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Be My Woman - Episode 41 & 42




 Be My Woman - Episode 41 & 42

 Theme: (His•Baby•Mama...)

By: Naomi Cindy B.


The car screeched crazily out of the mansion, driving straight to the family hospital which is just three minutes drive from the house.

Roman didn't even look at the stretcher which was wheeled out by the nurses.

He carried him in by himself and only handed him over to the doctors when he got in.

Liam was transferred to the bed directly, and his pyjamas was unbuttoned, making his chest bare.

His heartbeats was felt with a steth, it's beating but irregularly.

The doctor nodded before checking his temperature too, then he inhaled and faced the nurses behind him.

"IV fluid and some acetaminophen" he said, and one of them stepped forward with a tray containing everything.

He connected Liam's IV drip and injected it with the aceta, then he came out to Roman and Rosy who're impatiently waiting at the hallway.

"How's he faring?" Rosy asked quickly.

"His symptoms shows he's developing fever, but not to worry. It's mild so he'd be fine before the drip gets to the middle. I think he's anxious about something, and the constant anticipation built the sickness in him, then he fainted as a result of shock" the doctor explained, and they both sighed in relief.

"What really happened? Mr. Lawson. He rarely gets sick unless you do something to upset him, so what is it this time?" The doctor asked.

"You won't understand, Dr. Ed" Roman replied, and the doctor smiled.

"He'll be up soon, put your mind at rest" he said with an assuring nod before leaving them.

"I'm so glad, I'd have hated myself madly if something bad happened to him. I'd have hated myself till death. I still can't take the fact that he fainted because of the shock I gave him, I'm a terrible mother" Rosy said tearfully, and Roman held her shoulders, holding eyes with her before speaking.

"I'm gonna get mad if hear you call yourself a terrible mother again. You're special, and he'd come around when he wakes up so calm down ok?" He said, and she nodded.

He hugged her gently, stroking her hair to calm her as she continued sobbing on his shoulder.

Angelina and Bishop finally came in with Kendra, and though Kendra looks sad, she smiled when she saw Rosy in Roman's arms.

"You shouldn't cry, Mrs. Rosy" she said, and Rosy broke the hug to look at her.

"I actually suspected it when I saw you both have the same birthmark on the right side of your necks, but I let it go cos i thought it might be a coincidence" she said.

"Kids are more like adults these days" Bishop muttered, surprised by her eloquence.

"I know, right?" Angelina smiled.

"But trust me Liam once wished you were his mum" Kendra continued, and Rosy sniffed.


"Yeah. During our sports period just this week, he told me it won't be bad to have you as his mother, but I guess he's just shocked that his wish came to pass, so don't worry about it. Liam loves you so much" she said, but that only made Rosy cry more.

"I love him too, than my life" she sniffed, and Kendra smiled.

"You can come see him now" a nurse said by the door, and they all entered the ward at once.

He's still unconscious in bed, and his drip bag is already draining.

Rosy sat beside him and placed her head beside his own, then she began stroking his hair gently.

"Please don't get mad at me for too long, I love you baby" she muttered, closing her eyes.

Roman is on the other side, staring at her with more affection than before.

Yeah he cherishes, adores, and values her, but now another thing just joined the list. Respect.

She's a rare type, and he'd do even the impossible right now to keep her, not only for Liam, but also for himself.

It's shameless to admit right now when his loving son is unconscious, but he admitted it right there without no shame.

He wants this woman, all of her.



Stefan came in all smiles, holding two black bags which he dropped on the table before walking to the cellar.

He banged his palm on the wood when he got there. 

There's no single bottle of drink left, and he's too broke to refill the cellar right now.

"I guess I'm just gonna have a dry celebration then" he muttered, walking back to the living room.

He opened the two bags and laughed when the money inside came to view.

He was finally able to get the balance of the money by borrowing from loan sharks, and today could count as his happiest day alive.

"In one month, I'll become richer by billions! Or wait..." He said and squinted, turning around.

"I can even kill Roman and have all the 20B to myself!" He shouted, laughing greedily afterwards.

He got his phone and texted Roman.

• Cash complete, where are we meeting at? Let's sign the deal.

Immediately he clicked send, Olivia barged in.

"One of these days you're gonna destroy that door and I'm gonna tear you apart Olivia!" He yelled.

She made no sound, just the clicking of her heels till she got to him and did what he wasn't expecting.

She slapped him on the right cheek, and before he could react, he slapped him on the left too.

"That was what your trashy girl did to me last night, I figured out I should pay it back to you" she said, and without waiting, he grabbed her by the hair, dragging her to the wall.

"Stefan! Stefan!!" She yelled till they got there.

He slammed her head on the wall, and she staggered as her forehead got greatly wounded.

She began bleeding, her blood wetting her dress.

"You know I can play all gentlemanly with you, but at the same time I can be evil when you act out of line" he smirked.

"Then why did you choose me back then!!! You should have just stayed with your Rosy!!! You and your unworthy d**k!!" She shot.

"Yes I should have! At least she doesn't complain about my d**k! You are the one who has questions to answer as to why you betrayed her!" He shouted.

"She looked so happy with you back then despite her poorness! She was always smiling anytime you both were together and I wanted to see the reason, which is why I seduced you and you fell, but then I found out you're not fun at all! Who'd wanna f**k that little meat under you, loser!" She spat, and he slapped her.

"Stefan!!" She yelled, staggering again.

"You know what's gonna happen? I'm gonna get this deal, and I'm gonna kill Roman, and I'm gonna have her back, then you can try to seduce me again but it won't work anymore and you'd cry" he threatened, and she laughed crookedly.

"Get her back? Let's see how that's gonna be possible after I drag her to the end of hell and kill her!" She threatened too, walking out with blood all-over her face.

"Olivia!!!" He yelled after her.

"Burn in hell" she replied, slamming the door.



Betty walked in and stood at some distance from the door, scanning everywhere for someone.

Her eyes narrowed when she finally saw him, and she smiled before walking to him.

"Hey, Donovan" she said, and he turned to face her.

He's in the middle of some dangerous looking guys, playing betting games.

"Who're you?" He smiled, raking her body with his lusty eyes.

She knowingly wore a pushy bra, giving out a lot of her boo*s to get his attention since she heard he's a manwh*re.

"I'm Betty, and I heard you're Rosy's contract husband, how about we have a talk?" she said.

"Well, this could be interesting" he smiled, leaving the circle to follow her.

They went to a different spot, and he ordered two cups of beer for them.

"I'll make it quick. What if i told you your contract wife is seducing her boss? She's determined to get Roman Lawson, and maybe dump you afterwards" she said.

"She's only using him to get back at me, Rosy's heart is locked after what one Stefan guy did" he replied, and she giggled.

"Really? But I saw them kissing in his office yesterday" she said, and his eyes darkened.


"Yes boo, I'm the sister of his bestie so I have unlimited access to the office. You should do the necessary, punish her and keep her away" she said.

"Why are you telling me all these?" He frowned.

"Obviously I want something to use against her. Tell me her deepest secret" she smiled, and he stood immediately.

"I have nothing to offer" he said and started walking away, but he turned suddenly.

"Oh...she was once a prostitute who had a one night stand with a stranger and got impregnated. She has an hidden son somewhere" he said and finally left.

Betty stood, smirking as she began walking out.

"That's more than enough, Roman needs to hear this as soon as possible" she said excitedly.



Fiona was over the moon when her only shoot for today ended, and she entered her dressing room  feeling hyper.

She looks shocked to see the backside of someone which she immediately recognized, and the shock turned to surprise when the person faced her.

"Kay?" She smiled, walking fast to him.

"How did your shoot go? Lola told me it's the only one you have today" he said.

"You met my manager?" She asked.

"Of course, she let me in here" he replied.

"Oh...what are you doing here?"

"Seriously? You stopped picking my calls after we went on the date" he replied, and she sighed.

"Kay, the thing is...

He pulled her into the adjoining restroom before she could finish, and her back hit the wall immediately they entered.

Before she knew it, he was already kissing her.


She began fighting it, trying to get him away, but he didn't stop.

He grabbed her hands and pinned them up against the wall, hardening the kiss.

Fiona's wall of defense began crumbling, and immediately she caught her breath, she began kissing him back slowly.

Kay let go of her hands, and instead of pushing him away like before, she held his arms and responded more than before, moaning slowly.

Lola is by the door, secretly making a video with her phone.



"Son!!" Mrs. Johnson shouted happily when Matty entered the ward, holding a fruits bag.

He dropped the bag and hugged her first, kissing her hair before releasing her.

"You saw me last night, why acting like we haven't seen each other for centuries" he said.

"Because each passing day, my son grows more handsome" she said, holding his face.

"I know where you're going" he smiled.

"But it's amusing that despite the choky handsomeness, he's still single" she said.

"I knew it" he laughed.

"Please bring a girl" she said seriously.

"I'm bringing one soon" he said, and her eyes widened.

"Wait! The one Nancy talked about?" She said, and he lifted his brows.

"Nancy said something?"

She got her phone and showed him Fiona's picture online.

"Nancy is such a parrot" Matty muttered.

"Is she really the one?" Mrs. Johnson asked impatiently.

"Heck, yes, but we're still getting to know each other" he replied.

"Yes!!!!" She screamed, jumping in bed.

"Stop please" he replied.

"My son is about to get a girlfriend!!!" She screamed to the doctor who just entered the ward.

"Congratulations Matty" the man replied.

"Mum is worse than Nancy" Matty said.



Rosy hasn't stood from Liam's side for once, same with Roman.

Angelina and Bishop had to go take care of the office, and Kendra had to go to school though she promised to come back immediately school closes.

"He's really gonna wake up today, right? It's already evening. It's taking longer than expected" Rosy said, and Roman stood.

He walked to her and stood beside her, then he hugged her head to his waist and began stroking her hair.

"He'd be fine, you heard the doctor right? It's probably delaying cos of the level of shock" he said.

"But I'm scared, what if...

"Mama" he cut her off, and she stopped talking, hugging his waist for a minute before standing up.

"If I continue holding back my pee,I might pee on myself" she said, and he smiled lightly.

"Don't take long" he replied, touching her face with his thumb.

She left the ward, and Darla came in almost immediately.

"Roman what the hell is happening? Liam is sick and you kept it from me? I wouldn't have known about it at all if Dr. Ed didn't call me" she said angrily.

"I just didn't want you to worry, mum...

"What are you talking about? He's my only grandson and I'm mad at you right now" she said hotly, and they heard movements from Liam's bed.

They turned at once to see him sitting up already. He's awake!

"Liam!" They both rushed to him at the same time, but he's not even looking at them.

He looked around, and when he couldn't find Rosy, he started crying.

"Did she leave because I passed out? I'm never gonna ever forgive her if she leaves me again!!!" He cried loudly.

"Liam calm down she only just went to...

"Get her back here!!! I want just her and nobody else!!" he cried again, and Rosy rushed in that moment.

She actually heard his cries on her way back. 

"Liam" she whispered, almost breathless.

Liam stopped crying for a while, staring at her as tears welled up in his eyes again.

"Mumsy!!" He let out the tears again, jumping down the bed to run to her.

He jumped on her, and Rosy caught him in her arms, hugging him tightly to her bosom as she began crying too.

Liam's hold on her was so tight that she felt breathless again. He's holding her like she'd run away if he held her any lesser.

"I hate you so much, very much mumsy" he sobbed, hiding his teary face in her neck.

"I'm so sorry baby, sorry for making you wait long, sorry for making you cry sweetie. please forgive me" she muttered in tears too, hugging her bundle of joy tighter.

She wasn't expecting it to turn out like this, she was already preparing herself to get snubbed by him for taking too long to confess, but this just brought her happiness overload.

She's damn... f*"king happy as she held her child in her arms for the first time after eight years.

"I hate you so much mumsy, I can't stop hating you" he cried again, his warm tears wetting her neck.

"I love you more, Liam....I love you so much baby" she sobbed.

Roman inhaled in big relief, smiling as he watched.

"Best scene I've ever seen all my life" Darla said, getting her phone to start capturing the moment.



The whole house is currently a mess as Donovan searched for some equipments.

He found three already, and they're on the table.

A cowskin long belt, a bowl of dogfood, and a pressing iron.

He breathed out when he found the fourth... An horsewhip.

He dropped it on the table with the other three, and he smiled.

"Whenever you come back home, I'm gonna be available to teach you some lessons, Rosy" he smirked, staring at the punishment tools.

He was still staring when the door opened.

Ann came in, wearing just a bra and thong. She smells like she showered with perfume, and she's knowingly bouncing her b**bs as she walked to him.

She kissed him directly on the lips, and when she broke it, Donovan smiled, looking thrilled and impressed.

"I want you again, no better d**k out there" she said.

"I'm a cheerful giver" he replied, spinning her to bend her over the table.

"Don't stop f**king my c*nt till i cry and beg you to stop" she said as he hurriedly pulled away her thongs.

His trousers fell down his legs, and his d**k pummelled straight into her wet pûss.

"Make me cry Donovan, f**kkk!!!"


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