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Be My Woman - Episode 7 & 8




 Be My Woman - Episode 7 & 8

 Theme: (His•Baby•Mama...)

By: Naomi Cindy B.


She could smell his expensive cologne as she began looking up gently, and she blinked when she saw the smiley face.

"Matt" she muttered, and he squatted beside her.

"What are you doing inside the rain? Miss Rose" he asked, touching her wet hair.

"I... I was taking a stroll, and..I got frustrated when it started raining, that's why I squatted here when I realized I had no umbrella" she said.

"I'm not someone you can lie to" he whispered, still touching her hair.

"It's something personal, but I'll be fine" she replied, and he nodded once.

"You forgot iris's pen box in the car earlier. It must have slipped out of her backpack" he said, bringing the pink box out of his pocket.

"Thanks, Matt" she replied, and he smiled slightly, staring at her face.

"Wanna go grab some coffee? You need caffeine right now, you're shaking" he said, and she looked at him.

"You can't say no" he said, and she smiled slightly before standing up.

They walked to his car together, and she looked at her wet clothes worriedly.

"It's fine, the seats are waterproof remember?" He said.

"Oh..." She gasped, going in after he opened the door.

He stepped in too, smiling as he drove them to a café just two minutes down the road.

He ordered her a big warm cup of coffee, then he went to the thrift store beside it to get her something new to put on.

Rosy took the cup of coffee and began sipping quietly.



Roman and Fiona are sitting together on a table, facing each other.

He actually took her here after they left the river, and she's changed to new clothes too, though her hair is still slightly wet.

She's still seething with anger though.

The server brought two cups of warm coffee for them..

"I don't drink coffee, get me cinnamon tea" Roman said.

"Alright sir" the woman replied, taking away his cup

Three minutes later, she returned with the warm tea which she dropped in front of him before leaving.

"I'm so sure, it's very sure that it's your curse that's affecting me! Mason was the third guy to betray me this year! I mean what do they want? I'm pretty I'm rich I'm a popular model! Why do they keep doing this to me!" Fiona said, grabbing the cup of coffee.

"Why did you jump into the water earlier? It's very dangerous and you might just die. I have no plans to attend your burial" Roman said, drinking from his tea.

"Oh you mean I should wait when he called me his cousin? I'm not like you who gave Gwen everything and let her go freely after what she did" she rolled eyes.

"Don't bring Gwen into this, that was nine years ago, and also you should employ a little respect while talking to me, I'm two years older" Roman replied.

"Don't even bring our ages into this, rock of ages" she rolled eyes, and Roman sighed.

"Any progress on finding Liam's mum?" She asked.

"No. I searched every possible place but no sign. I hope he doesn't kill me" he replied, and she sighed.

"If the story you told me about her is true, then you're the jerk and you deserve what you're going through with Liam right now. How could you do that to the lady?" Fiona said, and Roman dropped the cup of tea immediately.

He stood and started walking out of the café.

"Wait up!" Fiona rushed after him.

Roman passed by Rosy's table, but they didn't see each other till he was out.

Fiona passed by the table too just when Matty came back...

"Fiona Shawn?" He said, and she faced him.


"I'm a fan, and it's really nice to meet you" he said.

"Thanks" Fiona smiled, and he returned it before rushing after Roman.

"Why didn't you tell him you're a model too?" Rosy said as he took his seat.

"She seemed to be in a hurry" he replied, and she smiled, looking at the time.

"I have to go back in twenty minutes" she said.

"I know" he replied, and she drank from her coffee.

"Wait Miss Rose, do you have a celebrity crush?" He asked.

"I don't have the time" she replied.

"I have a role model though. I wanna be like Roman Lawson. I bet you don't know him, he could pass as the most hardworking man in this country" he said.

"Why do you wanna be hardworking? You're from a rich family already" she replied, and he smiled cutely.



Roman drove in and continued staying in the car, thinking about what Fiona said earlier.

Yeah, he knows he's guilty, and that's why talking about her makes him uncomfortable. 

Each time he remembers the words he said to her, he scolds himself inwardly, and he really wishes to meet her again and adjust things, but it's just not happening.

He came out of the car eventually and went in, meeting Liam in the living room.

He must have waited till he fell asleep, and he's hugging the pillow to his chest as he dozed.

He walked to him and squatted beside him, stroking his hair while smiling slowly.

"I promise to find your mum, I only need more time" he muttered, and Liam moved his lips cutely in his sleep.

He kissed his hair before taking the pillow careful driving from him, then he carried him gently, his head resting on his shoulder as he took him upstairs.

He dropped him in bed and covered him well before leaving the room, only to meet Darla on the stairs.

"Mum?" He said surprisingly.

"You told me he fired the maids again, so I came with one of my maids to make dinner" the gorgeous woman said, and Roman walked to her.

He hugged her when he got to her, and Darla smiled before hugging him back.

"I met him asleep on the couch" he said.

"I begged him with everything to go to bed, but he insisted on waiting for you" she replied, patting his back.

"I badly wanna find his mum, I'm trying" he muttered, hugging her tighter.

"You'll find her, you only have to try harder, son" Darla replied, smiling before patting him again.



Matty dropped Rosy just now, and she went in straight.

"Mum!" Iris ran to her, and she carried the little girl who clinged tightly onto her immediately.

Donovan came out of his room with another lady, and Rosy sighed.

It's not new, she's his b**ch who he brings home to f**k almost everyday. Asia.

"Finally you're back" Donovan said, and Asia grinned, rubbing his chest which is currently bare.

"Can you cook us some noodles? We want something light before going back into the bedroom" she said.

"You heard her, make noodles for us" Donovan said.

Without a word, Rosy entered the kitchen with Iris.

She placed her on the kitchen island, and Iris watched her from there as she cooked.

"I've watched you cook many meals, so I'm sure I'm gonna be a great cook in the future" Iris suddenly said, and she turned to face her.

"Seriously?" She chuckled, touching her hair.

"Mum are you sad?" Iris asked, touching her face.

"Sad? No, why would I be when I have you right here?" She replied, and Iris smiled, hugging her.

"I love you mum"

"I cherish you more, baby" she replied, kissing her cheeks.

In thirty minutes, she was done making the meal for Donovan and his b**ch.

She fed Iris till she was full, and she ate little herself before getting Iris into the bathroom for her shower.

The cute girl was already sleeping as she carried her out of the bathroom.

She dressed her up for bed before placing her gently on it.

She lay beside her and began rubbing her face fondly.



The school bus came for Iris some minutes ago, and Donovan left the house already too, so Rosy has all the time in the world to dress up for the interview.

Immediately she finished up, she got pretty flat shoes from her small shoe rack. She's still obsessed with flat shoes.

She put them on and rushed out.

The door to Ann's room opened too, and she came out.

"Ann!" She smiled.

"You look prettier when you dress corporate" Ann remarked, locking her door.

"Stop teasing me" Rosy replied.

"Teasing? No I only state facts" Ann said, and Rosy chuckled as they left the house together.

"Did you tell Madam Brown at the restaurant already?" Ann asked.

"Sure" Rosy replied, and Matty's car pulled up in front of the house.

"I made it" he said as he winded down.

"Matt?" Rosy blinked surprisingly.

"You told me about the interview, and I have a TV appearance to make close to Landmark this morning. Besides, it's the company of my role model, so hop in, I'll give you a ride" he smiled.

"Wow! Thanks cute boy!" Ann jumped in immediately.

"Thanks Matt, I should probably start paying you now" Rosy said, and Matty smiled as he drove them down the road.

"But... You don't know Roman Lawson for real? My boss is quiet popular, the surest real estate dealer" Ann said.

"I really don't have time to check on men online" Rosy replied.

"He's rich, handsome, even his son is cute! His mum is a fashionista, the owner of Glam Fashion" Ann said again.

"You have a crush on him?" Rosy asked.

"Not ordinary crush Rosy, I wanna marry this man!" Ann gushed.

"Wow" Rosy laughed.

"Any woman would wanna marry him though" Matty said from the front.

"Thanks for saying that Matty, but I think he has a problem with women, I've never seen him with any except for Fiona Shawn, his best friend" Ann said sadly.

"Oh..." Rosy blinked.

Matty finally pulled up in front of Landmark Holdings, and the two ladies came out.

"I'll call you, Matty" Rosy said, and he winked before driving away.

"It's obvious he likes you" Ann said.

"Like me? Scratch it Ann he's five years younger, and I'm married" Rosy raised her ring finger.

"Oh please, that psycho husband of yours?" Ann rolled eyes, and Rosy went silent as they stepped into the magnificent building.

"Wait...are they all staffs too?" Rosy said, referring to the people rushing into the elevator.

"No. They came for the interview like you" Ann replied.

"For the PA post?" Rosy's eyes widened.

"Calm down no. Several other staffs are needed so over 20 people will be hired today, and that's why I said you'd definitely get hired" Ann replied, and Rosy breathed in relief as they entered the second elevator which is almost full.

They rode to the right floor, and Ann took her to her office when they arrived.

"Here! My office" She said.

"You alone? It's big!" Rosy gasped.

"Not just me. I'm not the only office assistant here. There are two others so we share this big space" Ann replied, pointing at two other desks.

"And here they are" Ann smiled as two guys came in.

Rosy faced them, and her eyes came wide so mad.

The bartenders!

They stopped on their tracks too immediately they saw her.

"My...my bar men?" She stuttered.

"The drunkard?" They chorused, and she dropped her bag on the table, rushing to hug the both at once.

"Gawd! You don't know how hard I searched for you both after that day! I went back to the bar but you both stopped working there already, and I lost my phone back then, so I lost your contact. I searched so hard!" She cried, breaking the hug.

"The bar was bought by another person, so we had to leave, I'm sorry about everything" the first one said.

"To think that we don't even know each other's names despite everything you guys did for me, I feel so terrible" Rosy said, wiping her tears with the back of her hand.

"I'm Bishop" the first one said, and Rosy chuckled.


"Yes, a complete Christian, and that's why my parents named me like that" he replied and did the sign of the cross.

"And I'm..." The second one said.

"You're?" Rosy blinked.

"His name is a girl's name, he's probably ashamed to talk" Bishop said.

"Shut it" he rolled eyes.

"Then say it" Bishop rolled eyes too.

"It's Angelina" he finally talked, and despite Rosy's trial not to laugh, she bursted and started laughing.

"Angelina for real?"

"My mum was a fan of Angelina Jolie, so..." Angelina said.

"She named you after her?" Rosy giggled.

"Yes" he replied.

"And I'm Rosy" she said, hugging them again.

They hugged her back this time, like long lost friends.

"When you all are done, let me know" Ann said from behind, and they broke it to face her.

"Don't get jealous, it's a sin in the Bible" Bishop said.

"Don't even start" Ann glared.

"They're my long lost brothers, and I'm too happy to see them here again" Rosy said.

"Wait... have you seen the owner of this company? Like our boss?" Bishop asked.

"Stop!" Angelina held him.

"Why? Is there a problem?" Rosy blinked.

"The candidates are to gather for their numbers right now!" The announcement came, and Rosy rushed out of the office to join the others.

"She'd see for herself, don't rush" Angelina told Bishop.

"I'm just glad the movie has resumed playing after eight years of pause. We should get ready for spicy dramas" Bishop smiled.


Rosy got number 10 among the 30 people, and she was already praying inwardly as she was called in.

It only took five minutes before she came out, and she resumed praying silently again.

Though the interview was pretty simpler than she expected, but she's still nervous.

She must get employed, if not for anything but to continue being with her brothers from another mother.

After an hour, the results were posted, and they all rushed to the board to check.

There are twenty names on the list, meaning twenty people got hired like Ann said.

Rosy scanned for her name hastily but couldn't find it.

Her eyes widened, but then she saw it, it's the number one on the list! She got the PA post!

"Oh my gawd! I can't believe this! Finally! After several years!!!" She screamed.

Others started staring at her, but she doesn't even care as she jumped.


"Mrs. Rosy Mendez? Come with me" Jeffery said from behind, and she faced him with a quick bow before following him.

He took him to the front of the CEO'S office and faced her.

"Wait inside, I have a quick lecture to give you before handing over" he said, looking at her intently.

"Sure" she smiled and went in.

Her eyes widened so much immediately she saw the interior of the office.

 It's so wide and warm, there's a burning heater and comfortable sofas, and a golden name slate on his neat desk.

She walked to the desk and touched the name on the slate.

Roman Lawson.

"Today is the day I'd see if he's really as handsome as they've been saying" she smiled and sighed, feeling so happy.

She gasped when she suddenly remembered Matty, and she got her phone, dialling his line.

He picked so fast.

"Tell me you got the job" he said.

"I got it!!!" She screamed, jumping up.

"I can imagine you jumping up" he laughed.

"I'm jumping!" She gushed.

"I'm so happy for you Miss Rose, congratulations" he said.

"Thanks so much Matty, I'm just so...

That was all she could say before the door opened, and and she turned to the door slowly.

Roman came in with Jeffery, and her eyes widened insanely immediately.

What the.... hell!

She couldn't talk anymore, her mouth only hung open as their eyes met.

Roman stopped on his tracks too, and it's like time stopped for just the two.

The air froze, damn cold like ice.

His eyes came wide too, and Jeffery looked at him as he continued standing shockingly by the door, staring at her...

"Hello? Miss Rose?" Matty's voice came from the phone when he heard nothing from her.

"Miss Rose?" He said again, but Rosy was still busy staring unbelievably at Roman.

The phone slipped away from her hand in a slow mo, landing on the ground to crash beside her black flat shoes.


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