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The Billionaire's Enchantment - Episode 57 & 58





The Billionaire's Enchantment - Episode 57 & 58

Subtitle: His Unsophisticated Girlie

GENRE: Billionaire/CEO Romance. 


"Who said I'm not ready? I'm barely holding back right now,I'm fúcking horny" Birdie blurted. 

Noah laughed out. 

"What's funny?" Birdie frowned. 

"You're just nineteen" Noah whispered and Birdie pushed him off. 

"Stop talking like you're thirty,you're also young!" Birdie snapped and Noah chuckled. 

"Really? Should we do it then?" Noah asked and began unhooking his belt. 

"Bunny wait" Birdie immediately closed her eyes and Noah laughed. 

"Why closing your eyes? You said we should do it" Noah said. 

"How about we eat first?! Aren't you hungry?" Birdie asked. 

Noah shook his head. 

"You're so cute love bug,really cute" He said. 

"I brought some groceries,I was planning to come here before you called,I'm going to cook for you" Birdie said and Noah gave her his puppy face look. 

"You're the best girlfriend in the whole world,I'm starving" He said. 

"Are you trying to act cute now? You're making my heart to beat really fast,why are you so handsome?" Birdie cupped his face and pecked his lips. 

"More" Noah smiled and she kissed him again. 

"I'm going to wash up first,let's cook together" Noah said and Birdie nodded. 


"Whoa,so what are you going to cook?" Noah asked,staring as Birdie arranged everything she got into the kitchen closets. 

"Whatever my boyfriend wants" Birdie faced him. 

"I've always wanted to eat this,can you make it tonight?" Noah asked. 

"What,why making that cute face" Birdie teased. 

"Beef fried rice...like a lot of beef" Noah said. 

Birdie was smiling brightly as Noah said that. 

"What,Is it too late?" Noah asked. 

"No,it's just......I love it because I'm going to cook what you really want,you can keep on telling me what you want everyday and I will prepare it for you" Birdie said and Noah smiled. 

"You're making me love you too much,it's not even right" He sighed. 

"Of course it is,love me too much so you won't ever think of leaving me. I'm going to kill any girl you leave me for" Birdie scoffed. 

"That threat is too deep bug,I'm never going to leave you" Noah said. 

"Great" Birdie said and started getting the ingredients ready. 



Axel stepped down from his car and let out a tired sigh,he just returned from his office,he had to work extra time because he missed too much the previous day,alot of things to attend to. 

He opened the door and entered only to find Evelyn sitting on the couch,she was waiting for him. 

"Sir!" Evelyn stood up immediately and ran to him. 

"Finally you're back,I thought something bad happened to you,why are you so late? I tried calling you...." 

"You were waiting? For me?" Axel asked. 

"Yes,,I couldn't sleep" Evelyn muttered. 

Axel smiled and pulled her closer by the waist. 

"You said you don't have a boyfriend right?" He asked. 

Evelyn shook her head,looking confused. 

"Then,can I kiss you?" Axel asked and Evelyn's eyes widened. 


"I can't? Then I won't....."

"No you can!" Evelyn said and Axel smiled. He changed position and pulled her against the wall. 

"You're really something else Evelyn" He said and his lips slammed on hers,she closed her eyes to enjoy the moment. 

Axel pulled her more closer,kissing her deeply. His two hands around her waist,he broke the kiss shortly and Evelyn opened her eyes. 

"I want more" He whispered and Evelyn started the kiss again,he carried her at once and headed upstairs,they entered his room and then on the bed. 

Axel suddenly stopped. 

"Fvck,I almost lost it" He muttered and left the bed. 

Evelyn sat up. 

"Why?" She asked. 

"Why are you so pretty that I couldn't even resist? We shouldn't be doing this" Axel said 

"Why not? I'm not complaining,I want to....."

"Are you in love with me or something??" Axel threw the question. 

"Am I not allowed to?" Evelyn questioned.

"Then don't act like those girls,I think....I'm falling too" Axel said and Evelyn couldn't believe her ears. 

"Is that....is that true?" She asked and Axel nodded. 

"So,let's take things slow....." Evelyn got up and ran to him,she started kissing him again,hungrily and Axel reciprocated until she stopped. 

"You don't know how much I wanted this badly,how long I've wanted this,I just can't believe it right now,I'm ...speechless" Evelyn said in tears. 

Axel smiled and pecked her lips. 

"I'm glad you didn't rape me" He muttered.

"I wouldn't do that!" Evelyn snapped and he laughed. 

"Are you sure about that? You just bit my lips like chocolate cake...."

"Stop" Evelyn muttered feeling embarrassed. 

"Just joking" Axel chuckled and Evelyn hugged him. 

"I'm so happy right now" She said. 



"Here" Vivian and another male's voice beside her said as they dropped what they got in front of the cashier. 

They both Exchange glances. 

"You" They said at a time and then scoffed. 

"I thought you left the country" Vince said behind Vivian as they walked out. 

"Why would I?" Vivian faced him. 

"I said I thought,brain" Vince groaned. 

"You're so rude you know that right?" Vivian asked. 

"Really? And you're not?" Vince asked. 

"I've never spoken to you before,it was you who always made me mad" Vivian defended. 

"Coz you needed to be corrected,who knows if you listened to me back then,you might not lose your job" Vince said and Vivian scoffed. 

"Don't worry,I'm finally getting over it" She muttered. 

"You don't look like you have,I know you're obsessed with your job,then you should have lay low without acting like the lady boss" Vince said and Vivian sighed. 

"Do you wanna drink with Me?" She asked. 

"Bills on you" Vince asked and she nodded. 

"Stingy brat" Vivian scoffed and they both walked to the nearest bar. 

"This is so good!" Vivian groaned as she Finished a glass of beer. 

"Don't get drunk,I'm not romantic to the extent of taking you home" Vince smiled and sipped from bus glass.

"Don't sorry,my house isn't far from here. And also,I got a new neighbor recently,but I've not even seen his face" Vivian scoffed. 

"Oh I see" Vince muttered. 

Vivian's phone buzzed and she checked. 

"Oh...I need to go! See you next time!!" She shouted and ran out. 

"She's crazy" Vince scoffed. 

"Wait,she didn't pay!!" He shouted and everyone looked at him. 

He stood up and paid before running out. 

"She think she's smart,I'm going to kill her next time" He scoffed and walked back to his car. 



Waylon opened the door as soon as he heard the bell,he was quite shocked to see Noah standing in front of him.

"You're here" He said. 

"Can I come in" Noah mumbled and Waylon nodded. 

He entered and faced Waylon again. 

"You asked to meet up" He said. 

"I thought.....somewhere else. Didn't know you would like it here" Waylon replied. 

"You're being awkward right now,just talk to me the way you've always done" Noah said. 

"Aren't you going to sit down?" Waylon asked and sat down . 

"Do I have to sit? You said you will tell me... "

"You're so impatient" Waylon sighed. 

Noah rolled his eyes and sat down 

"So,have you decided to stop hating me?" Waylon asked and Noah frowned. 

"Is that related to what you want to tell me?" He asked. 

"I can't say a thing if you don't stop" Waylon said and Noah scoffed. 

"Fine" He muttered and Waylon nodded. 

He brought out his phone and dropped it on the table,they started listening to the records together. 

It was Santiago and Kay's voice. 

Waylon actually recorded everything that day,how they have been planning to kill Noah because of his company,how they managed to kill his parents,how the company belongs to his father and others. 

By the time they finished listening to it,Noah was almost in tears but he blinked it off and looked at Waylon. 

"Tell me,why you're giving me this. Aren't you an accomplice?" Noah asked. 

"No,I've never joined hands together with my father to do anything like such,and because I feel guilty too.....I'm no longer the CEO of his company" 

"Why?" Noah asked. 

"You heard right? Fifty percent share belongs to your father,meaning,it's almost yours..."

"You really think I need that company?" Noah cut in. 

"Even if you don't,I still can't continue" Waylon replied. 

"Do you have any plan?" Noah asked. 

"We should give this to the cops,it's more than enough evidence to bring them down" Waylon replied. 

"Will you be alright? Your father....."

"I don't care Noah,you've suffered alot because of them,they deserve it" Waylon said. 

"What about you?" Noah asked and Waylon raised his brows. 

"What do you mean?" He asked. 

"I know everything......from the start,how he always compare you and I,back in high school" Noah said. 


It was the last day of the session,the students of Gleamy High school could be seen walking out of the school one after the other,with their results in their hands. 

Everyone was happy because of the coming break at least. 

Waylon seems to be the only one who was moody as he approached his father's car waiting for him. 

"Waylon! Hey...." Noah was running after him but the moment he saw Kay waiting for Waylon,he quickly hid himself from being seen. 

"Hi dad" Waylon greeted. 

Kay ignored it and opened his palm,Waylon slowly dropped his result on his hand and he checked. 

His face Changed instantly. 

"Second position again?!! Again!!! Are you that daft?!! I told you not to bring this shit to me again?!" Kay yelled and Waylon flinched. 

"It was just ten marks dad,I would have gotten the first position....." A slap landed on his Face.

Noah gasped from where he was hiding. 

"Ten marks? He's obviously better than you!! You're so useless!! Get in the car right now!" Kay yelled and entered angrily,he torn the result and dropped it on the ground. 

Waylon slowly entered and the car drove off. 


"That was when I found out,why you never wanted to talk to me" Noah said. 

"Not like you ever talked to me tho" Waylon muttered but then looked up again. 

"But,why were you running after me that day?" He asked. 

"I wanted to say goodbye,it was the last day in school that session" Noah said and Waylon chuckled. 

"He always wanted me to be the first,but unfortunately for me....you were always there" He muttered. 

"I understand" Noah said. 

"That's why I'm regretting right now,,,he wasn't just comparing us...he wanted your parents money too,I'm so ashamed of myself being his son right now. But he's still my father,that's why we have to do this and give to the cops,maybe he might repent" Waylon said with a smile. 

"I don't really like people who smile even when in pain" Noah stood up. 

"Who said I'm in pain,let's meet in the evening,I need to do something" Waylon said and Noah nodded. 



"Whoa!! Adam! Look at that fish!! So big!!" Arya screamed,running from where they stood. 

Adam followed her. 

"Take my pictures,a lot" Arya said,backing the water glass where the fish is. 

"Hurry!" Arya screamed excitedly. 

Adam smiled and started taking her pictures.

"Me too,together" He said and pulled her close. 

"Say cheese!" Arya grinned and they both smiled brightly. 

"Wow,you're so handsome" Arya said checking the pictures. 

"Where are we going next?" Adam asked. 

"Let me think" Arya said. 

"Adam!!!" They heard someone calling and they both turned. 

"Beauty" Adam smiled,opening his arms as the girl ran to hug him. 

"It's been a while,you look even more handsome!!" Beauty said. 

"You too,you look more beautiful,really" Adam said. 

Arya left them and walked to the car,after some minutes,Adam joined her. 

"Sorry I kept you......."

"I thought about where I'm going next" Arya cut in. 

"Where?" AdM asked. 

"Home,take me home" She replied. 

"But....you said we should spend the whole day together........"

"I changed my mind,why don't you hang out with your Beauty?" Arya asked and entered the car. 

Adam immediately entered also. 

"What do you mean by my Beauty?" He asked. 

"You too,you look more beautiful,really" Arya said in Adam's voice. 

"Arya that was....."

"You never called me beautiful! You always said I'm cute,pretty,but now you're saying really beautiful to that girl,I know I'm not your girlfriend but it was annoying,I don't even know why I'm angry so just take me............."  Adam pressed his lips on hers and her eyes grew wide. 

He moved back and Arya blinked. 

"Are we good now?" He asked. 

"That was...a bribe?" Arya asked. 

"Bribe? I just kissed you" Adam replied. 


"Because you were mad at me and I don't know what to do... Besides that girl,she's an old friend,we don't even talk,I can't remember when last I saw her,so don't be jealous. You're more beautiful than her,trust me" 

Arya rolled her eyes. 

"Fine,but who said I was jealous?" She looked away awkwardly. 

"And,that was my first kiss. Wasn't it supposed to be longer? That was a peck" She muttered shyly and Adam smiled. 

"We can continue if you want...."

"Let's go to a restaurant,I'm starving" Arya cut in immediately and Adam chuckled. 

"Drama queen" He muttered and started the car. 



Waylon and Noah came down from the car in front of the cops station,they were about going in when Noah's phone rang. 

They stopped walking and he answered the unknown number. 


"Hey!! Don't you dare touch her!! She's got nothing to do with this!!" Noah shouted. 

The call was hung up. 

"What's going on?" Waylon asked. 

"Birdie" Noah said and started running to the car,Waylon followed. 

"I will drive,call her right away" he said and entered the driver's side and zoomed off. 

Noah dialed Birdie's number. 


Birdie was walking back home in their street,she went to get her granny's drugs. 

Her phone suddenly started ringing. 

"Bunny" she called happily. 

"Where are you?" Noah asked impatiently. 

"Oh...I'm...on my way home,is there a problem?" 

"How long will it take you to get home? Can you just get home right away? You can run if you want,just be safe please" Noah rushed his words and Birdie was confused. 

"Is there something......" 

From the back,someone in mask hit an heavy metal plank on her head and her phone fell from her hand,she stopped moving as the pain gripped her,instantly she saw her own blood dripping down from her head. 

She couldn't talk,her vision became blurry and then the plank hit her head again,she fell roughly on the ground and her eyes went shut leaving her in her own pool of blood unconscious. 

"Birdie??" Noah's voice came from the other side. 

"Are you okay? Talk to me,say something....Birdie!!! Please!!!!" Noah screamed. 


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