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Contract Marriage - Episode 12




Contract Marriage - Episode 12

By Amah's Heart  

“ What do you mean by he didn’t come home?” Mr Coker shifted uncomfortably on his chair, focusing his gaze intently on the crooked looking figure in front of him.

He had a mean demeanor, like one who had been hardened by life itself. Spider was his name. He was the one on the mission to terminate the necessary evïl of a stepson and his enstranged fiancee.

Spider straightened in his tailored coat. The weather was disturbingly cold beyond the usual this days, and very unpredictable for a rainy season.

“ We haven’t set our eyes on him since the day after the company’s anniversary.” Spider repeated the information he had earlier told Mr Coker.

“ How come you and your boys are so incompetent as to loose track of his movement….and why the sudden disappearance of both him and his fiancee at the same time?” Mr Coker asked Spider for the uptenth time that evening as they sat in his visitors lounge. 

They were three present; and Richard was the last, sitted adjacent his father and seemed to be in a world of his own thoughts.

Spider had the straight faced expression on his face as he sat opposite Mr Coker. His roughly outlined cheekbones, accentuated his chiseled face.

“ They probably went on a vacation somewhere outside town.” Spider voiced his opinion.

“ Or they probably got wind of the information of the hunt for their lives.” Richard interjected.

“ How is that possible?.... 

We were only three present when we reached the decision… And I know no one of you dares spills such an information…. So what made you arrive at such a prediction?” Mr Coker directed his question to Richard.

“ Because the Ifedola I know never absents himself from the company for any reason and even when he does, he never fails to inform Mr Perkins of where he was going to.” Richard opined.

“ Perhaps he got distracted with his love escapades with this one girl.” Mr Coker suggested, tapping his fingers on the glass stool beside him. He hated to be left out in the dark.

Ife was becoming unpredictable, and he didn’t like the sound of it.

“ Something was not right!! Ife must be up to something.” Mr Coker thought deeply.

“ I’ll suggest we wait for him to come around, then we can figure out his next line of action…. We do not have anything to worry about…. After all, we have a mole on his trail.” Richard replied his father. Then turning to Spider, he instructed.

"... Make sure you double up your efforts and track him down….we must get to him and it must be as fast as possible.” 

“ Yes sir…. We will not relent in our efforts to trail him.” Spider replied.

Mr Coker exhaled.

Ever since Ife announced his upcoming wedding, the members of the staff of Davis Entertainment had broken out in whispers of how Ife was eligible enough to take over his father’s company. After all his efforts in the last few years in leading the company to a better financial position compared to how it had been in the past, the members of staff still preferred Ife to him. But thank goodness he had been able to make a few friends.

Mr Coker chuckled in mischief.

He and he alone will be the Executive director of Davis Entertainment till the day he díes. He will make sure of it!!


The purple sequin dinner gown clung perfectly on her body. It was one of the dresses they had purchased at the fashion store the day before their wedding.

Uncle Makinde had invited them over to dinner in his newly purchased property he bought in Dubai some months back. It was three days after their wedding and the family still hung around in Dubai, probably still in the mood for vacation.

Just yesterday, they had gone for sightseeing and glided on the majestic Dubai landscape on a private hot air balloon for two, after which they entered a G wagon which took them to the classily thatched palace to have a  private romantic dinner in the desert.

It was an ectastic experience for Omar due to the fact that in all of her adventurous outings with her clients, this was a first and a good way to spend their honeymoon.

Ife sat crossed legged at the dinning area, already dressed in a white senator material clothing, reading a magazine as he patiently waited for his newly wedded bride to get dressed.

This marriage of a thing was a new chapter in his life he had to get adjusted to, at least for the next three years of his life.

He had thought her tough at the beginning, until he saw her tremble on their wedding day, that was when he caught a glimpse of her vulnerability, and knew for a certain that deep within the toughness she exhibited, there was some sort of tenderness she tried so hard to mask. He suspected she had been a victim left with a gruesome scar.

And for every scar, he knew there was a story behind it.

The clacking of steps from the bedroom, interrupted his thoughts, prompting him to impulsively lift up his gaze to see Omar.

“ Oh heavens!!....” He gasped quietly. 

Her beauty reflected in different dimensions in this recent times, which was beginning to trigger an impulsive desire to protect her and reach out to soothe her hidden scars.

There was something about this particular woman that intrigued him right from the very first day he saw her. At first he, he had judged her to be nothing but a slay queen, but now,  he saw more. But his experience with his ex made him understand that women were unpredictable.

He hoped he wouldn’t lose his guard.

“ What’s the matter?... Why are you looking at me like that?” Omar asked, wondering if there was any oddness in her dressing.

“ Was just admiring your outfit… it looks really good on you.” Ife replied sincerely.

Omar smiled. “ I always look good.” She said with a smile.

“ Yes you always do…. Shall we?” He said, getting up to his feet.

“ Sure.”

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