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Be My Woman - Episode 33 & 34




 Be My Woman - Episode 33 & 34

 Theme: (His•Baby•Mama...)

By: Naomi Cindy B.


"Prove it to me, baby daddy" she sniffed, and he smiled tearfully as she pulled him into a comforting hug without minding the fact that she's wearing only a bra.

It lasted for almost five minutes, both taking time to relish in the scents of each other.

His cologne made her want to hug him longer, then the warmth of his body. It was so soothing that she had to hug him tighter, hooking her face on his shoulder totally.

Her peachy scent made him calm down apart from the softness of her body, and he hugged her tighter too, eventually raising his hand to her hair. He began rubbing it, making her smile.

They found so much solace and peace in each other, and when they finally broke the hug, they could visibly see the relief in each other's eyes.

Roman's tears are totally gone. He smiled widely before picking her blouse and singlet from where they fell.

"I can wear them myself" she quickly said, knowing what he's gonna do next.

"No, let me do my thing" he replied, and she chuckled.

"You love that line, I was expecting you to say it"

Roman smiled as he wore the singlet for her, then the shirt.

He was staring into her eyes as he did her buttons, and she was smiling.

"Hmm...the cigar and alcohol..." He suddenly said.

"What about them?" She blinked.

"You didn't go back to buy another one last night, right?" He said, and she shook her head.

"No. I wasn't thinking when i went out to buy them. Seeing Stefan alive and well again really messed with my head, and I...I nearly went crazy. I'm thankful i met you last night" she said, and he smiled, doing the last button of the shirt.

"I'm declaring today a work-free day" he said.

"Why? We have a lot to do" she replied.

"Making you happy comes first" he replied.

"But I'm happy" she blinked, and he couldn't help but laugh.

"You blink like a kid, why is everything about you babyish?"

She blinked again, and he laughed again. She joined in the laughter, and he suddenly carried her away from the table, placing her down gently.

"You really don't have to declare a work-free day" she said.

"And your tummy, we need to get it treated" he said, pulling her out of the office.

Angelina and Bishop stood from their desks when they saw them, and Ann stood slowly too, all watching surprisingly till they're out of the office completely.

"Yes!" Angelina stuck hands with Bishop, and Ann bit her tongue.

Roman took Rosy to the announcement room, and she quickly blocked his way when they got in.

"You really don't have to declare...

He suddenly leaned in, and she stepped back quickly.

"Good" he smiled and went to the address system.

"Listen up, staffs!" He said, his voice echoing everywhere in the company.

"I'm declaring a work-free day today for everyone!" He announced, and a loud scream filled the company immediately.

"But tommorow, prepare to work past the working hours, have a nice day" he finished up the announcement and faced Rosy.

"Done" he winked.

"Stubborn baby daddy" she said, and he grinned, holding her hand again.

This time, he interlocked their fingers as he took her out of the room.

Rosy looked at the interlocked hands and smiled, following his lead till they got back to the assistances office.

"You have a visitor, sir" Bishop reported.

"Business related?" 

"No sir, her name is Betty" Bishop replied.

"Betty? She's back?" Roman said surprisingly, and Rosy was still wondering who Betty is when Roman took her back into the office.

"Roman!!" Betty screamed, standing from his desk where she's sitting on.

Rosy was looking so confused as she ran to Roman and jumped on him, making him lose his hold on Rosy.

Rosy folded her hand, turning to them slowly.

Betty completely wrapped her legs on him, and that made her look away.

"I've missed you!" Betty gushed, and Roman tried to drop her, but she tightened her legs on him.

"Get down, Betty. You turned 25 this year isn't it? You should have grown out of your childish plays. Get down I'm suffocating" he said.

"No! Allow me to give you a kiss on the cheeks at least" she said.

"Betty!" Roman said a little loud, and she stopped smiling, coming down slowly from him.

"Did you just shout at me? I spent three years in the US and this is how you welcome me? Roman!" she stumped her shoes.

"I have somewhere to go" he said and went to his desk to take his phone.

He came back for Rosy and took her hand, interlocking them again before taking her out of the office.

Betty turned to look at them as they left, and Rosy looked back at her.

Their eyes met, and Betty rolled eyes at her before they left completely.

"I guess that's the woman he likes, she's not half as pretty" she muttered jealously.



"It's my first time here" Rosy said surprisingly when she got there with Roman, still holding hands.

"It's specially for me and the important members of staffs and management" he replied, opening the door of his white car for her.

She smiled at him before stepping in, and he joined her shortly.

"That...that girl earlier" she said, and he faced her.


"Who's...she?" She asked slowly.

"She's Fiona's junior sister, and...

"So why did she jump on you like that? It was so unnecessary and... extreme...she was too extra about it and...

She stopped talking and looked at him when she heard nothing from him, and she met him staring with a knowing smile on his lips.

"Is this... jealousy?"

"Jealous? Me?" She laughed.

"Why would I? I'm not your wife" she said awkwardly and winded down the car window to take in fresh air.

"Hmmn! Such a hot morning" she said exaggeratedly, and Roman smiled, opening the car safe to bring out a book which looks like a diary.

"Here" he said, and she turned back to him.

"What?" She asked, taking it from him.

"It's a list of everything you need to know about Liam, including his likes and dislikes. I took my time to write it all" he said, and she looked at his face.

"I promised him to introduce him to his mum in one week, and you need to see how excited he is for the introduction. Please don't say no this time...

"I'm ready" she cut him off, and he smiled.

"I'll meet him" she said, and he held her right hand to rub her knuckles gently.

She opened the book and started reading as he drove them out of the park.

"He hates cucumber?" She chuckled.

"He says he doesn't like the shape" Roman replied.

"What!" She laughed out.

"Yeah, he's an handful" he said.

"He loves sweet things" she said, opening to another page.

"Lollipop, sugar pie and honey biscuits, honey tea too and cake...he's addicted" he replied.

"He's so adorable" she said, opening to another page.

"Yeah. Our boy is the best boy out there" he replied, and she looked up at him with a bright smile.

He held her with an hand again, driving with the other hand.



It's swimming time since they're on free period right now, and pupils are already filing out of the locker rooms in their swimming trunks.

Liam closed his locker after putting on his white swimming pants, then he put on a face cap, wearing it backwards.

He picked a ball and walked out of the locker room.

"Hey Liam!" Kendra appeared in front of him, removing the cap from his head to wear.

"You look extra happy today" Liam noticed.

"You told me your mum is gonna be introduced to you soon, I'm happy for you" she replied, and he smiled.

Nick walked past them and made to touch her hair like last time, but Kendra quickly bent her head, so his hand went down.

"Sorry, I hate it" she said, and Liam smiled.

Nick scoffed before walking away, and Kendra quickly faced Liam.

"Did you see that? I didn't allow him!" She said...

"Liam!" A female voice made them turn at once only to see Betty walking towards them.

"Wait... isn't that the girl who has a crush on your dad? Fiona's sister" Kendra said.

"I don't like her, why is she back and why would she come see me in school" Liam muttered, grabbing Kendra's hand.

They both started running away from her, and before she could get to them, they were already gone.

"Darn! Why is no one welcoming me? Really?" She breathed out.



Darla is currently seated in her private sewing room with a picture frame in hand.

It's a picture of her and Damien, her late husband.

She was sniffing as she stared at the frame, and she'd soon start crying.

Living as a single mother since she lost him years ago has been hard, and she misses him too much.

The door opened, and she quickly dropped the frame.

"Miss Fiona is here" an apprentice reported, and she left the room immediately, going out to meet her.

"Darla!" Fiona opened her arm, and they hugged, but almost Immediately, another person came in.

"Afternoon Mrs. Lawson" the cool voice said, and they broke the hug to see a fine man 

Fiona's eyes widened. It's the same man she bumped into last night.

"Welcome as usual, Kay" Darla said cheerfully.

"You?" Fiona smiled.

"You know each other?" Darla asked surprisingly.

"Yeah, sure" Kay replied.

"Ok...then talk all you want and call on me when you're done" Darla said and went in.

"So you're a customer here?" Fiona asked.

"Yeah, Mrs. Lawson is the best fashionista in this city, for me" he replied.

"For real" she nodded.

"By the way I'm Kay Mendez" he said.

"Wait...one of the five sons of the rich Mendez family?" Her eyes widened.

"Sure. I'm the second son" he replied.

"Oh my gawd" she gasped, and he smiled.

"You're Fiona Shawn, right? You're quiet popular" he said, and she extended an hand for a handshake which she took immediately, then he got his phone with his second hand.

"Your number, please?" He said, and she took the phone .



Matty has no session to cover today, but he came only to see Fiona maybe they could talk.

He went to her private dressing room unnoticed, but it's empty.

"But she has a session in thirty minutes" he said and turned to leave, only to meet Lola behind him.

"Holy shit!" He jumped, and she smiled.

"Miss Fiona will be here soon" she said, stylishly touching his forearm.

Matty shifted back, and she dropped her hand.

"You should know who she really is before falling for her" she said seriously.

"What do you mean?"

"Why do you think men use and dump her?" She replied, and he frowned.

"I'm here!" Fiona came in immediately , and her eyes brightened when she saw him.


"Hey" he smiled, and she dropped her bag on the table before coming to hug him.

Lola left the room instantly.

"Where were you?" He asked.

"Glam" she replied, and despite the fact that Lola's words are haunting him, he hugged her back.



Stefan loosened his tie and threw it down when he got back to his office.

Another fruitless meeting just ended with the staffs, and he's as pissed as hell right now.

The new land contract is trending in the news, but no one knows which land It's gonna be, and none of his staffs have the idea, so he's on the edge.

He can't even fire staffs cos he's owing them a month salary already.

The company has been broke for a month now, and it got worse immediately Roman got the Intel instead of him.

He picked his lighter and lightened a cigar for himself, smoking angrily.

He must meet Roman tommorow, and if he's gonna threat him to partner with him, he's gonna do it 



Roman and Rosy spent close to an hour in the hospital taking care of the redness on her tummy and face, and they went for a long drive after which they came here to eat.

The time was already past 3 when they arrived, and they were led to a table where they sat facing each other.

"What should we have?" He asked, and she picked the menu.

"Fried rice? Meatballs and...

"Salad?" He said.

"I don't like salad" she replied.


"The mayonnaise" she replied.

"There are different products of mayonnaise, you'll like the latest one ma'am" the server said.

"Then I'll try it" she replied.

"I'll have the same thing" Roman said, and the server left to get them.

"That necklace" Rosy pointed at the expensive necklace dangling on his chest.

"It's from Exquisite, the only piece in this country" he replied, taking the shinny pendant.

"How...much?" She said.

"6M" he replied, and her eyes widened.


"What?" He laughed.

"It's too expensive!" She gasped, and their orders arrived.

"But it's real" he replied.

"I won't deny that. I like the pendant" she said, and he smiled as they started eating.

They ate patiently, and for almost thirty minutes, they're still on it 

They left for the car afterwards, and Rosy faced him.

"Where are we going again?"

"Secret" he replied, and she chuckled as he drove out of the resturant.

Ten minutes later, he drove into Glam Fashion, and she blinked.

"Your mum's store?" She blinked

"Come" he took her out of the car, and she willingly followed.

"My gawd! Rosy!" Darla stood immediately they came in.

"Ma'am" Rosy replied, and Darla hugged her.

"Thanks for bringing her Roman, I have a whole lot of dresses for you and I bet you're gonna need an extra car to pack them" she said.

"You don't have to...

"Take her to the fitting room, the attendants will bring the dresses" Darla cut her off, and Roman took her away.


"Part of making Stefan regret everything is building a new you and making him feel like having you back. I want you to dress differently to work from now on. Even if you're going out to get something not far from your house, dress hotly Rosy. Hotly" he said, holding her shoulders.

"Ok" she said slowly and nodded.

Roman smiled lightly and took off the necklace on his neck, then he went closer and started fixing it on her neck.

"But I...

"Let me do my thing. Consider it my first gift" he said, and she started looking into his eyes as he fixed it on her 

She couldn't deny the blush that appeared on her cheeks immediately. She went totally red, so much that she had to hide it from him

The tension was too much, and she could feel the nervousness again.

"It looks better on you" he said after fixing it, and she touched the pendant slowly.

"Now you have to choose a number from one to twenty" he said, and she blinked.


"Just choose, please?" He said with a charming smile.

"Hmmm... twenty?" She said, still rubbing the pendant.

He got his phone immediately and did a transaction.

Her phone buzzed, and she brought it out. It's Iris's phone but she inserted her sim inside since hers is destroyed already.

She checked the new message, and her eyes widened like crazy when she saw a credit alert.

20M from him!

"Oh my gawd!" She shouted, swallowing hard in disbelief.

"Roman... I'm not... I... I dunno... You...

She was lost for words to say as she stared at her phone screen, and when she looked up at him, she caught him smiling at her.

"Roman" she whispered, and he smiled wider.

"You deserve more, mama, and I'm only just starting. Just don't get tired, we have a long way to go" he said, and Rosy climbed the chair beside them so she's taller than him now.

She pulled him closer by fisting his shirt in the front, and his eyes came madly wide as she kissed his right and left cheek, then his nose tip.

She went down to kiss his chin, and she smiled at him before doing the last deed.

She kissed him on the lips! 

Roman's hands went to her hips immediately, and his eyes closed, but the kiss was short cos Rosy broke it so fast, their lips making cute pop sound.

He opened his eyes slowly, and she chuckled as he stared at her with wistful longing eyes, looking so whipped and gone.

He's still holding her hips though.

"mama please choose another number, let me do another transaction" he begged with cute puppy eyes.


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