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The Billionaire's Enchantment - Episode 53 & 54





The Billionaire's Enchantment - Episode 53 & 54

Subtitle: His Unsophisticated Girlie

GENRE: Billionaire/CEO Romance. 


"Zoomer" He called the code name and the door opened. 

"Yes boss" Hailey entered. 

In another store room behind where they are,Waylon was listening to everything,he was there looking so shocked,it was definitely the most shocking moment of his life. His eyes were wide open,he was trying to deny that he didn't hear anything but he just couldn't. 

"Father" He mumbled,his shoulders were so weak. As he tried moving,the arranged cartons fell all on the ground and his eyes widened. 

Santiago and Kay kept quiet. 

"Shit" Waylon immediately got up and ran out

"Check who's there" Kay told Hailey but Waylon was already gone,he managed to get out of the warehouse and he climbed the fence just the same way he came in,he was already jumping down before he saw Vince who was just finding a way to enter. 

He fell on him and they both landed roughly on the ground 

"What the heck!!!!" Waylon yelled and stood up right away,he ran to his car. 

"Waylon?" Vince couldn't believe his eyes,He watched as Waylon entered his car and drove off roughly. 

He also didn't wait,he got into his car and left,something must have happened inside,he can't get caught. 



Axel sipped from his coffee and glanced at Noah who was checking the time. 

"He should be here" Noah muttered. 

"Do you think something happened? Or maybe I saw anything at all?" Axel asked. 

"I hope so,but I am really sure it was that voice Axel" Noah said and Axel nodded. 

"I believe you dude,I just hope this ends quickly and we get rid of those bastards" Axel Said. 

"Me too" Noah mumbled. 

"Oh,he's here" Axel saw Vince coming in and waved his hand,Vince came to join them and immediately took the iced coffee in front of Noah,he removed the cover and straw and gulped down everything. 

He dropped the cup on the table and groaned. 

"Did something happened?" Axso asked curiously. 

"I followed him like you said...and he went to a warehouse.. It's more like an hidden one" Vince said. 

Axel and Noah shifted on their seats 

"Then?" They asked at a time. 

"I was trying to get inside but I couldn't,a lot of guards were there... But I saw someone" Vince said. 



"What?!" Axel screamed. 

"Waylon?" Noah asked and Vince nodded. 

"He came out of the warehouse and left,he seems to be in a hurry tho" Vince said. 

Noah stood up immediately and took his car key. 

"Hey,where are you going?!" They followed him as he stormed out of the café. 

"You don't have to follow me,I need to go somewhere" Noah said and they stopped. 

"That bastard... Waylon?" Axel scoffed when Noah's car drove out. 

"But....what exactly is happening? Waylon is involved? Then why did he saved Noah from being shot?" Vince asked. 

"Isn't that an evidence that he knows the person behind the gunshot?" Axel scoffed and Vince sighed out loudly. 

"I'm so tired" he groaned. 

"Do you want a kiss?" Axel asked. 

"Bastard" Vince pushed him away and Axel laughed. 

"It's just a kiss" Axel teased even more and followed Vince. 

"Come closer if you want to die" Vince threatened. 

"If you don't want a kiss,then why are you telling me how tired you are?" Axel laughed. 

"Gosh I hate you" Vince said. 



Kay looked up as Waylon dropped an envelope on the table in front of him. 

"What is this?" He asked. 

"Open it" Waylon muttered. 

Kay scoffed and removed the paper inside the envelope. 


Was written boldly on it,Kay frowned and looked at Waylon. 

"What is the meaning of this?" He asked. 

"Like you said..this is my only weakness. You've been threatening me with this for years father,you made me look like a fool to your wife and her daughter all because of that position. But I'm sorry father,if keeping that position requires murders and shedding of blood,I don't think..no...I can't hold unto it anymore,I don't want to be involved in such.....I'm sorry" Waylon said calmly. 

"You're just as dumb as always,sometimes I wonder if you're really my son" Kay said. 

"At this point,I will be happy if you're not my father!!! What the fúck did that innocent boy did to you? It was all your fault,the reason why hated him my whole life was because of you,and now I can't even.....justify my hatred in peace,I can't even breathe well because......of you father. I hope you repent before it's too late,don't call me..I won't call you either" Waylon said and went out,closing the door loudly. 



Birdie was pacing around in Noah's room,she held her phone in her hand,she has been calling Noah countless times but he wouldn't answer. 

She could remember him telling her they would go on a date this evening and that he would get home early,but now he's not even calling her or answering her calls. 

"What's going on?" She. sighed worriedly. 

She heard a knock on the door and turned immediately. 

"Sis...someone is at the door. It's a lady" Arya said. 

"Oh" Birdie muttered and went out. 

They both climbed down the stairs and Birdie went to open the door,it was Vivian. Their eyes met and Birdie rolled her eyes. 

"Why are you here?" She asked. 

"Where's.....Noah?" Vivian asked. 

"Not home,why not call him instead" Birdie said and almost closed the door. 

"Wait!" Vivian shouted and entered. 

"What" Birdie crossed her arms. 

"I will talk to you instead" Vivian muttered and they both sat down 

"I know he's mad at me.....and you're the only one who can talk to him right now" Vivian said. 

"So you think I'm not mad at you? Gosh why did I even open the door for you" Birdie scoffed. 

"Hey,even if you're his girlfriend,that doesn't change the fact that I am older than you" Vivian Snapped. 

"Don't you think you should respect your old age and leave? Should I call the securities on you?" Birdie stood up. 

"Hey wait..you have anger issue" Vivian grabbed her hand but Birdie threw it off. 

"It's you who have anger issue!! You harassed me in front of everyone! You insulted me and said mean words to me! I can't remember doing anything wrong to you,I respected you,you were the one who hated me for no reason!! Tell me if I did anything wrong to you then I will apologize too!" Birdie shouted. 

Vivian stood up. 

"I'm sorry Birdie" She said and Birdie looked at her. 

"I'm really sorry,the truth is....I've always liked Noah from the beginning. He never showed any interest in any lady and...I gave myself the confidence that....he liked me back. Until you showed up and I just couldn't ignore,I was jealous,that's all. I don't hate you Birdie,fine I said mean things to you....but I've never thought of hurting you in any way...I don't hate you,I just disliked you because Noah showed interest in you. But I regretted it,because...I really love my job a lot,trust me,I love working in NH and I miss my job" Vivian said in tears. 

Birdie said nothing. 

"You don't have to talk to him,but I'm really sorry okay? Vivian Said and Birdie nodded. 

"Honestly,you were like my role model back then" She muttered. 

"Me?" Vivian poked her chest and Birdie nodded. 

"Seeing you always beside him on my TV screen makes me want to become a secretary too,you always looked so beautiful and your fashion sense is so amazing,it's childish right?" Birdie asked and Vivian smiled. 

"I'm so touched right now Birdie" Vivian said. 

"I'm sorry once again,I'm really sorry sincerely." She added 

"It's fine" Birdie smiled. 

"Then....I will see you around. How about we hang out some other time?" Vivian asked and Birdie nodded. 

"I will love that" Birdie said. 

Vivian smiled at her before going out. 

"Wow Sis,that was an amazing confession between you two" Arya came in. 

"I know right? I must have been so wrong about her,why didn't I think about it? She was beside Noah all these years,I should have known...she would definitely fall in love with him,I mean..who wouldn't?" Birdie sighed. 

"I know" Arya muttered. 



Waylon groaned out and checked the messages on his phone,his PA sent tones of them. 


That was in the afternoon. 

Waylon sighed and dropped his phone,he drove straight to his place. 

As he approached his house,he saw a car parked just in front of it and then someone standing beside it....Noah. 

Waylon also stopped his car and came out. 

"Why are you here?" Waylon asked. 

Noah rushed to him and grabbed his collar angrily. 

"Tell me.....what you know" Noah said and Waylon swallowed. 

"Answer me!! What exactly is going on?! It was your father right? You knew everything,that night when I got stabbed.....he sent those gangsters and it was you who came with the fake siren. This one too!!! He sent that person to shoot me and you saved me!! Why!!!!" Noah yelled. 

Waylon pushed him away from himself. 

"If you feel like you know the truth then go meet him yourself!!" He said and Noah punched his face,his lips bursted. 

"How.....dare you?? How dare you still act like a good son even when you know how evil your father is?!! Just what the heck have I done to him?! What!!" Noah shouted. 

Waylon wiped his bloody lips and looked at him. 

"You think you know everything now,but you don't even know anything" He muttered. 

Noah grabbed his collar again. 

"What do you mean?" He asked. 

"You don't even have any evidence,are you so stupid to think you can win against him,So stupid" Waylon said. 

"I'm not surprised you're supporting that murderer you called a father......you lied to me that night too,you knew it was him but you lied!! I'm really not going to let it slide this time around...." Noah said and turned to go

"You really think it's just my father?!" Waylon shouted and Noah paused. 

"You think it's just him? What about your uncle?.....do you even know that he's got a hand in your parents death?" Waylon asked and Noah faced him back. 

"Wh.....what.....did you.....just.....Say?" He stuttered. 

"You heard me,your parents death wasn't natural. That's all I can tell you" Waylon said. 

"Tell me everything you know!!!" Noah shouted tearfully. 

"No I won't! Until you stop hating on me too,just the way I've always hated you....but not anymore. I'm sorry Noah" Waylon said and went inside. 

Noah grabbed his left hand with his right hand,it was shaking and his eyes are teary,he wasn't himself,he couldn't think straight. 

**"You think it's just him? What about your uncle?.....do you even know that he's got a hand in your parents death?**

"Ahhhh!!!!!" Noah cried out and held his chest,he felt like collapsing at that moment but he endured it. He entered his car and drove off. 



Birdie and Arya were both talking and laughing in the living room when the door opened and Noah came in,Birdie stood up immediately and ran to him,his eyes weren't pleasing to look at,she was worried. 


"Why are you still here?" Noah ignored Birdie and faced Arya. 


"Stop it" Noah muttered. 

"I've been trying so much Arya,I've been trying so hard to just...forget about what your parents did to me and like you,but now....I don't think it's really going to happen anytime soon,I can't think straight right now,I'm about going crazy,I don't know what to believe,I just.....can't. So please can't you just get out of my life? Can't you just forget about me as your family,can't you?" He asked and tears fell off Arya's eyes. 


"That word irritates me so badly!!!! When it comes from you!!!" Noah shouted and Birdie flinched beside him. 

"I don't want to hear it from you again,I don't want to!! Get out of my house!!" He yelled. 

"That's harsh,it's late already,she can't........" Birdie tried to speak up. 

"If you are going to be against me too,get out also!! Get lost!!!" Noah yelled at her and went upstairs. 


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