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Be My Woman - Episode 19 & 20




 Be My Woman - Episode 19 & 20

 Theme: (His•Baby•Mama...)

By: Naomi Cindy B.


"Someone stop her! She'd kill her!!!" Mrs. Brown shouted horrifically, and that was when Roman intervened, pulling Rosy away from her.

"Let me go!" She shouted, trying to go back to Maya, but he made that impossible by crossing her arms in front of her, so her back is trapped on his chest , denying her of the chance to move.

"Calm down, you've done enough" he whispered into her ear, and she released an heavy breath, looking at Maya angrily as she was taken out of the resturant.

Roman released her, and she turned back to Liam, rushing to him.

"Liam!" She squatted in front of him and touched his red cheek with so much affection in her eyes.

"I'm sorry you got slapped in my place" she said apologetically, caressing the cheek gently.

"I'll be fine, dad will give it ice treatment when we get home. It's not that bad" he replied, and she nodded.

"I'm glad"

"You... you fight so well, Mrs. Smart" he said. 

"That's because she touched what she shouldn't have touched" she muttered.

Liam smiled immediately, and her smile appeared too as they stared at each other.

Liam is clearly seeing the affection in her eyes for him. He has never witnessed it in the eyes of any woman, and that got him wondering why, why does she seem to treasure him so much when they've only just met?

"Still have plans to eat?" Roman asked, bringing them back.

"Yes, let's have mushroom pie" Liam replied.

"Just that?" Roman asked as he walked back to him.

"Yeah, I crave for just that, and you promised to let me have wine tonight, don't try to break it" he replied.

"Sure" Roman smiled, stroking his hair.

"I'll have it served shortly, please sit" Rosy said, guiding them to a seat beside the glass wall.

She left father and son for the kitchen to get their meal, and the other servers surrounded her immediately.

👥 How were you able to beat her that good?

👥 I love what you did

👥 I know her, she's a troublemaker in my street and I'm glad someone finally put her in her place.

👥 Rosy you're the best 

She was short of words as she stared at her sudden fans, and Madam Brown finally joined them.

"I fell during your fight. I've never seen you that angry before" she said.

"I'm so sorry Madam Brown, she just...

"You don't have to apologise, she deserved it" the woman cut her off, and she smiled.



Fiona got down from her car and checked herself out, brushing the tendrils of hair on her face away before getting her phone to check out her face.

She chuckled, falling for her own beauty before starting to walk into the building.

Her dad set her up on a blind date actually, and she's hoping it'd be a better one this time.

"Hey! Fiona Shawn?" She heard a voice call immediately she got in, and she faced the angle to see the man.

'Not that handsome, but faces don't matter' She thought and started walking there.

She walked past a table where Matty is sitting with Nancy. They're having dinner here too.

"Fiona Shawn?" He said surprisingly, but she didn't hear till she walked past him.

"Isn't she the prettiest model in the industry right now? I know her" Nancy said.

"Everyone knows her" Matty replied, and she faced him.

"Big bro, why don't you date her" she said, and he choked on the wine he's drinking.

"Nancy please..." He said as he wiped the table with tissue.

"I'm serious. Mum will stop bothering you, and besides she's pretty, tall and...

Matty shoved steak into her mouth before she could finish, and she blinked twice.

"Just eat" he said.


"Nice to meet you, you're handsome" Fiona said immediately she got to the man.

He didn't even bother to pull out a chair for her, so she did the honour herself and sat.

"Thanks, you're pretty too. I'm Xander by the way" he replied.

"I'm sure you already know me" she smiled.

"Why would i? Are you the president's daughter?" He replied with disdain.

"What!" She gasped.

"Ok...now I remember... Fiona Shawn?  Nice to meet you too" he said, and she scoffed.

What's going on right now? What's he trying to do?

She was served wine according to her preference, and she was about drinking when he talked again 

"Heard you dated three guys this year already, did they all f**k you?" 

"What the hell! Who are you?" She dropped the cup roughly.

"Mason, your ex told me everything about you, he's my best friend" he smiled arrogantly.

"That madman" she muttered and stood.

"You're not even that pretty" he said, and she smirked.

"Keep your mouth shut, else...

"I don't know how to do that, just like you don't know how to keep your legs shut. Heard you f**ked with the three exes, you don't deserve to be a model, are you a whore?" He said, and she picked the wine cup, pouring it all on his face.

"What the f**k! How dare you...

He stood and walked up to her, raising his hand to hit her, but it was held by someone. Matty

"Who are you to intervene?" Xander made to attack him with his second hand, but he held that too.

"You have no respect for women, you should at least respect yourself" Matty said and pushed him.

He landed on the chair, and Matty grabbed Fiona's purse on the table before grabbing her hand, pulling her out of the resturant.

They got to the parking lot, and he faced her, handing her the purse 

"Thanks, Matty" she said, and a tear fell from her eyes.

"Are you crying?" He blinked.

"It's just so upsetting. Is it my fault that they dump me after dating me for some weeks? What's the use of being pretty when all they do is play with my heart" she started crying for real, and Matty watched her cry for a while before going closer to wipe her tears gently.

"You are pretty, and you don't deserve the heartbreaks, you just haven't met your man" he whispered as he wiped, and Fiona smiled despite the sadness.



Roman and Liam have been eating since some minutes ago, and the policy that there should be no talks while eating definitely doesn't work with them cos they've been chatting non-stop, giggling as they ate.

Rosy sat behind the stand, facepalming herself as she watched them being all happy.

She's so lost staring that she was unaware of when Madan Brown got to her.

"Do you have a crush on your boss?" She asked, and Rosy jumped.

"You scared me!"

"You were staring too hard" she replied.

"No strings attached, I just like Liam" Rosy said.

"Really? Was that why you got so mad after that lady slapped him mistakenly?" 

"Exactly" Rosy replied, and they laughed together.

"It's so good to see you happy like this, it's the first time I'd be seeing your genuine smile" Madam Brown said.

That moment, Roman and Liam stood from their table at a time, obviously done with their meals.

Rosy rushed over with the POS machine, and Roman gave her his card.

"The pin" she faced him, and he leaned closer immediately, making her bend back, but he smiled and shifted his lips to her ear.

"Liam's birthday date" he whispered.

She blinked as he stood straight, looking at her with a knowing smile.

She rolled eyes before clicking it. The deduction was done in a second, and she returned the card 

"You should get me a tab, I think I'd be a regular here from now on" he said, and she smirked as he started leaving.

"Bye Mrs. Smart" Liam waved.

She waved back till they're out, then she smiled prettily.



The anniversary preparations got more heated today, and every single staff in the company is busy, even Roman himself.

He was busy checking out the list of submitted preferable venues when Rosy came in with the list containing the names of the people to be invited.

"Here, you should scrutinize them before I'd start printing the invites" she said, dropping the papers in front of him.

He looked at her for a minute, and she looked away, feeling unconformable with his eyes on her.

He shifted his eyes away and was about to take the papers when his eyes caught the flat shoes she's putting on.

It's colour white, but the colour is fading, and the flowers attached to it are starting to fall off.

Rosy shifted her legs away from his sight when she saw him staring, and he finally looked at the papers.

"100 people?" He said, scanning through it.

"Yeah, you said you don't like crowd" she replied, and then they heard arguments outside.

"And I'm saying you can't go in, after what we heard you did yesterday?" Angelina's voice said.

"I only wanna apologize please let me in" Maya's voice replied, and Roman stood immediately.

He walked out of the office with Rosy, and they met Maya in the midst of the assistances.

Thanks to the beating she received, her face is currently messed up with bruises all-over.

"Boss, boss please forgive me. I did a lot before I was hired here please don't fire me!  I didn't mean to slap Liam, it was Rosy and...

She was interrupted when Roman's hand met with her cheek, sending stinging burn to that spot.

He slapped her!

All eyes came wide as she staggered back, holding the cheek as she began crying.

Rosy looked at Roman's face and saw pure anger just like the one she felt yesterday while beating her.

"I was willing to let go if you didn't show up in front of me anymore, but you crossed the line now that you showed up here" he said icily and got his phone, dialling a line.

"Get up here, now" he said and hung up.

Cops showed up almost immediately, and Maya was grabbed.

"Boss!!! Boss it really was a mistake! Boss!!!" She cried loudly as she got dragged out of the office.

Roman looked at Rosy, and she lifted her lashes as he turned his back and walked back into the office.

From the main door of the office, Mr. Zed was watching secretly, and he smirked as he began walking away.

"Rosy, you'll pay for this"



The noisy class became silent immediately the the English teacher came in with results of the test they wrote earlier, and he started calling the names from the lowest score till the highest...

"Kendra Larry, 92%. Liam Lawson, 95%" she said, but no one signified, so she dropped the papers.

"Kendra and Liam, where are those two?" She asked, but the class remained silent till a pupil stood.

"I overheard them talking about Zuma mountains and...

"Zuma what!" The teacher gasped.



"Here we are!!!!" Kendra screamed, standing on a rock in the middle of the wide mountains.

"Stop the noises, it's childish" Liam replied, climbing behind her.

They sneaked out of school since an hour ago and rode the bus here, and they've been touring the whole bushy place since then.

"It's a good thing I suggested we sneaked out of school, we're having fun" Kendra replied.

"There's no network here, I can't even go online" Liam replied frustratedly.

"But at least it's not as dangerous as they've been saying. We've been here since an hour ago and no snake appeared" Kendra said, and Liam smiled knowingly.

"Snake! Beside your leg! Snake!!" He shouted.

"Where! No! Ahh!" Kendra began jumping fearfully, and in the process, her leg slipped on the rock, and she began falling.

"Liam! Liam!" She screamed, and Liam quickly stretched an arm to her, but immediately she grabbed it, she pulled him instead, and they both fell on the rock, rolling down the sloppy thing.

"Dad!!!!!!" Liam shouted as he rolled.

"Mum!!!!" Kendra's scream mixed with his own till they landed on the ground.

It's sloppy too, so they kept rolling till they got to a tree which they both bumped into.

They passed out with bleeding scratches all-over their bodies



The staffs were already clocking out, but Rosy is still busy with the invitation design on her laptop. She must print it today so she'd distribute tommorow.

"Rosy are you not done? I'm leaving" Ann stood.

She hasn't replied when Roman came out of his office, and that instant, the homeroom teacher from Liam's school rushed into the office.

"Mr. Greg?" Roman said surprisingly.

"Mr. Lawson, I'm sorry but I think there's problem. Liam sneak out of school with Kendra, and they're both currently in Zuma mountains, we...

"What!" Roman gasped with terrified wide eyes, but before he could move, Rosy ran out of the office already.

"Rosy!" He ran after her, but the elevator closed before he could get there, and he had to take the second one, but Rosy was already gone when he got down.

He got in his car and drove madly out of the park.



The taxi dropped Rosy just by the entrance, and she payed hurriedly.

"It's already dark, it's more dangerous in the mountains at night" the driver said, but she wasn't even listening.

She ran all the way into the mountains, and worse is that she has no torch nor her phone with her, she just kept going.

"Liam!!" She shouted as she took each step.


She was pulled down by a stunt, and her shoe got pulled from her leg forcefully, but she cared less cos she stood immediately and resumed her walk into the bushy area.

"Liam!!" She shouted again, bumping into another stunt.

She fell and sustained an injury on the arm, but she wasn't even feeling pains as she stood.

"Liam... please be fine... Liam!!!"  She screamed with all her energy.


Meanwhile, Liam and Kendra are currently hiding beside the tree, sitting on the ground.

Thanks to the moonlight, they see each other's faces.

They woke up minutes ago to meet themselves there, and they've been hiding like this.

"You caused this" Liam said fearfully.

"You said you've always wanted to come, that's why I figured out a way. I'm so sorry I never knew it'd turn out like this" Kendra replied guiltily, and Liam checked his phone again.

"There's still no signal. If we later get out of here alive, I don't wanna imagine how mad my dad will get, I hate when he's mad at me" he said.

"Liam!!!" Rosy's voice reached them, and they both spranged up at once.

"That's Mrs. Smart's voice" Liam said, coming out of hiding with Kendra, but then they heard a loud growl behind, and they turned slowly at once only to see a wild boar.

"We're dead" Kendra muttered, peeing on herself.

"Don't move, and don't break the eye contact" Liam replied.

"I can't look at it it's scary!!" Kendra started crying, wetting her skirt more.

"Liam run!!!!" Rosy's voice came, and they turned to see her running towards them already.

He found them!

"Let's go!" Liam grabbed Kendra's hand and started running with her.

Rosy distracted the boar, so instead of chasing after the kids, it went after her, and she started running insanely for her life.

The boar chased her madly too.

 Losing two meals is enough, it's not ready to lose this one again.

Rosy's luck got cut when she stumbled on a stunt, and she fell heavily.

Before she could try to stand, the boar was already some feet away from her, and she literally stopped breathing.

She began crying like a baby when she lost all hope, closing her eyes tightly and waiting for the worse.

The boar growled at once before charging forward to pounce on her, but someone jumped into the scene and grabbed her away from it's mouth.

She landed on a slope with the person, and they started rolling down together, but throughout the roll, she was struggling with the person, thinking it's the boar.

They got to the end of the slope, and she still kept struggling with closed eyes.

"Leave me alone!!!! Let go of me animal!!!! Let go!!!! Go away!!!!!"

She was hitting and smacking the person as she struggled, but he got a hold of her arms.

"Hey it's me! Look at me Rosy!" Roman's voice said, and slowly, her tearful eyes opened. 

"It's me" he whispered, and she opened her mouth wide.

"Roman!!!" She cried and hugged him tightly immediately, her body shaking so much on him.

"I thought I wasn't gonna see my Liam again!!" She cried again, and Roman hugged her back, touching her hair for the first time while his second hand rubbed her back gently.

"Hush, mama. It's fine now, I'm here for you"


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