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Contract Marriage - Episode 25




Contract Marriage - Episode 25

By Amah's Heart  

Evening came and Binta came to the house to pick Omar.

“ I’m not feeling too well Binta.” Omar complained.

Binta smiled.

“ I think it’s because you are not in a good mood right now….. but trust me, the moment you step into the atmosphere of his awesome presence, every burden on your shoulders becomes light….. in his presence…. There’s fullness of joy!” Binta said.

Omar sighed.

“ Fine…. I’ll go dress up.” She said and dragged herself to go prepare.

After 15 minutes had elapsed, she came out fully dressed.

“ Is this outfit ok for a church gathering?” she asked Binta.

“ You look just great Omar.” Binta replied.

“ Shall we?”

“ Sure.”


The car came to a stop at the front of Judith’s gate. Richard wound up his glass and they kissed.

“ So when are we seeing again?” he asked her.

She giggled.

“ How about we see tomorrow evening.”

“Hmm!... Tomorrow evening will be just fine.” Richard replied, rubbing his chin with his palm.

“ I had a great time today girl…. I must confess…you are really sweet!!…. your sweetness beats my imagination.” Richard complemented her.

Judith bit her lower lip temptingly.

“ I’m glad you had a great time...”

“...But there’s a slight issue honey.”

“ What is it?” Richard asked concernedly.

“ I need some money to celebrate my upcoming birthday next two weeks.” Judith said coyly.

Richard scuffled.

“ What about the money I gave you yesterday?” he asked her.

“ Yes I used that one to pay some bills dear.” She replied swiftly.

“ good… why not use the balance to run your birthday program.” Richard replied immediately.

“ Come on Richie…. You only gave me Five hundred thousand naira…. And it’s finished…. I still need about a million naira for a start, to commence the planning of my birthday.” Judith replied abruptly.

Richard laughed.

“ Judith honey…. You seem to think I am plucking money from a tree…. That is why you are making ridiculous demands…. I think what you need do now is to go and get a good paying job that will help you value the importance of hard work in money making….. that Five hundred thousand I gave you, is your allowance for the month…. And I don’t have any extra to spare!!” he said abruptly.

“ Really Richard!!.... Is it because I asked you for just one million Naira that you are insulting me?....it’s not your fault… I guess I’m to be blamed for getting involved with a man like you.” She said and hissed, then opened the door of the passenger's seat.

“ Where are you going?.... Come on babe…. You don’t have to get angry…. I was only correcting you to know how to value money…..” Richard said holding her hand.

Judith hissed loudly.

“ Ok fine…. I’ll give you a hundred thousand naira.” 

He said.

“ A hundred thousand naira?.... What will a hundred thousand naira do?” She asked flatly.

“ that’s what I have to give you Judith and I’m not giving you beyond that…. If you do not want it… then you can leave it!!” Richard said.

Judith sighed and paused.

“ Fine!!.... I will take it, even though it’s too small.” She replied.

Richard smiled.

“ Ok then I will send it tomorrow.”

Judith alighted from the car, wondering why her new found guy was just so stingy….. despite the fact that he had more money than Emeka.

She entered her gate and hissed.


Omar sat down throughout the evening service. And when the service was over, she picked up her bag as fast as she could and headed to the gate.

Binta, who was sitting at the workers stand saw her and hurried quickly to catch up with her.

“ hope you enjoyed the service tonight?” Binta asked her.

Omar nodded her head.

“ the service was great… even though I’m not feeling well….. I need to go home fast so I can take some medications.” Omar said.

“ Oh! … So sorry…. I think you just need some rest…..” Binta was still saying when Omar rushed out of the gate and threw up.

Binta quickly got water and cleaned her up.

“ Probably it’s something you ate that upset your stomach…. Don’t worry…. I’ll drive you home…” Binta said.

Omar whispered her thanks and entered the car weakly.

Immediately Omar got home, she threw up again and began to run temperature.

“ You really look ill Omar….. should I take you to the hospital?” Binta asked concernedly.

Omar waved her hands in dismissal.

“ No…. I’ll be fine…. It’s probably a stomach upset or something.” She said weakly.

“ Let me fetch you some aspirin.” Binta said and went to a nearby chemist to buy.

She returned and dropped two of tablets on Omar’s palm and handed her a glass of water.

“ Have it.” She said.

Omar took it and thanked her.

“ Does your husband stays this long out?” Binta asked Omar concernedly.

“ No…. He doesn’t….. I don’t know why he isn’t home yet….. please can you help me give him a call?” Omar asked.

“ Ok ma…. Right away.” Binta said and dialled Ife’s number.

“ his line is not reachable.” Binta said.

Omar sighed.

“ I’m sure he’s probably caught up in traffic…. He will be home soon…. You have done enough for me Binta…. I think you have to go home cos it’s getting late.” Omar said.

“ I can’t leave you in this state Omar…. I will have to wait till your husband comes home.” She said.

“ It’s not necessary Binta…. Remember your home is still quite far from here.” Omar said.

“ I insist….. I’m not leaving you here all alone.” Binta replied.

They waited for another 3 hours, but Ife didn’t come home.

Omar became really worried.

“ Ife had never spent a night out before since we got married…. Do you think he is safe?.... His lines are not reachable and I’m worried.” Omar said.

“ Don’t worry Omar…. I believe he is safe…. Right now…. You are still running temperature and we need to do something about it.” Binta said and dashed to the kitchen to get a bowl of water and a clean towel.

She began to mop Omar’s body as she shivered.

Omar vomited for the third time that night before falling asleep.

Binta quickly sent a message to her husband to inform him that she would be spending the night at a friend’s house.

Omar didn’t wake up until 9am, the next morning.

She still felt weak, and was shivering as well. Binta quickly made a light breakfast of pap and bean cake for her.

Omar managed to eat a few spoonfuls and rejected the rest.

“ I need to take you to the hospital.” Binta said worriedly.

Omar nodded.

“ can you please call my husband again and let him know the state of things.” Omar begged.

“ Ok then…. I’ll call him right away.”

Binta picked up her phone and dialled Ife’s number.

“ It’s ringing but he’s not picking up.”

“ please try it again.”

Binta tried it a second time. This time he picked. She stepped outside and spoke to him, before entering into Omar’s room.

“ Any luck?” She asked.

“ Yes… he picked and I’ve informed him…. He said he’s on his way.” Binta said.

Omar heaved a sigh of relief.

“ Thank you so much Binta… thanks for taking care of me…. You have really been helpful.”

“ You are welcomed Omar… the most important thing is that I need you to be alright.” Binta said and patted her lightly on her back.

Binta was washing the dishes when Ife arrived. He heard the sound of water pouring on his zinc, and entered the kitchen.

Binta sighted him and greeted him.

“ Good morning Mrs Binta…. Please where is my wife?” he asked anxiously.

“ She’s upstairs in her room sir…” Binta replied.

Ife rushed up the stairs and entered Omar’s room with Binta following him closely. He met her sleeping and touched her forehead.

“ She’s running temperature.” He said concernedly.

Binta nodded.

“ When did this happened?” he asked.

“ Yesterday night.”

“ I have to take her to the hospital.” He said.

He whisked her gently into his arms and carried her into his car.

“ Thanks so much Mrs Binta for staying with her all through the night…. I am most grateful to you.” Ife appreciated her.

“ You are welcomed sir…. I want to follow you to the hospital…. Then I will leave from there.” Binta said.

“ Ok ma’am…. Thanks so much once again.” He said and started the car, driving speedily but carefully out of the compound.

He took her to the nearest hospital around and she was admitted.

Binta stayed a while at the clinic before leaving.

After about 2 hours had elapsed, the doctor came out and ushered Ife into his office.

“ How is my wife?” Ife asked the doctor.

“ your wife is fine sir… she should be on admission for a couple of days sir.” The doctor said.

“ What is wrong with her?” he asked the doctor.

“ What is wrong with her is a good news sir…. Congratulations Mr Davis, Your wife is four weeks pregnant.” The doctor announced.

Ife opened his mouth in utmost surprise.

“ Omar is pregnant?” 

“ Yes she is.” The doctor confirmed.

Ife allowed the tears rolled freely from his eyes.

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