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Be My Woman - Episode 3 & 4




 Be My Woman - Episode 3 & 4

 Theme: (His•Baby•Mama...)

By: Naomi Cindy B.


"Do you... want to... sleep with me?" She asked in a whisper, and she clearly saw his eyes twitch, but he remained still, not moving from his position.

"You don't want to? Don't worry, the pleasure is...all mine" she winked and laughed drunkenly again, but the laughter was cut short when Roman's hand grabbed her face, and she had to stand on her toes to match with his height as he kissed her hard.

Her eyes went shut slowly, and she kissed him back roughly, grabbing an handful of his loose shirt in her palms.

Both are crazy and unaware of what's going on right now, but maybe they want something to take their minds off what's eating them up, and this seems like the only available one right now.

They jumped on it, and just when the kiss was about to start getting more intense, Roman broke it, and Rosy licked her lips funnily.

"You're a freaking good kisser" she muttered, and Roman roughly spun her, turning her back to himself so her arms and chest are trapped on the wall.

"Already?" She giggled, her cheeks getting redder as he pulled her gown up and tore her panties away.

A gentle air hit her genitals, and she smiled, her red cheeks resting on the cold tiled wall.

She heard a slow groan from Roman as he pulled down his pants too, and in the next second, he plunged his p*nis inside her.

"Oh my gawd! Ouch!" She gasped loudly, biting her lip as he began smashing her through the back.

She started moaning throatily, and the moans grew louder and louder as he slammed harder and harder. He wasn't gentle.

His groans came occasionally, and Rosy had to hold the wall rigidly as he gave it to her back to back.

Meanwhile, outside the restroom, the two bartenders are listening to everything while exchanging glances.

"The f**k is going on in there" the first one asked with wide eyes.

"Isn't it obvious?" The second one replied.

"Gawd, why does this feel like the beginning of a very interesting novel?" The first said again.

"Whatever" the second replied, and their eyes widened when the moans stopped coming.

They rushed out of the hallway, and immediately they left, Rosy was the first to stagger out, but she looks better than before, though her cheeks are still red.

"Thank for... tonight... You're not only a good kisser, but also a... good f**k!" She laughed, and Roman grinned.

He's just coming out, his belt still undone.

"It's nothing...I'm a man... after all"  he said.

"See you... around!" Rosy waved, and he nodded as she staggered out.

Roman was holding his belt as he went out too.



Darla came out of a taxi and took of her dark shades, inhaling before  going in.

She met Fiona in the living room, and Fiona spranged up.

"Thank gawd you're here Darla, he has been inside since he came and he won't even talk to me" she said.

"Gwen really did that?" Darla asked calmly.

"Trust me I wish I met her when I came out of my hiding place, you should know I'd have tore her apart. I went to her place, but she moved out with her younger brother and mum already. The businessman got her a mansion" Fiona replied.

"She literally used my son" Darla muttered, dropping her bag.

"Make his favorite coffee" she said and went to Roman's room.

"Roman! Mummy is here!" She knocked on the door, but no answer came.

"Roman let me see your face at least...I promise to make Gwen pay so please..." She knocked again.

Still no answer.

Fiona came with the coffee, and she took it from her.

"Your favorite coffee is here, you can have it and calm down then...

Darla was still talking when the door opened, revealing Roman whose face is completely wet with tears.

"Son!" Darla gasped shockingly.

"Roman don't be like this" Fiona shook her head.

"Gwen made me start liking coffee, and you want me to drink it in this situation? You both are thoughtless" he muttered hurtfully and hit the coffee cup away from Darla 

It fell and shattered on the ground, and Fiona gasped.

"Roman I'm so..

"I wanna be alone, please" he sniffed and went back in, slamming the door.

Darla and Fiona exchanged glances, and they sighed sadly.



Rosy is currently preparing to go job hunting again like she has been doing since the past one month.

Even as a graduate, it's hard to find a good job in this city. No one wants to offer, and the few who wants to offer are requesting for her body which she's not ready to give.

She has to find a job as soon as possible, cos she has just one week left to pay the loan, and if she fails to do it, she'd probably be abused or beaten. They're thugs.

She put on her shoes, thanks to Erica who gave her new ones.

Her phone buzzed on the bed, and she rushed to check.

A big smile appeared on her face when she saw it's a text from Erica.

• Have you eaten this morning? Don't tell me you're crying again.

She quickly texted back...

• I took noodles, and don't worry, no tears anymore.

Erica travelled out of Greece one week after their graduation. She's currently in Vietnam, and even though they're far from each other, she did a great job in making her smile again after what Stefan and Olivia did.

She'd always text and call, making sure she ate and all. She's her saviour.

She was about to drop the phone and wear her second shoe when she felt like throwing up, and her eyes widened.

She rushed to the toilet and knelt in front of the seat, vomiting for real.

She has been feeling this way since last week, and she even vomited last night too, but she has been waving it off.

Now it's not something to wave off again, something is definitely wrong with her.

She went back to the room and got her phone to go search about her symptoms online, and when she saw it, her eyes widened.

"No....it can't be...I can't be..."

She spranged up and rushed out of the house to the nearest pharmacy where she bought a pregnancy test strip.

She rushed back home and followed instructions on the body of the paper, dropping a pinch of her blood in it.

She was shaking as she waited for the result, and she had to close her eyes.

Three minutes later, she opened up only to see two lines staring at her on the strip. Positive!

"No!!!!! No! No please I can't be pregnant! I can't even take care of myself and now a baby? No!!!!!" She started rolling on the ground, crying for real.

"I can't!!!!" She screamed again, holding her head.

She suddenly stood up again, wearing her shoes hastily.

She was wiping her tears with the back of her hands as she rushed out of the house, not minding her scattered hair.

She boarded a taxi to the bar... Bang-Bang bar where it all started.

She rushed in, and she met the two bartenders. She clearly remembered their faces.

She went to the stand and grabbed their arms.

"Wait..the drunkard?" They smiled.

"You remember me?" She sniffed.

"Of course! You got drunk and f**ked a guy in the restroom, it's hard to forget" the second replied.

"The guy...do you know him? Please tell me anything you know about him" she said impatiently.

"No we don't. That was his first time here and he hasn't come back since then" 

"What!" Rosy staggered.

"Any problem?" They asked.

"I'm in trouble!!" Rosy sat on the ground and resumed shaking like a kid.

"Wait...it's not what I'm thinking, right?" The bartender asked, and she slowly started crying again.

"It's definitely what we're thinking, a baby!" The bartenders chorused, and Rosy cried louder, holding her head.

"But it's cool, you can take care of it yourself then when you meet in the future, you...

"I can't even take care of myself!!! Do I look rich? I'm poorer than a church rat!!!" Rosy cried louder..

"Oops!" They chorused again.

"You should drop your number, we'd give you a call if he shows up" 

"You'd do that?" Rosy stood.

"Sure" they nodded, and Rosy quickly wrote her phone number.

"Make sure you give me a call, please" she begged.




The journey of nine months has been an alone thing for Rosy, no one to rely on.

She always called the bar to ask about the guy, but their answer is always no, he hasn't showed up since then.

Taking care of herself with the pregnancy has been hell, and there are a lotta times she thought about abortion, but she just can't.

No matter the circumstances, the baby is still hers, and she'd never harm it.

Even if she has to sell by the roadside, then she'd gladly do it so she'd survive with the baby.

The due date is anytime from now, and she should be resting, but how would she when she has to make money?

Her stomach was protruding so much as she stood from a chair with the plates she has washed.

She's a dishwasher here in the resturant.

"Well-done Rosy, you're almost done for today" the resturant madam took the plates from her.

"Thanks madam" she smiled, wiping her sweat.

Her phone rang in her tattered bag, and she took it out to see the bartenders line.

She quickly picked with anticipation.

"He's here!" They shouted.



Rosy smiled when she came out of the taxi that brought her, and she inhaled after paying, staring at the building and hoping the meeting would go well.

She walked in, her stomach bulging in front of her.

She felt tired when she got to the door, so she had to hold the door and wait for a while to calm down before proceeding.

She entered the bar, and she was met with smiles from the bartenders.

They pointed at an angle for her, and she turned to the angle to see him for real.

He's sitting calmly on a table with a glass of wine in front of him then a laptop which he's working on. He's so focused.

She swallowed nervously before starting to take steps to him, and till she got to him, he didn't look up for once.

She finally got to him and knocked his table, making him look up.

Surprisingly, he didn't show any sign of surprise on his face, he only gave her a questioning look as to why she knocked the table.

"You remember me, right?" She asked slowly, and he moved his thick brows slightly.

She sat in front of him, and he kept looking at her.

"That night...

"The night you seduced me" he cut her off, and she blinked.

"I...I wasn't in my right senses and...

"Lair...you knew what you were doing. You saw me drunk, and I'm sure you planned to do that and probably push a child on me. Let me guess, you're here to tell me the baby in your belly is mine?" He smirked, and she swallowed nervously again.

"I'm not a girl like that, believe me I wouldn't make such request in my right senses...I was drunk ... We were both drunk and...

"And you took advantage of me! Why would you ask for s*x in your drunk state? You're obviously a cheap one who's looking for a man to implicate. What was I even expecting? All your gender are the same" he said icily, and her eyes widened.

"Did you just call me...cheap?" 

"Yeah. I said what I said. You purposely did it and I'm so not ready for your lies ok?" He replied coldly and returned to working on his laptop.

Tears rushed down Rosy's eyes, and she stood slowly.

"Let's for paternity test then, take me to any hospital you trust" she said in tears, but he kept pressing the laptop buttons.

"Please!!! I have nowhere else to go I really can't do this alone. I'm a poor orphan and I...

"And I don't care! Look I hate ladies but ladies like you are the worse! I'd rather keep a dog!" He snapped angrily and stood.

Rosy quickly went on her knees and started rubbing her palms together.

"Take pity on me, I...I...

Roman closed his laptop, interrupting her speech.

He carried it then faced her.

"Birth the baby, and I'll be here at this same time next year. I'll take it, but your b**chy self can go to hell afterwards" he said harshly and walked out of the bar.

Rosy sat on the ground afterwards, crying louder while holding her stomach.

The two bartenders rushed to her, trying to console her, but her cries only got louder.

She was still crying when her eyes suddenly widened. A sharp pain stung her abdomen, and she gasped.

"My...my stomach!!! My tummy!!!"

"Your tummy? What's happening?" The bartenders exchanged glances, and before they knew it, blood started coming out of her system.

"The baby? Wait... It's time?" 

"Argghhhhh!!!!!!!!" Rosy's mouth opened wide as the insane labour pains gripped her.


"Is it too late to call an ambulance?" The first bartender said.

"What should we do?" 

"Arggggghhh!!!!!!" Rosy cried, and more blood poured out of her.

"Let's try this" the bartenders exchanged glances, and they nodded at once.

She was lucky, cos the labour didn't take much time.

In thirty minutes, she birthed the baby, a cute baby boy.

Tears came out of her eyes immediately she saw him, and he passed out.

"Call an ambulance" the first bartender told the other.



Just like she came down from the taxi on this day last year, Rosy came down from a taxi again, but this time she's holding her baby, Liam.

She looked at the bar, and tears almost came out of her eyes when she remembered she actually gave birth in here.

Liam's little hand touched her face, and she smiled as she looked at him.

Even at such a young age, it's so clear who his father is. He's Roman's copy.

He smiled cutely, his one teeth looking funny in his gum.

Rosy kissed his cheeks, and he chuckled cutely, raising his hands in the air innocently as she entered the bar.

Just like last year, Roman is sitting on that same seat, but right now he's looking richer and more handsome, wearing expensive brands, but his cold face is still same, and he's sitting on the same table.

The bartenders were smiling at her from the stand, she smiled sadly before walking to Roman.

She knocked his table before he looked up, but he looks shocked this time immediately he saw little Liam, obviously because of the uncanny resemblance.

He stood slowly, still staring at the baby.

"Here" Rosy said, giving Liam to him reluctantly.

Roman took him slowly, and the boy smiled at him too. He's damn cheerful.

"I think it's over now" Rosy said.

Roman didn't say a word to her.

He called in a guy who looks like his PA, and the guy packed the laptop and files on the table, then they left the bar together.

Liam started crying, and Rosy's tears flowed too as she watched Roman take him away.

She squatted on her spot, and the bartenders joined her.

"It's ok" they started patting her.

It might take years before she sees Liam again, or she might never even see him again.

She stood when realization hit her, and she rushed out of the bar 

Roman was about to enter the car when she pulled him back.

"Please, let me spend one more hour with Liam before you take him" she pleaded.

"I have work to do" he replied blankly.

"Please, ok 30 minutes, I miss him already please let me just...

"I said I have things to do. Apparently, I'm not jobless like you" he cut her off with a glare, and her arms fell from him in a slow mo.

Tears rolled out of her eyes again.

"You're heartless" she muttered hurtfully.

"Your gender taught me to be" he replied coldly and entered the car, driving away from her.

"Liam!!!!!!!!" Rosy cried out, sitting on the ground.

The bartenders rushed out again, and when they saw her, they exchanged glances.

"The story can't end like this" the first one said sadly.

"Definitely, there's still the future" the second one replied, staring pitifully at Rosy.

"Liam, mummy is sorry. I love you so much" she muttered in tears, shaking with cold. 


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