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The Billionaire's Enchantment - Episode 45 & 46





The Billionaire's Enchantment - Episode 45 & 46

Subtitle: His Unsophisticated Girlie

GENRE: Billionaire/CEO Romance. 


Hailey came back to reality and scoffed,she was actually imagining how it would be like,would Birdie still Date Noah even in her death? The reason why she's all grumpy toward her is all because of him but she's really not giving up yet. 

She stared at Birdie till she was completely out of sight,she scoffed and went back into her apartment. 

Birdie entered their apartment back with heavy heart,she could hear someone in the kitchen. She ignored it and turned to go to her room. 

"Birdie!! Dinner is ready let's eat!" She heard her grandma and she went to the kitchen instead. 

"Well-done grandma" She said and hugged her shortly. 

They began setting the table together,

"Why did you quit your job?" Winona asked when they sat down to eat. 

"I want to focus on getting back to school" Birdie replied. 

"Really? Is there enough money already?" Winona asked and Birdie looked at her. 

"No" She muttered. 

"Then why......"

"I feel like no matter how I try,I won't be able to gather such money,I've been working for more than two years now and still....I can't,it's really exhausting" Birdie said And Winona smiled. 

"You're amazing Birdie"  she said. 

"Thank you Grandma,don't worry about me,I will figure it out" Birdie muttered. 



"There it is" Axel pointed at Noah's car where it was parked. 

Vince immediately stopped the car and they both rushed out,they ran to the car and they both gasped in shock seeing Noah in his own pool of blood 

"Hey!! Noah wake up!! Hey dummy!!" Axel shook him about three times but no response. 

"There's no time,we need to take him to the hospital" Vince said. 

"I will drive this car,drive the other one" Axel said and they immediately carried Noah from the driver's seat to the back,Axel got in the car and drove off immediately without waiting,Vince entered the second car and followed him. 



Noah opened his eyes and groaned out,Vince who was sitting down on the couch immediately rushed to the bed. 

"Are you awake?" He asked and Noah looked at him,he discovered he was in the hospital and he got confused. 

"How did I get here?" He asked 

"Axel and I brought you here last night" Vince replied and Noah tried sitting up,the pain on his side got him and he sighed. 

"The Doctor said you need to rest at least for today" Vince stopped him. 

"I'm definitely not resting here even if I want to rest" Noah said and Vince sighed. 

"This is where your stubbornness ends,I fúcking told you those people aren't joking with those threats but you ignored it,why can't you just take the guards everywhere? You're paying them to protect you,let them do their job for fúck sake" Vince groaned. 

"How did you know I was there?" Noah asked curiously. 

"Honestly,I don't know. Axel suddenly got a text from an unknown number telling him where you are and that you're badly injured" Vince explained. 

"That sounds like a misery" Noah breathe out. 

"Well I'm happy you're fine at least,we were worried all through the night,Axel had to leave this morning because he's got an important meeting to attend...." Vince was still talking when the door opened all of a sudden and a worried looking Birdie ran in. 

"Axel must have branched to her place,we couldn't call her all night" Vince said and walked out. 

"Bunny!" Birdie called loudly as she ran to Noah on the bed. 

"What happened? How did you get hurt? Who are those people?" She rushed her questions,almost tearfully. 

"Hey hey hey,stop,I'm fine as you can see" Noah said. 

"I was told you got stabbed,where?" She opened his shirt and Noah let out a painful groan. 

Birdie gasped seeing the bandaged wound. 

"It's really not a minor......"

"Come on,I'm really fine" Noah cut in. 

"What do you mean by you're fine? You got stabbed" Birdie cried. 

Noah smiled and used his thumb to wipe her tears. 

"I might not be fine now,but I will be fine,I promise" Noah said 

"Still........." Noah placed a finger on her lips. 

"It's okay"

Birdie slapped his hand. 

"Ouch!" Noah screamed. 

"Let me talk! Why would anyone want to hurt you? Not just hurt you,definitely they want you dead,if that person find out you're still okay,what do you think they would do? So stop telling me you're fine and tell me why they did it to you" Birdie said. 

"It's not something you should be involved in" Noah muttered and Birdie frowned 


"Because I'm also trying to figure it out,I don't know either" Noah said. 

"So you know someone is after your life....."

"Nobody is after my life,what are you thinking? Come on I missed you last night" Noah said. 

Birdie pouted and made a sad face.

"Forgive me Just this once" she begged. 

"For what?"

"I lost my phone,believe me I don't even know how it happened,I just suddenly couldn't find it,I've been searching since last night,I will continue today......"

"You don't have to" Noah cut in. 

"That phone is...expensive........"

"No,it's too cheap,so don't bother searching for it again" Noah said. 

"I'm sorry" Birdie said. 

Noah opened her palm and Birdie placed her palm on it,he grabbed her and pulled her closer. 

"I missed you so much" he said,staring at her lips. 

"You shouldn't be thinking about this right now" Birdie muttered and touched his wound. 

"Ahh!" Noah screamed. 

"Sorry,I thought you said you're okay now" Birdie said sarcastically and Noah scoffed. 

"You're so wicked love bug" He said. 

"I'm sorry" Birdie laughed. 

She pecked his lips. 

"Don't worry,I'm your bodyguard from now on,I won't allow anyone to hurt you" She said. 

Noah smiled and touched her hair,his eyes moved to her legs and he chuckled,she was wearing two different slippers. 

"Were you that worried?" He asked and Birdie quickly hide her legs. 

"Uncle Axel suddenly appeared in my house to tell me this bad news,what do you expect me to do?" She pouted cutely. 

"What,Uncle Axel?" Noah raised his brows. 

"Your friend....."

"Why are you calling him that when you always call me Anaconda?" Noah asked. 

"You don't expect me to start calling you Uncle right Mr Chris?" 

"Of course not,but something sweeter....."

"I called you bunny when I entered but you didn't hear me" Birdie said 

"Really? I didn't hear for real,call me that again" Noah grinned. 

"You're so annoying" Birdie scoffed and Noah laughed but then he felt the pain.

"Ahh" He groaned. 

"Are you okay?" Birdie immediately asked and Noah nodded. 

"I need to go home,this place won't do" Noah muttered. 

"Should I call....what's his name?"

"Vince,He's My PA and my friend" Noah said. 

"Can I call him V? You might complain if I add Uncle again" 

"Why would you call him uncle? It makes me feel too old to be your boyfriend,please" Noah groaned and Birdie laughed. 

"Honestly,I love old men" She said. 

"What? So you're gonna leave me for someone older soon?" Noah asked. 

"Let's see" Birdie chuckled and went out of the room. 

Noah sighed out and rest his head properly. 



Waylon watched from behind as his father checked his study carefully,walking around. He turned to Waylon after some minutes. 

"Are you saying you didn't enter this place yesterday?" He asked. 

"No I didn't,why would I come here? Did you lost something dad?" Waylon asked. 

"No,I'm just wondering" Kay replied and Waylon nodded. 

"It's true I came to the house yesterday,but I left because you weren't home,I don't think I have the time to enter your study" Waylon said and they both walked out again. 

Reagan showed up. 

"Hey dad" She smiled. 

"You're home" Kay said And Reagan looked at Waylon. 

"You're here again" She said. 

"Yeah finally met him home" Waylon muttered

"Let's have a drink together before you leave,meet me in the bar" Reagan winked and walked away. 

Kay faced Waylon. 

"Since when did you two got close?" He asked. 

"Stop exaggerating,who said we are close?" Waylon scoffed and went after Reagan. 

"What is this drink about?" He asked when he entered the bar,Meeting Reagan. 

"To make the old man conclude we are good of course" Reagan replied.

"You really know how to act step sis,now he think we are close" Waylon rolled his eyes and opened a bottle of wine. 

"So did you find anything yesterday?" Reagan asked. 

"No I didn't,I wasn't expecting him to be so careless to keep anything in his study anyway" Waylon mumbled but Reagan kept staring at him suspiciously. 

"What" Waylon asked. 

"Nothing" Reagan muttered. 



Evelyn peeped at Axel in the dining room,He's yet to eat the meal she gave him minutes ago,she was worried. 

'Did something happened?' She thought. 

"Do you have a boyfriend?" Axel suddenly asked and Evelyn was confused,is he talking to her?

"I'm talking to you,Evelyn" Axel said and and She started coughing.

"Sir? Me?" She moved closer. 

"Yeah,do you have a boyfriend?" Axel repeated his question. 

"Oh....no....I don't" She muttered. 

"Why?" Axel asked.

"Just....because" She mumbled and Axel smiled. 

"I see why you care so much about me" he said and stood up. 

"I lost my appetite,I can't eat" 


"Don't worry about me,I'm fine" Axel cut in and took his phone,he left and Evelyn sighed. 

"Why did he ask me that question?" She wondered and looked at the food on the table. 

"Fine,I will just say everything" She said. 


Arya was walking along the street,at the same time she was texting Noah on her phone. 

"I hope he reply me this time" She sighed out. 

"Watch where you're going cutie" She heard a voice and quickly raised her head. 

"Adam!" She called excitedly.

"Where are you coming from?" Adam asked. 

"I'm going home..what about you?" 

"This is my house" Adam pointed at the house just beside them. 

"Whoa really? I always pass here but I didn't know" Arya muttered. 

"Do you wanna come in?" Adam asked and Arya looked at him. 

"Can I?" She questioned again. 

Adam nodded and opened the gate,Arya followed him and they both entered. 

"No one is home?" Arya asked,looking around. 


"Wow,you're so rich" She uttered. 
"I guess" Adam smiled and Arya faced him. 

Their eyes both fell on each other. 

"Aren't you gonna give me a cold drink at least?" Arya asked and Adam chuckled. 

"Seriously,were you supposed to ask first?"

"Yes,coz I'm not a guest,I'm your friend" Arya replied  and Adam nodded. 

"You're right" He said and stroke her hair. 

"Cute" He touched her cheek and Arya blushed. 

She followed him as he walked to the fridge. 

"The milk!" She screamed even before he took it. 

"I really enjoyed the one you gave me the last time" Arya said and Adam smiled.

"I'm glad you like it" He said and uncapped it for her. 


"Thanks brother" Arya said and Adam looked away. 

"Thought you said you don't want to call me that" He said. 

"You insisted" Arya exhaled.

"Fine,you can call me my name" Adam said and Arya smiled. 

"Really?" She moved closer. 


"Then,can I........"

"Do what?" Adam asked. 

"Hug you?" Arya pouted. 

"No,hugging me isn't free" Adam shook his head and left her. 

"Don't worry,I will look for someone else" Arya said. 

"Now hugging is a must?" He faced her back. 

"Because I need it of course,but you don't want it" Arya scoffed.

"Get a boyfriend to do those stuffs with" Adam said. 

"Fine I will" 

"Seriously? Shouldn't you be......"

"You suggested it Adam" Arya laughed.

"Must you follow my suggestion?" Adam asked. 

"You're something else" Arya shook her head. 

"Where's your room?" She asked and started going upstairs before Adam could answer 

"Hey stop right there,you can't enter my room" Adam ran after her. 

"Why? Is it that dirty?" Arya laughed,still running.

"Hey!! Stop right there!" Adam scream after her. 



Birdie's eyes were closed,she was sleeping but Noah couldn't even sleep,He's been staring at her face close to an hour without getting tired. 

She was hugging him tightly in her sleep,Noah let out a scoff. 

"I thought I'm the one who's hurt here,I should be hugging her not the other way round" he mumbled like a child and touched Birdie's cheek. 

"Are you not sleeping?" Birdie asked and opened her eyes 

"I can't sleep" Noah muttered. 


"Because you're resting on where I got stabbed" Noah said and Birdie's eyes widened,she looked down and she gasped,

"I'm sorry" She quickly moved away but Noah pulled her back to himself. 

"It's hurting so badly than before" his said,his face changing. 

"You should have pushed me away! It's not going to bleed right? The Doctor said you shouldn't stress it too much" Birdie said. 

"How could I have pushed you away?" Noah scoffed 

"Then you should have woke me up,you're making me feel guilty" Birdie muttered and sighed. 

"Then make the pain go away" Noah said. 

"Oh right,your drugs"Birdie said and almost immediately she tried getting out of bed but Noah grabbed her hand. 

"That won't work in this situation" He mumbled.

"Then......what?" Birdie asked. 

Noah looked at her with flirty eyes.

"Tell me" Birdie muttered. 

Noah smiled and stared at her chest,Birdie's eyes followed his own and she stared at her own chest also. 


Noah grabbed her pulled her on the bed. 

"The pain reliever you're talking about, What is it exactly? Birdie asked in a gentle voice. 

"Sucking your breast" Noah replied bluntly and Birdie's eyes grew wide. 


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