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The Billionaire's Enchantment - Episode 47 & 48





The Billionaire's Enchantment - Episode 47 & 48.

Subtitle: His Unsophisticated Girlie

GENRE: Billionaire/CEO Romance. 


"Sucking your br€ast" Noah replied bluntly and Birdie's eyes grew wide. 

"Huh?" She asked again. 

"You heard me" Noah muttered. 

"But....that's really going to make the pain go away?" Birdie asked shyly and Noah nodded with a wink. 

Birdie bite her lips and said  nothing,she stared at him nervously as he gently started unbuttoning the shirt she was putting on,he looked up at her. 

"Should I stop?" He asked. 

"Why?" Birdie asked. 

"I'm not going to do it if you don't want me to" Noah said and Birdie shook her head. 

"I want to know how it feels like,go on" She said flushing and Noah chuckled. 

He finished unbuttoning and the fresh pink n|pples stared at him in return,he almost got a hard on while looking at them,they aren't so big but not so small either,just the medium perfect size,so fucking pretty to look at. 

The pointed n_pples are something to write about. 

"Gosh,you're so pretty love bug" Noah groaned. 

"Me or those?" Birdie asked,pointing at her breast. 

"You" Noah said and Birdie smiled,he touched the left one and Birdie held her breath,right...it's the first time someone aside her would be touching her and just that little touch felt so sweet. 

Noah kissed her tummy first and began moving up till he finally captured those pretty looking nipples into his mouth. 

Birdie bite her lips,her eyes went closed as Noah gave her the perfect sucking. 

"Oh" She couldn't control that sound that came from her.  

Noah bite her n_pple gently and Birdie gasped,he gave the second one a squeeze. 

Birdie became lost,she never thought there's so much pleasure in this....she wanted more,she wanted him to do more. She didn't know when she started stroking his hair,the way his lips were moving around her n_pples made her feel so hot. 

Noah raised his head and their eyes met. 

"Do you like that?" He asked in a tiny whisper and Birdie nodded shamelessly. 

"I want more" She said without thinking and Noah chuckled.  

He captured her lips instead and kissed her deeply before breaking it again,he went for her second n_pple and continue sucking,Birdie never wanted him to stop. 

"Hey....if I don't stop now....I'm never going to stop again" Noah mumbled and Birdie looked at him. 

"You won't??" She asked. 

"I won't,but I don't want to do stuffs with you now" Noah said. 


"Because you're not ready" Noah replied. 

"How do you even know that?" Birdie asked. 

Noah smiled and kissed her lightly. 

"Let's sleep,I'm really going to sleep this time around,but let me be this way" Noah said and placed his head on her chest. 

Birdie smiled. 

"Now it feels like I really have a boyfriend" She uttered. 

"Really? Because of this?" Noah asked. 

"No,everything feels like that,not just this" Birdie muttered and Noah smiled. 

"Don't tell me you're going to work tomorrow please...."

"I'm fine,I promise. I need to go" Noah said. 

"You can't....."

"I said I'm fine,just trust me" Noah said and Birdie rolled her eyes. 

"I'm sorry,I will make it up to you,I promise" Noah mumbled and closed his eyes. 



Birdie waved at the driver who dropped her,He's one of Noah's guards,he bowed shortly and drove off. 

She went in,as she opened the door,her grandma stood up from the couch. 

"Morning grandma......" It was followed by a slap on her face which took her by shock. 


"How dare you!!!" Winona yelled. 


"Seriously? Now you're spending nights In a man's house? A man!!" Winona yelled. 

"How did you...."

"Hailey told me!! How could you!! Aren't you thinking about your life?! You're just nineteen!...."

"Yes I'm nineteen not a child!!" Birdie shouted back. 

"What's so wrong in having a boyfriend!! What!! Right I'm not thinking about my life so what? What's so special about my life to think of? I've been thinking about my life all the days I've spent in this world but nothing gets better,I even have to work as a minor to get myself educated! Right you're my grandma but you're not even doing anything to help me either!!! I do all kinds of part time works just to buy myself clothes,it's always me! What's bad if I want to act like my age now? I always see my mates,they are nothing like me,they have nice clothes,they are in school,they are having the best moments of their lives,Can't I have my freedom even for once!! Please!!!" She shouted in tears and ran into her room,she locked the door from inside. 

"Birdie open this door right away!!" Winona called from outside,knocking the door. 


Birdie fell on the bed,crying her eyes out. 




Everyone clapped as Adam revealed the new designs they've been waiting for,it's finally out. 

"That's really amazing" Maria said happily and Adam smiled. 

They looked at Noah who was also lost staring at the designs. 

"As the boss said,we need just a model to rock all these but we haven't concluded yet and......"

"About that" Noah cut in and they all faced him. 

He let out a charming smile.

"I have a special model in mind,so leave that for me" he said. 

"Okay sir" 

The meeting ended and Noah returned to his office

"I honestly never imagined to see you here today,are you an alien or something? You should rest that wound dude" Vince groaned and Noah sighed. 

"Not like I'm jumping around in my office,did you find anything yet tho?" He asked. 

"I tried to track that number that sent Axel the message but couldn't.....I think it was sent with a burner or maybe the sim got destroyed after that" Vince replied and Noah sighed. 

"And it's not similar to the one texting me right?" He asked and Vince shook his head. 

"But don't worry,I got this" He said. 

"Thank you,you can go,I want to be alone" Noah muttered and Vince left. 

Noah took his phone and went through his messages,he clicked on the familiar one. 


No one has to tell him that it's Arya,he sighed out and replied. 


He sent it and dropped his phone

"Gosh,I should get that stubborn bug of mine another phone" He said and immediately took his phone again.

Vince entered almost immediately and dropped an envelope on the table for him. 

"What's this?" He asked. 

"This Friday....your High school reunion" Vince said and Noah scoffed.

"You should really go this time around,you've never attended" Vince said and Noah rolled his eyes. 

"Let's see if I can" He muttered. 



Bright smiles covered Arya's face as she walked into the restaurant,she still can't believe that Noah actually replied,they are not just meeting but having lunch together? 

He want them to meet by three but she couldn't wait until that time,she got the table covered enough since Noah likes a quiet life,no doubt she want to please him so much. 

She sat down there for almost two hours before Noah finally showed up,Arya stood up the moment she saw him approaching the table. 


Noah said nothing and sat down,the waitress came almost immediately,Arya bite her lips and also sat down. 

Noah told the waitress what he would be eating and Arya also did. 

There was total silence between them,Noah was pressing his phone and Arya was staring at him nervously not knowing where to start exactly. 

Minutes later,,their foods were brought to their table. 

"Eat" Noah said when Arya didn't move. 

"Thanks uncle" she smiled and Noah rolled his eyes. 

"What do you have to say?" He asked and Arya swallowed the food in her mouth. 

"Here" She pulled her phone closer to Noah and then played the recording on it. It's Santiago's voice,she actually recorded it while he was making a call. 

"I think......dad have something on his sleeve" Arya said and Noah looked at her. 

"So why are you giving me this?" He asked. 

"Because I feel like you're the one.....his target...."

"Why are you giving me this" Noah repeated his question. 

"Because I love you" Arya said and Noah said nothing,just their eyes on each other. 

"Stop it......."

"I mean it" Arya cut In. 

"I know I'm in no position to say that to you,because of my parents,you also hate me so much,but I wish you can give me a chance to prove you wrong,that's all I ask For..please. I'm nothing like my parents,they don't even care about me......"

"That's your business not mine,you don't have to mind anything that has to do with me. Why are you so stubborn? You should be in school..."

"I'm home because there's no money....."

"I gave you money but you rejected it" Noah snapped. 

"You get me money to get out of your life,not for my school" Arya said and Noah sighed out. 

"I want to stay beside you Uncle....please let me,please" Arya said and Noah looked away. 

"Please" Arya said. 

"You should get new shoes,this one look old" Noah muttered and Arya let out a smile. 

"What's funny?" 

"That's a yes right? You're going to give me a chance..."

"I didn't say that" Noah said and Arya pouted. 

"Eat up,I will be leaving soon" 

"I thought you wanted to buy me shoes" Arya said. 

"Then hurry up and let's go,I don't have time" Noah replied. 

"Okay" Arya smiled and immediately started eating. 



Noah stared at Birdie from the car,he could see the hint of sadness on her face as she walked to the car and then entered. 

"Hi" Birdie muttered without looking at him. 

"Are you okay?" Noah asked and Birdie raised her head. 

"Hailey told grandma about you" She mumbled. 

"Did she get mad?" Noah asked and Birdie nodded. 

Noah saw the redness of her cheek. 

"She seriously....slapped you?" He asked and Birdie nodded.

"I should talk to her then" Noah said and almost opened the door but Birdie stopped him. 

"Don't" She said. 

"Why?" Noah asked. 

"She should have asked me to explain myself before slapping me,I don't want you to see her or talk to her,she should believe whatever I don't care anymore" Birdie scoffed. 

Noah took her hand and kissed it. 

"I know you feel bad but that's the right thing to do" he said. 

"I don't want to...maybe later but not now. I'm still mad at her" Birdie said and Noah sighed. 


"Where are we going?" Birdie asked. 

"Shopping" Noah whispered and she looked at him.

"You have an event?" She asked. 

"No....we are going shopping because of you. Can you throw out all these old clothes of yours after that?" Noah asked and Birdie gasped. 


Noah nodded. 

"I'm going to buy you alot,too much that you might not repeat clothes anymore" He said. 

"Stop,I'm not a celebrity or anything....."

"You're my celebrity" Noah cut in and she blushed.

"How's your wound?" She asked and raised his shirt at once. 

"I'm better now,but next time you raise my shirt this way again,you might have to scream my name,I don't mind if it's in the car" Noah said and Birdie bite her lips. 

"I can't wait" She said and Noah laughed.

"You're becoming naughty bug"

"You taught me" Birdie said and Noah started the car. 

"Here"  he dropped a brand the phone pack on her laps and Birdie couldn't believe her eyes its just the same exactly like the one she lost.

"You shouldn't be spending too much...."

"No one have been spending my money for years,enjoy it now" Noah said and Birdie smiled. 

"I won't lose this one,I promise,it's my new pet now,cross my heart" She said. 

"You can do anything you want with me,I don't mind buying new ones for you every month" Noah said. 

"That makes me a child" Birdie said and shook her head making Noah laugh. 



"Honestly,this is...uncomfortable" Evelyn muttered as Axel pushed the shopping cart beside her while she picked the provisions. 

"Why? Because I'm here?" Axel asked and she nodded. 

"You're my boss,I should be doing this alone" Evelyn said and dropped some jams info the cart. 

"I told you I was just bored at home,so I followed you. Anything wrong with that?" Axel asked and Evelyn shook her head. 

"Hurry up,how many more do we need?" Axel asked and Evelyn looked up at some chocolate snacks ,she took her lips in and looked away from it. 

Axel left the cart and packed the chocolate snacks into the cart,Evelyn looked at him. 

"You want those?" She asked. 

"You were staring at them" Axel replied and Evelyn's eyes widened. 

"You got them for me?" She asked. 

"Yes" Axel muttered and Evelyn smiled. 

"Thank you sir" She said joyfully and Axel smiled. 

"Let's go eat after this,I'm starving" He said and Evelyn immediately nodded. 



Birdie was waiting beside the car,they ended up using almost two hours in the mall,like Noah said,he almost bought the whole mall the way he never get satisfied,he want to keep buying if she haven't lied about feeling sick. 

Clothes,shoes,bags,make up,he bought them even after telling her she doesn't need make up,then why buying?. They moved to the cosmetics store after that,he bought her,Creams,perfumes,hairpins,shampoos,all kinds of girly stuffs. What else didn't he get? 

There were more than thirty big bags in total when they finished buying,Birdie knew the reason why he told her to come here to wait while he paid for the stuffs they got is because he doesn't want her to see how much he spent. 

He's such a careless spender. 

"Gosh,what is he doing?" Birdie sighed and finally she saw Noah came out through the door and a smile escaped her lips. 

"So handsome" She blushed still proud of herself that she got him. 

"Gosh Birdie,you're so bad" She muttered. 

But suddenly the smile disappeared from her face when three girls suddenly surrounded Noah. 

"Noah!" They called

And seems Noah recognized them because he smiled brightly,too brightly that made Birdie frown. 

Her anger increased when they all hugged him one after the other,as if that wasn't enough,the third one even kissed his cheek after they exchanged hugs. 

"Is she crazy?" Birdie clenched her fists. 

She didn't think of anything else before she started walking closer,they were all talking and the third girls was shamelessly flirting with Noah,clinging by his side like she's something to him. 

Birdie got to them and pushed the girl away from Noah as she passed their middle. The girl frowned

"What the fuck....." 

"Hey babe" Birdie caressed Noah's face and grabbed his face,she didn't wait a second before smashing her lips on Noah's own. 

The girl's eyes widened,even Noah was shocked. 

Birdie broke the kiss and looked at the girl. 

"Stay away from my man,do you get that?!" She said in a warning voice and grabbed Noah's hand. 

"Let's go" She said. 

Noah was dumfounded,staring at Birdie in shock. 


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