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The Billionaire's Enchantment - Episode 43 & 44





The Billionaire's Enchantment - Episode 43 & 44

Subtitle: His Unsophisticated Girlie

GENRE: Billionaire/CEO Romance. 



Birdie ran after Noah as he walked to his office angrily,the staffs were all quiet,confused and shocked,what just happened? Did Noah just fire Vivian because of Birdie? Why?

They couldn't get the answer. 

"Wait!" Birdie called,still running after Noah but he didn't wait,he entered his office and closed the door,Birdie opened and followed him. 

She grabbed his hand. 

"When the fúck will you learn how to stop this attitude of yours and set people straight for once? When will you start putting people in their place? When?!" He yelled at her. 

"I'm sorry" Birdie said. 

"This is not a matter of being sorry, She's just a secretary,my ex secretary because she won't be working here again,why would you allow her look down on you so much in front of everyone and all you do is cry? It's so annoying that my blood is boiling...."

Birdie hugged him. 

"I'm sorry,I promise it won't happen again" She said. 

"Well I'm not going to believe you until you do it" Noah broke the hug and went to sit down,ignoring Birdie. 

"I said I'm sorry,you can't ignore me forever please"  Birdie said,standing in front of him. 

"Of course not forever but I don't want to talk to you right now Birdie" Noah said and Birdie gasped. 

"Birdie? Not bug?" She asked. 

"I thought you don't like the name" Noah muttered and Birdie pouted. 

The door opened and Vivian walked in,Asher followed,he was trying to stop her from coming in. 

"You can't fire me this way!! I've been working here for years!! Boss!" Vivian shouted.

Noah removed the office line phone without a second thought. 

"Securities,come to my office right now to throw someone out of my company" He said and Vivian gasped. 

"Hey Noah!!" She screamed in tears. 

Asher grabbed her hand,dragging her out. Vivian glared at Birdie before she finally left. 

Birdie moved closer to Noah.

"Don't beg for her" Noah said and Birdie sighed,she dropped the file in her hand on the table. 

"I brought this,you left it at home" Birdie said.

"Thanks" Noah muttered. 

"You can go now" He added. 

"Are you chasing me away?" Birdie asked. 

"Yes I am" 

"Fine....transport money" She stretched her hand out. 

"I don't have money" Noah said. 

"Hey anaconda!!" Birdie yelled at him and he looked up. 

"Are you going to continue this way? Give me money,now" she said. 

Noah scoffed and brought out a debit card,he dropped it on her hand. 

"You can keep it,spend it wisely" Noah said. 

"Don't tell me what to do,we are fighting" Birdie said. 

"Seriously? Am I the one angry now or you?" Noah asked. 

"Both of us,,see you later" Birdie said and waved at him before walking out of the office. 

Noah sighed out and rest his back on the seat. 



Adam met Arya as he came out,she immediately waved from where she was standing and Adam went to meet her. 

"Why are you here?" Adam asked.

"I came to meet brother,but I heard he's busy" Arya said and Adam nodded. 

"I was actually also busy when I saw your call" He said and Arya groaned. 

"So I disturbed you" She said. 

"No,its fine" Adam replied. 

"Guys!" Birdie called as she came out 

"Hey Birdie" Adam smiled brightly. 

Birdie walked to them. 

"You were here? I didn't know" Adam said. 

"Yeah,I didn't see you earlier" Birdie muttered. 

"Then....are you the one Vivian was yelling at?" Adam frowned and Birdie nodded. 

"Gosh,she's crazy. Now she met her doom" Adam said and they laughed. 

"Her doom? Did she get fired? I know her,isn't she that pretty secretary? She's harsh" Arya said and Adam nodded. 

"You should return back to work,I'm starving,I was hoping you would have lunch with me" Arya said. 

"Let's do that together,I'm also hungry" Birdie said and Arya smiled. 

"Let's go then"

They both bid Adam goodbye before leaving. 

Adam also went inside. 

As Birdie and Arya waited to get into the cap,and unknown masked man was watching them from behind a block,after they left,he also walked away. 



Waylon let out a loud sigh as she stared endlessly at the laptop in front of him on the table. 

Honestly,he has been restless since the last time Noah came to his office,he just couldn't get it straight. Something must have happened,but he doesn't seem to know. 

He was curious,especially when his father is involved. 

He took his phone and dialed Reagan's number,she answered at once. 

"What is it?" She asked. 

"Is the old man home?" Waylon asked. 

"No he's not,why?" Reagan asked. 

Waylon hung up without replying again,he immediately took his car key and walked out of the office. 

Getting outside,he entered his car and drove straight to Kay's house. He parked the car in the lots and came down,he went inside in a hurry looking around and making sure Serenity isn't anywhere close either. 

He went upstairs and entered Kay's study,he stood for a second,looking around. 

Kay spend most of his time in his study. 

"There must be something at least" Waylon muttered and immediately started searching whatever he's going to find if there's anything. 



Olivia sighed out sadly watching as Vivian cries,she haven't stopped crying even for a second since she returned back from office. 

"I still can't believe he would fire you just like that,He's so ungrateful,what about all those years you've been by his side? How could he do this just because of that girl?" Olivia said. 

Vivian kept on crying. 

"But,does this mean he's in a relationship with that girl already? That's the only way to explain this you know?" Olivia said. 

Vivian sniffs and wiped her tears.

"I don't care about all that right now,I want my job back. I can't leave this way,I love my job so much!" She said and Olivia sighed. 

"Then what do we do?" She asked. 

"Begging of course,I'm going to keep on begging him,he can't possibly fire me because of her,never. I won't accept that" Vivian said. 

"You think it's going to work out? You told me he's a man of his word" Olivia said. 

"I don't care about that right now Olivia,I just want my job back" Vivian muttered. 

"I don't mind begging for you,so please stop crying and eat something huh?" Olivia stoked her hair. 



"Whoa,this feel so good" Vince groaned after finishing a whole glass of wine. 

"Hey I won't drive you gome if you get drunk" Axel said.

"Speaking of a wicked friend" Vince scoffed.

"Gosh,I thought this dude said he's on his way" Axel said,checking the time. 

They are waiting for Noah. 

"Maybe he's shy,he knows you won't stop teasing him tonight" Vince said and they both laughed. 

"I can't help it,he denied it so many times,but honestly I feel so happy. Since he met that girl,I've been seeing his smiley face every time,it's so satisfying" Axel muttered. 

"Same here" Vincent smiled. 



Noah was driving,on his way to meet his friends,he was trying Birdie's number but it's the same. He's been trying to call her for hours now,the phone kept on ringing but she never answered. 

"Is she seriously mad at me right now?" Noah muttered and sighed out. 

The moment he dropped the phone,a text came from Birdie and he immediately picked up his phone. 

It was an address...An Amusement Park

then another message from her again. 


Noah chuckled. 

"Seriously? But she should have answered my calls,I was worried" Noah muttered and reversed the car almost immediately without thinking twice,he was planning to call Axel and Vince when he get to Birdie,he already missed her even though it's less than eight hours. 


"Where did I keep it?" Birdie mumbled as she checked under the bed and everywhere. 

She was actually searching for her phone,for about thirty minutes now. 

"I can't possibly loose my phone,it's too expensive,what will I tell him?" Birdie said sadly as she kept on looking around. 



Noah parked his car as he got there,strangely the park was almost empty. 

"How did she stay here all alone?" He asked no one in particular as he looked around. 

He got another message from her. 


"Why does she keep on texting?" Noah muttered,he felt something strange but still he was worried why she was on the rooftop all alone. 

He saw they rooftop from where he was standing and immediately he turned around to find the route possibly leading to the rooftop and he found it in no time. 

Getting to the rooftop,it was empty.

"Birdie?" Noah called but no answer from anywhere.

"What's going on?" He asked himself. 

He received a call from Birdie and he answered at once. 

"Hey bug,where are you?" He asked.

"I told you.....you might not be lucky next time" The deep voice said And that was when it was down on him,he just entered a trap.

Before he could think of going out through the entrance he came from,some thugs started coming in,with different fighting weapons. 

"Don't be scared,they might not kill you,but you will see what death looks like" The voice said and hung up. 

Noah said nothing,he inserted his phone back into his pocket,facing the thugs completely,they are about twenty in numbers or a little bit more. 

"Guys.....Finish him!! It's an order from the boss!!!" The one in front said. 

Immediately,they all charged toward him with aggression obvious in their faces,the only thing they want to do at that moment was take his life. 

Noah stood there and clenched his fists together,well let's say he attended a kunfu class for a while years back,at least he can do something. 

"Yaaahhh!!!" Two men rushed to him at the same time with planks in their hands. 

He blocked it in defense and kicked the first one in his groin,he wailed helplessly and fell on the ground,the second one hit him with the iron plank In his hand,Noah pound on his face and clash the ring on his finger In his nose,it bursted. 

He took the plank from him and slam it on his Face,three rushed to him from the back,the moment he turned,he received two punch on his face at once. 

Noah shoved his fingers into one of them eyes and continue fighting the other two,three more came from the Back,he was still fighting when suddenly he was stabbed on the side,with a knife. 

He groaned and turned but the person stabbed him again in the same place. 

Almost immediately they heard the police siren loudly. 

"Leave everyone!!" 

The knife was left inside him and they all ran away. 

Noah fell on the floor in pain,he managed to get hold of the knife and pulled it out forcefully,he let out a loud groan of pain. 

He was loosing so much blood and he was becoming weak,he held the place and Managed to get up,he could hardly walk. He looked down and there was no cops around,then he saw a back view of someone walking away. 

He swallowed and continue walking slowly,he barely was able to get downstairs,and to his car,he entered but couldn't move anymore,the blood kept pumping out endlessly and after so much pleasure,he lost his consciousness in the car,his head hit the steering wheel. 



Birdie was still looking for the phone,she wasn't ready to give up yet,she already turned the whole room upside down,she was almost in tears,she just can't point at anywhere in particular.

She suddenly remembered that she had went to the second floor rooftop earlier to call her grandma,immediately she ran out of her room and left their floor,she ran upstairs and rushed to the bench where Winona was sitting,the phone wasn't there. 

"Oh no" She muttered sadly and turned to go,she saw Hailey and ignored her. 

"Let's talk" Hailey said 

"I have nothing to say to you" Birdie replied and started going down the stairs with her heavy hearts,her mind was only on the phone. 

She didn't even notice Hailey followed her from the Back. 

"You've really grown some nerves" She suddenly heard Hailey's voice behind her and the moment she tried looking back,it was followed by a hard push from Hailey. 

"Ahh!!!!!" Birdie screamed as she started falling. 

She dropped on the last floor and she became motionless,blood covered the floor immediately. 


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