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Be My Woman - Episode 39 & 40




 Be My Woman - Episode 39 & 40

 Theme: (His•Baby•Mama...)

By: Naomi Cindy B.


"Continue" he said, lifting his brows slowly to glare at the two.

He was staring daggers, and they could feel the chills on their skins as the shock seeped deeper.

Rosy swallowed hard again, feeling f**king embarrassed as Roman gently helped her down from the table, and immediately her feet touched the ground, Liam stood from the couch.

"You said you were going to be at Kendra's" Roman said carefully.

"I don't wanna talk to you!" Liam shot and threw the popcorn bowl away.

The popcorn scattered on the ground, and he started rushing up the stairs.

"Liam!" Roman called after him, but he never looked back.

"Damnit, I never wanted him to find out this way. This is gonna hurt him so bad" Rosy said fearfully, and Roman gave her an assuring stroke on her hair.

"He'd be fine" he said, and she sighed.

He noticed he left his phone on the couch so he went for it, and his eyes widened when he saw his chat with Kendra.

KENDRA: What's up Liam? Aren't you coming anymore? Mum made us chocolate cake to watch the movie with.

LIAM: I dunno, I'm tired.

KENDRA: Tired? Liam Are you sick?

LIAM: Maybe, my mouth is bitter and I'm running a slightly high temperature.

KENDRA: Tell the maids fast!

LIAM: I don't like them

KENDRA: Then call your dad!

The chat ended there, and when Rosy came closer to check what he's reading, he quickly turned off the screen.

"What's wrong?" She asked, and he covered up with a smile.

"Nothing, you need to go home and rest now, I'll...

"Go home and rest when Liam is mad about what he saw? No Roman, I can't...

"Shh, don't you trust me? He'd come around. I'll handle him" he said, and she looked into his eyes.

"Trust me, please just go home and relax, then we can talk about this tommorow" he said, and she nodded.

He planted a deep kiss on the top of her head, and he took her to the door, carrying her bag and phones from where they fell earlier.

He led her out of the house and she faced him.

"Are you really sure he'd be fine?" I can just... 

"Please listen to me this once, stop worrying mama" he said, taking off his suit.

He covered her with it and opened the car door for her. 

She got in, and he gave her her bag, then the driver rushed over.

"Drive slowly, no mistakes" he told him.

"Yes sir" the man bowed shortly and got in with her, driving out of the mansion.

Roman sighed, feeling slightly relieved.

At least, she's unaware of Liam's sickness, that'd save her from worrying too much.

He went back in and climbed the stairs straight.

He opened the door to Liam's room and found him sitting on the bed, crying slowly.

"Liam!" He rushed to the bed, but before he could get to him, Liam got down from the bed.

"You promised to introduce me to my mum this week and you made out with Mrs. Smart? What do you want my mum to think when she arrives? I hate when you get close to other women dad and doing that with Mrs. Smart will make me hate her!" He shouted tearfully.

"Liam listen, I need to get you to the hospital for checkup right now before the illness eats deeper into your system" Roman replied.

"I don't care if it eats me completely! You've become a lair just like Nick! You told me there's nothing going on between you two! You said you didn't like her but you kissed her! Who kisses a woman they don't like? You lied to me and I hate it! I don't wanna see you!" He cried again, and when Roman tried to hold him, he pushed him away though it was impossible cos Roman captured him.

He made to take him out of the room forcefully, but he cried louder.

"Leave me alone I don't wanna go to the hospital till you bring me my mum and cut your relationship with Mrs. Smart! Drop me!!!" He screamed, throwing his legs stubbornly.

He was so strong that he almost fell from Roman's grip, but Roman eventually dropped him when he sensed it won't go well with force.

Liam went back to the bed in tears and lay down , covering himself completely with the thick duvet.

Roman sighed and watched him for almost five minutes, he could hear his sobs from under the duvet, and he feels so bad for making him this way.

He eventually left the room, and he was surprised to see Kendra climbing up the stairs.

"Kendra?" He said.

"My driver dropped me just now. Is Liam already in the hospital? He said he's feeling sick" she said worriedly.

"He's currently mad at me and is refusing to go to the hospital. He's in" Roman said.

"Oh no, Is he rebelling again?" She replied, rushing into his room.

Roman went downstairs and met the two maids clearing up the living room already.

The popcorn, plush toy and destroyed LED lamp as a result of the fall.

"Make Liam his favorite honey tea, I'll add some drugs before you bring it to him" he said.

"Sure sir" one of them replied and rushed into the kitchen.

He got his phone out of his pocket when it rang out.

It's Rosy calling.


"Is he calming down now?" She cut him off.

"A little bit, but I think we have to do the introduction sooner than planned, else he'd hate us..." He replied.

"I understand" 

"So... tommorow?"  He sat on the couch.

"Yeah, tommorow, but I'm scared" she replied.

"I'll be there, so there's nothing to be scared about" he said.

"Roman are you sure?" She asked worriedly.

"Put your mind at rest, ok?" He said.

"I've heard you" she muttered.



"Oh wow! I was expecting to see a mansion but she lives in an apartment?" Olivia laughed mockingly, coming out of her old car.

"I guess she's not destined to be rich all her life. She's nothing but a PA to Roman Lawson so I shouldn't have expected more" she said and eventually stepped into the house.

Ann was just coming out of her apartment when she entered, and she smiled before walking to her.

"You are?" Ann asked.

"Olivia, I heard my friend Rosy lives here." she replied.

"Your friend?"

"Yeah, since college" Olivia smiled again.

"Wait...your face is somehow familiar....I've seen you... Golden Touches!" Ann said.

"Yeah, I'm one of the stylists" Olivia grinned.

"I knew it! Nice to meet you" Ann smiled.

Two minutes later, Olivia was already inside Ann's room, seated on the sofa while looking around.

"Are you sure Rosy is still coming back tonight?" She asked.

"Of course! She never sleeps out" Ann replied, bringing her a cup of juice.

"Thanks" Olivia took it from her and drank.

"Is this the first time you'd be seeing her since college?" Ann asked, sitting in front of her.

"Yes, and even though we had a bad blood back then and it's all her fault, i still can't wait to behold her" Olivia replied.

"Bad blood? Her fault?" Ann squinted.

"She dated my boyfriend" Olivia lied, and Ann gasped.


"Yeah. We were best friends but she dated my boyfriend behind my back, and when he proposed to me on our graduation, she cut ties with me and I lost her since then" 

"Dang! Rosy is worse! I thought she's saint! She has been acting like the most high to me since she caught me with her contract husband, but she did worse? Now I really wanna slap her" Ann said angrily.

"You slept with her husband?" Olivia laughed.

"Yeah. I've always been curious about just how good his d**k was cos every lady he brings home always scream whenever he's banging, so I decided to try it out" Ann said shamelessly.

"And how was it?" Olivia smiled.

"The best I've ever had inside me!" Ann replied, and Olivia laughed.

"You're a bad neighbor!" She said loudly, drinking from her juice.

"I didn't expect us to click this good" Ann said.

"I guess I made a new friend" Olivia replied, and they exchanged numbers.

They heard a car honk outside, and Ann gave her the signal that Rosy is here.

Olivia left the room and rushed outside.

She met Rosy coming in already with Iris in her arms. She went to pick her from Matty's.

"Best friend!" Olivia shouted, and Rosy stopped on her spot immediately, her eyes widened for a while.

"Gosh! I missed you Rosy! You became much more beautiful! Is that your child? She's so cute!" Olivia continued talking.

Skeptically, Rosy dropped Iris who's busy wondering who Olivia is.

"Come gimme a hug! I really missed you!" Olivia widened her arms.

Ann stood by the door, looking at Rosy with a new level of hatred in her eyes.

Rosy started walking to Olivia whose arms are still wide, and at each step she took, the scene became clearer and clearer in her memory_the proposal scene.

The clearer it got, the more refined her fury became, and when she took the eighth step, she stopped and scoffed.

"B**tch!!!!" She shouted, running the remaining distance to her.

She pounced on Olivia, and before a blink, she already landed two slaps on her face.

Olivia staggered back with bleeding lips, holding her red cheek.

Ann's mouth came wide by the door...

"I've been expecting you to show up, and thanks for finally showing up, now shall we start from where we stopped? The difference is that back then i was the pathetic loser, but right now there'll be a plot twist, you'll lose everything" Rosy said meanly, and Olivia looked at her shockingly, still holding the cheek.

"You slapped me? Rosy you raised your hand on me? How dare you!!!" She ranted and started rushing to her, but she stopped when a Benz stopped in front of the house.

Angelina and Bishop came out, and they walked to the scene, standing on each side of Rosy.

"So what's happening here? Any proper explanation?" Angelina asked, looking at Olivia.

"Her cheek is so red, I think she applied too much blush" Bishop muttered.

"The war only just started, Rosy. You're in trouble I swear!" Olivia threatened and walked to her car, driving off roughly. 

"Thanks for coming, brothers" Rosy faced the two.

She actually called them on her way home.

"Are you ok? And who's that lady red cheek who just left?" Bishop asked.

"I'll explain everything to you guys tonight, the story of my life from the beginning, but right now the most important thing is that I'm getting introduced to Liam tommorow, and I need help from you both" she said.

"Finally" they both chorused with wide smiles.


The guys already left after making plans for tommorow morning with Rosy.

She had to make oatmeal for Iris, and she slept off immediately she finished eating.

Rosy is currently in front of her mirror, thinking of how tommorow is gonna be for real.

Is he gonna hate her for not confessing earlier? She's expecting that and she's bracing herself, but at the same time she's so scared.

A new chapter of her life is gonna be opening tommorow, and she's anxious.

Nevertheless, she picked her pen and started writing a letter.



Betty is sitting in the living room, face buried in her phone as she made researches.

She's so engrossed that she didn't notice when Fiona got to her back.

Fiona peeped into what she's searching, and her eyes widened when she saw Rosy's picture.

"What do you think you're doing?" She said.

"You scared me!" Betty jumped.

"I'm sure I saw Rosy's picture, you're searching for her information now? What are you planning? Don't you have listening ears?" 

"I caught her sitting on Roman's laps in his office today and his lips were on her neck. She's the one seducing him I'm so sure" Betty replied.

"So what are you gonna do? Huh?" Fiona retorted.

"I'm gonna dig out everything dirty about her and show it to Roman, he doesn't deserve shit like her" she replied.

"If you don't get disgraced, then I'm not Fiona anymore" Fiona said and walked out of the house.

"Nothing is gonna happen!" She could hear Betty shouting after her as she entered the car.

Her phone rang, and she dropped it immediately she saw it's Kay.

She drove out of the house to Long Lives Hospital, and she went straight to the reception.

"Hi, I'm here for...

"Fiona Shawn! I'm a fan! I buy every magazine you appear on! I love you and Matty Johnson so much and the photoshoot you both did together is my favorite!" The nurse said happily.

"Thanks" Fiona smiled.

"Fiona?" Matty's voice made her turn.

"Matt" she walked to him, and he took her hand, leading her out of the reception.

"What are you doing here?" He asked when they got to a closed space.

"You once told me your mum is an inpatient here, so I figured out I'd meet you here since I don't know your address" she replied.

He kept quiet, so she went closer and hugged him.

"I'm sorry" she whispered, and he sighed.

"I'm not mad, we're not dating so I have no reason to get mad" he said, and she broke it.

"But I already told you there's nothing between I and the guy I went on a date with. It's you I'm attached to" she said to his face.

"You are?" He asked.

"Yeah, so please forgive me" she said, hugging him again.

"Hug me back" she said, and his arms wrapped on her too.

"I should go see your mum" she said.

"She's asleep, we can come tomorrow morning" he replied, and she tightened the hug.


"Let's hang out tonight" he said, and she broke the hug to hang her arms on his neck.

"Take me anywhere" She said, and he smiled.



"F**k! I should probably go write down today's date! My first day at my boss's luxurious house!" Bishop said loudly as he came in with Angelina.

They met Rosy waiting in the living room already.

"Thanks for coming" she stood.

"We'd never turn you down" Angelina smiled, and Roman came to the stairs.

"Goodmorning boss!" They chorused, and he replied with a nod.

He looked at Rosy, and she nodded too, so he went back upstairs to Liam's room.

He has refused to talk to even Kendra, and his temperature only got hotter throughout the night cos he even refused to take the drugged honey tea.

The duvet remained on his head, and he hasn't allowed anyone to see his face 

Kendra is still in, and she shifted back when Roman came in.

He sat in bed with him and brought a paper out of his shorts pocket.

"Here, a letter from your mum" he said, and Liam threw the duvet away from his head immediately.

His pale sick face came to view, and Roman looks shocked as he snatched the letter from him and tore it open.

He started reading impatiently.

"Will you forgive me if you know who I really am? I've been beside you for sometime now, but I guess my selfishness made me keep it for that long even after seeing how much you're craving to meet me. I'm so sorry Liam, please don't hate me. I missed you, and I promise to never leave you again... Forever"

"Where's she?" He faced Roman immediately he finished reading.

"Where's she!!!" He shouted impatiently.

"In the living room, she's waiting" Roman replied, and he jumped down from the bed.

He fell, but he stood immediately and ran so fast out of the room.

"Mum" he muttered, losing his breaths as he ran down the stairs.

He was already sweating when he got down only to meet Angelina and Bishop.

He looked around but no sign of anyone else.

"Where's my mum?" He asked calmly, and they both left their spots, revealing Rosy who's behind them.

She was already crying, and Liam's eyes widened madly.

"Mine...my boy" Rosy stuttered, and his knees weakened as his eyes got wider.

Obviously, he's beyond shocked.

"Mrs.... Mrs... Smart?" He muttered,. His voice breaking.

"Baby" Rosy replied, and his knees finally went sideways.

"Liam!!!" Rosy screamed fearfully.

His eyes went shut, and he started going down unconsciously, but thanks to Roman who's behind him.

He caught him before his body could land on the ground.

"Baby I'm so sorry, please don't be like this! Don't close your eyes on me Liam!!" Rosy started crying loudly, rushing after him as Roman carried him out of the house in his arms.

He literally jumped into the car with his limp body, and Rosy hopped in hurriedly too, still crying like a baby.

The car screeched crazily out of the house. 


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