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Contract Marriage - Episode 5




Contract Marriage - Episode 5

By Amah's Heart 

“ This is hilarious!!” Omar chuckled in disbelief, glancing from Kanayo to Chima, before she finally took a long look at Ife.

“ What is hilarious?” Kanayo inquired, trying to understand what Omar meant.

“ Can’t you see he is a child?.... he’s just too young to get married…. I mean, what does a 22 year old know about life?” Omar voiced, with an expression that showed she was visibly perplexed.

“ That shouldn’t be your concern Omar….. Have you forgotten this is a business deal?.... This is a contract marriage, that would only linger for a period of time….. isn’t that what we discussed?” Kanayo asked in agitation.

“ But you never told me he was a child….and”

“ Enough!!” Ife interrupted Omar before she could complete her statement.

“ I do not take kindly to insults and do not refer to me in the third person again, while I am present.” He cautioned her.

“ Hmm! Have you forgotten this is my office, and I will refer to you whichever way I deem fit!!” She fired back.

“ I can see you have a sharp tongue for a slay queen.”

“ And I can see you were not properly trained!!”

“ Please calm down everyone…. This shouldn’t be a topic for banter….” Chima said, and then turning to Omar, he continued.

“... This is a business deal,… you either accept it or decline….. you do not need to throw insults.” He corrected.

Omar fell silent for a while. She knew she was out of line. This was not what she expected, but she desperately needed the property in Banana Island.

“ I’m sorry….. please forgive my manners.” She apologized.

“ I wasn’t expecting you to be this young…. Cos I’ll be 32 years in a couple of months and that’s roughly ten years older.” She said calmly.

“ And I wasn’t expecting you to be this rude, considering the fact that you were aware of this contract before hand.” Ife replied.

“ I said I’m sorry…. I know I went overboard and I’m owning up to my mistakes.” Omar pleaded again.

He hesitated, then sighed.

“ Apology accepted.”

“ Thanks for accepting…. So can we get started?” She announced.

“ Yes…. Here are the terms and conditions for the contract.” He said, handing her two pieces of typed documents. One was containing the terms and conditions binding the contract, while the other was a prenuptial agreement form.

She reached out her hands and collected it, taking her time to read it’s content.

“ Fair enough.” she said in agreement.

“ Good! I’ll send my lawyer to finalize the deal.” He replied, getting up on his feet.

“ Alright then… It will be a pleasure to finalize this business deal with you.” Omar said with a smile on her face.

“ The pleasure is all mine.” Ife replied and they shook hands before he left with Chima his friend.

Omar knew this man, who stood before her a while ago, may be young, but was a hard nut to crack.

“So what do you think about the offer?” Kanayo asked, stroking his beards habitually.

“ It doesn’t state a house in Banana Island, but the pay is good enough to purchase a house there.” Omar pointed out.

“ …. Besides,” she continued.

“ That guy seems tough and interesting a personality…. With a lot of stringent rules and regulations….”

“ I’ll agree with you on that…. But I trust there’s no Personality you can’t handle….. moreover, the contract is only for a space of three years, and you will have your life back.” Kanayo remarked.

“ Yes…. Three years is no joke, but I can handle it.”

“ Trust you can…. And do not forget our deal of a 10% rebate… since I brought you the business deal.” Kanayo reminded Omar.

“ That’s not a problem as far as Omar is concerned.”


“ Really!! He’s 22 and he controls that much wealth?” Ashley exclaimed with her eyes almost popping out from it’s socket.

Judith continued crunching on her springles, but her interest was aroused now, as the three friends sat in Omar’s living room on a Saturday morning.

“ Hmm! Queen bee!!..... Are you thinking what I am thinking?” Judith who had plunged into a deep meditation, asked Omar.

“ What are you thinking Judy?”

“ This is your opportunity to cash out big time dear…. You need to give him a run for his money and transfer his fortune to you!!” Judith explained.

“ Hold on a second Judy!! If your idea of transferring his fortune, is through the use of chârms like you do,… then count me out!!” Omar retorted.

“ Calm down bee!!.... You see the problem with you both is that you are a pair of scared chickens….. especially You Omar!!! And that is why you are the poorest among us.” Judith pointed out.

“ What I’m saying is this… Gold are not found on the streets, you need to dig deeper!!..... Meaning You must invoke the supernatural forces to back you up… I have a spiritualist that is skilled in this things, so I’m going to take you to her to prepare strong charms for you so you can have a powerful influence over his wealth.” Judith explained further.

Ashley waved her hands in protest and said.

“ I do not buy your idea Judy... Not everything requires chårm.”

“ Same here.” Omar seconded. 

“…. I’ve lived long enough on this Earth to know that such evïl chârms carries repercussions…. Besides, I don’t want to be a heartless wítch like you.” Omar replied and bursted into laughter together with Ashley.

“ So what are you?.... A saint?” Judith threw the question mockingly.

“ I’m no saint Judy… but I still have conscience, unlike you.” 

“ Fine…. Do your thing…but do not come running to me for help.” Judith warned.

“ Not in your wildest dreams gurl.” Omar returned and bursted into another round of laughter with Ashley.

Judith hissed and threw the springles on them.

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