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Contract Marriage - Episode 19




Contract Marriage - Episode 19

By Amah's Heart  

They were greeted by a knock on the door but ignored it, until it came a second time. It was a Saturday and they weren’t expecting any guest.

“ I’ll get the door.” Omar said and went to open the door.

It was her friends standing right in front of her.

“ Hello bee!” They chorused.

Omar gasped in surprise.

She had never given them her home address. So how on Earth do they know her home?

“ Surprised to see us?” Judith asked.

“ Yes!.... How did you know this place?” Omar asked surprisedly.

“ We traced you down to your house the last time you visited Judith.” Ashley said cheerfully.

Omar smiled and ushered them in.

“So we’ve finally known your place, even though you were avoiding giving us your home address.” Judith remarked.

Omar scoffed.

“ I wasn’t avoiding giving out my address to you….. it just usually skips my mind after I’ve had a long day at work.” Omar replied as she led them up the stairs to the main living room where Ife was seated, watching a TV program.

He lifted up his gaze and saw Omar’s guest.

“Dear...... I want you to meet my friends…. This is Judith, and this is Ashley.” Omar said, pointing at them.

“ Nice meeting you beautiful ladies.” Ife said as he shook hands with them and ushered them to a seat.

“ We are so glad to finally meet you Mr Mike Davis…. Even though Omar did not invite us to her wedding…. But she never told us you were this handsome.” Judith said coyly.

Ife chuckled.

“ Thanks for the compliment ma’am….. and I want to apologize on her behalf for not inviting you over to our wedding. It was due to the circumstances that surrounded us at that point in time.” Ife said with a smile.

“ That’s no problem sir…. We have moved past that.” Ashley responded, gesticulating with her hands.

“ I’m glad to hear that ma’am….. I’ll excuse you all to have your women’s chat.” He said immediately, then turned to Omar. 

“...I will be in my study.” He said and leaned forward, planting a kiss on her forehead, before he left.

Judith clapped her hands in wonder immediately Ife left.

“ Eeehen!!..... This does not look like a contract marriage Omar!!” She exclaimed.

Ashley giggled and crossed her legs.

“ So this is what you’ve been enjoying Omar!!..... That is why you no longer have our time abi?” Ashley voiced loudly.

Omar scoffed.

“ I told you both I have been busy at the company….. I’ve hardly had time for myself this days…. There’s always a lot of work to do and a lot of clients to meet….. sometimes I have to go to important business meetings with Ife as his wife….. that is why I haven’t really been coming around.” Omar defended herself.

Judith exchanged a glance with Ashley and they both laughed.

“ What is funny in what I just said?” Omar asked them.

“ You are funny Omar!.... Omar….. the way you talk this days is a sign that you have a strong seated feelings for this guy…… you better confess now so we can help your life…… are you in love with this man?” Judith asked Omar in seriousness.

Omar didn’t respond, instead, she narrowed her gaze to the center table and seemed to be in deep thoughts.

“ Omar….. this is unprofessional!!….. it’s against the ethics of our profession and you know that….. you have suddenly forgotten that this is a contract marriage and the reason why he married you has been achieved already!!..... He has gotten his ownership of the company shares and this is all business for him….. do not fall into the trap of falling in love with him so you wouldn’t be heart broken at the end!!” Judith counseled.

Omar still did not respond. Ife’s presence in her life had brought about a compulsion that had softened her so much and brought about her unexplained attachment to him.

“ I tried……. I really tried…… but he has a way of breaking down my defense….. Ife is not any of the men I have been with in my life….. he is different……. He carries a presence of strong influence that I cannot explain and I’m so much in love with him right now….even though I know I shouldn’t be….. even though I know I’m supposed to protect my heart.” Omar said with emotions.

Ashley sighed deeply.

“ Omar…. Look at me.”

Omar rested her gaze on Ashley.

“ Vulnerability is what you cannot afford right now!!..... You need to break it off….. do not forget, you are ten years older than him…..and that is a big disadvantage on your side….. and you see this rich guys….. most of them do not like to commit….. they love their independence Omar and this pretty explains why he picked a slay queen like you….. because he knows you are capable of pulling it through with no strings attached!!” 

Ashley added.

Omar exhaled. This was a matter that weakened her to her bones.

“ But his actions depicts he has feelings for me….. I can feel it even in his body language!!..... Maybe I should talk to him and express my feelings so I can get clarity of his feelings for me.” Omar said calmly.

“ What!!..... Do not try it!!..... Have you forgotten that expressing your feelings to him gives him the impression that you are vulnerable!!..... And therefore gives him the license to treat you anyhow….. you should be thinking of extracting extra money from the guy!!..... Omar you are expected to know this already….. be the professional that you are and stop acting like an amateur!!” Judith replied.

And Ashley seconded.

“ So what do you suggest I do?” She asked her friends.

“ reduce your involvement in the activities that brings you two together….. for example.” Ashley paused to rack her brain.

Then suddenly continued.

“...is it written in the contract that you both must sleep on the same bed?” she asked Omar.

“ No.”

“ Good!!….. you can start by sleeping in a separate room. And even reduce your involvement in his company’s affairs.” Ashley advised.

Omar nodded her head soberly and listened to more of the advises coming from her friends.


Judith eventually said a joke they all laughed to, while Omar served her friends some snacks and drinks to accompany it.

“ So how is Emeka your lover?” Omar directed her question to Judith.

Judith gave a long hiss.

“ Abeg forget that jelly fish jor.” Judith said, waving her hand dismissively.

“ What happened Judy…… what did he do this time?” Omar asked her.

Judith hissed again.

“ I suddenly got tired of him and let him go.” Judith replied with a frown.

Ashley scoffed and bursted into laughter.

“ Don’t mind Judith o…… she’s just too embarrassed to admit that her juju was no longer working on him.” Ashley replied and Omar bursted into laughter.

“ What?” Judith yelled in infuriation.

“ So your juju has suddenly lost its potency?” Omar asked jokingly.

Judith hissed again.

“It’s not the charms Omar….. it’s his wife….. she’s using some sort of powers to counter my enchantments….. Anyway, I’m on the look out for another victim….. and from the look of things, it seems I have found one who is even richer than Emeka.” Judith said looking around Ife's wide and coozy sitting room.

Omar shakes her head absent minded

“ Hmm!.... Judy, just be careful.” Ashley told her and returned her attention to Omar.

“...Yes Omar….. we came for a reason….. and it is solely to discuss the plans for your upcoming birthday.” Ashley said said immediately.

“ So what’s it gonna be?” They chorused.


Zoey’s eyes suddenly flew open. She thought she was dreaming but no. It was real. 

Whoever was at the door, had been persistently knocking for a while now. 

She suddenly got up to her feet and hurried to the door. She opened it immediately and noticed the person was about to leave, when he finally turned back.

It was Stanley.

“ Good evening Stanley.”

“ Hi Zoey…. Sorry to disturb you but Ashley asked me to come teach her how to write a proposal for a foreign client.” Stanley said.

“ Ashley isn’t back from work…. But you could come in and wait for her….. she will be back shortly.” Zoey said, rubbing her sleepy eyes.

“ Ok then.” Stanley replied and Zoey ushered him in. 

The sleep had slowly worn out of her eyes.

“ Would you prefer a soft drink or alcohol?” She asked Stanley.

“ Soft drink will be fine thanks.”

Zoey scurried to the kitchen and brought out a pack of juice in a tray and a tumbler, with a saucer full of cashew nuts. She filled the glass with a drink and handed it over to Stanley.

“Thanks….. why don’t you get an extra glass and join me.” Stanley said.

“ No thanks…. I’m fine.” Zoey replied.

“ Come-on….. I insist.”

“ Ok then.”  She got up to take another glass and poured herself a drink as she turned on the TV and adjusted to an epic movie.

“ So how do you feel, adjusting to the climate of Nigeria?” he asked her.

“ Well it’s all good….. though the heat bothers me sometimes, but I am gradually adjusting.” Zoey replied with a smile, sipping slowly from her glass of juice.

Stanley nodded his head in agreement

“ That’s good to hear……  Ashley tells me you were a clinical psychologist back in South Africa.” Stanley eagerly pointed out.

“ Yes she’s right…… I began my career as a clinical psychologist in Nigeria, and continued over there.”

“ That’s impressive….. so you can read my mind?” Stanley asked jokingly.

Zoey chuckled.

“ I don’t read minds Stan…. My job is to identify and diagnose any form of behavioral issues in my clients and to develop a treatment plan.” She said softly.

“ Fantastic!!..... So can you also diagnose issues that has to do with matters of the heart, such as love and heartbreaks?….. because I’m seriously in need of a psychologist right now.” Stanley said jokingly.

Zoey couldn’t help but laugh.

“ Sure….. why not!!”

“ Hmm!!.... That’s really interesting….. I guess I’ll be needing your services then….. will you be staying permanently in Nigeria now that you are back?”

“ Yes….. I have come to stay…..”

“ Hmm!..... So what’s your plan on getting a job here?”

“ There’s no plan Stan….. I already have a job in a prestigious private hospital.” Said Zoey.

“ Really!!.... How nice!!.... Congratulations to you!!”

“ Thanks dear.”

There was a long pause before Stanley broke the silence.

“ if you don’t mind my intrusion Zoey…. South Africa is a better developed country than Nigeria…. Need I ask you the reason you left it all for Nigeria?” Stanley asked.

Zoey smiled but remained silent for a while.

Stanley sensed her hesitation.

“ You don’t have to answer the question if you don’t want to.” Stanley added.

“ No it’s ok.” Zoey cut in, wetting her lower lip with her tongue.

“ I came back to find my true love….. I know this is funny but there was a man I left two years ago…… and ever since then, life had never remained the same for me….. I regretted walking out of my relationship with him and I came back because I miss him so much and intend to find him…. But I truly hope it's not too late” Zoey said soberly.

Stanley steadied his gaze on her and nodded.

“ Love truly is like a medicine to the soul…. I understand how you feel Zoey and I encourage you to find him…..you must take away any form of fear and never say never.” Stanley encouraged her.

She smiled warmly.

“ Thanks Stan….. I feel relieved talking to you about this.”

“You are welcomed ma’am.” 

A knock on the door interrupted their conversation.

“ That should be Ashley at the door.” Zoey announced and went to open the door.

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