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Be My Woman - Episode 9 & 10




 Be My Woman - Episode 9 & 10

 Theme: (His•Baby•Mama...)

By: Naomi Cindy B.


The phone landed on the ground to crash beside her black flat shoes.

The crash brought the two out of the shock they're in, and Rosy's eyes blinked gently.

Roman lifted his eyes from her legs up to her face.

"Excuse us, Jeffery" he finally talked, and Jeffery exited the office.

His right hand went back into his pocket as he walked to her.

She kept looking inside his eyes, and immediately he stopped in front so her, she asked the question.

"How's... how's my Liam doing?"

She was holding back her tears as she said the words, but she's not sure maybe it's cos of the emotions she's feeling after seeing the man who called her cheap, or maybe they're tears of joy that she'd be seeing her son soon.

Roman kept staring at her, so she sniffed and asked the question again.

"My Liam, how's he...

"He grew up well, a lot" he replied simply, and she smiled sadly, finally releasing her tears.

"He won't even recognize me anymore. It has been eight whole years and he was still a kid when we separated" she muttered.

Roman took another step closer, but she stepped back immediately, wiping her tears.

Roman wanted to wipe those tears for her, but when he saw the ring on her finger, he stayed back.

Her face was tearless when she looked up again, then she sniffed and started walking out of the office.

"I searched everywhere" he suddenly talked, and she stopped.

"I searched everywhere possible for you, but I wasn't lucky enough to find you. Liam wants to badly meet you and...

"No" she quickly turned to him.

" I'm not ready yet, I'll just meet him as your PA. I'm here to be your P.A and I won't reject the job just because it's you. I shamelessly need the money, so...I look forward to working with you" she said and finally walked out, leaving Roman to continue staring into space.

He walked to his swivel chair and sat gently on it, picking a picture frame that's on the table.

It's a picture of him and Liam. He's giving him a piggyback ride on a beach, and he's shooting bubbles out of a machine, looking so happy.

Before he knew it, his tears fell on the frame, but he quickly wiped them, remembering the words he actually said to her that year.

He could imagine how much it hurts now. He clearly saw it in her eyes earlier.

He was still holding the frame as he rested back on the chair, eyes closed gently.


Rosy rushed into the nearest restroom immediately she left the office, and she stood behind the door, resting her body on it.

Tears started threatening to come out of her eyes again when she remembered what happened that day after Liam was taken from her.


The taxi conveying Rosy stopped in front of the house just now, but she's not even aware.

All that's in her mind is how Liam was taken away from her by the heartless man, and how she probably won't be seeing him again. She cried throughout the ride home.

"Miss" the driver's voice woke her from her thoughts.

"Thanks" she payed him and stepped out, only to meet another shock.

The gang of thugs she borrowed money from were already in front of the house, waiting to snap her neck.

"Finally you're here" their leader said, and she quickly went on her knees.

"Please I...

"No story, where...is...my... money!" The leader barked again, and the rest of the gang started walking to her with different sharp objects.

"I...I promise to pay back before the end of this...

Rosy was grabbed before she could say the next word, and she was dragged into their car despite her pleadings and cries.

She was taken to their turf where she was made to kneel in front of a platter.

"I promise to work and pay back within a month please!!! Please don't hurt me!!!" She cried fearfully.

"You promised to return my money last month,, and now you dare ask for another extra month? You won't get that luxury here. Cut off her five right fingers" the leader ordered, and her eyes widened.

"No! No don't! Don't cut off my hand please!!! No!!!" She cried as she was grabbed, and her right hand was forcefully placed on the platter.

One of them kissed the axe with him, then he raised it up on the hand.

"No!!!!!!!!!!" She closed her eyes tightly, expecting the axe to chop off her fingers, but someone else entered the room...

"Why don't you let her go? I'll pay her loan" The voice said.

"Buddy!" The leader stood, and Rosy opened her eyes slowly to see her lifesaver, Donovan.

Yeah, Donovan.


Rosy wiped the little tear that came out of her eyes and nodded.

She got a job, and she'd be seeing her son soon. Even if he wouldn't recognize her as his mum, all she wants is just to keep seeing him.

"Mrs. Rosy! Are you in there?" Jeffery's voice said from outside.

"Coming!" She replied, rushing out of the room.

"Are you good?" He asked, and she smiled.

"Sure, thanks"

"I'm the PA who'd be handing over to you, and like I said, I have a lot to lecture you about. Please follow me" he said, and she smiled as he led the way.



Matty's car drove into the park, and he came out holding a shopping bag.

His TV appearance ended minutes ago, so he came here straight.

"Why did Miss Rose suddenly end the call earlier? Maybe she's busy" he muttered as he walked in.

"Matty Johnson!" The nurses at the reception gushed over him, and he gifted them his cute smile, waving with his second hand.

He's a regular here apart from being an upcoming model, so all the nurses and doctors know him.

He's also the only son of the rich Johnson family.

He opened the door to a particular ward and peeped in.

"Son!" A woman in bed said happily.

"Mum" he smiled brightly, stepping in.

He dropped the shopping bag and hugged her tightly.

"I told you to come here with your girlfriend the next time you come, remember?" She said, and he broke the hug to poke her cheek.

"It's not easy to get a girlfriend mum"

"What are you talking about? You're handsome! Use your face!" She said, and he chuckled, sitting in front of her.

She's suffering from pancreatic cancer which requires that she stays in the hospital for adequate treatment. She has been under intensive care since last year.

Matty brought out the content of the shopping bag, and her eyes widened when she saw her favorite crunches.

She grabbed the pack, and he giggled.

"Nancy sent that"

"And why is my daughter not here again?" She asked.

"She has to go to school remember? Nancy hates skipping school" he replied.

"Get a girlfriend. You're 24" she said.

"Not again, mum" he groaned, and she smiled.

"By the way mom, do you know about the Mendez family?" He suddenly asked.

"They're one of the richest in this country just like our family, and they have five sons" she replied.

"And Donovan Mendez is one of the sons, right?" He asked.


"He's from a rich family, then why is he living in that medium apartment with Miss Rose" he muttered.

"He's a disowned son. His father disowned him cos he did something terrible, so he's literally poor now" Mrs. Johnson replied, and his eyes widened.




The second class for the day ended shortly, and the pupils resumed chatting with each other, so the class became noisy again.

Liam remained sitting on his seat, not moving an inch.

"Hey let's end the challenge now! Did you all bring the pictures of your sleeping dads? Let's see who's the most handsome while sleeping" Kendra said, and they all started showing the pictures of their dads on their big phones.

It's a school for rich kids, so everyone owns a phone.

They all finished showing their screens then they faced Liam at once.

He smiled before showing them Roman's sleeping picture on his phone, and they all gasped as their hands went down.

Roman is obviously more handsome.

"Liam won this challenge" Kendra said, sitting beside him.

"Hey Liam! My mum bought me this apple wristwatch! Show me yours!" A boy bragged at him, and he raised his wrist.

He's wearing the watch too, a more expensive model.

"I guess your dad got you that, heard your mum ran away from him and that's why your dad hates women" the boy said, and Liam spranged up, grabbing him by the shirt angrily.

"My mum didn't run away so shut up if you don't know anything! My dad made her leave according to him!" He shouted.

"Liam, calm down" Kendra tried separating him from the boy, but he held him tight, and the boy ruined everything by his next statement.

"Did your dad cheat on her or something? Maybe that's why she left"

Liam instantly punched the boy in the face, and he began bleeding from the nose as he fell on the ground.

All mouths came wide.

"Liam" Kendra muttered shockingly.

"Tell him to stop talking about my family that way" he muttered and walked out of the class.

He went to the silent part of the school and sat gently, bringing out his phone.

He dialled Roman's line.



Roman cancelled all his schedule for today cos he just can't concentrate anymore.

Rosy doesn't want to get introduced as Liam's mum yet, and he's not sure about what to do to convince her.

He needs to apologize for all the trashy degrading words he said to her that year, but where would he start from?

He was still thinking when his phone rang on the table, and he smiled when he saw "My Brat" on screen

"Hey brat" he picked, and the sound of Liam's cries hit his ears immediately.

"Liam? Are you crying?" He stood.

"Find me my mum!!" He cried louder, and Roman dipped his hand into his hair.

"Liam, Liam....

"My mum!!!" He cried again.

"Liam listen to me...I'm just a step away from finding her I promise. I made progress today" Roman said.

"Really?" Liam sniffed, stopping the tears.

"Trust me and stop those tears right now, please" Roman replied.

"Fine, I'll see you at home dad" he said and hung up.

"Gawd" Roman released a loud exhale, and Jeffery came in.

"I'm done lecturing her, we can proceed to the general orientation now" he reported.



"Now you understand what Bishop was about to say earlier" Angelina said when Rosy came back into the office.

She's gonna be using the office with them, and there's already another desk for her.

"Roman is my baby daddy" she replied sadly as she sat on her chair.

"So...are you gonna reject the job?" Bishop asked.

"No. I have more reasons to work here now. You both, and my son" she replied.

"Of course, I'm sure you'd see him soon though he has a very unique attitude" Bishop said.

"I can't wait" Rosy smiled.

"You should try your best and stay happy from now on. All the broken pieces are coming back together though it won't be easy" Angelina said.

"I'm ready to embrace any storm" she replied, and they smiled.

"What are you guys still doing here? The general orientation is starting! Rosy you need to change!" Ann shouted by the door, and they all rushed out of the office.



Rosy came out of a locker room dressed in a blue shirt which has Landmark written in front of it in white, then a short white flayed skirt and sneakers, all provided by the company.

It's the rule for new staffs to dress this way at every orientation.

She bumped into a man immediately she came out, and he held her by the waist to prevent her from falling.

"Mr. Zed" she muttered, and he smiled. He's the head of staffs.

He kept holding her waist, staring at her, so she quickly released herself.

"You look good in the orientation outfit" he said, exploring her with his eyes.

"Thanks, I gotta go now" she replied and rushed out of the hallway.

She entered the orientation hall and blinked when she saw the new staffs on seat already.

The old staffs are in too, though they're standing, making it a full hall of staffs.

She smiled at Angelina and Bishop before walking to a chair to sit.

Ann winked at her, telling her she's beautiful in the outfit, and she smiled again.

Ann always compliments anything she wears.

The orientation speech was given by Mr. Zed, advising the new staffs to stay away from things that'd make them get fired and to obey the rules.

"What are the rules?" Rosy asked from the middle of the staffs.

"Boss himself is coming to tell us about it" Mr. Zed replied, and Roman entered the hall with Jeffery.

His walking steps is naturally a bae. He walks like a model and any groud is runway for him.

The staffs began screaming 'boss!', all except Rosy who was looking at him hatefully, remembering the words he said that year and how he poured all the blames on her when they were both drunk and at fault.

The only thing making her stay here is Liam, and the moment she saves enough money to take care of him together with Iris, she's gonna get introduced as his mum and take him away from Roman.

Roman's eyes were on her as he climbed the stage, and he didn't talk for some minutes.

Even after the hailing went down, he kept staring at Rosy, and it was Jeffery who cleared his throat to bring him back to his senses.

"Good day, newbies" he said calmly.

"Gawd! The cool voice melts me everytime" Ann said.

"Stop drooling, he's not for you" Angelina said beside her.

"Why?" She faced him.

"Z" Bishop replied teasingly from the other side, and she rolled eyes at the two.

Roman's speech ended after five minutes, and when he left the stage amidst claps, he sat in the front row, getting a bottled water to drink from.

"Now shall we add a little bit of entertainment to this room?" Mr. Zed said, climbing the stage again.

"Sure!!!' everyone shouted.

"Then one of the new staffs should come give us a five minutes dance" he said, and they all went silent.

"I don't like Mr. Zed for an unknown reason" Angelina said.

"Same here" Bishop replied, and they stuck hands.

"I can never get used to you both" Ann shook her head 

No newbie tried to volunteer for the dance, so Mr. Zed smiled.

"Mrs. Rosy Mendez? Why don't you do us the favor?" He said, and her eyes widened as she stood.


"Sure, it's just five minutes" Mr. Zed smiled again, and she bit the wall of her mouth before starting to walk to the stage.

The staffs began clapping, and it didn't stop till she got to the stage.

Camila Cabello's 'Senorita' began playing, and Rosy stood for a moment, thinking of how to start.

The thought that she'd be seeing Liam soon made her smile, and the vibes came immediately.

She began dancing while smiling, making the simple moves with much happiness.

Everyone in the hall focused on her, she got them thrilled just two minutes into the dance.

Roman was staring without blinking, and the happiness he's seeing on her face made him smile a bit too.

He can't wait for working hours to be over so they'd talk.

Three minutes into the dance, Rosy enclosed her legs and raised her arms up, revealing the movements of her waist as she whined it so easily.

The room became heated, and Roman began sweating, only him.

He adjusted on his seat and couldn't even blink as he stared.

She jumped up softly, and when she landed back on the ground, she threw her head sidewards, making her hair flow with the air, then she pushed out her chest and wriggled the b**bs, making them shake.

👥 Damn! She's doing it 

"Oh my gawd she's hot!" Ann laughed.

Rosy did the b**bs move again, and that was it.

Roman needed water to quench the hotness in here right now, the hotness she's causing.

He uncapped the bottle water and drank from it just when she went down low to sway her butt.

Roman choked on the water immediately, and it splashed out of his mouth as he began coughing.

"Boss!!" Angelina and Bishop started rushing to him.

"Boss!" Jeffery and Ann started rushing to him too.

Innocent Rosy stopped dancing as everyone started rushing to Roman who's still coughing.

"Boss!" Angelina held his shoulders.

He kept coughing, holding his chest tightly while panting for breath repeatedly.

"Call an ambulance!!!" Bishop screamed.


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