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Be My Woman - Episode 37 & 38




 Be My Woman - Episode 37 & 38

 Theme: (His•Baby•Mama...)

By: Naomi Cindy B.


Bishop was the worse, he was rolling on the ground, and tears came out of his eyes as he laughed so hard.

Angelina had to lean on the doorframe of the office so he wouldn't fall like Bishop, and Ann covered her mouth, laughing uncontrollably too as she stared at Stefan.

Rosy kept in her laughter though, just looking at Stefan with a satisfactory smile on her face.

Stefan looked at Roman and saw him staring at his red d**k, looking  amused.

He got over the shock eventually and quickly pulled up his pants, bolting his belt hurriedly though his pénis is still stinging so bad.

"What are you all looking at!" He shouted at the laughing staffs, and that only made Bishop laugh more on the ground.

Ann was the first to leave the door, and Angelina had to drag Bishop away since he's not ready to stop laughing.

"Why would you make coffee that hot! Huh?" He faced Rosy who has a glaring expression on her face right now.

"And why aren't you replying? Are you now mute or something? Huh!!" He shouted and made to go closer to her...

"If you go anywhere near her, you won't be able to walk out of this office with your own legs" Roman said calmly from his seat, and Stefan stopped to face him.

"Seriously? She knowingly made it hot! You should punish her!" He shouted.

"Yeah, maybe punish her for not making it hot enough" Roman replied, finally looking up at him with a smirk.

"What!" Stefan gasped, and Rosy walked out of the office.

"Did you just take her side? I'm about to become your business partner! You shouldn't be doing this!" Stefan shouted, and Roman stood, walking two step to him.

Stefan's thugs came closer too, and Roman smirked.

"You're in my company, and it'd take not less than 2 minutes to thrash you and your thugs, so you should know what to say and what not" he said with a dangerous eyes roll, making Stefan release a light breath.

"Fine, let's get to business" he said and made to walk back to his seat, but after taking three steps, the sting under his trousers came madly, and he had to hold the spot.

One would think he's got diapers as he walked the remaining distance.

He settled on the couch, and his thugs stepped far away from them.

"So...do you have any idea of the new land?" He asked.

"Of course, reliable sources told me it's gonna be Jumbo district" Roman replied tactfully, and his eyes widened.

"Honestly I thought about it but i brushed it off cos I heard the district is haunted and residents left completely. No one is ready to buy" he said quickly.

"The houses would be demolished, and the government will be building a city hospital over there" Roman replied, standing to go to his desk.

He came back with some documents. The ones he was working on before Rosy came in earlier, they're about the land.

He handed them to Stefan, and Stefan smiled as he read.

Roman sat back, waiting patiently for him to fall into the trap.

"It's going for 2 billion Euros?" Stefan looked at him.

"Yes. As at two years ago it was about 20B, but after the residents left, the price dropped. If we get it right now, we sell it 20B for the government" Roman explained.

"So the deal is 50/50, right? I gather 1 billion and you add 1 billion too!" Stefan said impatiently.

"Sure, it's...

Roman hasn't finished talking when he spranged up and rushed out of the office.

His thugs rushed after him, and Roman rested back calmly.

"He fell so easily, he'd get burnt so bad" he muttered with a knowing smile, and Rosy came back in.

"He's gone! He was rushing!" She said, sitting beside him.

"He fell for it" he replied, and she gasped.


"Trust me" he said, and she hugged him tightly.

"Gosh! I'm so happy!" She squealed, and he chuckled before hugging her back.

Immediately his hands touched her open back, she froze in his arms, holding her breath.

What the hell, was this the first time he touched her bare skin?


 It was electrifying, and she couldn't breath for real till she broke the hug and faced him.

She made sure to avoid his eyes as she spoke.

"So...are you really gonna punish me for not making the water hot enough?" She asked slowly.

"Why are you avoiding my eyes?" He replied, and she quickly looked up.


"Yeah I'm gonna punish you, maybe with a f**king hard kiss" he said, and she quickly shifted away from him.

"Thief" she said and stood to rush out, but he pulled her back by the arm, and she landed on his laps, gasping as her palms grabbed his chest.

"Are you suddenly feeling shy?" He asked in a seductive whisper, and she swallowed as the heat of his manly voice hit her skin.

"No, no .. I'm not shy" she replied awkwardly, literally stuttering.

"Then look at me and tell me you're not" he said, and she slowly looked up.

"I'm not...

Before she could finish, his lips was already on her neck.

He kissed the spot deeply, and she held her breath yet again.

That'd surely leave a hickey, but why is she not standing up?

Is she loving it?

His lips was still on her neck when the door opened, and Betty came in.

"I'll take my leave" Rosy quickly stood from his laps, rushing out of the office.

"What just happened? Roman she's your staff!" Betty said, walking fast to him.

"And it's none of your business, Betty" he replied, standing from the couch.

He started walking to his desk, but she blocked him.

"Roman you were not like this before, what did she do to you?" 

"I can't even explain so I don't know how we're gonna handle it" he replied flatly.

"What! You're really in love with that woman? Fiona told me she's married and...

"Betty!!!" He yelled furiously, and she stopped talking to gulp.

"I'm not in any way entitled to listening to you just because you're Fiona's sis so know your place, and I'm five years older than you, learn to use honorifics" he said and resumed walking to his desk, but he suddenly stopped and turned.

"Also, I don't appreciate you coming in here without knocking, this is not your house" he said and sat on his desk.

Betty stormed out of the office, feeling so much anger in the pit of her stomach.

She glared hatefully at Rosy as she walked past her desk, and she stopped when she saw Roman's hickey on her neck.

She almost went to her to attack her, but she cooled down and walked out.

"What was that? 4 inches wasn't enough and now her?" Bishop laughed loudly from his desk.

"Today is soo good" Angelina grinned.

Rosy got a mirror from her bag and checked out her neck. 

There's an hickey like she suspected, and she smiled, touching it like some treasure.

She was still touching when she saw Ann staring at her, and she glared, making Ann look away.

She looked at the hickey in the mirror again and buried her face in her desk, smiling.



The small building is a saloon where ladies come for touch up, hair styling, makeup, manicure and so on...

Olivia is sharing the place with five partners though they have their different spots.

The other five are busy working on their customers but she's got none right now.

She's the least patronized person in the building cos of her bad temper.

She kept hissing, rolling eyes jealously at the others who're working.

Stefan suddenly came in, and she squeezed her face immediately.

"And what the hell are you doing here?" 

He pulled her up, taking her out of the building.

"I asked you what you're doing here!" She broke free when they got out.

"We have a new deal, you know the land I told you about? I'm partnering with Roman Lawson on it and I need a billion" he said.

"What! So are you gonna sell your organs to get it? You're owing your staffs a month salary already Stefan!"

"I took 800 million loan from the bank already, and I added the 100 in my account" he said.

"The hell! Are you crazy?" Her eyes widened.

"I'm left with 100 million and that's why I'm here, you can lend me that" he continued 

"Are you blind? The other stylists are working but what did you see when you came inside to drag me? My spot is empty! No single customer since morning Stefan! I've been begging you for money to spa since two weeks ago and you think I'd have 100 million?" She smirked.

"Listen Olivia, this deal will bring 20B and I'm gonna spoil you real bad after I get my share of 10, so just...

"Get lost, Stefan" Olivia cut him off and started going in.

"Olivia wait! Olivia!" He ran after her.



"This is the last take, I promise" the photography director said, and the cameras were set again.

Fiona is on stage, sitting on a chair. The photoshoot session has been ongoing for an hour now, and she's darn tired already.

She made another pose, making sure her smile is sweet as the pictures clicked.

"And we're done!" The director said, and the team clapped as she stood from the chair.

Lola quickly removed the dragging material in her gown, and they left the studio together to her dressing room where they met Matty waiting.

"Matt!" She smiled despite her tiredness.

"You took so long" he stood from his chair, and she gave him a bear hug.

"It was so exhausting, do you have a a session?" She asked.

"No. I came to see y...

"I nearly forgot to ask you Miss Fiona, how did your date go last night?" Lola cut in, and Matty faced her.

"We didn't go on the date" he said.

"Wait...so you weren't the one I saw with her last night at Super Dates?" Lola asked, and Matty faced Fiona.

"You... went on a date with... Someone?" He asked, and she smiled awkwardly.

"It was...

"I was wondering why you suddenly cancelled our date" he said, his voice laced with hurt.

He started walking out of the room, but Fiona rushed to hold him back.

"Matty, i promise i only went for fun, I wasn't planning to give him a chance..

"And I promise I'm not hurt" he smiled hurtfully and released himself, walking out of the room.

"Oh no" Fiona muttered in confusion.



As planned, the staffs stayed at work past the working hours, and they're only just getting off work.

It was already pitch dark as Roman walked out to the private basement park with Rosy beside him.

He's holding her hand in an interlock, and she kept smiling radiantly till they got to the car.

"I've not seen this one before" she gasped.

It's golden brown, sparkling clean, a Porsche.

"It's new, my car supplier brought it this afternoon" he replied and made to open the door for her ...

"You should start letting me open car doors by myself" she said.

"Nah, mama is not allowed to do that whenever I'm beside her" he replied, and she chuckled as he finally opened the backdoor.

They got in together, and the driver who drove her in the morning appeared, getting in the front.

"Is he new?" She asked beside him.

"Yeah, I got him cos of you though" he replied, and she smiled at him.

The driver zoomed the car out of the park, into the street.

"So...I'm thinking you should come to my place first and... I wanna cook for you" he suddenly said.

"You can cook?" She asked.

"I'm trying" he made a puppy face again, and she giggled.

"What about my Liam?" She asked.

"He said he'd come home late tonight. He's gonna stay at Kendra's till 10" Roman replied.

"Fine" she said.

"You'll come?" He asked, and she nodded twice.

"Yes!" He said happily, and she laughed before getting her phone.

She began playing bubble crush, and Roman started bringing his head to her shoulder, but thinking of how she'd react made him hesitate.

He was about to sit straight when Rosy held him back and brought his head to her shoulder gently.

He smiled handsomely and closed his eyes, the sound of her bubble crush playing in his ears.

They arrived at his mansion at ten minutes downside 8, the new car ride was madly fast.

Roman held her hand again and led her to the door.

He pressed the password right in front of her, and she smiled secretly when she saw it's Liam's birthday date.

The door slid open automatically, and they stepped in at once only to meet darkness.

No single light is on.

"What's going on?" Roman asked himself.

He got his phone from his pocket, and Rosy got her phone from her bag.

They looked up at the same time to put on their flashlights, but their heads mistakenly hit on each other, making the phones fall on the ground.

"Ouch!" Rosy winced, rubbing her head.

"Are you ok?" Roman quickly asked, taking her face in his palms, though his head is hurting too.

"I'm fine" she replied, and he started rubbing her head with his thumb.

"I'm sorry" he whispered.

"Don't be, it's not your fault that the lights are off" she replied, and he continued the thumb rub while she stared at him.

The lights from their two fallen phones are still on, so they can see each other's faces, and their silhouettes are bold on the wall.

Roman noticed her silence, and he stopped rubbing, bringing his eyes to her full face.

He caught her staring, and she didn't bother to look away, so their eyes locked, and her nervousness pumped in again on a different level.

She was palpitating, and the loud sounds from it reached her ears.

Slowly, Roman's eyes moved down settled on the fleshy part of her face... Her lips.

His throat moved hungrily, and he felt a rush of heat in his body as his heart began racing so much

He wasn't thinking anymore, and though he's the same man who promised himself not to make any move till she does, he threw away that promise immediately, leaning in slowly.

Rosy's palpitations increased the closer he came, and when they could already feel their warm breaths on each other's faces, he looked into her eyes.

"May I?" He whispered impatiently, and Rosy looked back into his craving eyes slowly.

She wasn't thinking when she pulled him in by herself, smashing her lips so hard on his own.

Roman's eyes didn't have time to widen cos he closed them immediately, grabbing her face to deepen the kiss.

Her back hit the wall, and she held on to his shirt in the front, fisting the fabric in her palms as he devoured her mouth.

He kissed her lower and upper lips separately before sliding his tongue into her mouth.

She moulded hers with it, eventually wrapping her arms tightly on his body.

He pulled softly on her bottom lip and bit it before capturing her whole lips again, pressing her firmly against the wall.

It was crazily heated, and the sounds of them kissing kept sounding cutely in the dark.

His hands grabbed her waist, and he lifted her small body off the ground, still eating her up as he walked to a table of decorative plush toy and emergency LED lamp in the dark living room.

He pushed the table contents away and placed her gently on it, standing between her legs.

He raised her legs and wrapped them on his own waist, and she broke the kiss, her arms on his shoulder.

"Is this the punishment you were talking about?" She whispered with fast breaths.

"Do you like it?" He whispered back, breathing hard too, and she wrapped her arms on his neck.

"So much" she whispered again, impatient to have his lips again.

Roman smiled before stuffing his face in her neck, kissing her deeply on her sensitive spot like he did in the office.

Rosy's body responded fast, and he gave her a quick neck lick on that same spot before coming back for her lips, but immediately their lips met again, the lights suddenly came on.

Their eyes widened at once, and they broke the kiss quickly, their lips so wet as they turned back at the same time to see him...


He's sitting on the middle couch with a bowl of popcorn beside him and a blank look on his face.

Their eyes widened again, and Rosy's legs dropped from Roman's waist as they both swallowed nothing.

Liam placed his right leg on his left leg, then he rested back on the couch before facing them again.

"Continue" he said.


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