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The Billionaire's Enchantment - Episode 69 & 70





The Billionaire's Enchantment - Episode 69 & 70

Subtitle: His Unsophisticated Girlie

GENRE: Billionaire/CEO Romance. 



👥 Birdie!!!

👥 Can you please sign this autograph for me?

👥 I love you

👥 You're so beautiful!!

👥 I love your new hairstyle!!

👥 Gosh,Adam is so handsome

👥 Adam marry me!!

The students kept chanting all over Birdie and Adam as they walked,Adam who was acting like a bodyguard to Birdie 

Birdie looked at him suspiciously. 

"Am I safe? When did you start caring about me so much?" Birdie asked. 

"Oh come on sis,you know I love you" Adam said. 

"I never said you don't love me dude,you always left me alone in the class to my own fate with those fans" Birdie said. 

"Fine,let's say I changed" Adam winked. 

"Seriously?" Birdie chuckled. 

They saw Noah waiting beside his car faraway. 

"Brother in law is waiting" Adam grinned and Birdie frowned. 

"I should have known!" She pushed Adam away and Adam laughed. 

They got to Noah and he shook hands with Adam. 

"You did a great job,check your account" Noah said. 

"I trust you brother" Adam saluted and faced Birdie.

"I see..so now he's paying you to do that?! You're so shameless!!" She slapped Adam's head. 

"Hey!!" Adam pushed her toward Noah. 

"Bye brother" Adam smiled and smirked at Birdie before walking to his own car. 

"When did you two become accomplice? I'm so angry he's getting paid to spend time with his twin sister!! He's always with Arya,I'm jealous" Birdie scoffed. 

"Same way Arya is jealous of you for always being with me" Noah winked and opened the car for her. 

Birdie scoffed and entered. 

"Where are we going tho?" Birdie asked when Noah started the car. 

"It's a surprise,I got you this" He dropped a pizza box on her laps and Birdie gasped. 

"I love you!! How did you know I was dying to eat this?!" Birdie screamed and opened it at once,she took a piece and bite. 

"Hmm!!" She moaned and Noah smiled,dropping a drink on her laps also. 

"Thanks daddy" She winked. 

••A MALL••

"I think I prefer this,it's sexier" Noah said when Birdie came out in the fourth dress. 

"What's the dress for anyway?" Birdie asked,checking herself out. 

"The guys planned to have a dinner party tonight....with our girlfriends" Noah said. 

"Really?! You mean Vivian and Evelyn will be there too?!" Birdie asked excitedly and Noah nodded. 

"Reagan too" He muttered 

"I can't wait babe,then I think I also love this one,you have the best eyes" Birdie said. 

"What do you expect? But I'm taking the four tho" Noah winked and Birdie groaned. 

"Don't do it! I can't even finish all those clothes in my closet please" Birdie groaned. 

"I can't remember buying too much clothes" Noah said..

"Are you kidding me right now? You change my wardrobe every month when I don't even wear half of the clothes,Mr Chris" Birdie complained.

"Mrs Chris,I think you should be able to wear three outfit in a day..one in the morning,noon and night" Noah said. 

"It was a mistake complaining to you" Birdie scoffed. 

"I just want you to have more than enough.... "

"Then stop changing my closet every month,let's extend it to...maybe every year....."

"Never! I myself can't wear clothes for complete one year,what do you take me for?" Noah scoffed. 

"Fine,Six months? Please huh?" 

The mall attendants were smiling while watching the couples drama

"You're not going to answer me?" Birdie asked. 

"I will think about it...let's get some jewelries...."

"I have a lot I haven't even touched at home,let's just go." Birdie said. 

"What about bag..shoes...."

"I have everything at home dude" Birdie said. 

"I really can't remember when I bought all" Noah sighed. 

"Of course you won't remember" Birdie scoffed. 

After paying,they left. 


Arya was standing beside the sea, The breeze blowing her skirt and hair,her leg were inside the water. 

"Arya" She heard Adam's voice and turned but she didn't smile. 

"Hey,you were here all day? You ignored my calls for what reasons? I was worried,you left school without telling me a thing" Adam said. 

"Without telling you a thing? Tell me why I would call you when you were busy flirting with girls" Arya snapped. 

"You're making a mistake here,I didn't flirt with anyone,they flirted with me....."

"Then tell them you have a girlfriend for heaven sake! It's getting too much!" Arya shouted. 

"I told them,I really did. But I can't start yelling at them if they don't stop,that doesn't mean I like anyone of them" Adam said. 

"Why do you sound like you enjoy everything?" Arya asked. 

"Gosh,Arya can you just calm down? I swear they know,I won't ever cheat on you....."

"I don't care if you're not gonna cheat,I hate it when other girls touch you,why would a random girl hug you? Just why?!" 

Adam sighed. 

"I might have to transfer to your department,I can't take it anymore" Arya muttered,wiping her tears. 

"Are you crying?" Adam asked looking surprised. 

Arya ignored him. 

"Hey,I'm sorry,I just....."

"I'm transferring to your department and that's it! Don't try to stop me,I can't allow anyone take you away from me,I can't" Arya said. 

"You don't have to transfer...I promise I won't have anything to do with those girls anymore,should I ignore their greetings? Or avoid them? I will do it,so don't worry and stop crying" Adam pulled her into a hug. 

"You can't even understand how I feel anytime I see those girls around you" She muttered. 

Adam broke the hug and wiped her tears. 

"But you're my girlfriend Arya,have you ever tried coming to me in front of those girls?? Just a single kiss would do,you're the one who's always hiding" Adam said. 

"It's because they are bigger than me,I'm scared you might start liking them because they are more mature than me" Arya said. 

"Whoa,your thoughts are really wide girlfriend" Adam shook his head. 

"You should know you're the only one I love,only you" He added and Arya smiled. 

"And then,staying here all alone by this time is a NO for me,you don't even know how worried I was" Adam sighed. 

"I'm hungry,buy me dinner" Arya pouted. 

"Let's go" Adam smiled and grabbed her hand. 

"I can't walk" She shook her head. 

"I knew you would punish me" Adam said and Arya laughed. 

Adam bent in front of her and she climbed on his back. 

"I love you" She kissed his ear. 

"Love you more" Adam replied and started walking.

"You brought the car right?" Arya asked. 

"Sure" Adam said. 


Noah and Birdie were the last to arrive,

Axel,Evelyn,Vince,Vivian,Waylon and Reagan were all present already.

"Finally they are here!!" Vivian clapped and stood up immediately. 

"Sis!" Birdie called as Vivian hugged her. 

"Wow,I'm hurt,you only see Vivian here?" Evelyn sighed. 

"Of course not,Birdie hugged her and then Reagan" 

Noah also exchanged greetings with the guys before sitting down. 

"You are late,as always" Waylon scoffed.

"You're the only one who always complain" Noah scoffed. 

"Because I'm hungry,can't you see?" Waylon groaned. 

"Hungry man,Reagan how do you even manage with this dude?" Noah asked. 

"I don't have a choice" Reagan chuckled. 

"You mean I don't have a choice" Waylon said and they all laughed. 

The table was filled up with food few minutes later as they started eating.

"Who recommended this place? Their food is so nice" Axel said. 

"I did," Vince winked. 

"Hey,your wink is annoying" Noah said. 

"Are you mesmerized by my beauty?" Vince asked. 

The boys coughed at once. 

The girls only laughed and continue eating.

"I'm so happy we are all here,honestly,I love it" Evelyn muttered. 

"Me too" Birdie smiled.

"Let's make a toast then" Vivian raised her glass. 

"Gosh you look so hot from that angle,why are we not sitting beside each other?" Vince asked. 

Vivian blushed. 

"Should we start acting romantic?" Noah asked. 

"No!!" Everyone screamed aside Birdie who laughed. 

"I can't stand it when Noah acts that way,please" Evelyn said. 

"Of course you know who the boss is" Noah winked. 

"Did you just winked at her?" Axel slapped his head. 

"Now that you have a girlfriend you've started begging for kisses,why not keep quiet?" Vince pat Axel's hair and they all laughed. 

"Wait,Axel always beg for kiss?" Waylon asked. 

"From Noah and me,He's a crazy man" Vince scoffed and they laughed again. 

"He's funny" Birdie chuckled. 

"The toast" Noah raised his glass. 

Everyone also did the same

"Let's just toast to....happiness and unity" Birdie smiled. 


They clinked their glasses together at once and drank the wine. 


"Gosh I'm so happy to have y'all here again,it's been a while" Mrs Levis said as she served her children,Arya was present too.

"Thanks mom,I missed you so much" Birdie said. 

"You are all looking so beautiful and handsome" Mrs Levis finally sat down. 

"I missed you more mom" Adam said. 

"Seriously? You..?? You always tell me you're busy whenever I want to come and visit mom!" Birdie snapped. 

"I never lied anyway,I was busy with work" Adam said. 

"Oh wow,new Billionaire of our time" Birdie clapped and Arya laughed. 

"Your boyfriend is a multibillionaire so you have nothing to worry about,but me...I need to work hard to take care of....This angel and mom" Adam said and Arya blushed. 

"Wow,amazing how I'm not even in your budget,is this one a twin brother or what?" Birdie shook her head. 

Mrs Levis laughed. 

"Come on sweetie,you know your brother love you alot" She said. 

"Of course I know mom,but he will rather fry water than admit it" Birdie scoffed. 

"Do you want a kiss?" Adam asked. 

"Yes" Birdie smiled bringing her lips close. 

"Brother in law is enough" Adam said. 

"Adam!" Mrs Levis shouted and Arya laughed. 

Birdie scoffed. 

"What was I expecting? I might have to steal a kiss from you when you're sleeping and then take a picture,you might just hit your head on the wall when you see it but I won't care" She stuck her tongue out at him. 

"Now that I know your plan,I will tell the secuties in my house that you're a stranger to me" Adam smirked.

"Come on babe,you're annoying" Arya chuckled.

They continue talking until Birdie's phone buzzed,she checked the message and stood up at once. 

"Where are you going?" Adam immediately asked. 

"I need to go see Noah,later mom" She pecked her cheek and Arya's own,then she slapped Adam's head. 

"Hey!!" Adam shouted. 

"I hate you" Birdie scoffed. 

"It's mutual!" Adam shouted. 

Mrs Levis shook her head and continue eating. 


Birdie came down from her car and looked around for Noah. 

"Why is he meeting here? Is there a surprise again? He never seize to amaze me anyway" Birdie muttered and was about dialing his number and someone hugged her from the back,from the fragrance,she knew it was Noah. 

"I missed you" Noah muttered. 

"It's not even up to twenty four hours,but I think I miss you more" Birdie said. 

Noah released her and she faced him,their lips collided at once.

After the long kiss,Noah held her. 

"You've always wanted to be in a ship,so I prepared this" Noah said and immediately they heard the loud sound of a ship. 

Birdie turned and gasped to see the big ship.

"Oh mine...."

"Let's,go,no time" Noah immediately carried her. 

"I have legs dude!!" Birdie laughed but Noah ignored it. 

"Even though you're twenty four now,you're still my cute little bug" Noah said and Birdie kissed his neck. 

"Please come with me,I will show you your room" The lady in uniform said. 

"Are we spending the night?" Birdie asked and Noah nodded. 

"But,I have no clothes,nothing....."

"I prepared everything already" Noah winked and Birdie smiled 

They finally entered the large room looking romantic.

"Whoa!!" Birdie screamed excitedly and jumped on the bed. 

"I love you bunny!" 

"I knew you would love it" Noah smiled. 


"What's going on,I can't wait" Birdie said carefully as Noah led her out with a blindfold 

"A surprise" Noah said. 

"I can't wait,you always have great surprises" Birdie said. 

"We are here" Noah said and finally took off the blindfold. 

Noah handed her a flower bouquet and went on one knee. 

Birdie gasped as he opened the ring box. 

"You know I've only waited up till this moment because I wanted you to focus on your education,I didn't want anything to distract you...I know I'm an impatient person,I would have probably got you pregnant with twins" Noah said and Birdie laughed.

"Stop it" She said,trying to control her laughter.

"But now that I waited this long..triplets isn't too much to give me,I want them badly" Noah continue and Birdie chuckled. 

"Will you marry me?? Love Bug" 

"Of course,if not you then who?" Birdie answered and he pulled the ring in her fingers. 

Everyone present started clapping. 

👥 Congratulations!!

Birdie raised her fingers for them to see the golden ring. 

"He's mine" She said excitedly and they smiled. 

Noah pulled her into a hug. 

"I love you...alot" 

"More than you do Superman" Birdie said and they brother the hug. 

Their lips doing the rest. 

Fireworks shooting in the air,screaming just love. 

Their love lives forever in their world. 


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