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The Billionaire's Heartbeat - Episode 11 & 12




The Billionaire's Heartbeat - Episode 11 & 12

Theme: Blazing affection

By Terri Savage


"What!!" Jennifer gasped and covered her b**bs.

Myles smiled trickily and released her. She moved back and almost fell but he held her again.

"I'm holding you too much and I hate it, you might start falling for me" He smirked.

"Don't let Korean dramas get into your head" She scoffed loudly, and he started going downstairs, he suddenly stopped and turned back to her.

"Get your phone, I'm only giving you one minute" He said and turned his back on her, walking again.

Jennifer hissed and glared at him before she started going back to her room to get her phone.

She got her phone from the bed and she left the room, coming downstairs she met Myles.

He looked at her, and without saying a word, he started leaving.

Jennifer rolled eyes and went after him.

"Good morning boss" The guards started greeting as she came out.

She kept a straight face as she walked to the car. A guard was standing there, and he opened the door for her.

Myles was about to enter the car when Monica rushed out and started waving at him.

"Bye handsome driver" She shouted cheerfully.

He smiled at her before entering the car, Jennifer scoffed from the back.

"Flirting with my maid?"

"Wrong question" He replied and started the car.

Jennifer took her phone and started checking for updates on her phone.


"Good morning boss" Everest said as he came into Paige's office. She looked at him with a surprise look.

"What?" He asked.

"I wasn't expecting you to greet me" She replied, closing her laptop.

"I'm not daft, I know the right thing to do" He said and faced his iPad.

"The meeting with Mr Rogers got postponed, his flight was canceled" He said, and she gave him the look to continue.

"You are having lunch with your friend at 2pm, Jennifer Keys, the meeting with the board members and directors is at 3.40pm" He concluded, and she sighed.

"It's not quite long and hectic today" She said.

"Yeah, I sent an email to you about a proposal from a company from Thailand" He said.

"You will be handling the presentation today too, so get prepared, don't make any mistakes, you are not that smart" She said.

"It will only take a smart person to know a smart person, you know what to do when you need me, bye" He said, and without waiting, he started walking out.

Paige folded her fists, glaring at him.

"Always rude and jerky" She said reopen her laptop to continue her work.


"I'm waiting here" A customer shouted from his table.

"I'm coming" Sloane said, putting his orders on the tray fastly.

She turned around in a hurry, and she almost bumped into Newton.

"Oh! Sorry" She quickly said, and tried walking away but Newton took the tray from her.

"Let me do it" He smiled, and before she could protest, he walked away and she hit her forehead slightly.

Newton came back and she faced him.

"You should stop assisting me at every given point, I'm not weak" She said.

"Why?" He smiled.

"Stop smiling, it's annoying" She frowned, and rolled eyes.

"You look cuter when you frown and roll your eyes at the same time" He said, leaning in closer to her face.

"What are you doing?" She blinked, pushing his face back.

"Just checking out something" He replied.

"Stop helping me, we are workers here" She said.

"I'm your superior, remember?" He winked.

"You are so annoying, I'm warning you" She said.

"You are feisty"

"More reason you should avoid me, superior Newton" She said and walked away.

"You like her right?" A co-worker asked beside Newton.

"Yeah, I like teasing her" He replied, and the co-worker smiled, and Newton faced him.

He took notice of the look on the co-worker's face and he got what he was thinking in his mind.

"I like her but not romantically, so stop the wild thought" He smiled and walked away. The co-worker took another way and went away.


Ceres arrived in the company with her secretary, they came out of the car, and started walking inside.

The workers started hiding as they saw her, she walked arrogantly towards the elevator and entered with her secretary, it drove them to her office floor.

She got out with her, and they entered her office.

She removed her suit jacket and hung it on the chair, she sat down and faced her secretary.

"What did Mr Donald say about partnership with us?" Ceres asked.

"I got negative feedback from him, he told me he can't partner with us, he got the right company for him" The secretary replied.

"What company is that?" Ceres asked.

"The royals" The secretary replied, and Ceres's countenance switched instantly.

"What! He chose Jennifer's company, why always her?" She banged her palm angrily on the table, her secretary flinched, shifting back.

Her hand started shaking as she pictured Jennifer's face in her head, murdering her already.

"I know what to do, I will meet up with him myself, set up an appointment with him" Ceres said, gritting her teeth.

"Ok miss" the secretary said, and walked out of the office.

"Why is it always hee her? Why can't I be at the top? She's making me hate her more" She said and took a pen on her table, she started stabbing the table.


An expensive car stopped outside and Myles came out of it, it's Jennifer's car but he decided to come here since Roland won't stop calling and texting, even the manager.

He stepped into the store and immediately a loud scream erupted as the consumers saw him. His ladies fans.

👥 Myles

👥 He's finally here

👥I missed his handsome face

👥My crush

Myles smiled and started waving at them as he searched Roland with his eyes.

"Myles" Roland called behind, and he quickly turned.

An excited look was playing on Roland's face, and he hugged Myles excitedly.

"Where did you go dude? You didn't even pick my calls nor reply to my texts?" He asked, breaking the hug. Myles sighed.

"Where's the manager?" Myles asked.

"In his office" Roland replied.

"Let's go there" Myles said and started going there, Roland ran after him and crossed his hand on his neck. They went into the manager's office together.

"Myles" the manager gasped loudly, his eyes widening as he saw Myles, he stood up and started walking to him.

"What happened?" He asked curiously.

"I'm sorry, I can't work here again" Myles said, and their eyes came wide.

"Why?" Roland and the manager asked sadly.

"I got another job, I'm now Jennifer Key's driver" He replied, and Roland gasped.

"Why? Wasn't I treating you right? You could have told me, was the pay not enough?" the manager asked, Myles sighed, feeling guilty though he shouldn't be feeling it, it wasn't really his fault.

"That's not it, I left because of a condition" He said and explained everything to them.

"I will miss you dude" Roland said, and he smiled.

"I don't have anything to say, good luck in your new work" the manager smiled.

"I will leave now, I didn't take permission before coming here" Myles bowed and walked out immediately, Roland followed.

"You are working for my role model" Roland said.

"Of all people you choose Jennifer as your role model, yuck" He rolled eyes, and Roland smiled.

"I love everything about her"

"I need to get back to the company now, bye" Myles said, and rushed out.

He entered the car and drove off. Roland stood inside watching through the glass as he drove out.

"Work won't be fun anymore" He shook his head and went to attend to some customers.


Myles got back to the company and he knew things weren't good as he met Jennifer in front of the company, she was wearing a hard and stern look on her face. Something rang in his head, and he took out his phone to see ten missed calls. F*ck, and the time was 2pm already.

"Who do you really think you are?" Jennifer asked as he got closer, and he kept quiet.

"Who do you take yourself to be? Many are wishing and grinding for this position you have, you went out with my car, can your generation even afford a car tyre?" She shot sternly, and he swallowed.

"You talk to me like I'm your mate, I'm your boss but I kept enduring your shit, you went out without even telling me anything about it, with my own car" She spat.

"I'm sorry, I went to my former place of work to explain things to my ex boss, I wanted to inform you but you were in a meeting when I met up with your secretary" He said and Kingsley showed up.

"I don't remember having a talk with you today, Myles" Kingsley said and Myles sighed.

"Take me to Diamond restaurant" Jennifer said and was about to walk to the car when another car got there.

The door opened and Julianne came out, looking sophisticated, she started walking to Jennifer. Jennifer sighed softly.

"Jennifer" Julianne called.

"Your daughter reported me to you?" Jennifer asked.

"How dare you bully her? You are useless like your father" Julianne fired, and the words got Jennifer.

"Don't talk trash about my father" Jennifer snapped angrily.

"Stay away from my daughter"

"Tell your useless daughter to stay in her lane" Jennifer said and Julianne hit her face.

"I'm warning you" Julianne pointed a finger at her face.

"I regret having you as a mother" Jennifer said hurtfully, and Julianne tried to slap her again but someone held her hand.

"Please, ma'am, this is not right" Myles said gently, and Julianne faced him.

"You must be the lowlife driver who poured wine on my daughter's face" Julianne said dangerously, and took her hand from Myles, she tried to slap him but he grabbed her hand again.

"I respect elderly people a lot but don't try this again" He said sternly and dropped her hand.

Julianne glared at the two of them before going into her car.

Myles faced Jennifer but she went into the car. He saw tears in her eyes, and he knew she was trying not to break down.

"Is that woman really her mother?" He asked himself,and entered the car, he quickly glanced at Jennifer whose face was down.

 He sighed and started the car.


The calmness and quietness in the meeting hall was priceless, Everest was standing before the board members and directors as he was about to start the presentation about the new proposal.

Paige was sitting elegantly on the CEO seat.

"I greet you all once again" He started and bowed.

"Before putting out such a product to the market, making advertisement and public notice one week before the launch would be a great idea, it will set the consumer's mind on the hook, expecting for the new thing to come, I made this proposal for the company to look into this issue, creating proper and lengthy promotion would increase the sales of our goods" Everest said, and stopped to look around.

The look on the members was encouraging.

"Wow!" A board member said, and started clapping.

The others joined soon, clapping.

"You started the presentation but I love it already, I buy your proposal" 

"I think this new format would do us a great deal" A director said.

"Do you have ways for this to be carried out?"

"Yes" Everest replied, and pressed a remote.

The slides displayed on the wide screen, and he started explaining in detail.

Paige was smiling secretly as she admired his work, his presentation and the way he was answering the questions perfectly. She never thought about this, this wasn't the presentation she was hoping for but he swept her off her feet. Their faces met and he winked at that.

"We all agree on that, Mr Everest" The head director said, and he started smiling.

"What do you say, president?"

"Accepted" Paige said shortly, and stood up.

The members started shaking hands with Everest.

"You are so smart" A director said.

"Thank you sir, I will be with the president now" He smiled respectfully, and walked out.

He met Paige outside the meeting hall.

"You would be feeling hyper and proud now" She scoffed.

"Are you jealous that my proposal was accepted? You have the right to reject it but you couldn't because it was good" He smirked.

"Don't feel too big of yourself" She said and walked away.

"Whatever" He rolled eyes, going to his desk.


Jennifer and Paige were facing each other as they ate but Jennifer was eating so slow, and Paige noticed it.

"What is wrong? You are not yourself" Paige asked.

"Mum confronted me today" She replied.

"That b*tch reported you to her, sometimes I wonder if she is really your mother, why did she hate you so much?"

"I don't want to talk about it, let's just eat, I hope father will forgive her" Jennifer said.

"It's fine, just smile, you are strong" Paige said and she smiled.

"Where is your stubborn secretary?" Jennifer asked.

"With your driver, I wonder how they bonded so much"

"birds of the same feathers" Jennifer said, and Paige giggled.


Myles and Everest were eating chocolate biscuits as they sat on a bench.

"I missed your annoying face" Everest said.

"You said you would skin me alive, I'm waiting" Myles said and Everest hit him. Myles returned the hit.



"You are so wicked, I didn't hit you that hard" Everest said.

"I'm older, respect your superior, I can pass as your uncle" He said and Everest scoffed.

"Your boss seem sad" 

"Yeah, a woman I will call her mother confronted her earlier, I think she is her mother" Myles said.

"I think we should head back to the restaurant" Everest said.

"Who's paying?" Myles asked.

"You" Everest replied.

"It's you" Myles said, and started running away.

"Myles" Everest shouted.

He paid and started going after Myles.

"I'm going to kill you!"



Jennifer came down first before Myles came down.

"Jennifer" He called and she faced him.

"I'm your boss"

"I don't want to interfere in your personal life but is Ceres your sister or something?" He asked, and she looked at him before saying something.

"Yes, she is my half sister"

"And the woman?"

"My mother, no more questions" she replied.

"I'm sensible to know my limit, goodnight" he said.

"You can stay for dinner" she offered.

"My generation can still afford dinner, thanks" He said and started leaving.

"Does he even forget a thing, Myles, wait" She shouted and he stopped, looking back.

"Hope you are not going to ask me to take you somewhere cos I won't go" He said.

"What brand of perfume do you use?" She asked.

"I don't use any brand, it's my natural scent" He replied and left.

"His scent" She muttered unbelievably. She kept looking at him till he went out of sight.

She turned back and started going into her castle.


Everest yawned loudly as he dropped the pen on the table, he had been working on the files Paige left for him to sort out before going with an order that he must finish working on them. He called Sloane to explain things to her.

He looked at his phone and he sighed. It's already late and going home by this time is so hard to get a taxi plus it's dangerous.

"I guess she did this on purpose to harden my work" He said, shutting down the computer.

He stood up and took his phone, he pocketed it. He arranged the files, placing them alphabetically till he was done.

"Finally" He breathed, and started going for the door.

He opened the door and a gasp came from someone as he clashed into the person.

His eyes widened, Paige.

She started falling and he quickly reached out to grab her but his hands landed on something so soft. Her @ss.

Their eyes widened at once.



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