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The Billionaire's Enchantment - Episode 41 & 42





The Billionaire's Enchantment - Episode 41 & 42

Subtitle: His Unsophisticated Girlie

GENRE: Billionaire/CEO Romance. 



The kiss was long,it was sweet and memorable at the same time. 

Breaking the kiss,their eyes contact still locked on each other. 

"I love you" Noah whispered. 

"I've always loved you,and you know that" Birdie said and Noah smiled. 

"Really? I thought you were just a fan...fan love" Noah said. 

"No..it wasn't just a fan's love. I was in love with you" Birdie said. 

"Then,let's say you won" Noah said and Birdie smiled. 

"I prepared dinner for us" Noah said,grabbing her hand.

"You??" Birdie asked. 

"No,I invited some chefs over" Noah winked and they both walked to the dining room. 

"Whoa!" Birdie said,seeing all the deliciously looking delicacies. 

She faced Noah back and smiled. 

"You're so cute" She said and Noah pecked her lips,he shifted back a seat for her and she sat down. He also settled down opposite her. 

"Let's see" He muttered,giving Birdie the cutleries. 

"Should I have a taste first?" She asked.

"Go on,I'm sure you will love it" Noah said and Birdie nodded. 

She tasted,from one plates to another,one by one. 

"Gosh,you must have hired the best chefs in the city" She said and Noah laughed. 

"I'm just that good" He winked and Birdie also laughed. 

They continue their conversation as they ate. 

"I wish I dressed more nicer than this,I thought something happened to you. Please don't scare me this way again" Birdie said. 

"I won't" Noah said and took her hand,he kissed it and Birdie blushed. 

"So tell me,what do you want me to do for you? We should celebrate this,don't you think?" Noah asked 

"Celebrate what? Aren't we celebrating now?" Birdie asked,pointing at the table. 

"No,this is just a dinner" Noah said. 

"Then.....let's spend a lot of time together from now on,alot of time" Birdie said and Noah nodded. 

"Let's do that then" He smiled. 

"You will be busy tho" Birdie muttered.

"No matter how busy I am,I want to be with you also" Noah replied and Birdie blushed.

"You look more pretty when you blush"

"Stop" She covered her face and Noah chuckled. 

"Do you feel better now?" Noah asked, Burdie looked at him with food in her mouth.

"Yesterday...Your sister...."

"She's not my sister,and I'm never going to have anything to do with her again. She's not even remorseful,I never knew I was smiling at my enemy all these years,I still can't believe it" Birdie said and Noah sighed. 

"I think it's better because you are not even related....but the people I called my family are my own enemies" Noah said and Birdie looked at him.

"What....are you talking about?" She asked and Noah smiled.

"I don't want to spoil tonight's mood,let's talk about that later" He said. 

"You have a lot to tell me,about your family,your parents....and I will do the same. I want to know everything about you" Birdie said and Noah touched her cheek. 

"Let's do that then,I will tell you everything" He said and Birdie kissed his head. 

"Naughty bug" Noah said and she chuckled. 


"Gosh I feel so relaxed" Birdie groaned as she entered the bedroom,she just finished taking her bath. 

She met Noah working on a file and she moved closer to the table. 

"What's that?" She asked. 

"I would need this tomorrow at the meeting with some business partners of mine,very important" Noah said and looked up,he checked her out. She was wearing his shirt.

"Don't say anything" Birdie threatened.

"I was going to say I should get you cute nighties here....."

"I need sexy ones tho" Birdie winked and Noah laughed. 

"I thought you would get mad if I said that,consider that done" He said and stood up. 

"Are you done already?" Birdie asked. 

"Yes of course,I only signed where necessary" Noah replied and carried her. 

Birdie chuckled and hugged him. 

They both lay on the bed,Birdie on top of Noah,she placed her head on his chest.

"Your granny....."

"Don't worry about her" Birdie said. 

"I should pay her a visit and tell her I'm in love with her grand daughter" Noah said and Birdie smiled. 

"Really? You're going to do that?" She asked. 

"Why not?" 

"Nothing,I just thought....."

"You thought I want to keep this a secret?" Noah cut in and Birdie nodded. 

"Why?" He asked.

"The public might......"

"Public opinion doesn't matter and besides,what is wrong with you? Why feeling insecure?" Noah asked. 

Birdie raised her head. 

"I know there are a lot of older ladies who likes you,they are beautiful,sexy,rich,they are high class unlike me" 

"You weren't thinking about this when you fell in love with me so why now?" Noah said and Birdie pouted. 

"You're beautiful,you're sexy and you're rich too. Your boyfriend is rich then you're rich,who said you're not sexy,why did it take me too long to realize I like slim girls?" Noah asked and Birdie laughed. 

"Are you trying to make me feel good?" She asked. 

"You think you're not rich or beautiful?" Noah asked.

"I'm beautiful...but Rich?" 

Noah sighed. 

"I feel bad right now" He muttered and Birdie immediately kissed him. 

"I'm sorry" She said. 

"Just believe it,you're rich okay? Tell me what I should do for you, Anything,,,You can go to school and still do a lot of things,so tell me when you make your decision,okay?" 

Birdie nodded and placed her head back on his chest. 



Vivian came into the bedroom and met Olivia on the bed,she was pressing her phone. 

"Bitch,You think Noah is in a secret relationship?" Olivia asked. 

"No" Vivian shook her head. 

"Then he must be pretending,I'm sure he likes you" Olivia said and Vivian chuckled.

"Who wouldn't? I've being beside him for years babe,He's sure attracted" Vivian said. 

"Can't you just seduce him? You're so slow babe" Olivia groaned. 

"Don't worry,I have plans" Vivian smirked. 



Noah walked to the bed,Birdie was still sleeping,he bent and placed a kiss on her forehead,he was ready to go to the office. 

"So pretty" He smiled,staring at her face. 

He stared at her for a while before he was able to get out of the room.

He met Vince already on his way upstairs. 

"Morning Boss" Vince smiled and Noah nodded. 

"Is the meeting still holding this morning?" Noah asked as they both proceeded out of the house. 

"Their flight was delayed from China,so the meeting was shifted to 3PM...but we can change it if you are not comfortable with the time" Vince replied. 

"Is there any important event on my schedule today?" Noah asked. 

"Not really" Vince replied.

"Then today it is" Noah replied. 

Vince opened the car door for him and he entered,Vince entered and the driver's side and started the car. 

Two other cars also followed. 

"Why are the guards coming?" Noah asked. 

"I won't allow you to go around with guards from now on,I still wonder why you remain calm after all those threats,you think they are joking?" Vince asked and Noah sighed.

"I will be fine" He muttered.

"Exactly why I'm doing this,so please just leave it this way" Vince said and Noah said nothing. 

"Don't worry,other guards are home to protect your girlfriend even if you didn't tell me" Vince and Noah sat up. 

"How did you know......fuck!" He laughed when he remembered that Vince must have seen the cards. 

"Never knew you were this romantic" Vince said. 

"Don't tell Axel,I will do it myself. That dude would overdo" Noah said and Vince laughed. 

"I'm sure you know I can't keep this without telling him right?" Get asked. 

"I know...I hate you both" Noah rolled his eyes and Vince laughed again. 

"How can men be as nosey as this? Huh? It's unfair" He scoffed.

"Sorry bro" Vince smiled.



👥 Morning Boss

👥 Good Morning Sir

Noah walked beside Vince as he received all the greetings. 

Vivian suddenly joined from nowhere and took Vince's position,Vince scoffed and moved to the other side. They continue walking.

"Morning boss" Vivian said. 

"Morning" Noah replied. 

"I'm sorry you're here early,the meeting was rescheduled..."

"I already told him" Vince introduced and Vivian looked at him,she said nothing and turned back to Noah. 

"I was wondering if you might want to reschedule completely till tomorrow if you......"

"He said he would do it" Vince interrupted again and Vivian glared at him. 

"Can you let Mr Chris talk? I wasn't talking to you" she said. 

"I'm his PA if you forgot" Vince smiled. 

"I don't care" Vivian snapped.

"You two can stop here,I will go to my office alone" Noah said and they both stopped walking,watching him leave. 

Vivian faced Vince and crossed her arms. 

"What's your deal?" She asked. 

"What do you mean?" Vince asked. 

"You are not supposed to tell him all that,it's my work not Yours!" She half yelled. 

"So what's my work?" Vince asked. 

"I don't give a damn! I did all the work when you suddenly disappeared,I don't know what made you think you can come back and start from where you stopped again ,look at the company well and know your place,I'm his secretary,get that into your skull" Vivian said and Vince chuckled. 

"A good secretary should have sense but unfortunately you're not blessed with one,so I won't argue with you,Miss Vivian" Vince winked at her and walked away. 

Vivian glared at him till he was out of sight.

"That bastard" She mumbled...clenching her fist. 



Birdie just finished getting dressed,she was about leaving for her house when suddenly her eyes landed on the table where Noah worked last night,she saw the file and gasped. 

"Oh no,he left it" She said and took it,she checked it out,it's the one.

"He said it's important" She muttered and quickly took her phone to dial Noah's number. 

It wasn't going through. 

"What's going on? It's 12pm already"  Birdie said and without thinking twice,she took the file and ran out of the room..

"Gosh I need to go home first and change" She said,checking herself out. 



Birdie came out of the taxi,after paying she ran into the company,she was hoping the meeting haven't started yet,she was worried. The securities didn't question her at all. 

She was still running when suddenly she bumped into Vivian 

"Ahh!" Vivian screamed angrily. 

"I'm sorry!" Birdie quickly apologized. 

Vivian frowned hard when she saw her face.

"You again?! You again!" She shouted. 

The staffs working on their desktops all looked up,those walking also turned to see who Vivian was referring to,she wasn't on the floor leading to Noah's office yet. 

"What are you doing here again?!" Vivian yell at her.

"I came to give....." 

"You came to seduce him again" Vivian snapped and murmurs started. 

"What?" Birdie's eyes widened. 

"What,am I lying? How many times do I have to tell you that he's not even interested in you? You're just a poor brat who's dying to get her idol attention,you should be ashamed. You should focus on school,you're still a child and you need to think like one,your future is going to be crazy If you keep stalking men around coz I'm sure he's not the only one you're stalking" Vivian said. 

Birdie bite her lips,trying to resist the coming tears but she failed. She cried....the tears fell off her eyes. 

"Gosh,are you seriously crying without making a move to get out?!" Vivian yelled. 

Noah was walking with Vince when suddenly he saw Birdie in the midst of the staffs and Vivian in front of her. 

He didn't waste time before approaching and as he did,he could see tears rolling down Birdie's eyes. His anger overpowered him right away. 

"What's going on here?" He asked and everyone scattered. 

Vivian turned,Noah was focused on Birdie who was standing still and the moment she raised her head,Noah lost it completely seeing her eyes. 

He doesn't even care what happened,he doesn't care if she did anything to deserve those tears,he was too angry to think,he faced Vivian and uttered out the unexpected. 

"You're Fired!" He said and Everyone gasped. 

Vivian's eyes widened. 


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