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The Billionaire's Enchantment - Episode 67 & 68





The Billionaire's Enchantment - Episode 67 & 68

Subtitle: His Unsophisticated Girlie

GENRE: Billionaire/CEO Romance. 



"Gosh,I've never tasted this type of pancake before" Arya moaned. 

"I understand,call me anytime you want this" Adam winked and Birdie cleared her throat. 

"Did you check the room? I spent so much time arranging everything" Adam said. 

"Thanks brother,you're the best" Birdie joined them on the dining table. 

"You're welcome" Adam smiled. 

"Sis,you're the new hot model in the city right now,gosh I'm so jealous" Arya groaned,shaking her head while checking through Birdie's photoshoots for NH premier wears and products. 

The pictures went so viral and the model behind them have been trending even more,everyone wants to know who she is. 

🗣 She's not a popular model,I've never seen her but damn she's Fire

🗣 Her face is just ten on ten

🗣 She's hot!!

🗣 Someone tell me what's her Instagram handle!! I want to follow!!

"You're a celebrity now!!" Arya screamed. 

"Oh please" Birdie laughed. 

"She's not lying tho" Adam said. 

Just then,their phones all buzzed at the same time. 

"What's that" 

They took their phones and all screamed at once. 

"I just got my admission" Adam said,looking at them. 

"Me too!!!!!!!" Birdie and Arya screamed out and they all jumped up happily. 

"I seriously was expecting this" Adam said. 

"Me too,but I was nervous about Arya,she had some difficulties in her exam" Birdie said and hugged Arya. 

"Can't believe this,going to the same school is so amazing" Arya said. 

Birdie broke the hug and took her phone. 

"I should tell bunny" She smiled. 

Adam cleared his throat.

"Don't say it,I'm going to change my clothes" Birdie said and ran upstairs. 


When Birdie entered the company,Noah just came out,he was on his way to leave the company. 

He stopped when he saw Birdie who immediately walked over to him. 

"Hey bug" He smiled and pecked her lips. 

"You're going out?" Birdie asked. 

"Going to see mom and dad" Noah muttered. 

"I'm coming with you" Birdie immediately said and he nodded. 

"Let's go" He opened the car door for her and she entered,he joined her and drove out. 

"You look happy,did something happened?" Noah asked. 

Birdie grinned and showed him the message on her phone. 

"Wow,congratulations baby" Noah said. 

"I'm so happy,thanks to you." Birdie muttered. 

"You deserve everything in the world,stop thanking me" Noah said. 

"And I should thank you,for accepting my request for the shoots,I knew you were a born model,you're really bursting my brain right now" Noah teased and Birdie blushed. 

"Honestly,I can't stop looking at the pictures,they all look so beautiful,I just can't" Birdie groaned. 

"It's because you're beautiful" Noah winked. 

"Stop making me blush too much" Birdie said and Noah laughed. 

"You don't even have to blush,I'm only saying the truth everyone can see,but it's annoying everyone sees it" Noah shook his head. 

"Hey!" Birdie screamed and they both laughed. 


Vince entered Vivian's office and met her retouching her makeup. 

"Going somewhere?" Vince asked and Vivian flinched. 

"You scared me!" She snapped. 

"Why are you making up?" Vince asked. 

"Do I have to go somewhere before looking beautiful?" Vivian asked. 

"Why do you need makeup when you're beautiful already? Gosh,girls problem" Vince scoffed. 

Vivian's eyes lit up. 

"Did you just compliment me? I'm beautiful?" She asked. 

"So you don't know?" Vince asked and Vivian bite her lips. 

"I know,but coming from you....."

"Here" Vince dropped a file on her table. 

"The boss want you to work on it before he's back" He said. 

"So you came because of this?" Vivian frowned. 

"Why would I come to your office then?" Vince asked. 

"I should have known" Vivian scoffed. 

Vince chuckled and lean closer,Vivian's eyes widened. 

"Then what do you want? A kiss?" He asked. 

"You're flirting" Vivian mumbled. 

"No I'm not,bye" Vince winked and went out of the office. 

Vivian touched her chest.

"He's crazy" She chuckled and bite her lips. 


Noah and Birdie both dropped the bouquet of flowers in their hands,Birdie looked at Noah,she held his hand and he also looked at her. 

"Are you okay?" She asked. 

"I think I feel better now that Santiago and Kay are facing the rightful punishment,finally I can come here without the guilt that I caused their deaths" Noah replied and Birdie nodded. 

"I'm so happy too" She muttered. 

They stayed for another ten minutes before slowly walking away. 

"I'm hungry" Birdie touched her tummy. 

"Let's go to the nearest restaurant" Noah suggested and Birdie immediately nodded. 

They entered the car and Noah started driving. 

"It's finally Saturday,the launching" Birdie sighed. 

"Are you nervous?" Noah giggles. 

"Yes I am,I've never attended one. But this time it's the almighty NH premier,I can't wait" Birdie said. 

"And not just that,you're the CEO's woman" Noah said and Birdie smiled. 

"That's me" She winked. 


Waylon was alone in the living room,sitting on the couch while working on the laptop,the TV was on but he never glanced at it once. 

He suddenly heard the door bell and he raised his head wondering who that was since he wasn't expecting anyone. 

He stood up and walked to the door,he opened it and there was Reagan standing there. 

"Hey,what are you doing here so late?" He asked and immediately pulled her in before closing the door. 

Reagan smiled. 

"I just...I went out with my friends and I couldn't go home,that's why I'm here" She said. 

"How many times do I have to tell you about late night outing? You're a lady for heaven sake" Waylon groaned. 

"If you hate it,I won't do it again,I promise" Reagan said and Waylon looked at her. 

"I never said I hated it" He said. 

"The way you sound" Reagan muttered and Waylon sighed. 

"Promise?" He asked. 

"Kiss me" Reagan muttered. 

Waylon kept quiet. 

"I'm dying for that right now,so stop hesitating and do it,please" Reagan said. 

Waylon held her waist and slammed his lips on her own,in a deep kiss. 

Reagan immediately reciprocated but Waylon broke it too soon. 

"You should go on abx freshen up,I will prepare something for you to eat" He muttered and tried walking away. 

Reagan hugged him from the back. 

"Are you shy?" She asked. 

"What are you talking about?" 

"I'm just wondering" She chuckled. 

Waylon faced her back. 

"Are you not hungry?" He asked. 

"For your lips" Reagan whispered and went for his lips again. 

"Let's make the food together after I'm done,can I borrow a shirt?" Reagan asked and Waylon nodded. 

"And...are you going to NH launching on Saturday?" She asked. 

"Probably" Waylon nodded and Reagan smiled. 

"Let's go together" She said. 

"Fine,come with me" Waylon said,leading the way upstairs and Reagan followed. 


The big hall was already so filled up with influential people,billionaires. Reporters,Tv cameras all over the place,celebrities included. 

The event haven't started yet,the guests are still coming in one after the others,some with their partners. 

Vivian and Vince were together,making sure they give the guests coming in the best hospitality. 

"Your dress is pretty" Vince said in a low voice beside her and she looked up,wondering if she heard him right. 


"Your dress is pretty" Vince replied and Vivian's cheeks turned red. 

"You don't have to blush that hard" Vince chuckled. 

Vivian pushed him playfully,she wanted to say something but then they were interrupted by the guests coming in. 

Meanwhile,Noah wouldn't let Birdie out of his sight,he kept holding her hand,taking her everywhere with him. 

According to him,she look too pretty and he wouldn't allow any other guy talk to her. 

"Babe,do you think my dress is...too tight?" Birdie asked. 

"No,you look hot. I like it this way" Noah said and Birdie smiled. 

"Thanks,I was beginning to get uncomfortable with the stares,but in fine now" She said. 

"Of course people would stare because you're the most beautiful one here today" Noah said. 

Birdie bite her lips shyly. 

"Hey Mr Chris,thank you for inviting us here" 

"It's my pleasure having you" Noah shook hands with the men. 

They looked at Noah. 

"Oh,isn't she the model?" 

"Yeah that's right,she's my fiancee" Noah said and Birdie blinked twice,did he just called her his fiancee?? 

"Wow! That's amazing,I guess I should keep what I wanted to say" One of them said. 

"Yeah you should" Noah replied and they all laughed. 

After they left,Noah looked at Birdie. 

"What,why are you smiling?" 

"You called me your fiancee because of jealousy,man that's crazy" Birdie laughed. 

"He was staring at you" Noah scoffed. 

"I see" Birdie laughed. 

Everyone kept greeting Birdie whenever they find out she's the new model,some company owners even collected her contacts. 

"At this rate,I need a manager" Birdie joked when they finally sat down,at the VVIP table together with others. 

"I was about saying that actually" Noah said and they laughed. 

"You're so beautiful Miss Birdie" The woman next to them said. 

"Thank you ma'am" Birdie smiled. 

She saw Adam and Arya coming in together and she smiled more. 

"They look so cute" She said. 

Adam recently left the company to focus on his exams and education,so they are just there as guests. 

Axel and Evelyn joined their table. 

Axel shook hands with Noah and Evelyn greeted Birdie,it's not their first time meeting each other tho. 


The launching started minutes ago and finally it was the time everyone have been waiting for,the auction. 

The materials were shown on the large projector clearly and would be brought out also. 

Different wears,bags,jewelries,perfumes and alot more. 

"Next on the list is...." Vivian announced,

The bag was shown,it's made of diamond all through and it was absolutely glowing. 

👥 Whoa!!!

Everyone started clapping.

"That's amazing" Birdie said,clapping. 

"This bag is quiet cheap,it's just two thousand dollars...  We shall begin the auction right away" Vivian smiled. 

Immediately everywhere was quiet. 

"Five hundred thousand dollars" a woman raised her stick card up. 

"Six hundred thousand dollars!" Another woman said. 

"One million dollars" Another woman said. 

"Those women are rich please" Birdie said in surprise. 

"Is this really your first time coming to something like this?" Axel smiled. 

"Yeah" Birdie nodded. 

"2.6 million dollars" That was a man. 

"3million dollars" Another man said and there was silence. 

"I think we have it to........"

"5million dollars" Axel raised his stick up and everyone looked at him. 

Evelyn blinked. 

"Hey,don't tell me you're getting that for me" She said. 

"Why can't I?" Axel winked and Noah chuckled. 

"5million dollars it is!! Sold out!!!" Vivian said loudly and they started clapping. 

Alot more went on and on. 

"And finally,we have this necklace,called the "Heart Of The Deepest Ocean" It's made up pure gold and the blue in between it is just... Do I have to explain,please let's see this amazing life changing necklace which is the only one in the world at this moment,worth millions of dollars!!" Vivian said and immediately the necklace came on the screen. 

The glow alone made everyone scream out. 

"I think we really need to calm down and hear the actual price first" Vivian smiled. 

Soon the noise died down. 

"This necklace worth just 50 million dollars" She said. 

"Just?" Birdie bite her lips. 

"I'm getting that for you no matter what" They heard a man telling his wife. 

Noah chuckled. 

"Then,we will start the auction immediately" 

"100 million dollars"

"200 million dollars" 

"400 million dollars" 

"600 million dollars" 

After that there was silence,it was almost concluded when suddenly the man who was determined to get it for his wife spoke up. 

"700 million dollars" He said smiling,knowing no one would speak up again. 

But then.....

"1 billion dollars" Noah spoke up and  everyone gasped. 

Birdie looked at him. 

"1.2 billion dollars" The man said. 

"1.5 billion dollars" Noah said. 

"1.6 billion dollars" The man said. 

"3billion dollars" Noah threw the last bomb and the man looked at him with a shocking look. 

"Sorry" Noah winked at him. 

"And that's it!!! The most expensive bid in history!!" Vivian screamed. 

Loud claps filled the hall. 

👥 That's crazy

👥 That's for his girlfriend for sure.

👥 I'm so jealous right now

👥 He didn't just do that right?

👥 That money is my net worth,how dare he throw it away like that?!! This is insane. 


Birdie was led by a guard to the company's playground,the lights were so bright. 

"The boss is over there" The guard said before walking away. 

Birdie started walking slowly to the middle,looking for Noah until suddenly the white lights change into words. 


Birdie covered her mouth with her palm in shock and amazement. She turned immediately and there was Noah. 

"Bunny" she called and ran to hug him tightly. 

"I love this,it's so beautiful" She said,looking at it again. 

Noah snapped his fingers and instantly some ladies came in,bringing in the jewelry box where the necklace was laying. 

"Baby,that necklace....is too expensive,I just....."

"You're the most expensive thing in my life right now Birdie" Noah said. 

They opened the box and Birdie gasped,seeing it more closely,she could hear it screaming luxury,wealth,billions of dollars. 

Noah took it carefully and came behind her,she pulled her hair sideway and he wore it around her neck. 

The ladies walked away. 

"I'm never going to take this off,never" Birdie shook her head,admiring the blue hearts mostly. 

"That represents my heart,so don't take it off. It's the only one in the world right now" Noah said and Birdie looked at him. 

"I'm so sad...you're the one who always give me things,but me....." Noah cut her off with a kiss. 

"Your love is enough for me...you're enough for me,you're the best gift I've received since my parents passed away,that's why I can do anything for you bug,anything" Noah said. 

"I love you bunny,I love you so much" Birdie caress his cheek. 

"I love you to the moon and back,I love you more than anything in this world,I love you more than life,I just... Love you" Noah said and went for her lips. 


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