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Contract Marriage - Episode 7




Contract Marriage - Episode 7

By Amah's Heart  

Omar looked at her reflection in the mirror for the fifth time. She was dressed to kíll. It was going to be her first appearance in her husband to be's establishment, and she must make a good and lasting impression. Davis Entertainment Empire must recognize her presence as their boss’s wife to be, and she was arising to the occasion of a CEO's wife.

She waited for about 30 minutes for Ife to come pick her, and he was right on time.

“ Shall we?” He asked with a slight grin on his face.

“ Sure.”

“ By the way, you look gorgeous.” He commended her outrightly, with a straight face, as he started his car engine and drove off.

“ I must create a good impression on my to- be in-laws.” She replied.

And he gave a nod.

He was quiet all through the journey to the venue and never took a second glance at her until they got to the venue.

That was when he took a long glance at her.

“ My paternal Uncle and cousins are the only family I’ve got right now and I hold them dear to me. All other person’s are irrelevant….. I already told uncle Makinde that I would be bringing my fiancee and introducing her, and he is expecting you.” Ife informed her.

“ That’s not a problem…. I’ll play cool as possible.” Omar muttered dryly, a little disappointed that Ife wasn’t drooling over her, even though she never complemented his looks. It was her first time of observing his broad chested abs, which had fitted perfectly into his wine velvet suit.

“ Alright then…” He replied and opened her side of the car door. He held her hands as they walked side by side into the company.

The program was about to get started when they got there.

Omar walked gracefully in style, counting her steps on her stilletto heels, the moment they entered the hall. She spotted a handful of classy ladies and was instantly glad she was well dressed for the occasion.

Ife stole a quick glance at Omar, he didn’t know she was this attractive a woman. 


He swallowed hard.

By her appearance only, it would be difficult for him to concentrate and stick to the end of their contract if she continued dressing this way. She looked bold and daring; a trait he kind of liked in a woman. 

He smiled inwardly, satisfied that all eyes had turned in their direction. He could hear the whispers from those who turned their direction. Among them was Richard; his opportunistic step brother, and his sister; Rita.

They whispered something to their father who eventually turned their direction.

“ Who is that lady with him?” Rita asked her father in uttermost surprise.

“ That’s what we are about to find out.” Mr Davis replied his daughter and started walking towards their direction, while his children tagged along.

He had never seen Ife with another woman, apart from Zoey; the only woman he had a soft spot for, the woman who broke his heart two years ago and made him vow openly that he wasn’t going to ever get married. 

This same vow, was the reason Selena gave the one condition that was attached to her will. The only condition that made Ife her heir.

“ Who on Earth is this classy woman smiling boldly and glued to his side.” Mr Coker thought, as he drew closer to them.

“ Hi Ife, you are right on time for the party.” Mr Coker said with a fake smile on his face.

“ Hi brother.” Richard greeted also forcing a smile as well.

“Happy 26th anniversary to Davis Entertainment Empire.” Mr Coker added, raising his glass of champagne simultaneously with Richard and Rita.

Ife smirked. He knew why they came. They came to know who the lady with him was.

“ And who is this pretty damsel?” Rita asked trying so hard to mask her curiosity.

“ None of your business!!…” he replied sharply.

“ Hey take it easy man…. Just wanted to know my brother’s guest.” Rita replied back coldly and gave a scowl.

Omar looked from Ife to his siblings and knew instantly that their relationship was a rocky one.

“ There’s my Uncle… come on dear…. Let’s go meet him.” Ife said to her and held her hands, leaving Mr Coker and his Step siblings staring at them in confusion.

Uncle Makinde was spotted at the right side of the hall, having a chat with Mr Perkins, when Ife and Omar joined him.

“ Oh my God!! She is beautiful!!... Ife you really got it right this time.” Uncle Makinde exclaimed in amazement, already assuming Omar to be his nephew’s woman.

“ But I haven’t introduced her yet uncle.” Ife voiced, clearly surprised.

“ You do not need to introduce her, I already know she is the one… come hug me dear…what is your name?” Uncle Makinde asked as he beckoned on Omar, stretching his hands for a hug.

“ my name is Omare Edeh sir.” Omar replied with a courtesy smile.

“ You are welcomed Omare into the Davis family…… would love to host you for the weekend with my family…. And I want you to be in attendance… so we can get acquainted with you and discuss about the wedding preparations....” Uncle Makinde told Omar.

“ I will be there sir.” 

“ Is that a promise?”

“ Definitely sir.”

“ Great.” Then turning to Ife, Uncle Makinde asked.

“ When is the wedding?” 

“ We plan to do it the Saturday after Easter celebration.”

“ That will be next weekend.”

“ Exactly.”

“ Hmmm…. That’s perfect.” Uncle Makinde confirmed and dropped a kiss at the back of Omar’s palm.

“ Why don’t you make it public now.” He suggested.

“ Right away uncle.” Ife confirmed with a smile and walked down to the podium, consciously taking calculated steps to attract his audience attention.

Climbing the steps of the podium, he buttoned up a loosed button of his velvety suit, and paused for effect.

Satisfied he had gained the full attention of his audience, he picked up the microphone and began his speech.

“ I greet you all members of staff, well wishers, marketing coordinators and Stakeholders, et al, of Davis Entertainment Empire.

 "...Today we celebrate not just an anniversary…. But a legacy of excellence, doggedness, and evidential results in our dispensation.” He said and paused again.

"...Today.” He continued. “ We also celebrate the labor of my father; Director Gbenga Mike Davis, for his relentless effort in the birth of this wonderful Conglomerate…. And notwithstanding, we are not backing down in our wins by and large and topping up our diversification of skills….. 

"...This being said... I will like to digress a little, with your permission of course!, and introduce someone special to me… my woman,

 my fiancee!!…. as I plunge into the next level of newness and greater dimensions… 

It would be my pleasure to invite you all to my wedding coming up next weekend, where I tie the knot with my bethrothed…. Omare Edeh!!”Ife announced proudly and everyone gave their thunderous claps, followed by audible whispers as Omar climbed up the podium to join her husband to be. 

Amidst the claps and celebrations, Ife laughed inwardly as he saw the expression of shock and anger written on Mr Coker and his grown up kids.

 They looked like they were hit by a tornado.

“ What!!! This can’t be happening!!” Rita objected furiously.

Richard froze on his spot, still trying to regain himself from what he had just heard.

He turned to his father.

“ You cannot let this happen!!.... If he marries her, he takes preeminence of the company!!... We have to do something father!!” Richard spoke with urgency.

“It's ok son. Stop jittering….. it’s time to switch to plan B.” Mr Coker replied his son.


His face stone cold as an ice.

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