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The Billionaire's Enchantment - Episode 51 & 52





The Billionaire's Enchantment - Episode 51 & 52

Subtitle: His Unsophisticated Girlie

GENRE: Billionaire/CEO Romance. 


Another gunshot was heard and then followed by a loud groan. 

Noah and Waylon both turned to the man on the ground,he was the one who was shot dead. 

"Fuck" Noah cursed and pushed his hair backward. 

Waylon sighed out and looked around,there was nobody there. 

"Hey" Noah called and he faced him back.

"I don't know why you did that earlier,but...thank you" Noah said and Waylon nodded. 

"It's nothing, I just......." He was still talking when Noah walked away,Waylon scoffed,watching as Noah entered his car and drove off. 

Waylon also walked to his own car and got in,he started the car and drove out,straight to his Father's house. 

His fathers were shaking as he controlled the wheel,he don't want to admit that he actually heard his father's voice earlier because....just why? Why would he do that?? 



Waylon entered the house and met Serenity in the living room,she sat down on the couch with her two legs while holding a wine glass in her hand. 

"Waylon" She called with a smile.

Waylon ignored her and went upstairs,he entered Kay's room and met him there. 

"You're here" Kay said,looking at him suspiciously. 

"It was you" Waylon said and Kay raised his brows. 

"What do you ......."

"Don't fúcking pretend father!! I heard your voice!!" Waylon yelled. 

Kay scoffed 

"You heard my voice? Where?" He asked. 

"You sent someone to get Noah killed father,I was there,he called you and you answered,then you killed the guy you sent....."

"So what?!!!" Kay yelled and Waylon's eyes widened.

"I'm asking you,what are you going to do about it?!! Stay away from my business,you don't know what's going on" 

"What am I supposed to know??! What is that foolish reason of yours!!! You want to murder a human?!! Father!!" Waylon shouted. 

"If you're going to keep your position in my office then keep quiet son,know your place" Kay said. 

Waylon sighed and nodded. 

"Do you have to threaten me with that every time?" He asked. 

"Because you don't want to loose that position son,that's your weakness. So stay away from my business" Kay said and walked out of his sight. 

Waylon scoffed,he opened the door and went out. 



Birdie and Arya were in the kitchen preparing dinner,they were chatting happily also. 

"So tell me,how did you manage to capture his heart? He doesn't look like one who fall in love so quickly" Arya said.

"Honestly,I don't know how it happened. I've always had a crush on him so should I say it's unbelievable? We suddenly met and started getting close,then....it happened. I almost fainted the day he confessed to me" Birdie said and Arya screamed. 

"He confessed? He asked you out for real? How??" Arya asked. 

"How am I supposed to explain Arya,come on" Birdie laughed,checking out what was on the cooker. 

"Can I just call you sis? You're my uncle's girlfriend,I can't call you by name and besides,you're older" Arya said and Birdie faced her. 

"That's going to be weird" She muttered 

"What? Why?"

"Nobody have ever called me that,I'm the one who call people sis" Birdie said and they both laughed. 

"You should be happy you finally found someone much younger" Arya said. 

"Give me more time,let me think about it" Birdie shook her head. 

"Fine" Arya smiled. 

After cooking,they set the dinning table. Birdie checked her phone and sighed. 

"He said he won't take long" She muttered. 

"Are you still going home tonight? Please stay here ,please" Arya grabbed her hand. 

"I guess I should stay" Birdie nodded and they walked to the living room,almost immediately the door opened and Noah came in. 

"Uncle" Arya called excitedly. 

Birdie wanted to go to him. 

"I want to be alone" Noah muttered and went upstairs,Birdie's eyes followed him. 

"Did something happened?" Arya wondered and Birdie sighed out. 

"You should go after him" Arya whispered and Birdie smiled.

"I will be back" She said and went upstairs. 

Arya sighed sadly. 

"I wonder what happened this time" She mumbled and sat down on the couch. 


Birdie opened the door to Noah's room,he was unbuttoning his shirt. 

"I told you I want to be alone" Noah said facing her. 

"How can you say that? You were busy all day before you went to that reunion of a thing and now you don't want to talk to me? Should I leave?" Birdie asked. 


"Love bug!" Birdie snapped and Noah chuckled. 

"Bug,I really have a lot of thinking to do....."

"Don't think,tell me what happened" Birdie said.

Noah moved closer to her and pulled her into a soft hug. Birdie pat his back gently. 

"I almost got shot tonight" Noah said. 

"What?!!" Birdie screamed and broke the hug. 

"Almost? You didn't? Are you okay? Where?" She asked,checking his body.

"I'm fine,the bullet didn't hit me,I was lucky again this time" Noah muttered. 

"What the fuck is going on? Why would anyone want to hunt you so badly? Is there something you're not telling me? It's getting out of hand, why can't you just involve the cops? Why?" Birdie asked. 

"It doesn't work that way,it doesn't. I feel like it's more personal and.... "

"Personal or not,I don't care! You should report to the cops right away. I don't want to loose you,please" Birdie said in tears. 

"Gosh,this is why I said I wanted to be alone" Noah groaned. 

"Hey!" Birdie hit his shoulder. 

"Listen,nothing is going to happen to me,I think I might have got what's going on now,it's crazy" Noah scoffed and sat down on the bed. 

He looked at Birdie who still have the sadness on her face,he grabbed her hand and pulled her on his laps. 

"Don't worry about me....."

"Stop telling me not to worry about you,it's annoying" She Snapped. 

Noah kissed her cheek but she pushed his face away. 

"Talk to me when you report this to the cops" She said And tried getting up. 

"You think you can get away from me?" He held her waist tightly and dropped her on the bed. 

"You can't baby girl,you're mine" He said and started pouring kisses all over her body. 

"Noah!!" Birdie screamed and he stopped. 

"Did you just called my name?" He asked,smiling. 

"I wanted to annoy you,don't tell me you like it" 

"I love the way it sounds in your mouth.."

"Oh lord" Birdie laughed. 

"I love you" Noah said and their lips locked. 



Birdie and Arya were sitting down together in the living room when Noah showed up on the stairs,he came down and his eyes fell on Arya. 

"When are you leaving?" He asked and Arya took her lips in. 


"You should leave before I get back home,your parents will be looking for you already" Noah muttered and went out. 

Birdie ran after him and caught him just as he went out of the door. 

"You can't just chase her away like that,she explained to you what happened....."

"How's that my business?!" Noah snapped. 

"She's lucky she got parents at least,you think it's the best if she stays here? I don't really want her parent's trouble Birdie,I don't want to get involved anymore"  Noah said and left her. 

Birdie went back inside and met Arya sitting down sadly. 

"Hey" Birdie called and she looked up. 

"I'm sure he's just in a bad mood,If it's going to be bad when you go home,then you can stay,I'm going to talk to him again" Birdie said and Arya nodded. 

"Do you want to follow me? I need to go home" 

"Of course!" Arya replied excitedly and Birdie smiled. 

"Adam is going to be surprised if I tell him we spent the night together" she said. 

"I told him" Arya replied. 

"So soon?" Birdie faced her. 

"We are really close,I like him a lot" Arya said and Birdie coughed. .

"I understand" She said. 

"It's not what you're thinking"

"Are you a  mind reader? What am I thinking?" Birdie asked and Arya laughed. 

"You're teasing me right now" She said and Birdie chuckled. 



Noah was going out with Vince and Axel,they were about entering the car when they started hearing a noise from outside which distracted them.

"What's that?" Noah asked and they turned to see Santiago struggling with the guards. 

"Does he have any shame at all?" Axel scoffed. 

"Let him in" Noah ordered the guards and Santiago came in. 

"Hey little brother" Santiago smirked,walking closer to Noah. .

"What are you doing here?" Noah asked. 

"Where's my daughter?" Santiago asked. 

Noah scoffed. 

"Did you chased your daughter out of your house?" He asked. 

"You know what i'm talking about,my wife saw your card with her,she probably ran out of home and....."

"And came to me? Your head is really full of shit if you think I will let her stay in my house for a night Santiago" Noah said and Santiago was furious. 

"How dare you talk lowly to me like that!!" He yelled. .

"Didn't I tell you? You and I are no longer family,we weren't even families to begin with,so stop acting like a bastard and leave before I tell the guards to drag you out" Noah said. 

Santiago's phone rang and he answered the call by mistake. 

"Hello" The voice said and Noah's body hair stood. 

He recognized that voice,it was the same voice that answered the call last night. 

"I will be back for you" Santiago said and immediately turned to leave. 

"Follow him Vince,the person calling him...it was his voice last night" Noah said and Vince nodded. 

He immediately got into another car,as Santiago drove off,Vince followed. 

"Are you sure about this?" Axel asked and Noah nodded. 

"But that doesn't even make sense,you did nothing to him" Axel said. 

"You still don't know what's happening do you?" Noah chuckled and faced him. 

"Santiago....probably have a secret he's trying to hide forever,he might be scared if will be exposed,and somehow,I think it's related to my late parents" Noah muttered. 

"That's going to be crazy" Axel sighed. 



"So you really went to confirm what I said?" Kay chuckled. 

"Of course I have to,I still can't believe he survived that again...."

"Waylon was involved" Kay said. 

"Your son?" Santiago asked and Kay nodded. 

"Why? I thought they don't talk" Santiago said. 

"That's what I thought too" Kay replied and there was silence 

"At this point,he might find out we killed his parents too" Kay said. 

"I can't let that happen,never. It was for a good reason. My brother was too stingy I had to eliminate him" Santiago said. 

"And you think he won't find out? He's more smarter than you think Santiago....."

"You should be more worried Kay,that company is yours,my brother owns fifty percent share from it....."

"What about all those money I've been giving you? You're the greedy one Santiago,you spent your brother's money like a crazy man and you landed in debt,I paid for that debt too!"  Kay yelled. 

"That's why we have to kill my brother's son!! I need his money if I want to have a better life again,so do something!" Santiago snapped. 

Kay scoffed. 

"Well,I have someone who might really succeed this time around" He said. 


"She's an expert when it comes to this,so don't worry" Kay said. 

"Zoomer" He called the code name and the door opened. 

"Yes boss" Hailey entered. 


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