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Contract Marriage - Episode 20




Contract Marriage - Episode 20

By Amah's Heart  

Meeting new clients daily was a side of life Omar had gradually become so used to. Her encounter with a good number of the company’s clients, was great, as each encounter broadened the scope of her horizon to innovative ideas that had the potentials to move the company forward. 

One of such, was her encounter with her last client.

The company had received an email from a company named Avalanche investiture, one Monday morning, it was a reminder of their scheduled meeting with a representative of the company. Ife had gone out for an official duty as usual, and asked her to handle things at the company. So she had to take up the responsibility of hosting the meeting.

That was when she encountered the beautiful woman who inspired her to step up to her next level. Right from the moment she came into Omar’s office in elegance, till the time she left, Omar was enthralled. 

With every conversation struck, Omar found herself becoming more exposed to diverse ideas and perspectives, that awakened her creative spirit.

After the meeting ended, Omar knew she wanted more than a formal relationship with this intriguing woman.

“ Please may I be reminded of your name again?” Omar asked eagerly.

She smiled warmly.

“ My name is Binta Nwachukwu, and my company looks forward to getting the contract from Mike Davis Entertainment.” She said in the most pleasant tone.

Omar nodded her head in the affirmative.

“ It’s nice meeting you once again Mrs Binta…. I will discuss with my husband and revert back to you…… you have nothing to worry about ma’am….. I will sure put in a good word for your company….. Once again, my name is Omar.” Omar replied courteously.

“ I’m elated to meet you Mrs Mike Davis….. here is my contact card….. I will be expecting your call.” Binta replied warmly.

The sound of being called Mrs Mike Davis, was like the sound of a Melody to Omar’s ears. She loved the honor and respect given to her by the company’s staff and clients genkerally, even on days she followed Ife to official meetings outside the company, she was highly regarded. 

Moreover, she loved the name ' Mike Davis' because it sort of gave her a sense of classiness.

Although, she had trouble fitting in at first, because of the intellectuals she had to work with, and the pressure of meeting up to the company’s expectations.

This happened for a stretch of time, until she began to join Ife in his study and asked questions she didn’t understand. 

Ife on the other hand, saw her willingness to learn and was ever ready to teach her. She could remember vividly the first lesson he had taught her that very night she entered his study. He had taught her the vital things she must look out for, in striking a good deal, and many other valuable informations.

The first 3 days after Judith and Ashley's visit to her house, was very unpleasant for Omar. She had taken to their advise and withdrew herself from Ife.

At first, he ignored her, probably thinking it was some sort of mood swing, until she refused to join him in bed and moved to another room the first two nights.

“ Are you in any way angry with me?” He had asked her worriedly on the third day.

Omar gave him a snobbish look and turned her face away.

“ Omar…. If there’s anything I did to anger you…..I prefer we talk about it, and stop acting childish.” He said.

“ Really?.... So you mean I am childish right?.... Do I look like a joke to you?” She yelled, feigning anger.

Ife gave her a confused look and became quiet for a while.

“ Omar…. What is the matter?” he asked her.

“ I just need some space!!.....” She shouted and walked to her room. 

She was about to open her door when she noticed he had followed her behind.

“ What is it Ife?..... Don’t you get the message?..... I said I need some privacy!!!” She yelled at him. But his next action threw her off balance. 

He pulled her closer to him and kissed her deeply. Omar’s eyes widened in surprise, she never saw it coming.

At first she struggled to free herself from his grip, but he deepened the kiss, making  her defense to grow weaker and weaker, until she was forced to succumb and melted like a defrosted water. He suddenly released himself from the kiss and lifted her face to meet his gaze. She had tears in her eyes.

“ We need to talk.” He said calmly and led her to his room.

He observed her countenance again and sighed, she had more tears streaming down her eyes. He had seen different dimensions of her but he had never seen her weep this much like a baby.

He bent down and faced her.

“ Omar...” he began gently.

“ Does this have to do with me?” he asked her.

She nodded her head in the affirmative slowly.

He sighed.

“ If there’s anything I did to hurt you…. You need to let it out so I can apologize.” He said calmly.

She sniffed and he handed her an handkerchief.

“ You didn’t do anything wrong….. but I’m just so confused Ife!!” Omar said.

“ What are you confused about?” he asked her, still maintaining his calmness.

She fell silent for a while.

“ This is looking so much like a real marriage Ife and I’m used to being in control of my emotions, I always call the shots!!....

 but right now!! The more I stay with you, the more I loose control and get so vulnerable…” She said softly.

“... I know we are in this marriage for the purpose of business…..” she continued amidst sobs.

“ ...one day, this contract will be over and we will go our separate ways….. I don’t want to be hooked Ife….. it’s little more than a month we got married and I’m already loosing myself…. I’m worried….I”

“ Sshhhh!” Ife interrupted her.

They fell silent for a while.

“ Do you love me?” Ife asked her softly.

She exhaled deeply.

“ Yes….. I’m sorry!!…. I know this is unprofessional of me and it’s supposed to be a business deal, but…..” She was saying but Ife interrupted her with a deep and passionate kíss that lasted for a while, before releasing her.

Omar shivered as she bit her lower lip. She was no doubt a shadow of the Omar she had been in the last fifteen years of her life. 

She wasn’t called the ‘queen bee' for no reason at all. She had earned the name by merit from the first agency she worked for by being ruthless in her dealings with men and would sting any man who misbehaved in any way. But here she was, shivering uncontrollable in the presence of a man! with her emotions growing wild.

Ife stroked her hair soothingly and kíssed her palm.

“ Do you love me?” She asked him calmly, bracing herself for whatever response that came from his mouth.

He sighed.

“ love is an understatement Omar…..” He said and sighed again.

“ If there was something stronger than love, I would have used it right now….” He continued.

“ Right from the day you stood before me at the altar to take our wedding vows,…. I had an unquenchable desire to hold you by my side forever, and never let you go if God wills…. But I wasn’t sure of your feelings towards me until today…..and right now Omar, you have made me the happiest man on earth!!” 

Omar chuckled unbelievably and suddenly became serious.

“ Do you mean what you say?..... Or are you doing this not to make me feel bad?” Omar asked in seriousness.

Ife sighed.

“ Omar…. I am nothing like Paul who broke your heart and threw you out to the streets several years ago….. If I say I love you, then I am héll bent serious.” He said.

Omar smiled warmly and ruffled his hair tenderly.

“ So where do we go from here?” She asked.

“ We will take it one step at a time.”

“ Hmm!”

As beautiful and perfect as it is that Ife had the same feelings towards her, Omar couldn’t help but get worried.

“ I am not a saint Ife….. I have a dark past that is very bad….. I am a slay queen but I’m trying to change…. I’m really scared if this will work out.” Omar voiced her concerns.

“ I’m also not perfect Omar….. and I don’t care about your past….. your past should be left in the past…. Right now, we forge ahead…… and like I have said earlier, let’s take it one step at a time, starting with keeping no secrets from each other …. And trusting one another as well.” He said and paused.

“ I trust you.” She said softly.

He smiled and planted a light kiss on her cheeks.

“ I trust you too.”

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