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The Billionaire's Enchantment - Episode 49 & 50





The Billionaire's Enchantment - Episode 49 & 50

Subtitle: His Unsophisticated Girlie

GENRE: Billionaire/CEO Romance. 


After walking a little bit away from the girls,Birdie let go of Noah's hand with an angry look on her face. 

"Love bug..."

"I hope you won't get mad if a random guy kiss my cheek" Birdie said. 

"It's not like that bug,it came unexpectedly trust me...."

"But you were smiling,meaning you liked it. It was so annoying if you don't know Mr Chris" Birdie said and entered the car. 

Noah sighed and also joined her,he glanced at her. 

"I'm sorry,I promise it won't happen again,okay?" 

Birdie rolled her eyes 

"Come on bug,don't give me the silent treatment,I'm sorry" Noah muttered. 

Birdie pouted. 

"You look cute when jealous tho" Noah teased and Birdie frowned. 

"Fine I was jealous because I hate it!" She snapped and Noah laughed. 

"It won't happen again,I really mean it,so don't be mad" Noah said and pecked her lips making her smile. 

"I'm so sleepy" She muttered. 

"Taking you home right away" Noah said and started the car. 

Minutes later,he stopped in front of her place and Birdie faced him. 

"Don't leave the car" She said. 

"But,you can't pack the bags once...."

"Don't worry about that,I will do it alone" Birdie said and got down from the car. 

"She's so stubborn" Noah muttered,feeling uncomfortable seeing how Birdie was going in and out. 

After few minutes she was done. 

"Goodnight Bunny" She waved and went in before Noah could reply. 

"I want a kiss" Noah sighed sadly,staring at the door for some seconds before he finally drove off. 

Fortunately,Winona wasn't home like Birdie imagined,she closed the door to Winona's room and started walking to her room slowly. 

"What is grandma up to these days?" She asked herself and entered her room.
She's been going out and then returning home late,unlike her. 

Birdie sat down on the bed staring at the new luxuries. 

'Would you please throw your old clothes away?' She remembered what Noah said and she smiled. 

She opened her closet and shook her head. 

"I'm definitely too tired right now,I will do it tomorrow" She said and fell back on the bed. 

"I should take my bath first" She stood up and went into the bathroom. 



"Gosh why is he not picking his calls?" Arya groaned and put her phone back into her pocket,she jumped up to see the house. 

"Can't call him from here" She muttered sadly 

"Baby girl" She heard a voice behind her and she quickly turned. 

"Good evening ma'am" Arya bowed even though the person was unfamiliar. 

"You wanna come in?" Mrs Levis asked and Arya's eyes widened. 


"This is my house,who are you looking for?" Mrs Levis asked with a smile. 

"Oh....I'm....Adam's friend" Arya mumbled. 

"Wow really,come in then" Mrs Levi immediately opened the gate for her and they both entered. 

She followed Mrs Levis gently and when they got to the living room,Adam was also just coming downstairs,he was surprised to see Arya. 

"Hey son" Mrs Levis smiled. 

"Hi" Adam muttered and looked at Arya before coming down. 

"What are you doing here?" He asked. 

"Come on son,she said she's your friend,that's not nice" Mrs Levis said and Arya smiled. 

Mrs Levis faced Arya. 

"Wait and join us for dinner,it's quite late so I can't cook but I already ordered" She said. 

"Thank you ma'am" Arya said. 

Mrs Levis winked at Adam before going upstairs. 

"Your mom is so beautiful" Arya gushed. 

"Arya" Adam called and Arya turned to him. 

"I've been calling you,you ignored my calls" She pouted sadly. 

Adam pointed at his phone on one of the couches. 

"I was upstairs,sorry" he said. 

"I had lunch with my uncle today" Arya said. 

"What? For real?" 

"Yes,and he even got me some gifts,I'm so happy!" She hugged Adam and he smiled. 

"I'm so happy for you Arya" he said and broke the hug. 

"Really?" Arya grinned and Adam nodded. 

He stoked her hair. 

"Do something aside that,it's annoying" Arya groaned and Adam laughed. 

"What should I do then?" He asked. 

Arya poked her cheek. 

"Peck me here" She said. 

"What?" Adam laughed. 

"I'm not joking,hurry" Arya said. 


"What are you thinking,it's just a peck,I've seen friends doing it,that doesn't mean anything" Arya groaned. 

"Fine fine fine" Adam surrendered and pecked her on both cheeks,she grinned excitedly. 

They heard the doorbell. 

"I think the food is here" Adam said and walked to the door. 



Adam was almost going out of the house when his mom called him back and he turned. 

"Son,I'm dressed too. Let me give you a ride to work" She said. 

"No I...."

"I insist" Mrs Levis said and Adam nodded. 

They both walked out and entered the car together. 

Adam suddenly saw Birdie waiting along the roadside. 

"Mom stop" He said and she did immediately. 

"Is there a....." Before she finished,Adam already opened the door and got down,she watched him as he ran to a girl and they started coming together. 

"She's a friend" Adam said and his mom nodded. 

"No problem"

"Good morning mom" Birdie said with a smiley face. 

"You look so pretty,what's your name?" Mrs Levis asked. 


"Cute name,it suits you a lot" 

"Thank you" Birdie smiled. 

"I went to the restaurant yesterday and I was told you quit,you didn't tell me" Adam said,pretending to be annoyed.

"I'm sorry" Birdie pouted. 

"Why did you quit anyway?"

"Maybe because I want to focus on getting into college" Birdie said. 

"That's amazing,I think Adam should start planning to do that also" Mrs Levis said. 

"Wow!! Really?!" Birdie screamed excitedly and Adam scoffed. 

"Why so excited?"

"Of course I am! Should we try the same school? Huh?"

"I don't know...."

"Come on son,it's going to be nice having at least one old friend in a new school" Mrs Levis said. 

"Fine,let's search for the best university" Adam said. 

"Mom,do you know we are the same age? She's also nineteen,same year" Adam said. 

"Wow that's amazing,what month?" Mrs Levis asked. 

"August" Birdie replied. 

"Whoa me too!" Adam Laughed.

"Really?" Birdie joined him in laughing. 

"We are definitely twins" Adam said and they slapped their palms together. 

Mrs Levis wanted to ask for the date but at that moment,Birdie stopped her. 

"I'm dropping here mom,thank you for the ride" 

"Hope to see you again" Mrs Levis smiled and Birdie returned it. 

Mrs Levis stared at her till she went into the grocery store. 

"Mom let's go" Adam said and she started the car. 



Arya smiled brightly as she checked out the shoes and clothes Noah got for her and some other things. 

"This is perfect" She muttered.  

She continue checking them out until suddenly the door opened and Jennie came in. 

"Where did you get all these?" She asked. 

"It's none of your business" Arya muttered and started packing them into a bag. 

Jennie watched as she neatly packed everything and closed the bag,her eyes suddenly caught with a debit card on the table. 

"That's....." Jennie picked the card. 

"That's mine!!" Arya shouted and tried taking it back from him. 

"Where did you get this? It's not an ordinary debit card....."

"That's my business not yours!" Arya shouted. 

"Well sorry,I'm taking mine from it" Jennie smirked. 

"No!!" Arya followed her and took the card from her. 

"Arya!!!" Jennie slapped her . 

"How dare you!!" She yelled. 

Arya ignored her and went back into her room,she carried her bag at once and stormed out of the house in tears. 

"Come back here you bitch!!! Arya!!!" Jennie called but she didn't look back for once. 



"So you can't skip?" Birdie asked,after Noah dressed up. 

"I've never attended the reunion,so I guess I should attend this one" Noah faced her. 

"But you dress too hot,you're too handsome right now" Birdie muttered and Noah chuckled. 

He moved closer to her and cupped her cheeks,he placed a kiss on her lips and moved back. 

"I'm all yours,I can't even remember most of those people so don't worry" He said and Birdie nodded. 

"I should go home then" She muttered. 

"Let's go on a date tomorrow,I'm going to leave the company early tomorrow" Noah said and Birdie nodded. She hugged him again before they left the room.

Getting to the living room,a guard entered. 

"Boss" He bowed. 

"What's up?"

"There's a girl here looking for you" He replied. 

Birdie and Noah exchanged glances. 

"Let her in" Noah said and the guard went out. 

Soon,the door opened again and Arya came in with a bag,she was in tears. 

"Arya" Birdie called. 

"Why are you here?" Noah asked. 

Arya told them what happened and Noah sighed. 

He faced Birdie. 

"Can you just stay here till I'm back? I won't take long,I'm going to leave them after about two hours" He said and Birdie nodded. 

"Bye" He pecked her lips and went out. 

Arya bashed her lashes in shock. 

"He's.....your....you two are dating?" She asked and Birdie nodded,blushing. 




Everyone was present already,they were already having fun,dancing to the music,after dancing for a while,they gathered round the table and the waiters started serving them drinks. 

Girl 1: Do you think Waylon and Noah will attend this year's own? 

Boy 1: Have they ever attended? Stop hoping

Girl 2 : What if they appear

Boy 2: They are billionaires now,so isn't it normal to be proud?

They laughed. 

Boy 3: We are also doing great too,they are just richer. 

Girl 3: Noah is richer tho,I wonder if he's got a girlfriend already. 

Boy 4: Are we here to talk about those two or we are here for a reunion? Even back then in school,they don't talk to us,so why bother inviting them? 

Boy 5: Honestly,the girls are the problem,we've been doing this without them. 

Boy 6: Personally, I don't like Noah,Waylon is better. 

Boy 7: They are both the same,but Waylon's face is cooler. 

Boy 8: But I wonder why they never got along either,they should be best friends. 

Boy 9: Waylon's dad always want him to be the best but Noah is more brilliant so maybe that's why Waylon hates Noah. 

Boy 10: I've never heard of that

Girl 4: You guys are just jealous,nothing else. Girls,let's drink!!


They all clinked their glasses together and started drinking. 


Outside,two cars came into the hotel at the same time,the cars stopped and Waylon came out of one,Noah came out of the second one. As if planned,none of them ever bothered to join the reunion. 

They said nothing to each other and Waylon went inside. 


They were still talking and drinking when Waylon came in first,everywhere became silent as all eyes fell on him,then Noah came in too. 

👥 Wow,what's that? 

👥 They came

👥 Together?? Weird. 

"Hi everyone,long time no see" Waylon smiled and took the second to the last seat. 

Noah said nothing and sat down on the last seat quietly. 

Girl: Hey Noah! You really came!!

Noah managed to smile and nod. 

Boy: Don't spoil the mood everyone,let's have fun!!! 

The Waitress came with more bottles

"Can I have a nonalcoholic wine?" Noah asked. 

"Of course sir" She smiled and walked away. 

"You don't drink?" A guy asked. 

"I do...but I don't want to. My house is quite far from here and I need to drive" Noah said. 

Waylon gulped down the alcohol in his glass and poured more for himself. 



Noah sighed out as he walked out of the hotel,his two hands in his pocket as he approached his car. 

Waylon also came out,his eyes on Noah in front of him. All of a sudden,he saw a shadow and he traced it with his eyes,falling on a guy hiding,he saw a gun in his hand and his eyes widened. 

"Hey Noah!!!" He called loudly,running to him and Noah turned back,Waylon got to him and grabbed him,before the gun sounded,They both fell on the floor together and the bullet hit a car. 

"Fúck" Noah spat and got up immediately,Waylon also got up. 

They saw the man in black running and they both went after his him. 

Noah ran after and got closer in no time,he kicked the man's leg from the back and he fell roughly on the ground. 

Waylon groaned when he got to them. 

Noah grabbed the man's collar. 

"Who sent you?" He asked,the man said nothing. 

Noah found a phone in his pocket and took it 

"Drop it if you love your life" The man threatened and Waylon kicked his mouth. 

"Ahh!" He groaned and spat out blood. 

Noah went straight to the call log,there's only one number there and he dialed it immediately. 

"Hey bastard,this is your boss right?" Noah asked and the man nodded. 

The person answered the Call 

"I told you I will do all the Calling!!" The man yelled and Waylon's eyes widened. 

"Father" He mumbled and Noah looked at him,he really didn't hear what Waylon said. 

"You know the voice?" Noah asked. 

"No" Waylon muttered. 

Before Noah could turn back to the man on the ground. 

Another gunshot was heard and then followed by a loud groan. 


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