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Contract Marriage - Episode 3




Contract Marriage - Episode 3

By Amah's Heart 

Omar elbowed her way through the throng of crowd that were gathered, until she got to the main entrance of the building. Where she saw Ashley; who had been frantically scanning the crowd as though she were looking for someone. 

The air was thick with curiosity and anticipation as the guests miled about. Their eyes alight with curiosity and eagerness, admiring the magnificent building.

Ashley heaved a sigh of relief the moment she spotted Omar, and let out a scowl.

“ You are late!!..... This is definitely no way to support your friend on her house warming party.” Ashley stressed still wearing a scowl.

“ I know Barbie….. I was caught up in a tight schedule today, coupled with the traffic on my way….. I’m sorry.” Omar said pleadingly.

“ Not sure Judith will buy that story.”

“ I know…. But could you please plead with her on my behalf?.... I promise to make it up to you both….. cross my heart.” Omar assured her best friend.

“ I’ll see what I can do, but in the meantime…. Follow me.” Ashley instructed.

“ Thanks Barbie.” Omar expressed her gratitude, following Ashley as she led the way.

“ The house is grand…. Emeka must have invested a lot of money buying such a property…… Infact! our Judith really caught a big fish this time.” Ashley chipped in, as she ushered Omar into the building.

“ Lucky indeed, she is!!” Omar whispered, gushing at the breathtaking sight of the interior decoration of the classy building. 

Whatever charm Judith had used on Emeka, it must have been a very potent one!


This was a house located in the Fourth Avenue of Banana Island!..... A house of her dreams. And now, Judith is officially the first to acquire such a property among them.

Anyway! Her's would be the next and would be definitely more grandeur than this. 

Judith was at a corner talking to some of her guest, when she sighted Ashley and Omar coming towards her.

“ Oh Judith! I’m really so sorry for coming late….. I was caught up in……” Omar was saying, but Judith interrupted her.

“ Nevermind bee, we’ll have that discussion later…. But for now, let’s take some pictures and enjoy the moment.” Judith said, beaming with  smiles.

“ Congratulations dear…. I’m so happy for you….. Emeka spared no expenses at all in going extra mile to please you.” Omar added.

“ He has no choice honey…. I ain’t a slay queen for nothing and I tell you…. this is just the beginning!…… I’ll reap him off till he dries up like a leaf.” Said Judith.

Ashley chuckled and said.

 “ Come on Judith, you should try to spare some crumbs for his wife and kids….. he has a family…… you know?”

“ That ain’t my business Barbie, I’m in for the juice and when I’m done sucking it’s content, I’ll throw away the chaff….” Judith boasted proudly.”

“ Oh poor Emeka.” Ashley groaned pitifully.

Judith chuckled. “ No man is worth an ounce of my pity…. Not in this world that I am , besides, ….. I plan to scale up my networth before my birthday and Emeka will help me achieve that…..” She added, smiling towards Emeka, who was chatting with his clique of friends at the dinning area.

Omar focused her gaze on Emeka. 

If only he knew the implication of what he had gotten himself into? 

Judith wasn’t just an ordinary woman. 

Among the trio,  she was the most aggressively merciless towards her victims, never giving a damn on what becomes of them afterwards, when she must have rendered them useless.

One thing they all shared in common, was the painful heartbreaks they had all suffered from the cold hands of ruthless men. 

This pain brought them together.

This pain!….. they all channelled into intensive work, till their souls cracked out.

If it were a physical pain, they would have quenched it with some pills….. but nothing!.... 

Absolutely nothing! Beats the trauma of a deep seethed emotional pain… Although it had the positive angle of it all, which is how they had channelled the pain, into the birthing and nourishment of courage to stand through the toughest storms.

But nevertheless, Omar feared they had taken it to the extreme, and got lost in the pain, even though they found their strength.

Emeka noticed his lover and her friends gazing at him and replied back with a wink at Judith. With a smile on his face, he began to walk towards them with his close friend by his side.

“ Wait a minute! Isn’t that Stanley walking towards us with Emeka?” Omar asked, totally perplexed.

“ Calm down girl, he’s just a tag along.” Judith muttered, tapping Omar on her shoulder.

Omar rolled her eyes in total disgust, she faced Judith.


“ Did you invite him?.... You know that guy is a pest and you invited him!”

“ Take it easy bee!… he is Emeka's closest friend and there’s no way I could stop him from coming…. Just play cool and stylishly let him off the hook.”

“ Oh goodness!” Omar let out a fustrated whisper, faking a smile to the men who were now in front of them.

“ Hi Omar, thank God you are here now…. Judith was really worried you wouldn’t show up at her house warming.” Emeka said and stretched his hands for a handshake.

“ Hello Emeka, I’m so glad to see you…. I can see you are really taking good care of my friend.”

“ Isn’t that the way it should be?”

“ Definitely!”

“ Hello Omar….. it’s been a while.” Stanley voiced.

Omar swallowed hard, thinking of the best excuse she could muster.

“ Hi Stanley….. how are you doing?”

“ Not good…. Ever since you left me.”

Omar sighed deeply. 

“ It’s been a month Stan…. That is enough time to move on with your life. Besides I have fulfilled my end of the deal.” Omar replied.

Stanley was Omar’s last client. She had met him last year on her Instagram handle, and they had initially had a brief affair, until he came back and offered her a deal of companionship in exchange for an handsome pay, and she took it.

“ We need to talk.” 

“ There’s nothing to talk about Stan…. “

“ Please Omar! I wouldn’t take much of your time…. Please!!!”

Omar sighed again and hesitated. “ Okay then.” She agreed and Stan took her to the garden, for privacy sake.

“ Omar, I really love you…. Please!!..... I promise to make you happy if you give me a chance….. I might not be the definition of your prince charming right now…. But I’m willing to try.” Stanley voiced his heartfelt emotions, and took her hands into his palm.

“….. Please give me a chance.” He continued in whispers, allowing his emotions take him over, as he let out his feelings.

Omar swallowed hard. 

Stanley was just too emotional for her liking. She would have milked him dry just like the way Judith did her victims but he was just too innocent, for her to do such a thing to. 

She never liked soft men. Infact! She got irritated by softies, but there was something about him that made her fond of him, and that was his pure intentions. He truly was a victim, trapped by her womanly expertise.

“ You are in love with the wrong woman Stan…. Please Stan…. I’m too broken to ever love a man….. you are handsome, rich, and caring…. And you deserve a woman who would love you for who you are. I’m not such woman Stan,…. and I do not believe in love…...  please!....Do not destroy yourself by chasing after a woman who would never love you.” Omar said.

But Stan wouldn’t hear of it. He instead went on his knees to beg her.

Omar let out a fustrated sigh.

There might have been a time she would have given herself away, and allowed herself to be loved. But that was once upon a time,


Because right now, she can never gave a dåmn about love or commitment!.

“ I’m sorry Stanley…. I can’t give you what you are looking for.” Omar said with a note of finality and walked out on him,  into the open space where she parked her car.

She turned on the stereo, listening to the second single by Adam Lambert 

“ Whataya want from me!” playing from the speakers of her newest car.

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