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Contract Marriage - Episode 22




Contract Marriage - Episode 22

By Amah's Heart  

Richard highlighted from his car, at the front of Kimberly; his daughter’s school.

 Kimberly had just began her entry into the secondary school and was full of enthusiasm. Her little sister; Nelly, was still In the primary section in a completely different location from the secondary. His wife had called him earlier on to inform him that she was stuck in traffic on the way from the market. And so he had to pick the kids from school.

He had just returned from picking Nelly, so he had to stop by at Kimberly’s school as well.

His phone beeped and a message entered. He clicked on the message icon and smiled. It was a message from his newly found lover. They had only been together for two weeks and yet he was already liking the vibes she showed. They met at a shopping mall downtown, and it had been from one romantic dinner to the other, they had also spent a few nights together.

Her name is Judith and she had the charisma that intrigued him to his bones. Although he sensed she was dangerous, but he didn’t mind. He was dangerous too and no woman dared cross him. Besides, he wouldn’t be keeping her for long. 

“Just a few nights more and he is done.” He thought as rubbed his hand on his chin.

“ Daddy!!.... look at Kimberly!!” Nelly called out to him from inside the car.

He lifted his gaze and saw Kimberly trotting towards him with her class teacher by her side.

“ Daddy!!....” Kimberly shouted happily and hugged her father.

“ How are you dear?” he asked her as he patted her back.

“ I’m fine daddy!”

The class teacher greeted Richard cheerfully, and he left with his daughter.


Jade was the first to arrive for Omar’s birthday. She came holding a sizeable rounded cake in her hands.

“ Cheers to the birthday girl!!” She announced happily as soon as she sighted Omar.

Omar chuckled as she came down the stairs in her blue dinner gown. She gushed and embraced her husband’s cousin. 

“ it’s your special day today dear…. And I’m wishing you a happy birthday.”

“ Thanks Jade.” Omar beamed.

“ Hmm!.... You look damn good, rocking that gown!.... and you’ve pretty much added a few more pounds since I last saw you…. This means my cousin is doing a good job in taking care of his baby!!” Jade remarked.

Omar gushed.

“ Oh thanks Jade…. The cake is beautiful.” She said softly, collecting the cake from Jade

The door opened immediately and Ife, accompanied by Judith and Ashley,  ushered in the Trumpeter, who expertly blew the trumpet in the happy birthday melody, while everyone sang along.

“ Happy birthday to the queen bee herself!!” Judith and Ashley chorused together and pulled Omar into a hug.

“ You look blazing hot like fire!!” Ashley added, beckoning her to turn around and she did. 

“ Thanks so much my dear friends…. And thanks for showing up for my birthday.” Omar appreciated them.

“ Come on Omar we are your friends… therefore it’s our primary duty to be here!!.... Infact, my younger sister should be on her way here anytime soon. She needed to attend an important meeting today at the clinic. That is why she didn’t come with us… but she’ll be here as soon as she finishes from work.” Ashley said cheerfully.

“ Oh… I can’t wait to meet your sister Barbie!!...” Omar replied excitedly.

As this was going on, the door bell chimed and Ife went to open it.

It was Binta who entered, holding a gift bag in her hands.

“ Happy birthday ma’am…. I wish you a life of sound health and prosperity.” Binta said, beaming with a smile on her face.

Omar embraced her happily.

“ I’m glad you came ma’am…. I see you’ve met my husband already..”

“ Oh yes ma’am…. He is a wonderful man indeed.” Binta replied warmly.

“ Yes he is…. I want you to meet my friends too…. This is Ashley…. And this is Judith.” Omar said.

Binta grew stiff the moment she sighted Judith. 

Judith saw Binta and widened her eyes in surprise, her expression grew cold instantly.

“ Do you two know each other?” Omar asked in curiosity.

“ Yes ma’am…. We’ve actually met before.” Binta replied feigning a smile.

“ really!!…. It’s a small world.” Omar commented.

Judith shrugged and shifted uneasily.

“ Can I have a word with you bee?” she said and pulled Omar along with her till they got to a large corridor.

“ What is it Judy?”

“ Why is she here?” Judith asked almost immediately.

“ Who?.... Do you mean Mrs Binta?”

“ Yes…. Why did you invite Emeka’s wife to your birthday?”

Omar popped her eyes in surprise.

“ Emeka’s wife!!.... I didn’t know she was Emeka’s wife!!... Wow!”

“ She is Emeka’s wife Omar…. Infact!!.... How did you two cross paths?” Judith questioned Omar.

“ We met on a business platform…..wait a minute!!.... You mean you knew Emeka’s wife all along?” Omar asked Judith.

She shrugged indifferently.

“ We met once when she came to my house and warned me to stay away from her husband.” Judith replied.

“...See…. I’m not comfortable with that witch in this house…. You need to send her away!!”

Omar sighed.

“ I can’t send her away Judith…. She’s Ife’s guest and also my friend…. You just have to manage through with her being around.” Omar said and patted her on the back.

Judith murmured some more before they returned back to the living room where the guests were.

A soft music played in the background and the party kick started. They all danced to the music and merried, until Ife presented her with a gift that made everyone marvel. It was a Venza car, latest model.

“ Wow!!.... This is lit!!” Ashley whispered to Judith as they watched Omar kissed Ife tenderly and profess her love to him.

“ Yes it is….uhm but I’m afraid Omar is becoming too attached to this man…. I wonder if she even took our advise at all.” Judith expressed her concern.

“ You are right Judy….. I hope Omar doesn’t get her heart broken by this man…. I mean, it’s going to be disastrous judging from similar cases we witnessed at the agency.” Ashley replied in agreement.

“ That’s it…. But Omar wouldn’t just listen…. This men are like Hawks…. As soon as their done with their prey…. They leave them off the hook ruthlessly….. I hope she doesn’t come to me crying like a baby, because I wouldn’t listen to her at all. ” Judith said in a hushed voice, wrinkling her nose in jealousy.

“ Yes…. But Judith…. Don’t you think this man might also be in love with her…. Although this happens in rare cases, but we cannot rule out the possibility that it can happen.” Ashley replied in whispers as she focused her gaze on Omar and Ife.

Omar and Ife were locked in an embrace, when Zoey arrived with Stanley.

“ Hey Sister….. so sorry I’m late…. The meeting lasted more than I expected.” She whispered an apology, with Stanley standing a few feet away from her.

Ashley and Judith saw Stanley and gasped.

“ Stanley what are you doing here?”  Ashley voiced in surprise.

“ It’s ok sis….I invited him.

“ Hi Judy… how are you doing?” Zoey greeted Judith.

“ Hey Zoey…. I am good thanks.” Judith said with a smile and sighed. She turned to Stanley.

“ You know this is Omar’s birthday party and it won’t look good if she sees you here.” She told Stanley.

Stanley mused.

“ whaaat!! Omar’s birthday!!.... Oh that makes it great!!” He said immediately and walked up to Omar.

“ Hi Omar love…. Happy birthday to you dear…..  in love, joy and happiness!!..... You look beautiful as always…. Just the way I like it.” He said wearing a broad smile.

Omar rolled her eyes in astonishment and gave him the ' what are you doing here?’ look.

Ife studied Omar’s gaze and noticed her discomfort.

“ Are you alright dear?” he asked.

“ Yes I am….. uhm meet Stanley, an ex client of mine.” She said hurriedly.

“ It’s nice seeing you Stanley.” Ife said wearing a straight faced expression with his hands tucked in his pockets.

“ The pleasure is all mine.” Stanley replied with a smirk, stretching his hand for a handshake which Ife didn’t reciprocate.

Ashley dragged Zoey forward hurriedly.

“ Omar… I need you to meet my younger sister Zoey…. She’s a qualified psychologist who is now fully based in Nigeria.” Ashley said cheerfully.

Omar quickly stretched her hands to Zoey but Zoey’s attention had drifted to an intense gaze at Ife.

“ Ife!!” Zoey exclaimed.

Ife froze as if he had seen a ghost, transfixing his gaze on Zoey.

Ashley and Judith exchanged a puzzled look.

“ Zoey!!.... Wow!! Zoey…. It’s quite an age!” It was Jade who spoke.

“ Jade!!” Zoey exclaimed with her mouth agape.

“ Wow!! … How did you find us?” Jade asked in curiosity.

“ I uhm… I mean…I was invited by my sister….. I didn’t know you live heeere.” Zoey stammered.

Ife's eyes was transfixed on Zoey

Jade scoffed unbelievably.

“ What a small world!”

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