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Contract Marriage - Episode 4




Contract Marriage - Episode 4

By Amah's Heart 

“ Hey handsome…. I can keep you company for the night.”  She suggested, lurking her lips as a sign of invite.

But he paid her no heed.

“ Hey!... Hey!!.... I’m talking to you …. Fine boy…. Or don’t you want me for the night?” She persisted and brushed her hands on his shoulder seductively.

He turned to her sharply, obviously irritated by her touch.

“ Are you so daft to know that you aren’t wanted!!!.... Take your silly self and bugger off!!!” He rebuked rudely.

“ Ahan… abeg do not insult me o, as if I no be human being sef…. No be hustle I dey hustle…. Useless guy.” She responded and left his presence with a hiss.

He sat on a stool by the bartender, sipping from a glass tumbler of chilled water, occasionally refilling his glass whenever it was empty. There were so many things on his mind, that made him drift in thoughts.

“ If only!!!” He fumed.

“….. if only she wasn’t so naïve… he wouldn’t have been fighting the battles he was fighting now.” He thought deeply, as he ruffled his hair with his palm.

He missed his father so much, even after seven years.

His father had willed the company to her care, because of the love and trust he had for her. But that was the greatest mistake his father; Gbenga Mike Davis made. 

He loved her… no doubt.

Yes he did! 

Not only because she was his mother, but because she was docile, innocent, and carried an air of positivity around her, which pretty explained why his father married her.

She was his father interpreter in their early days. A fluent speaker of Spanish and French. And that was what brought them together.

His father had met her in France. In one of his official visits to his french clients. And was enthralled by her captivating beauty, class, and fluency, for a woman 10 years younger than him. So then he brought her to Nigeria and married her. 

But several years, after the company had grown so large, she slowly began to withdraw her involvement, by reason of  the excuse that she needed enough time to nurture her suckling child.

She began to drift furthermore, and eventually became a contrast of the Mrs Selina Mike Davis she once was. Then became uninterested in the company’s affairs and stopped broadening her mental horizon. She transformed into a full domesticated house wife, tending to the son she loved the most.

Their only child. 

But things changed drastically, when she lost her husband in a ghastly motor accident that changed their lives forever. She was broken, devastated and lonely. Struggling to come to terms with the fact that the husband she loved so much and depended on totally for financial and mental support, was gone!

Nevertheless, his father left all his financial investments, including the company, in her care. But Selena Mike Davis couldn’t handle the company.

He was only 15 years old then, and had learned the ropes of the business from his father. That was the major reason he was homeschooled.

Until one evening, after he had returned from an outing with a girl he met in the neighborhood. That was the day she finally opened up.

“ Ifedola Mike Davis…. Please come seat with me dear… I want to have a word with you.” She beckoned.

Ife who was about climbing the stairs, retracted his steps and sat by her side.

“ How are you holding up?” he asked her calmly.

She chuckled.

“ I should be the one to ask you such questions.” She countered.

“ It is my duty to look after you mum. And ensure you are fine….. since I’m the man of the house now.”  He replied, giving her hand a light squeeze.

She became still and forced a smile, trying to avoid his gaze.

“ Talking of the man of the house….. there’s someone I want you to meet.” She said faintly.

Just then, the maid ushered in a tall semi built man.

“ Ife,… I want you to meet Mr Dele Coker…. A forex analyst, and a former manager in Leroy’s Splendour company…. We’ve been dating for a while now… and we are planning on taking it to the next level.” Mrs Selina Mike Davis informed her son.

Ife stood speechless rooted to the spot

To say he was stunned was an understatement. His mum was thinking of marriage just a year after his father’s demise!!

Mr Coker stretched out his hands to him with a grin.

“ Hi Ife,… it’s nice meeting you for the first time….. your mum has said a lot about you, including how you take up responsibilities so fast for your age.” Mr Coker said, still reaching out his hands for an handshake.

He looked from Mr Coker to his mother once again, with hurt and disappointment written on his face. He knew his mother was making a grave mistake.

“ The last time I checked…. She never told me a thing about you, which makes you an irrelevant item.” Ife challenged Mr Coker, leaving his stretched out hand hanging.

“ Ife…. Please be polite to your guest…. He’s going to be your step father soon.” His mother said pleadingly.

But lfe saw beyond the now. He saw a man with an agenda to plunge his father’s wealth,

 the unspoken gold digging greed written in his eyes, spoke volumes.


But he needed a proof to show his mum. And that is what exactly he would do!.... he would dig deep, until he finds the dirty secrets of his past.

“ You are stranger here…. And that’s how it’s going to be…. Just bear in mind Mr…… you will never be welcomed in my home!!!.” Ife issued the warning, looking him straight in the eye, before walking out on them and ignoring his mother’s pleas.

He signalled to the bartender for another refill, and sighed as he resumed sipping his drink, And feeling the cold liquid soothe his parched throat.

His phone began to ring from his trousers pocket.

It was Chima; his business associate and closest friend.

“ Hey man.” He voiced tiredly.

“ Guess what dude?” Chima's voice vibrated from the background.

“ You know I’m not good at guessing… whatever it is you want to say… be out with it.”

“ Fine!!.... We just found the perfect candidate for a contract wife.”

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