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Be My Woman - Episode 35 & 36




 Be My Woman - Episode 35 & 36

 Theme: (His•Baby•Mama...)

By: Naomi Cindy B.


"mama please choose another number, let me do another transaction" he begged with puppy eyes, and Rosy couldn't fight back her laughter.

He's so damn cute with that face, she wouldn't dare deny that.

"Why?" She chuckled, resting her arms on his shoulders.

"Maybe you could kiss me again" he replied, and she giggled. She expected him to say that.

He began rubbing his palms on her hips stylishly, and when she felt the moves, she didn't bother to move away.

He lifted an hand from her right hip to brush the short tendrils of hair on her face away, and she smiled wider.

Ok for the first time today, he saw her smile genuinely, and he's so damn happy right now.

He wants to keep doing things like this for her, keep making her wanna smile and keep doubling up the baby girl treatment till she'd call him silly for spoiling her too much.

Yeah, that's the right word for it. He wants to spoil her so much that he'd feel the weight on his bank account.

 He's ready to go any length, and though right now he feels like grabbing her cute small face and kissing the hell out of those lips of hers, but he had to hold himself back 

He won't make another mistake, he'd wait till she's ready to have such intimacy with him, then he'd build his horizon.

For now, he'd make do with the short sleazy kisses, and when the time comes, he'd eat her up.

He smiled widely at the thought of all that, and she chuckled.

"Why are you smiling?" She asked, rubbing the sensitive part of his neck with her thumb.

"I'm happy, the kiss was sweet" he replied, and she leaned in to peck the side of his face. 

"It'd be better on the lips" he whispered.

"Thief" she replied, and they both laughed as the door opened.

Five attendants came in with the dresses in five movable hangers, and when she made to jump down from the chair, Roman stopped her.

"You'd hurt yourself" he said, carrying her down from it.

"Wait...all these are mine?" She blinked, looking at the hangers.

"Yes darling!" Darla replied, coming in last.

"But I can't...

"You own everything Rosy, and if you refuse, I'll get hurt" Darla said, and Rosy opened her mouth to say another word, but when she found nothing to say, she hugged Darla.

"Thank you so much. You're just like my mother. She'd even spend her last card to get me as many dresses as possible when I was a kid"

"Where's she now?" Darla asked.

"She's dead. She slipped and fell from the stairs while cleaning at her workplace" Rosy replied, and Darla broke the hug.

"Jesus, what about your dad?" She asked shockingly.

"He's gone too. He died of HBP" she replied, and Darla's face fell immediately.

"Oh dear, it must have been so hard for you, you're strong" she said, holding Rosy's face.

"Thanks for being a sweet person" Rosy said.

"I love you" Darla smiled, and Rosy smiled before hugging her again.

Roman has been watching silently.

He's aware that her parents are dead according to her biography she submitted at Landmark, but he wasn't aware of the kind of deaths. He instantly became much more determined to make her happy.

"Shall we check out the dresses?" Darla said, and Rosy smiled, turning to Roman.

He shrugged slightly and eventually left the room to wait at the receiving room.

Rosy started trying out the clothes one by one, coming out to show him each time she changes.



"You're hot!"






Roman couldn't stop commenting on every of the dresses, and she's topping everything up with different heels, so she's just too fine in everything.

There different type and colours of gowns, blouses, crop tops even beaded ones, short skirts and pants, and variety of shoes.

She tried out almost thirty, having fun changing till she became tired and crashed on a chair beside Roman in the receiving room.

He passed her a cup of chilled milk, and her eyes widened.

"How did you know I love milk!" She gushed, snatching the cup from him.

She drank it all at once and faced him. 

"Sweet" she smiled, and Roman couldn't even reply.

He kept staring at her lips. The upper one is stained with the milk, and he wants to badly kiss it away for her, but he held himself yet again.

"Is there something on my face?" She asked, and he got a tissue which he wiped the stain with.

"Thanks, Baby Daddy" she said, and he smiled.

Hearing that from her presses his excitement button.

It was already so dark when they left the store. The dresses and shoes filled up three big bags, and they drove out of the park at exactly 7pm.

Rosy couldn't stop smiling throughout the drive, but Roman was lost in thoughts.

She noticed his face and cleared her throat to bring him back, but it didn't work.

"Roman" she called, and he looked at her.


"What?" She asked, and he sighed.

"I was just thinking... I never knew your parents passed away like that" he said.

"At least, I got to create happy memories with them before they passed away" she smiled

"Will you show me their pictures someday?" He asked.

"Sure" she nodded.

"But...what about your dad? I heard his name is Damien Lawson" she asked.

" He was a heavy drunkard who'd drink anything to get high" he replied.


"But despite that, he loved I and mum so much. The taxi I drove back then, he bought it for me, and my mum's store was once a one room building, he was the one who built it too. He was a hard-working man, and mum loved him more, that's why she's still not able to move on till now. He fell and died in his drunk state" he explained, and she could feel the pain in his voice as he spoke.

"I'm sorry" she said.

"It's fine, I have happy memories of him too just like you had of your parents, so it's all good" he smiled.

He pulled up in front of her house five minutes later and took the bags out of the trunk.

Almost immediately, a taxi pulled up, and six attendants from the store came out.

"Madam sent us to take the bags in for you" they said.

"She's so sweet" Rosy said gratefully, and they carried the bags two on one, into the house.

"Tommorow then" Rosy faced Roman.

"Sure, mama" he replied, and she waved before starting to go in, but she suddenly stopped and rushed back.

He was wondering what's up till she got to him and stood on her toes to kiss his two cheeks.

"Goodnight!" She said fast and rushed in quickly.

Roman touched both cheeks fondly, giving his lip a slight bite as he entered his car, driving away.


"Thanks for coming!" Rosy said to the attendants who replied with bows as they left the house, and she smiled brightly as she went into her apartment.

Ann came out from her apartment immediately, she has been peeping.

"Three bags? What's inside them? Where did she get them from?" She muttered curiously.


"Matty?" Rosy said surprisingly when she got in and met him waiting with Iris.

"Mummy!" Iris flew to her, and she carried her, giving her a forehead kiss .

"You came late, and you didn't tell me earlier" she pouted.

"I'm so sorry, I knew you were in safe hands and that's why i was calm" Rosy smiled.

"You're right, Matty got ice cream for I and Nancy, and he cooked my favorite coconut rice again! He bought same shoes for I and Nancy plus many dresses, He took us shopping!" She talked nonstop, and Rosy hugged her.

"Thanks, Matty" she faced him.

"I was wondering the owner of the three bags as they were brought in" he smiled.

"They're all mine, and...don't worry, you'll know the secret behind them soon" she nodded, and he stood.

"It's been a while since we hung out with the kids, let's do that soon Miss Rose" he said, and she chuckled.

"Ok Mr. Matty Johnson"

"I gotta go, I'll call you" he said.


"Bye Matt!" Iris waved.

"Bye!" He blew him kisses as he left.

"What should we eat for dinner?" Rosy asked, taking Iris into the kitchen.

Donovan isn't around again, and it's always a sweet home at times like this.

"Mummy please make fries!" Iris said.

"Ok cutie!" 



Betty has been hissing non-stop as she played games on her phone.

She's lying on Fiona's bed while Fiona did her makeup in front of the mirror.

Fiona stopped the application of blush and faced her.

"What's with the unending hisses?"

"Roman has changed, and I'm sure it's because of that witch PA, I don't like her! She literally took him away from me when I wasn't around" Betty complained.

"Roman never had romantic feelings for you so please...I told you to get over him" Fiona rolled eyes.

"Is it that easy? I want Roman and that's period. I'm never gonna stop trying" Betty replied stubbornly, and Fiona's phone rang.

Her eyes widened when she saw it's Kay, and she quickly picked.

"Kay what's up?"

"I was thinking maybe we could hangout tonight" Kay replied.

"Really? Oh....I...

Betty jumped down from the bed and snatched the phone from her.

"She's gonna come! Please send location!" She said and hung up.

"What is wrong with you Betty! I have a date with Matty!" Fiona stood.

"You can just call and tell him you're tired and can't make it. Try out Kay too he's a nice guy" Betty rolled eyes, and Fiona sighed.



"I'm sure she's gonna fall completely if she sees you dressed like that!" Nancy gushed when Matty came downstairs in a posh outfit. He got it specially for his date with Fiona tonight.

"Stop hyping" he replied, taking his phone from the couch.

"I can't wait for the news! Fiona Shawn and Matty Johnson in a relationship!" Nancy hyped again.

"You're a crazy one, are you really 6?" He laughed, and his phone rang.

He smiled at the sight of Fiona's name.

"Hey, I'm about to...

"Matty I'm sorry, I won't be able to make it to the date" Fiona said, and the happiness fell off his face.

"It's fine" 



Coming out of the house felt like coming out to another world for Rosy, and she smiled immediately she felt the morning air on her skin.

She's wearing a floral backless gown, carrying a matching bag and one of the expensive heels from yesterday.

New earrings and the Exquisite necklace, she's dazzling as she took each step away from the house.

Ann was beyond shocked when she came out behind her, and she covered her mouth with her palm so she wouldn't scream.

She's S£XY in one word.

A car suddenly pulled up, and Rosy recognized it as one of Roman's cars immediately

A driver in suit came out and bowed for her.

"Boss ordered me to drive you to work" he said, and Rosy started blushing 

"He didn't have to" she muttered, and the driver opened the door for her.

She stepped in, and the car drove off.

Ann started coughing.

"What the....hell..."



The car drove in through the private basement park, and Rosy stepped out stylishly, doing easy catwalks on her heels as she entered the company.

She earned the attention of everyone immediately, and the staffs holding coffee cups all stained the ground with it.

The cups fell from them immediately she walked past them. She's breathtaking.

👥 Who's that?

👥 Mrs. Rosy Mendez?

👥 How did she transform overnight!

👥 I love her gown!

👥 I want the heels!

👥 She's so cute!

👥 But won't boss complain about the backless gown?

👥 Didn't you see them at the anniversary? I think there's something going on!

👥 I don't think so, boss and her?

Everyone paused just to look at her, running their mouths with comments.

Knowing the chaos she's causing, Rosy smiled before entering the elevator where she put the people on it on chokehold too.

They couldn't stop staring till they got to the upper floor where she came out and stepped into the office in style.

"That can't be Rosy!" Bishop stood before he knew it.

"F**k! The only baby mama of Roman Lawson!" Angelina shouted.

"Whoa!" Bishop clapped.

"Do I look that pretty?" She smiled, dropping her bag on her desk.

"Just look around" Angelina said, and she turned to see several staffs standing by the glass wall of the office, staring at her from there.

"I guess I'm really pretty" she smiled confidently.

"You're extra pretty, and please continue dressing this way" Bishop said, and Ann came in.

She stood by the door, unable to come closer.

"Is boss in already?" Rosy asked.

"Sure, since 7" Bishop said, and she opened his office door instantly.

She met him working on some documents already, and he's so invested that he didn't even look up 

"Yes? Who's it?" He asked.

"Your baby mama" she replied, and he looked up Immediately.

"Damn!" He remarked.

She smiled and began walking to him.

Roman stood from his desk and met her halfway.

He hugged her, and she hugged him back.

"Hmmm, I love the smell of peach always on you" he whispered, and she chuckled.

"You look irresistible" he said, breaking the hug .

He brought her knuckles to his lips and kissed the two.

"Goodmorning mama, did you enjoy your sleep? Donovan didn't act crazy?" He asked

"He rarely sleeps or stays at home, so my night was long and good" she nodded.

"I'll meet him soon" he said, touching her hair.

She smiled lightly, looking up at him.

"I'm gonna start with Stefan very soon" he said again.


"His company is currently suffering, so I'm expecting him to reach out for partnership. I'd make him borrow loans just like he did to you, and everything will burn, and that'd be the start of his pains" he replied, and his telephone rang on the desk.

"Just a moment" he said, going for it.

"Stefan Forbes is here" the chief security at the entrance reported, and he hung up.

"Please go make some coffee, not the usual type" he faced Rosy.

"Sure" she replied and walked out of the office.

He was staring at her back till she was out, and he dipped his hand into his hair.

"F**k! Liam your mum is trying to kill me! She's messing with my brain" he said to himself, and a knock sounded on the door.


Angelina came in.

"Stefan Forbes is...

"Let him in" he cut him off, and Angelina left with a bow.

Stefan came in almost immediately with two of his thugs in suit behind him. 

"It's not a good sign to receive my enemy as an early morning visitor" Roman said, and Stefan smiled.

"I decided to bury the hatchet and come have a talk with you" 

"Have your sit then, though there was nothing to bury before" Roman said, walking to him.

"I'm willing to let go of the past rivalry, Roman" he replied, taking his seat on the couch.

His two thugs stood behind him, and Roman sat in front of him.

Their exchange of words was interrupted when Rosy brought in the cup of coffee on a tray.

Stefan's eyes widened beyond their sockets immediately he saw her like that, and his jaws dropped with his mouth.

She intensified her catwalks as she walked to the table and dropped the steamy hot cup of coffee. She knowingly made it so hot with boiling water.

She dropped it in front of Stefan, and he swallowed emptiness as he stared.

Roman sat back on his chair, awaiting the climax.

Stefan picked the cup of coffee to drink, and Rosy turned her back to start leaving.

Immediately he saw her open back, the cup missed his mouth, and and the f**king hot coffee poured on his trousers, then the show started.

"Geez!!!! F**k!!!!!!" He screamed out as his pénis got hit by the stinging hotness.

He spranged up and began dancing round the office, screaming madly as he tried to pull off his trousers.

"My...my thing!!! My f**king d**k is on fire!!! Geezzz!!!!

He finally succeeded in taking off the trousers and his underpants at the same time, shamelessly revealing his ruler.

Cold air from the air conditioners hit it, and he breathed out in relief, but then he remembered he's actually in an office.

He turned to see Rosy and Roman staring speechlessly at him, even his two guards.

At the door of the office are Angelina and Bishop plus Ann, all staring at his red d**k.

His eyes came insanely wide.

"Angelina, are you seeing what I'm seeing?" Bishop muttered.

"4 inches!!!" Angelina shouted, and everyone started laughing mockingly.

Bishop was the worse, he was rolling on the ground!


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