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Be My Woman - Episode 59 & 60




 Be My Woman - Episode 59 & 60

 Theme: (His•Baby•Mama...)

By: Naomi Cindy B.


"Your pains can now resume, Rosy" Donovan muttered as she walked out of the cafeteria.

He was about to climb the stairs to the control room when the server came up behind him, making him turn.

"What are you doing here? Oh I get it, to collect your pay?" He said and got his phone out.

"Quick, tell me your account number and...

"I'm sorry" she muttered, and his hand dropped.

"What are you saying?"

"I...i... I didn't...

"You didn't what? You dropped the pill in the water right in front of me!" He snapped.

"I only pretended to. I couldn't" she replied.


"I'm so sorry i can't kill a pupil cos of a reason I don't know. Liam's dad is good to everyone in this school, I can't even count how many times he sent us gifts, and Liam is... he's a kid I love and...

Donovan pushed her out of the way before she could finish, and she fell on the stair.

"I'll do my job myself. You can go rot in hell" he spat.

He was seething as he stormed out of the school when he remembered something.

She's aware that he's trying to kill Liam now, what if she rats him out to the school management?

He turned to go back in, but then he changed his mind.

This is just gonna be for another day.

He left the school.



"So...how do you feel now?" Kendra asked after Liam ate another fork from his meal.

"I feel better" he smiled.

"Mum once told me that if you find someone to tell your bad dream to, then it won't come to pass. Definitely" Kendra replied.

"Maybe" he smiled widely.

"Now that's the Liam i want. Come to think of it, you've never really touched my hair" she pouted.


"You hate it when Nick touches, but you...

Liam's hand was already on her head before she could finish. He stretched his arm to her side and stroked, making her smile.

"You know what? I told you about my picnic with my parents right?" He said.

"Yes, the weekend picnic...wait! It's Friday, meaning you're going today and won't be returning till Sunday! Come to think of it, it's not picnic, it's a two days vacation!" She gushed.

"Do you mind coming with us? I'll talk to dad and...

"Yes! Yes! Yes!!!" She screamed, and Liam laughed out.



Betty's condition is still so critical, but she's responding well to treatment so the doctor assured them of her safety.

Her arms were completely wrapped with bandage, and the cuts on her face are starting to dry up, thanks to medications.

"If anyone told me last night that I'd be here at the verge of tears for her, I'd have denied it" Fiona said sadly.

She's standing with Matty beside the bed, both staring down at her.

"She'd be fine, the doctor assured, remember?" Matty said, and she faced him.

He hugged her gently, and the door opened... Roman came in.

"Damn" he muttered, looking at Betty in bed.

"Roman" Fiona broke the hug with Matty and went to him.

He embraced her, patting her gently.

"She'll be fine, ok? Just relax and do whatever you have to do. Go for shoots if you have any. Put your mind at rest for her sake" he said, and she nodded.

"I can't remember the last time we hugged, I guess you finally got over your hatred for women completely?" She said, and he smiled.

"I found my redemption, and the b**ch got the right punishment, why would I still hate?" He said.

" Gwen? You saw her?" She broke the hug with wide eyes.

" Yes, and don't even get me started about her condition. She's worse, I'll tell you everything after Betty gets better" he replied, and she nodded.

"I'm so glad you found Peace" 



"If you could please just tell me why you both are back, then all this suspense will die down!" Tyson snarled at the two guys sitting on the couch side by side.

Angelina smiled as he stood.

"You must miss us a lot, seeing how you're whining a lot. I get the fact that we ran away from this mansion years ago after Kay killed out mother, but now that we're back, why don't we all settle down for good? Everyone's grown now" he said.

"Sit, everyone" Opium said from his seat.

"You have no say in anything anymore, old man!" Tyson fired.

"Nice shot!" Bishop clapped.

"You're still just as annoying as ever!" Tyson glared at him.

"And you're still just as stupid as ever!" Bishop shot back, and Tyson pulled out his gun.

He was about to shoot at Bishop when Angelina grabbed his hands and started struggling with him, trying to get the gun out of his hand.

Bishop stood and started rushing over to join the struggle, but then the gunshot came suddenly from the two strugglers.

Their eyes widened when they saw who got hit, and the gun fell from them.

"Dad!!" Tyson shouted, rushing to him as he began pouring blood from his mouth and his shot tummy.

"That was a really bad hit" Bishop shook his head as Angelina picked up the gun.

The doorknob twisted, and Donovan came in.

His eyes widened when he saw Opium's condition too, but when he saw the two last brothers, his eyes widened more.



Angelina and Bishop are still not back yet, so it's Ann doing all the assistances job.

Roman came back some minutes ago, and it has been hectic as they need to wrap up for the week and prepare for the dramas coming next week.

Rosy only had to sit and watch Roman work, there's nothing for her to lay hands on since Jeffery is back, so she decided to start searching for suitable names for her upcoming food chain.

Ten minutes into it, she spranged up from the couch, grabbing Roman's attention.

He looked up from the heap of files in front of him, and she flashed him a smile before walking to him.

"Here" she dropped the laptop, and as usual, he pulled her to his laps.

"I think I found a name. LR doesn't sound odd, right?" She said.

"Full meaning?" He asked.

"LiRo?" She replied.

"As in Liam and Rosy?" He looked over her shoulder, and she turned her face.

"Yeah, it's...

He made to kiss her at this point, but she covered his lips.

"I'll have my talk this time around. What do you think about the name?" She rolled eyes.

"It's cool, I've started working on it since you told me, and right now I have close to 30 international chefs waiting to be staffs" he said, and her eyes widened.


"Yeah, your husband to-be is dutiful" he replied, and she finally gave him a kiss.

"Hmm, one more" he winked, and she stood from his laps, but then he stood too.

"Why?" She blinked.

"It's our vacation at Cruz today, so I have a little surprise" he said, pulling her out with an hand while stuffing his other hand in his pocket.

"What surprise? Huh? Huh? What...

"Just follow me, curious cat" he chuckled, but surprisingly, they met Olivia barging her way in with five securities when they got to the assistances office.

"We tried to stop her, but she threatened to kill herself if she doesn't see Miss Rosy. We made a call but the assistances didn't answer" the chief security said.

Roman calmed with a deep breath, then she faced Olivia who was staring daggers at Rosy.

"What? You wanna kill me?" Rosy smirked.

"Yes! That's exactly what I'm gonna do! I'm gonna kill you Rosy! You ruined my life!!!" She screamed and got a knife out of her bag.

She started running to Rosy with it, but she was grabbed by the securities.

"Let me go I need to kill her! She ruined me I can't even find job anywhere! You ruined me across the city! What have I ever done to you!!!" She cried as the knife was taken away from her.

Rosy folded her arms on her chest as she walked slowly to her, standing in front of her as the guards held her still.

"You took everything away from me, I nearly lost my life, and you dare ask me what you took from me? You betrayed me and I only gave you a dose of your medicine! You're so heartless even to your blood brother! Weston is already out of the country and he's gonna go into surgery and start a new life with the money. You lost" Rosy said to her face.

"Should we call the cops?" The securities asked.

"No. Just throw her out, I never wanna see her again" Rosy replied, and they started dragging her out 

"Rosy you can't do this to me! Rosy! Remember our friendship! Remember when I was nice to you before Stefan came into the picture! Rosy!!!!"

Her screams rented the whole place till she was completely out, and Rosy faced Roman who widened his arms.

She hugged him, stuffing her face in his chest.

"Do you feel any better?" He asked.

"Yeah. A lot better." She replied, tightening the hug.

"Good, now we're left with the toughest... Stefan?" He said, and she broke the hug.

"Stefan is not tough, and that's why he has thugs at his beck and call. I know the lighter he always flips makes him look dangerous, but he has the habit since college, he's the easiest. I can still see right through him just like Olivia...He was once the love of my life so..." She smiled.

"Can we stop talking about your ex? He'll cry on Sunday anyways" he replied.

"Are you jealous?" She smiled, and he laughed as they left the office together.

She was wondering where their destination would be till they arrived in front of the store from the other time...

The one he threatened to buy.

Surprisingly, it got reconstructed. It's now bigger, fancier, classic and magnificent! It's huge.

"What are we doing here?" She faced him.

"Take a guess" he replied, and her eyes widened.

"You didn't buy it for real, did you? No you didn't!" She gasped.

"I did, and not just this building. All the twelve buildings surrounding it are all yours too" he replied, and she covered her mouth.

"Oh my gawd!"

"Owning the biggest and the most patronized store in this country isn't bad, is it? Now before you remind me of my mum, she loves the building she's in cos it was dad's only gift, so just take this small gift without complaining. You wanna make your own money? Then let's get it started" he said, and she jumped on him tightly.

"I dunno what to say, I'm just gonna stay like this ok? You've done so much and it kept increasing everytime so I'm just gonna...I'm gonna cry" she sniffed and started crying on his shoulder, making him smile as he began stroking her hair.

"Cry all you want, soak my suit, mama... I'm all yours"



Opium is still unconscious. The bullet got removed successfully and he's laying in bed, getting transfused.

The four sons are still in the ward, but none is looking at the dying father. They're glaring at each other.

"So now that you're back, what's gonna happen? Are you both back to claim dad's wealth or what? You should have continued staying in hiding" Donovan said.

"Wealth? If we needed that shit to survive then we'd be long dead! We only came back home when we figured out it was time" Bishop rolled eyes.

"And you're not needed! Your comeback took Kay away and is taking dad away too!" Tyson said.

"Don't act like you're not happy with dad's condition. If you get a pillow right now, we both know you're chocking him with it" Angelina said, and Tyson twisted his tongue.

"We're leaving, see y'all soon" Bishop said, leaving the ward with Angelina.

"They're obviously back for the wealth! We can't allow them" Tyson said.

"That is if you're ready to work with me" Donovan faced him.



The family of three arrived with Iris and Kendra and even Nancy an hour ago, and they settled for dinner immediately.

They're just leaving the dinning now.

It's too late for any fun in the island, and the night is too cold to swim, so they decided to just have a rest tonight then have their fun-filled day tommorow being Saturday.

The kids settled for telenovelas, and Rosy joined them for it.

Roman excused himself to go in for something unmentioned...

"The thought that I'd have to go back home on Sunday is terrifying" Liam said, inserting a lollipop into his mouth.

"Why?" Rosy asked, rubbing his hair.

"I'll have to go to school at home. Can't I just stop going to school?" He replied, and Rosy laughed.

"Don't mind him Miss Rosy, he hates to admit that he loves school" Kendra said.

"Stop saying what you don't know" Liam replied.

"Of course i understand you. I'm one year older so..." Kendra flipped her hair.

"You should do that frequently" Liam smiled.

"What?" Kendra blinked.

"Flipping your hair, looks good" Liam replied.

"Did you just flirt with her in front of me? Did you forget your age?" Rosy gasped.

"Mum...I was just complimenting her" Liam replied.

"He likes her" Iris chipped in childishly.

"What do you know about liking someone? You're just 5" Liam retorted.

"Well I'm 6, am I allowed to say you like her too? I know a lot about liking someone" Nancy said.

"Liam once said he likes blondes, and I'm a brunette, so .." Kendra said.

"You have preferences already? Liam!" Rosy stood.

"Mum it's not what you think! I'm a good guy and...

Rosy already reached him before he could finish, but he jumped over the couch before she could get to him, and the kids started laughing.

"Mumsy..." Liam made puppy faces.

"Your dad invented that so it won't work on me" she replied, but then she suddenly noticed his absence.

"Where has he been?" She muttered, looking around.

She started going in in search of him, but then the kids exchanged glances and blocked her.

"You can't go in, miss" Kendra said.

"Wait...you guys have been distracting me... ok what's really going on?" She asked, but they only smiled.

"There!" She suddenly pointed behind, and they all turned.

She took the opportunity to run in, and the kids ran after her.

She bursted the door open, and her eyes widened when she saw what's going on.

Roman is in with three staffs from the island house, making lovish decors...

Heart balloons was used to write I LOVE YOU ROS on the wall above the bed, and on the bed, there are several others with same inscription.

Sweet smelling roses on the ground, several gift boxes and wrapped ones, then a flower bouquet in the middle of the bed and a white cute enveloped letter.

It's too much to count and Rosy began crying even before Roman said anything.

"I told you guys to distract her for long...Liam" Roman said, touching his hair with a slight squint.

He's on a free black pants and hood, looking like his youth version...he's cute! 

"I'm sorry dad ... She's my Mrs. Smart after all. She caught on" Liam said slowly.

"Roman..." Rosy sniffed, looking around the rich room again.

Roman simply smiled, and she returned it tearfully.

"Gawd, I love you more Roman. I love you...i love you a lot I can't.... Roman..." she shook her head when the rest of the words refused to come out.

She walked fast to him and pulled his face down to herself.

Roman chuckled, held her waist ...

"I love you, mama" he whispered, and she kissed him...hard.


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