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Be My Woman - Episode 27 & 28




 Be My Woman - Episode 27 & 28

 Theme: (His•Baby•Mama...)

By: Naomi Cindy B.


"Dad likes Mrs. Smart" Liam muttered from his spot.

"It's obvious, anyone would see it" Kendra replied, and he faced her.


"Yes. Can't you see the look in his eyes? They say eyes don't lie, and that day in the woods, he looked hurt when one of the assistances carried her. I've always been suspicious since then, but this just confirmed it" she replied, and tears came out of Liam's eyes immediately.

"Liam why are you crying?" She quickly dropped the cup of juice with her.

"I like Mrs. Smart too, but I want dad for my mum. If she returns and finds out dad likes Mrs. Smart, she'd be so hurt and I won't be able to handle it" he replied, and Kendra started wiping his tears.

"You should keep calm, let the adults handle this" she said as she wiped.

"Seeing that?" Darla asked from Fiona's side.

"She's his PA, and I've been smelling this from him since the day I visited his office. He likes her, meaning he's letting go of Liam's mum?" Fiona replied, sipping from her wine.

"I don't mind though, he has stayed single enough and I definitely need a girl child this time around. Besides, she's a beautiful woman, though she doesn't seem to like him yet" Darla replied happily.

"Yet? You mean she's still gonna like him? Why are you so sure?" Fiona chuckled.

"It's my son we're talking about here. He's handsome, cool, rich, charismatic and smart, I'm sure you have once had a crush on him even as his bestie" Darla said proudly.

"Well I won't lie" Fiona replied.

"Seriously?" Darla faced her with a quick blink.

"I had a crush on him in highschool and confessed to him, but he turned me down politely, and then we became besties" Fiona confessed, and Darla started laughing.

"He turned you down?"

"He was like... Sorry you're not my type, I don't like tall girls. I can never forgive that jerk for that statement" Fiona said in Roman's voice, and Darla laughed more.

"Don't you feel the chemistry?" Angelina asked beside Bishop.

"It's oozing from boss, but it feels like Rosy is only doing it to shame her paper husband" Angelina replied.

"Still...I can't wait for everything to align. I'll be the happiest person living" Bishop smiled, looking around for Ann.

"She's not here anymore. Where's Ann?" He asked.

"No idea" Angelina said.

Roman finally let go of Rosy, and she joined them.

"You're beautiful" Angelina said.

"You're gorgeous, Liam's mum" Bishop whispered, and she smiled, standing between the two.

"Thanks, bar brothers"

They handed her glasses of wine at once, and she took the two, smiling at the two guys 

"Thanks for coming everyone" Roman's voice boomed from the stage, and all attention shifted to him.

"This celebration comes yearly, and I celebrated six already, this is the seventh year and the happiest anniversary for me. I found someone special, and i achieved my dreams in just one day, thanks to that special someone" he said, looking at Rosy.

She quickly looked away, transferring her gaze to the wine glasses she's holding.

"Someone special" Angelina teased.

"Special someone" Bishop added.

"You guys should stop" she muttered, hiding her red cheeks 

"She's blushing" Bishop said.

"As she should" Angelina giggled.

"I'll kill you both after this party" Rosy muttered, and they grinned.

"As the happiest celebration, this will be special" Roman continued, and a really giant cake was wheeled into the hall.

It's in colour white and green, Landmark colour.

LANDMARK @ 7 was written boldly on it, looking so expensive.

Roman walked to the cake and picked the knife.

"Staffs, please" he said, and all the staffs joined him on stage, but Mr. Zed and the assistances stood beside him in the front, everyone except Ann.

"Where's Ann?" Angelina asked.

"She just texted that she's sick, she returned home" a staff replied, and they proceeded to the cutting.

Roman's hand held the knife, then Rosy's hand held his own on the top, and as they cut the cake, several cameras from reporters at the back of the hall hit their faces, and the guests began clapping till the knife cut deep into the cake.

The claps intensified as they all left the stage, leaving Roman alone again.

"Cheers to new Landmark!" He raised a toast.

"Cheers!" Everyone raised theirs too, and the party reached the climax where they have to dance with partners.

"Dang it, I should have invited Matty" Fiona muttered.

"I wish Damien was here" Darla said. Damien is her late husband, Roman's father.

Fiona looked at her face to see her wiping tears from her eyes.

"This is a happy party, don't ruin it Darla" she said.

"I won't" Fiona faced her with a smiley face, and they hit the dancing floor to dance together.

Angelina and Bishop found partners from the staffs and joined the floor too.

Liam and Kendra only sat and watch, and immediately Roman hit the dance floor with Rosy, he made to go meet them, but Kendra pulled him back.

"Stop it. I told you to let the adults do their thing. Not like your dad can control his heart" she said.

"Kendra you won't understand how I feel and...

"I understand you for real, but let it go for now. You can't cause a scene" she said, and he nodded.

"And...I won't allow Nick to touch my hair anymore, we good?" She asked, and Liam smiled widely.



The two men were let into the house after ringing the doorbell, but the boss is nowhere in the living room as they expected, so they sent the maid to him.

Three minutes later, he came downstairs, and he stopped when he got to the middle of the stairs, resting an hand on the rail.

"Any news?" His husky voice came, and the two went on their knees.

"I don't think we need the CCTV footage anymore. The snitch is Roman's PA. The anniversary was aired in the news some minutes ago, and we sighted her. Turns out she also works in the resturant, she's the server who served us that day" they reported.

"Then what are you waiting for? Why are you both here? I want her tonight! Get her to the warehouse! ASAP!" He yelled.

The two rushed out of the mansion.



Roman's hand went to Rosy's waist again when they got to the dance floor, and hers hung on his shoulders, then they began moving to the slow tune.

Roman's eyes were on her, but hers stayed down, and he had to clear his throat to make her look up.

"Congratulations, on the anniversary" she said slowly.

"It wouldn't have been a happy one if you didn't come to the company. I'm glad you're here" he smiled.

"I wish you talked nicely like this back then" she replied, looking away from his eyes.

She could feel his hold on her waist get firmer, and she started fighting her nervousness again.

"Just tell me what to do, Rosy. I'll do everything you tell me to do if it means you'd forgive me for the trash I said back then" he whispered, suddenly releasing her waist.

He held her right hand, guiding her as she danced away from him before he pulled her back, to his chest.

Her hand touched the bareness again, but she quickly removed it this time and made sure their eyes never met till she detached herself from him.

"Need to go check on Ann" she said and started leaving, but he held her back.

"I'll drive you home"

"No thanks, it's not too late to find a taxi" she replied, and before he could talk again, she was already out of the hall.

He stood in confusion in the middle of the hall, eventually inserting his hand in his pocket as he stared at the door as if she's still there.

He's trying so hard to make things right as soon as possible for Liam's sake, but she's just not giving him the chance, and it's killing him.



Rosy came down from the taxi, looking restless as she payed the driver who drove off immediately.

She stood for some minutes in front of the house, thinking about what happened in the hall earlier.

Her constant touching of Roman's chest, the blush she felt when he referred to her as someone special,  and the nervousness she feels when he's close or locks eyes with her, she hates it all.

She has vowed to stay on her own after the contract with Donovan ends. She planned to be heartless for life without allowing the intrusion of any man into her mind. She planned to take Liam from Roman after saving her salaries for a year and travel out of Greece with him, but what's with the silly things happening?

She suddenly came to realization, and she began blaming herself, hating herself as she entered the house. She has to get a grip of herself, she needs to.

She went straight to Ann's apartment but it's locked, making her wonder where she went.

She was reported to be sick, did she go to the hospital?

She got her phone as she walked to her own apartment, and she dialled her line immediately she entered, but shockingly, her phone rang on the center table.

Skeptically, Rosy walked there, and her eyes widened more when she saw it's really Ann's phone, but the most shocking thing is what she saved her number as.

"Stupid Fool"

Rosy's phone fell from her hand to the ground and got destroyed completely, and that was when Ann came out of the bedroom, laughing with Donovan.

She's not wearing a bra, so it's just her pants on her, and Donovan is wearing only his underpants.

They stopped on their tracks when they saw her, and Ann's eyes widened.

"You're back from the party at last?  I hope you like what you see" Donovan laughed 

"I...I can explain Rosy, I swear...

Ann was still talking when Rosy rushed out of the apartment, eventually walking out of the house.

"Rosy!!!' Ann ran out too, catching up with her in front of the house.

She put on a singlet already.

"Rosy please believe me I can explain...

"Explain what? You of all people? Donovan is an unfortunate being so I don't care whoever he f**ks and it's not my cup of tea but you? You even bad-mouth him more than me but you f**k him? My number is saved as Stupid Fool on your phone! I guess you're the one who told him about the party too Ann. I'm never lucky with friends and this just shows you were never a friend, to hell with you" Rosy said and walked out on her, going away from the house completely.

Iris is with Matty, so she's free to leave the house tonight and go anywhere she wants.

She doesn't want to cry, but the tears came out forcefully.

Why does it have to be her everytime? Why must she always suffer from the sting of betrayal? Why!!!

First was Olivia and Stefan, and now Ann?

What did she do to deserve all these?

She cried louder, and her face was suddenly greeted with the bright light from a coming car.

She stopped on her tracks till the car parked beside her, and two men came out of it, grabbing her.

"Let go of me!!! Let me go!!! Let...

She was injected before she could finish, and she passed out, giving them easy access.

She was bundled into the car which drove away immediately.



The party is still ongoing in the hall, but Roman had to leave with Liam when he was getting tired.

Immediately they entered the house, Liam rushed to stand in front of him, and he sighed, squatting eventually.

He expected this.

"If it's about Rosy, then you don't have to worry" he said.

"I know you very well dad. You don't look at women twice, but you couldn't take your eyes off her back then in the hall, and I saw you smirk at her husband's as he was getting bundled out. You like her" Liam replied, about to start crying again.

"No tears" Roman said, and he nodded.

"Can you just give me some time?"

"How much?" Liam asked.

"A week" be replied.

"Sure" Liam said, and Roman hugged him.

Now he has speed everything up, even if it means forcing Rosy to agree to the introduction.



Rosy's eyes flew open when water was poured on her, and she gasped when she saw her position.

She's tied to a pole, so tight that she couldn't even more a bit, and the ropes definitely hurt her skin badly already as a result of the tightness.

The two men are in, and one of them is holding the pail which the water came from, but three more men came in, making five.

"Who are you guys? What do you want from me and why would you take me!!! This is called kidnapping and you all can go to jail for it!!!" She shouted, and a slap greeted her face from one of them who looks the hugest.

Her nose bled immediately his big, tough hand made contact with her face, but another slap came again from the same hand.

"Ah!" She gasped, and her lips bursted.

"How dare you snitch on us!" The guy said, slapping her again all on the same cheek.

"What are you talking about!!!" Rosy cried out, and he slapped her again, making her bleed more from the nose.

"You don't talk when I talk, you talk when i ask!" He shot, and she started crying.

"Let go of me!!! I don't know you guys!!!"

A punch met with her face immediately, and she bled from the mouth.

"I said stop talking!" He yelled.

"I didn't snitch on anyone!!!" She cried out, and the guy punched her tummy.

"Arggghh!!!!!" She cried, her blood forming a drool as it dropped out of her mouth to her chest.

The second and third punch came, and she felt breathless. Tears spilled out of her eyes like water.

"Please don't kill me... don't... please" she muttered weakly.

The next slap was on her second cheek, and she saw stars fly across her eyes.

"Boss is coming" another guy said, and they all stepped away from her as the boss came in.

"That was fast" the familiar voice said.

"We followed her from the party" the torturer replied, and he walked straight to Rosy whose face is down.

He was playing with a lighter on his right hand as usual, but on his right hand is a cigar he's smoking.

He dropped the cigar after the last puff, and he stepped on it before taking the last step to Rosy.

He raised her bloody face by placing his pointer finger on her chin, and immediately their eyes met, he frowned.

Despite the lifelessness of Rosy, her eyes widened, and his frown disappeared immediately. His own eyes widened too.

The air froze madly, sending chills to their systems.

Rosy's mouth opened, but she couldn't form a word cos of the devastating shock.

Right in front of her is Stefan Forbes, her betrayer ex, the man who ruined her life.


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