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Contract Marriage - Episode 1



Contract Marriage - Episode 1

By Amah's Heart 

She sat in her office, gazing out of the window, as the pregnant cloud threatened to release it’s content. 

With her hands clasped on her laps, she was lost in thought. 

The ambience of the weather, which was just too windy for a bustling Monday morning, brought about a sort of succour, juggling her memories of the past, as she sipped from her mug of smoking hot coffee. 

She had no doubt, metamorphosed into a completely upgraded version of who Omar had been in the time past.

 But that’s just life.

Life is a teacher.

And she was a fast learner.

She smirked, swivelling her chair from one end to another, fumbling with her office keys.

The wind howled violently, rattling the window panes of her air conditioned office, bringing in the euphoria of the memories she had buried so deep in her heart – the good and bad memories, the rough and peaceful memories.

Her office line rang, and Brenda; her PA's voice, echoed from the background.

“ Mr Kanayo is here to see you. Should I send him in?” Brenda asked.

“ Send him in.”

“ Ok ma’am.”

In no short time, her office door opened and Mr Kanayo walked in.

“ Well well well greetings to the queen bee herself.” Mr Kanayo beamed and chuckled, settling on the seat directly opposite her.

"... You look smoking hot as a coffee …. Darling.” He blew her a kiss, and continued.

“...Hope you like the gift I sent you last week?”

Omar scoffed, putting on her professional demeanor as she adjusted confidently, her biro blue organza shirt, which revealed more of her cleavages than she planned to showcase.

“ Two things I value most Kanayo --- my time and my money. If you aren’t here for any of the above then I’m afraid you’ve just wasted your time.” Omar replied sternly.

“ Haba Omar! Not even a good morning from your end, that’s no way to treat your lover after a long trip.” Mr Kanayo chastised.

Omar scuffled unbelievably.

“ You mean Ex client….. our contract ended 3 years ago…. Why are you in Nigeria? I thought you moved to the UK permanently.”

“ Yes I did honey, but I couldn’t get you out of my mind dear. I came back for a conference, and so I decided to check up on you, and possibly we could hook up for the weekend… you know.” He flashed her a tempting smile.

“ You know that’s not possible. I play by my rules which is…. I do not date a client twice. Your tenure is over Kanayo, and that’s that…. But I could send you one of my girls for the weekend.” 

“ Fine! I’ll go for any one the queen bee recommends….. but that’s not why I’m here.” He said stroking his beards in a cocky manner.

“ Why are you here?”

“ I brought business…. And this one is a deal breaker.”

“ Hmmm.” Omar rubbed her chin, resting her back on the swivelling arm chair.

“...So what’s the drill?”

“ It’s a contract Marriage.”

“ A contract marriage!! really!” Omar scuffled in disbelief, her arms akimbo.

"...Look Kanayo, you know my line of business is to provide a temporary companionship to wealthy men who are lonely, for a short time base and i get paid for it, but delving into the marital aspect is a no no for me and my girls. I’m a relationship entertainer, meaning my job is to make men happy, and not some hooked up dummy wife!”

“ Calm down Omar. this is a really mouth watering deal that could scale up your networth….. I mean, this man is highly connected, and from a prestigious family and you will.."

Omar interrupted with a wave of hand

“My principles supersedes my greed Kanayo. you know me too well enough to understand my misgivings about contract marriage. Moreover, I consider it too risky a venture for me…..”

“ He’s willing to buy you a property in Banana Island!” Kanayo said which made Omar to suddenly keep quiet.

Omar paused in-between her last speech. Her mouth was agape as she fell silent.

“ A property in Banana Island?.... Are you sure of what you are saying?” 

" I'm 100 percent accurate.” Mr Kanayo assured her with a grin, knowing fully well he had her where he wanted her to be. 

The Omar he knows, was too greedy to deny a tempting offer.

“ Consider me in. send me details of the client with a full detail of what he has to offer.”

 She said, wearing a straight face.

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