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Be My Woman - Episode 25 & 26




 Be My Woman - Episode 25 & 26

 Theme: (His•Baby•Mama...)

By: Naomi Cindy B.


"I'm buying this motherf**king building" Roman said, and all eyes came wide including Rosy's.

"What!" The manager gasped.

"Roman" Rosy called from behind him, and he turned to face her.

"I heard everything she said to you. Staying still after all that would mean I'm crazy" he said, and she held his arms.

"I'm fine, so you don't have to go that extra, just let it go" she said.

"But I'm not fine. Liam would want me to do the same thing if he was here. I'm gonna buy this goddamn place and ...

"Calm down, i said I'm fine and we can just go to another store" she interrupted, and he exhaled softly.

"Let's go" he grabbed her hand and started taking her out, but the manager blocked him.

"You're our biggest customer here sir. You can't just leave like that without buying anything. I promise to get rid of the attendant but please...

"Out of my way" Roman said rigidly, giving him a f**king icy look.

The man swallowed before leaving the way. Roman took Rosy out afterwards, and he could hear how the manager was telling the attendant to get out of the store.

They got to the car and faced each other, and when Rosy realized he's still holding her hand, she quickly took it from him, and he returned his hand into his pocket.

"Let's go to Unique, it's just five minutes drive from here" he said.

"But can't we just go back home? Maybe this is a sign that you don't have to buy me anything and...

Before she could finish, he opened the car and gently pushed her in.

"Roman!" She gasped, looking up at him from her seat.

"Hush, let me do my thing" he said with a quick smile before shutting the door.

He stepped into the car through the other side and drove them out of the park.

"I've been wanting to..ask..." She suddenly said during the drive 

"What?" He gave her a glance 

"Why don't you have a driver? All rich people do" she said.

"Maybe I enjoy driving, cos I once worked as a taxi driver" he replied, and her eyes widened.


"Every success comes with painful backstory, life is not always rainbows and unicorns" he said, and she kept staring at him.

"What? Am I that handsome?" He teased, and she quickly looked away.

"You were driving, how did you know I was looking" she muttered.

"Maybe I have four eyes" he replied, and she couldn't help but laugh.

Roman looked at her immediately. It's the first time she'd be laughing with him, and it felt like an achievement.

She actually laughs???

"You laugh like a kid, thanks to your tiny voice" he said, and she immediately stopped laughing.

"What? Is it weird?"

"It's cute" he replied, driving into Unique Stores.

Rosy smiled secretly after hearing that from him, and they came out of the car at the same time, walking in at the same time too.

"Welcome sir" the three guards by the door bowed respectfully as they entered, and more than five attendants rushed to them.

👥 It's good to have you here again Mr. Lawson!

👥 I'll be your attendant!

👥 Miss, welcome to Unique Stores!

👥 Please feel free to check out everything.

Roman and Rosy were almost breathless till the manager herself came out, a middle aged woman.

"Welcome Mr. Lawson, this way please" she smiled, and Roman followed her.

Rosy walked beside him, secretly checking out the things in the show glasses.

Her eyes widened when she sighted the shoe she saw at Peng stores earlier, the gorgeous shoe.

She stopped and began staring so much.

Roman took three steps already before realizing she's not beside him anymore, so he turned to see her staring at the shoe.

He walked back and grabbed her hand, taking her away from the glass.

He didn't let her go till they got to the inner VVIP room which is another paradise entirely.

There's a spa and a saloon, even a manicure and pedicure center.

 Roman sat on a comfortable couch, and he was served cookies and wine.

As he drank, Rosy was taken by two females, and they started taking her in.

"Roman! Roman!" She kept looking back as they took her.

"They're not kidnapping you, chill" he smiled, and they finally went inside a different room with her where other female attendants are 

She had to strip and wrap just a towel on her chest before she was lay on a stretcher, then they began massaging her body with a soothing massaging oil, making her feel relaxed.

'Hmmn, heaven' she thought, relaxing even more on the stretcher.

Every part of her skin was massaged with care, and her face was treated.

She was already sleeping before they got it done, but then the skin wax was attached to her skin, and immediately the first one got removed, her eyes flew open.

"Arggghh!!!!" She screamed dramatically, and from the other room, Roman giggled.

"You've never brought a woman here Mr. Lawson, she's pretty" the manager said, and he nodded.

"I know, mama is beautiful"  he said, and another girl brought in a box containing the shoes Rosy was admiring earlier.

Roman took it and nodded when he opened, then it was taken into the room.

"They'll soon be done with her, and trust me we have the perfect dress for her" the woman said, and Roman resumed sipping his wine.

He stayed alone in the room for almost thirty more minutes, and when the door finally opened, he was on his phone.

He lifted his face from the phone, and his eyes widened at what he saw.

A new dolly Rosy! 

Her skin looks completely transformed, from her fresh legs on the heels, up to the fitting black dress she's putting on which hugged her body in the curvy places, to the necklace and the earrings. Her hair was cut short, but she even looks more gorgeous with the short hair, then her dolled face, everything is screaming beauty and he was oblivious of when his phone fell from him to the ground.

"I hope you like what you see, Mr. Lawson" the manager said, and he swallowed nothing down his throat.

Rosy did worse by turning around, and his brain surely banged.

What the f**k! 

"Mr. Lawson?" The manager called, and he blinked.


He looked at her again and smiled.




Matty and Fiona arrived at a time. They actually met at the park when they came out of their respective cars, and they went in together.

"Welcome to Bliss Dinners, i'm your server for tonight" a server walked up to them immediately they sat, and Fiona looked at Matty.

"You should chose what we wanna have"

"No. Ladies first" he replied.

"I'll get stressed by just looking at their long menu so you pick, pleaaase" she said with a slight pout.

"You're lazy" he muttered, and she chuckled as he took the menu.

He went for macaroni, chicken and salad then a bottle of wine.

Their orders arrived after five minutes, and Matty was the first to dig in.

"Hmm! It's delicious" he said.

"I guess this is your first time here. They serve the best dinner" she said, and he ate another spoon.

"Indeed" he nodded.

Fiona smiled as she watched him eat, and he stopped eating to look at her.

"Why are you staring?"

"Cos you're cute" she replied flatly, and he dropped his fork.

"You're straightforward"

"How old are you, Matty" she asked seriously.

"I'm 24" he replied.

"I'm 28" she smiled, finally picking her cutleries to start eating.

"I know, everyone in the industry knows your age" he said.

"Have you ever dated?" She asked.


"At 24? Why?"

"I had a crush on someone for years, and I just started getting over it" he replied.

"Whoa, so you're a loverboy" Fiona smiled.

"Maybe" he replied, eating another spoon.

"Wait" Fiona said, and he looked at her.

She stood and stretched her hand to his lips, wiping the salad mayonnaise on the lower one with her thumb.

Shockingly, she licked the thumb.

"You're cute, for real" she winked, and he hiccupped sharply, making her smile.



Roman's car halted, and they came out at once, walking to the trunk together.

He opened it, and she carried the three shopping bags containing the things he got for her, then she faced him.

"Thanks for tonight" she said.

"I wanted to get you more, but you're too stubborn" he replied.

"More? My room is too small and if I get more then there won't be space to sleep" she said.

"Fine, take care. I'll come pick you at 7 tommorow" he said.

She nodded and started going in, but she looked back when she got to the door, and he waved.

She eventually went in, and Roman drove off.

She dropped the things she got in her room before going to Ann's apartment to get Iris.

"OMG!!! What happened to you? Look at your gleaming skin!" Ann screamed immediately she came in.

"Stop exaggerating, it's just a little spa touch and...

"You visited the spa? Gawd! You're rich!" Ann shouted again.

Rosy sighed and went to the couch where Iris is sleeping, and she was about to carry her when Ann's phone rang.

It's on the couch, and Rosy saw Donovan clearly on the caller ID.

"It's my friend Donovan, he lives three streets away" Ann said, taking the phone quickly.

"I never asked for explanation" Rosy replied.

"Oh...sure" Ann smiled awkwardly as Rosy left the apartment for hers.

Iris woke before she got there, and she gave her a warm bath.

Thankfully, Donovan isn't around so it's peaceful.

"Mummy you're brightening up these days and I'm happy about it" Iris said.

"Seriously?" Rosy smiled, and she nodded.

Rosy kissed her forehead, making her smile.

She already ate with Ann, so Rosy dressed her up for bed and put her to sleep, then she started checking out the things Roman got her.

Remembering how furious he got just because the attendant talked down on her earlier made her sigh, and then the look on his face when he was staring at her after she got dolled up. No man has ever stared at her that way, and it's making her think things, but the feelings are mixed, so she brushed it off, and her phone buzzed.

Undoubtedly, it's Roman. He's the only one who texts this late.

• Goodnight mama.

It was short, but she felt it, and she quickly dropped the phone, standing to enter the bathroom.



The two business men came out of a black Mazda and walked to the door.

 A maid opened it even before they could knock, and they went in to meet a man sitting in the living room 

Only his right hand is visible, and on the hand, there's a lighter which he's opening and closing repeatedly, the sound so creepy and crispy.

"So...you both allowed the Intel about the land to leak, and now Landmark got it. Roman became a f**king trillionaire in just one day! It was supposed to be me! I thought you both told me you were the only ones aware of the information so how!!!!" He yelled, and the men went on their knees in front of him.

"We swear on our lives, the only place we discussed about the information was at Tasty resturant and...

"Then get the footage of the resturant and get me the thief!" He spat.



"Damn! Dad you look more handsome in that suit!" Liam gushed as Roman descended the stairs in the dishy suit, made by his mum.

Darla makes 90 percent of the suit he wears, and he could pass as the number one model in her store apart from Fiona cos immediately he wears them, people want to buy.

He left the first three buttons of the undershirt open, so his chest is slightly visible with an expensive necklace dangling on it, and his hair was styled differently, bangs up.

He looks so f**king hot, and he knows it.

"Congratulations on your achievement, darling" Darla said when he finally got downstairs.

She has been waiting with Fiona.

"Thanks mum" Roman smiled, taking the flowers from her before hugging her.

"Congrats bestie, I wish Gwen would see this" Fiona said, giving him flowers too

"She would, definitely" he replied, hugging her too.

"Reporters are waiting outside, are you sure you're ready to answer questions?" Darla asked.

"No. My date is waiting" he replied and dropped the flowers before walking out of the house.

Darla and Fiona exchanged surprised glances.

Truly, reporters are everywhere in front of the house when Roman got out, and he got choked with questions immediately.

🎙️ How do you feel becoming the richest man in the country in just one day?

🎙️ Do you plan on building branches of your company in other countries?

🎙️ It's your company's seventh anniversary, how do you feel Mr. Lawson?

Thanks to the employed guards, he was protected till he got to his car since he's not ready to answer questions.

He drove out, and on getting to Rosy's place, he came down and got his phone to text her, but then the door opened, and she came out in all alluring aura.

His eyes widened once again, and she took his breath away as she walked to him in the beautiful dress, looking stunningly attractive.

She wore nude makeup, and despite the fact that it's her first time on heels, she's carrying herself so perfectly, and he had to struggle to breath at her gentle but s*xy steps.

She finally got to him, and he still didn't stop staring at her.

She stood in front of him, returning the look he's giving her.

 Thanks to her heels, she's almost same height at him, so their eyes mirrored, and the tension built madly.

Roman senselessly started bringing his face closer to hers, and she blinked gently, wondering what he's gonna do while fighting her own nervousness.

His lips moved closer to hers, and their lips almost met, but she turned her face away quickly.

Roman squinted, coming back to his senses.

"I'm sorry... but you're.... hot" he whispered softly, and she tried hard not to blush.


He opened the car door for her, and she stepped in.

Roman drove them away, and three minutes later, Donovan arrived.

He was about to enter the house when his phone chimed.

He checked to see a text, and he frowned.

• Come to Noun Hall, your wife is with another man.

"What the hell!" He shouted.



The party was already ongoing with the staffs and invited guests who're busy mingling and wining around the hall.

Liam is with Kendra since her mother got the invite. She came with Mrs. Larry.

"You've been acting strange since yesterday, why?" She asked.

"What'd you do if another girl touches my hair??" He faced her.

"You don't allow girls to touch you except me so it can never happen" she replied, and he nodded.

"Wait .. cos Nick touched my hair?" She blinked, and he walked away from her.

"Liam!" She went after him.

"The richest man in this country is here, everyone" Angelina said through the microphone. He's the MC.

Everyone turned to the big door as it opened, and Roman came in with Rosy, arms linked and smiles on their faces.

They were welcomed with claps from everyone, but it didn't last cos  a scream came from outside immediately.


She recognized it as Donovan's voice, and she turned with Roman at the same time only to see Donovan running into the hall.

"She's my wife! Roman Lasson or what are you called! How dare you!!!!" He yelled.

"It's Roman Lawson" Roman replied calmly.

"Do I look like I care? How dare you try to steal my wife!!!" Donovan shouted at him.

"I'm only married to you on paper! It's a contact marriage so stop already Donovan!" Rosy shouted back angrily, and Roman's eyes widened shockingly.

The whole hall is silent right now as the guests watched the interesting film.

The fall of a needle would surely be heard cos the silence is deadening.

"Let's go home Rosy! else i'll really kill you!!!!" Donovan yelled again.

👥 Isn't he the disowned Mendez family son?

👥 Heard he got disowned cos he slept with his stepmother!

"Throw him out, please" Rosy said.

"What!" Donovan gasped, and this time, it was Angelina and Bishop who came for him.

"Rosy you'd regret this! Rosy!!!" He shouted.

Bishop grabbed his arms, and Angelina grabbed his legs.

They started taking him out of the hall like a bag of beans.


Roman secretly smirked at him, and he knowingly slipped his arm on Rosy's waist, pulling her to himself.

"Roman I'll kill you!!!!" Donovan yelled from Angelina and Bishop's grip.

Rosy cooperated and placed her left palm on Roman's exposed chest, then they looked each other in the eyes, and everyone in the hall began snapping their pictures.

"Dad likes Mrs. Smart" Liam muttered from his spot.


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