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The Billionaire's Heartbeat - Episode 13 & 14




The Billionaire's Heartbeat - Episode 13 & 14

Theme: Blazing affection

By Terri Savage


Their eyes widened at once, and he quickly released his hands from her backside.

She stood straight and their eyes went to each other.

"What are you doing here?" He asked, stepping back a little.

"This is my company. Do I have to explain to you what I'm doing here?" She retorted.

"I'm just asking" He said.

"I'm here to get a file, I need to work on it tonight" She said.

"Okay, goodnight" He said.

"Are you done with the files?" She asked but without replying, he started leaving.

"Everest wait" She called back, and he stopped.

"Wait for me" She said and entered the office, she came out with a file.

"Why did you ask me to wait?" He faced her.

"I will take you home, it's extremely late" She replied.

"You this but you made work till late night and you are here to play the good girl card? I know you did this deliberately" He said.

"You are just lazy, you could have finished before this time" She said sassily, and he scoffed.

"I don't need your assistance to get home" He said and walked out of the door.

Paige sighed and entered the elevator with him.

They didn't talk to each other till they got to the ground floor, immediately he stepped out of the building, he started leaving.

"Are you seriously going home? How do you think you will get a cab now?" She asked.

"I would have gone home even if you didn't come here" He replied, and she sighed.

"You are so stubborn, Everest" 

"I'm only trying to be human here, you should be grateful I'm doing this" She said.

"You can say that without being arrogant, goodnight" He said and finally left.

"He will never listen" She said and entered the car.


Everest got home at 11pm, and he met Sloane in the living room, she was waiting for him till she fell asleep.

He walked to the couch and bent to her level, he smiled and touched her face.

Sloane moved slowly and her eyes open.

"Everest" She whispered.

"Yes" He replied.

Sloane sat up properly as the sleep wore off from her eyes.

"You came back so late today" She said.

"I had a lot to do" He replied.

"It's dangerous walking at this time" She said.

"Don't worry about me, you were waiting for me?" He asked, and she nodded.

"You should go to bed now" He said.

"Good night" She muttered as she went into her room.

Everest went into his room, he stripped himself completely, and stepped into the bathroom.

He came out after a few minutes, and he changed into his night clothes.

He sat on the bed and his mind went when his hands mistakenly grabbed her @ss. He laughed shortly and shook his head before laying on the bed. He started staring at the ceiling.


Myles knocked on grandma's Patricia door and after a second she answered and he went in to meet her still in bed.

"Baby" He called, and walked to the bed.

"My boy" She smiled.

"Are you okay? You are still in bed" He asked.

"I'm just tired, you are set for work" She replied.

"Yeah" He nodded.

"Are you sure you are okay? I will get you drugs"

"Don't worry about me son, I'm alright" She smiled.

"Ok" He took her hand and kissed the back of her hand

"I made breakfast, so eat, okay" He said.

"I will eat, have a good day" She smiled.

Myles stood up and exited the room.

He came out and met the tenants in front of their door with gifts.

"Good morning everyone" He said.

"Good morning" A woman said and stepped forward.

"We want to give you this gift, we are thanking you for saving us from that rich lady" the woman said, and he smiled.

"Seriously? Do you have to do this?" he replied.

"We are just grateful, don't say no" the woman said and gave him the gift.

Myles took it and a lot of gifts started coming from the other tenants. He kept smiling as he took the gift one after the other.


Everest got to the company and he was rushing to his office when he almost bumped into a lady but he ended up not bumping into her.

"Sorry" He smiled.

"It's not your fault" She smiled prettily.

"Ok" He smiled.

"I'm Vivian" She said.

"I'm Everest"

"I already know you" She muttered, and he smiled.

"See you around" He said and walked away.

Vivian smiled and went her way.

He went straight into Paige's office, she was already working when he came in.

"Good morning" He said, and she looked up.

"You are late" She said.

"I know, I'm sorry" He said.

"Do I have a tight schedule today?" She asked.

"No, you only have a meeting by 3pm" he replied.

"There are files on your desk, sort them out" She said.

"Ok" He said and walked out.


Sloane walked out of the kitchen with a tray containing the orders from a customer. She walked to the table and met a cute guy on the table.

She dropped the tray on the table, and raised her head up with a smile.

"Enjoy" She said and turned to go but he called her back.

"Do you need anything?" She asked, smiling.

"You are so cute" the guy said, and she smiled.

"Thank you" She said.

"Can I please get your number? I want to get to talk to you some other time" He asked politely.


"Please, don't say no" He smiled, stretching his phone to her.

Sloane was about to take the phone when another person took it from the guy's hand. They looked up to see Newton.

"Sorry, she doesn't have a phone" Newton said, dropping the phone on the table.

"Really?" the guy asked, staring at Sloane.

"Yes, I don't have a phone" She smiled.

"Oh!" the guy muttered.

"Enjoy your meal" Newton said and took her away immediately.

"What was that?" She asked when they got to the kitchen.

"Saving you from him" He replied.

"Saving me from him? Does that sound okay in your ears? Was he trying to kill me?" She snapped.

"Hey, it was so obvious you didn't want to give him your number, so I only help in the situation" He replied.

"I didn't ask for your help, I'm capable of sorting myself out" she snapped and walked out.

"She has quite a nasty temper" he said, staring at her backside.


Mr Adams and Julianne came downstairs as they were heated up in an argument.

"Can you stop comparing her to Jennifer?" She yelled.

"If you want me to stop comparing her to Jennifer then she should start acting like Jennifer, Jennifer singlehandedly established her company just at 19 years but she is the best now, why can't your daughter gave my company the same level since she took over, Jennifer has been getting the bigger gigs" He shouted.

"She's trying her best, they are different people, why can't you understand this?" she snapped, her veins popping.

"Jennifer is your daughter too, remember?" 

"What are you trying to say?" she asked.

"Your daughter is becoming incompetent" he said and walked away.

"Our daughter!" She yelled.

Julianne sat on the couch, looking so angry.


Kingsley was waiting in the office when Jennifer came in.

"What's up with me Donald?" she asked, taking her seat.

"He's ready to partner with us" He replied.

"He got other offers too?"

"Yeah, from the Adams corporation" He replied, and she smiled.

"Now, it's interesting, I will get his signature, book the meeting date" she said, and he nodded.

"So what do you say about what I told you?" He asked, and she faced him.

"I don't know yet, I'm still thinking about it" She replied.

"Think about it, you will be swimming in billions if you accept the idea" he smiled.

"Cancel my appointments, I'm tired" She said, resting on the chair.

"Okay" He smiled and walked out.

Five minutes later as Kingsley left, Myles came into the office, and she looked up.

"Anaconda" She called.

"Python" He smiled, and she frowned.

"What are you doing here? I don't want to be a part of your jerkiness" She asked, and he smiled.

He dropped a package on the table, and she looked up.

"You got me tomatoes? I don't think I need sense" she asked, and he chuckled.

"Check it out" he said casually.

She looked at him before taking the package, she took out the items.

Apple juice and vanilla biscuits.

"Do I look like a dog?" She frowned.

He came close, and placed his hands on the table, bringing his face closer.

"What are you doing?" she asked, blinking.

"Saying thank you won't hurt, I'm not really this nice, I just decided to be a gentleman today, it's good for refreshing you after the hectic meetings, don't think I'm starting to like you, python" he said.

"Huh!" she blinked, and he stood straight.

"You can decide to trash it" He winked at her, and walked out.

She blinked back, and smiled slowly.

"How did he know apple juice and vanilla biscuits are my favorite?" she grinned.

She didn't just want to make it obvious to him that she likes his gift.

She opened the apple juice and drank from it.

"So refreshing, wait he didn't poison me right? No, that Anaconda can't do that, he's only rude" she muttered, and continued drinking the juice.

"He's in a good mood today" she said and tore the biscuits, she ate one and started nodding.

"So sweet as usual" she smiled.


"He was so rude" Paige said angrily as she sat down. She just came with Everest from the meeting at 3pm.

"You were rude too" he said and she glared at him.

"Glare at me but that's the truth, you would have gotten the contract" 

"Can you stop making me more angry?" she snapped.

"You caused it" he said.

"Everest!!" she yelled.

"Paige!!" he shouted back, and she stood up, she tried slapping him but he held her hand.

"Don't try it next time" he said sternly, and walked out of the office.

"F*ck!" Paige uttered and sat down.


Ceres' car stopped in the hotel and she came out, she was wearing a cap and black glasses, it won't be easy to recognize her.

She walked into the hotel, and took the elevator which took her to the floor she booked.

She took out a card and squashed it on the door, the door opened and she went in .

Mr Donald was in the room, sitting on the only couch in the room. He looked up when she came in. 

"Ceres Adams" he called, and she smiled.

"Why did you choose a hotel as an appointment meeting place?" he asked.

She removed her cap and glasses before sitting down.

"It would be more convenient here" she smiled.

"So what is this about?" he asked.

"I want your signature" she said, and he looked at her.

"And why should I give you my signature, I already got the right choice for me" he said.

"I'm the best, just partnership with my company, I need it" she said desperately.

"I'm sorry, I can't" he stood but she rushed to him and pushed him back to the couch.

"What are you doing?" he asked.

"Would you still say no?" she asked seductively, and pulled her skirt up to the waist level.

Her cleaned shaved p+ssy came to view, she wasn't wearing p@nties underneath. She came prepared obviously.

Mr Donald grinned.

"Would you still say no?" she asked again, sitting on his lap.

"Tell me, will you?" she said seductively.

Mr Donald smiled and grabbed her @ss in his palms.

She giggled, rubbing her p*ssy on him.



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