm free for thirty minutes, what about you?" she asked.

"Uhh!! I still have some files to work on.." the opening of the door interrupted him, and he looked up to see Paige.

"Boss" Vivian bowed respectfully.

"What are you doing here?" Paige asked, giving her a weird look.

"I...I" Vivian started but quickly lost her voice, she was already shaking.

"What is holding your voice?" Paige snapped.

"I came here to give him coffee" she replied, looking down.

"When did you start serving people coffee here, you work in the HR unit right?"

"Yes boss"

"It's like you don't like your job anymore, I will employ you as my company coffee server" Paige said and Vivian gasped.

"I'm sorry boss" she begged.

"Get out of here" Paige said sternly, and Vivian rushed out immediately.

"And you?" she faced Everest.

"What?" he asked coldly.

"I need the file of the new purchase" she said.

"I'm yet to start working on it" he said.

"What? But you are here chit chatting with her, do you really know your work Everest? Who do you think you are? Just because I'm lenient with you shouldn't make you cross your limits" she snapped angrily.

"Expect the file in five minutes" he said calmly, and dropped the coffee.

"Can't believe you're poor and still arrogant" she shot, and went back into her office.

Everest tried his best to wave her last statement away but still it got to him, he sighed softly, and took the file. He started putting everything in order.


"Gosh!!" Sloane groaned tiredly as she came out of the restroom.

Today is worse, no rest at all. Her feet were beginning to hurt her. She looked down to see her feet reddish.

Her face was wet due to how she splashed water on it. She was about to get a towel when someone started wiping the water away from her face.

She looked up to see Newton, and she frowned.

"What are you doing?" she asked, pushing his chest.

"Trying to clean your face" he replied with a smiley face.

"I don't need your help" she said and took the towel from him, she started cleaning her face by herself.

He stood there staring at her, everything about her was so cute and perfect, and he didn't know when he started smiling widely.

"What?" she asked when she looked up.

"You are really pretty" he answered.

"Is that all you have in your head to say to me anytime?"

"You don't like it?"

"I would appreciate it if it was coming from someone else" she replied and he smiled.

"Eiish!" she hissed and tried to leave but he held her back.

"Your feet hurt, what about a little foot massage?" he said.

"You must be crazy..." he took her hand and pulled her into a room before she wrapped up her statement. He made her sit.

"What are you doing?" she yelled.

"Massaging your feet, I know you won't allow me so I'm going to use force" he said and took her shoes.

Her feet were really reddish.

"You see" he said and she looked away.

"Don't worry I won't waste time" he said and took her leg. Surprisingly she didn't struggle.

He started massaging her feet gently, he looked up but she wasn't looking at him.

He took three minutes to massage her feet, and when he was done, the redness went away.

He wore the shoes back on her, and she stood.

"Thank you but don't do this next time" she said and walked out.

"She's so hard to deal with" he smiled, going out.


"What's this?" Everest dropped a lunch package on her table. She looked up.

"You can't see again? That's your lunch" she replied.

"I didn't ask you for lunch, I'm too low to eat things from poor people" he said.

"Seriously?" she asked.

"Yes, I'm too poor to eat something from a billionaire" he replied blankly.

"I'm done working on every file you gave me, if there's anything you need, I'm at your call" he said and walked out.

"Seriously" she muttered, somehow feeling guilty for saying those words to him but her ego covered it.

"Everest" he heard a familiar voice behind him as he got to his desk after a minute.

"Myles" he exclaimed excitedly.

"Buddy" Myles smiled.

"You didn't tell you were coming"

"A surprise, you have lunch?" Myles asked.


"Let's have lunch together"

"Let's go" Everest smiled, and they walked out together.

"Jennifer's driver?" Paige said at her door, she was watching them.

She closed the door back.


Myles and Everest faced each other on a table as they ate.

"She said all that to you?" Myles asked.

"She has been saying a lot meaner things but I'm just doing it because of the money"

"We are in the same shoes, because of the money" Myles, stuffing his mouth with the meal.

"So are you in a relationship?" Everest asked.

"Single and not searching" Myles replied, and Everest laughed.

"I'm single too and not searching" Everest said.

"God should have made us twins instead" Myles chuckled.

"We can still be twins"

"Fake twins" Myles said.

Away from another table, two girls were staring at them, and murmuring silently.

"They are so cute" the first girl said.

"Gosh! I wish I could just talk to them" the second girl said.

"We should just approach them" the first one said.

They were about to stand when Myles and Everest stood up and started walking out.

"They are leaving" the first one whined.

"We f*ck up" the girl groaned with a disappointed look on her face.


Kingsley was coming out of Jennifer's office when he bumped into Myles.

He faced him, and he faced him with a blank look.

"I don't like you, take note" Kingsley said.

"I will be mad to like someone like you" Myles said, and walked into the office.

He got in but Jennifer wasn't in the office,he was about to go out when the opening of her personal bathroom opened, and she came out.

Their eyes met, and she started walking closer to him but just when she was about to get to him, her leg hit against her other leg, and she tripped falling directly on Myles. Her chest was laying on his chest, meaning her b**bs were pressing on his chest.

Her eyes widened and she quickly shifted.

"Do you have a..no are you clumsy?" he asked, smirking.

"Anaconda" she muttered.

"What are you doing here?" she asked.

"To let you know that I'm back"

"You are acting differently starting from yesterday" she said.

"I have many sides of me, I decided to show the one I want depending on my mood" he said, and she rolled eyes.

"Ok" she mumbled, going to her seat.

He left the office, and she looked up. she smiled lightly.


Ceres's car pulled roughly into Mr Donald's mansion and she came out.

She started going inside, feeling angry. The guards tried stopping her but she shoved them away and entered the mansion.

Mr Donald stood up immediately when he saw her.

"I was expecting you" he smiled.

"You bastard" she yelled and tried going to him but the guards in the living room blocked her.

"You fooled me, I hate you"

"You fooled yourself, do you really think giving me your body will make me change my mind? No normal man will refuse you, you are beautiful and endowed but with no brain" he smiled.

"You used me, bastard"

"I didn't force you, you offered your body to me, learn how to get things without offering your body, Jennifer is different from you and she has her way of doing things, that's a real CEO" 

"You will regret this!!" she shouted, trying to go at him but the guards held her.

"At least you are very good in bed, you got a talent, take this mad lady out of here and don't ever let her in my mansion again" he said and started going upstairs.

"You will regret it!!!!" she kept shouting as the guards dragged her out.

"Get your poor hands off me" she snapped angrily, and entered her car. She drove out cursing Donald in her mind.

She drove straight to her mansion, she didn't go to her father's mansion, she knew what she would face if she went there.

She was still in the car when her phone started ringing. 

She answered the phone.

"How the f*ck did that happen?" 

"You didn't read my message, I tried stopping it but someone intervened and ruined my plan" the person said.

"So what about the other plan?"she asked.

"I'm waiting, just be patient, where are you?"

"At my mansion"

"I'm coming over" the person said, and hung up.

"This won't end well Jennifer" Ceres said hatefully.


Everest came out of the company and he was surprised to still see Paige in the company. He thought she went home.

"Everest" she called, and he looked at her.

"My driver can drop you home" she said, and his eyes widened.

"What" he gasped.

He was about to say something when Vivian appeared.

"No, I am going home with Vivian" he said and turned to Vivian.

Paige frowned and entered the car.

"What came over me?" she frowned, thinking about what made her offer him a ride home.

"Everest" Vivian called.

"Let's go" he said and they started walking out.


Myles came out of the bathroom after a long shower. He got dressed and fell on the bed but he suddenly couldn't find his phone.

"Where's my phone?" he asked, and started searching for it.

"Where could I have left it? How come I didn't notice?" he asked, and went into the bathroom. He went to the living room and the kitchen but he didn't get it.

His eyes widened suddenly when he remembered where he left.

"I left it in the car" he gasped.

"Is it not too late but I need my phone" he said and left his room.

He got a taxi which took him to Jennifer's castle, he got there and the gate was opened for him when the security saw his face.

He got inside and walked to the car, he tried to open the door but it was locked.

He sighed and went into the main mansion.

Jennifer was just coming downstairs in her nightie, it was transparent and her b**bs were visible since she was braless, she didn't expect anyone to come in.

She got downstairs and her eyes widened when she saw Myles in the living room.

"Jennifer" he called but his eyes suddenly fell on what she was wearing.

She felt his eyes on her body, and she swallowed.

She was about to say something when he started walking to her, and she started moving back.

"What are you doing?" she asked, shifting back.

No answer came from him and he kept coming closer.

She kept moving back until her leg hit the couch and she fell on it. 

He started bending, and she held her breath, staring at him.



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