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Contract Marriage - Episode 23




Contract Marriage - Episode 23

By Amah's Heart  

“ What the hell just happened back there?” Ashley threw the question at Zoey the moment they got home.

Zoey remained quiet as she struggled to curtail the emotions that had built up in her.

Ashley sighed and gave Zoey a gentle touch on her shoulder.

“ Zoey….. how did you know Ife.” She asked calmly.

“ He is my ex….. he is the man I told you I dated two years ago before I traveled to South Africa.” Zoey replied calmly.

Ashley exhaled in exhaustion and held Zoey tenderly by her arm.

“ I’m so sorry Zoey…. I didn’t know….”

“ Its ok Ashley, I understand…. I guess he’s the one married to your friend now.” Zoey said softly.

“ Yes….. Although the circumstances is quite complicated.” 

“ What do you mean it’s quite complicated?” Zoey asked in curiosity.

Ashley swallowed hard and paused briefly.

“ It’s a contract marriage.” Ashley spilled.

“ A contract marriage?”

“ Yes…. Meaning it was based on a business agreement which would expire in a few years From now.”

Zoey rolled her eyes in surprise and was about to say something but she hesitated.

“I know how much you love this man Zoey….. and I also know he is the reason you came back to Nigeria…. And I don’t know what to think about this because from the look of things, Omar loves him too.” Ashley said and sighed.

“...So what do you plan to do?” She asked Zoey.

Zoey fell silent for a while.

“ I need his number…. Please can you get it for me?” Zoey asked her sister.

“ Zoey…. I don’t mean to sound offensive but…. Why this man?..... Why not move on with your life and get another man…. See….. I could link you up with some really cool men if you don’t mind.”

Zoey shook her head in refusal.

“ I want Ife…. He is the only man I can ever love!!...” Zoey replied soberly.

“ Zoey…. Please do not short change yourself…. There are several men out there who would love and cherish you …. Why not move on with your life!!” Ashley advised her sister.

“ Why are you discouraging me Ashley?.... I thought you said it’s a contract marriage?.... This means I might have a chance!!.... Or is it because your friend also loves him?” She fired at Ashley.

Ashley swallowed hard.

“ I am only saying that whatever it is you shared with this man, was in the past!!.... There are so many men out there who will kīll to have you!!.... Why don’t you move on!!”

“ Move on you say?.... Do you know how much I’ve been combing the city looking for Ife?.... I even went as far as going to his family house, but I didn’t find him there!!.... I’m sorry Ashley, I can’t move on!!.... I came back because of him…and I’m going to have him!!”

Zoey fumed.

“...Are you giving me his number or not?”

“ I don’t have his number Zoey!!”

“ I know you can get his number if you want to do it!!.... Please Ashley, I need his number!!” Zoey pleaded desperately.”

“ Fine!!... I’ll see what I can do.” Ashley said and rolled her eyes.

“ Thanks Ash…. I’m grateful.” Zoey replied with a smile.


 Three weeks later.

“ Wow! This is great Binta!!.... I am really optimistic that this project will come out with a bomb!!” Omar exclaimed in enthusiasm.

“ Yes ma’am…. Infact this is just the beginning of what we have in store for Mike Davis Entertainment…. I told you we are up to the task and we will deliver!!” Binta replied, letting out a broad smile.

“ Yes you did…. And I believe you!!”

Binta crossed her legs and smiled.

“ Thanks so much for believing in Avalanche Investiture and awarding us the contract…. We promise not to disappoint you…. In a couple of weeks, we will round up the project and submit it ma.” Binta said.

Omar nodded her head.

“ Your services are good!!.... I must say ma.” Omar replied in agreement.

And Binta giggled.

“ Would you love to join me for lunch Mrs Nwachukwu?…. There’s this very good restaurant my husband took me to some weeks back and their recipes are very good!!.....We could even discuss some more about our amazing project over lunch.”

Binta chuckled.

“ It will be my pleasure ma.” Binta replied pleasantly and together, they both left.

One beautiful thing about Binta was not just only the way she handled her business expertly, but was also in the way she carried an air of positivity around her, her pleasantness and her humility. These were the attributes that attracted a strong bond between Omar and her.

They finally arrived at the restaurant and ordered their meals.

“ This place is really good Mrs Davis….their services are truly top notch.” Binta commended.

“ I told you so…. Ever since my husband brought me here…. I have become addicted to coming here.” Omar replied cheerfully.

“ You can say that again ma’am…. Their services has an affinity to compel people into coming a second time.” Binta agreed.

Omar nodded her head and exhaled.

“ Please can I ask you a question Mrs Nwachukwu?” 

“ Yes you can ma.”

Omar raised her head and shrugged.

“ Do you have kids?”

Binta chuckled.

“ Yes I have a handful of them.” She replied.

“How do you manage to balance it all…. I mean…. Your work…. Kids and marriage?”

Binta smiled broadly.

“ It’s by the Grace of God ma’am…. I just take it one day at a time…. And I must say….. God has really been helping me.” She said and chuckled.

Omar nodded.

“ Have you ever had a nagging fear in your heart that your husband might fall in love with another woman and leave you someday.” Omar asked.

Binta almost choked on her drink. She let the glass gently on the table and directed her gaze at Omar.

“ Why did you ask?” Binta inquired.

Omar shrugged.

“ Because I feel that is what is about to happen to me.”

“ Why do you feel so?.... Did you see any sign or something suspicious about your husband?” Binta asked her in curiosity.

“ No….” Omar paused in hesitation as worry creased on her face.

“but ever since my husband saw his ex on my birthday, he had been unusually so calm and quiet….”

Binta sighed.

“ Have you discussed this with him?” she asked Omar.

“ Yes …. I mean…. I asked him about what happened in his relationship with her, but he said he’d rather not talk about it…. And I must be frank with you…. This gets me deeply worried…. Especially when I remember the way he transfixed his gaze at her on that day.” Omar replied.

“ Hmm!.... I think you should give him sometime….. he would come around…. Just continue to pray for him and show him so much love.” Binta advised.

Omar nodded her head and narrowed her gaze to the plate of food in front of her.

“ I think he had quite an history with her…. And I’m really scared these days…. Ife has become so withdrawn and I feel like he is slipping away.” Omar expressed her worry.

Binta sighed.

“ like I said earlier…. Just take your worries to God in prayer and show him some more love and understanding…. He might be going through something totally different from what you think…. Men can be like that sometimes.” Binta said.

“ Okay…. Thanks ma…. I’ll do as you have said.

“ please call me Binta.”

“ Ok thanks Binta.”Omar replied and continued eating her food.

They discussed extensively for a few more minutes, before returning back to the office.

 And from that day on, the bond between Binta and Omar grew stronger, leading to a cordial frienship between them.

Oma can't seem to take her mind off the new cold development between her and Ife.

Ever since his encounter with Zoey, he became very quiet, withdrawn and act like she doesn't exist anymore.

She will give him time like Binta suggest while hoping for the best.

(Do not take credit or Plagiarize AMAH'S HEART stories)

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