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Be My Woman - Episode 17 & 18




 Be My Woman - Episode 17 & 18

 Theme: (His•Baby•Mama...)

By: Naomi Cindy B.


"Baby mama" he repeated, and she turned her face away from him.

"You should probably add cheap" she muttered, and he stopped smiling immediately.

"What was...

"You called me cheap back then" she cut him off before facing him again.

Roman's lips felt glued, he couldn't say any more word as he stared at her.

No other sound around, just the soothing sound of the falling rain on the umbrella he's holding. 

It was all awkward till Iris came out of where Rosy hid her in.

"Mummy" she called, and that brought them back.

"Iris" she walked to her and carried her.

Roman opened the gate for her, and she went in with him.

"Mrs. Smart?" Liam said when they got to the door. He was already waiting .

"Liam" Rosy smiled immediately just by seeing him.

She felt the urge to drop Iris and go hug him, but she had to hold herself back.

 Very soon, she'd be able to embrace him warmly, and when that day comes, she won't let go of him even after hours.

"Why is she here?" Liam faced Roman who's currently folding the umbrella.

"It's about the company, don't overthink" he replied, and Liam faced Rosy again.

"She's the kid who almost got kidnapped. Now I have a better view of her, she's cute" he said, and Iris smiled.

"Thanks for calling me cute"

They eventually went in, and Rosy dropped Iris on the couch since she's not wet like her, then she stood and started staring at her wet self, wondering what she'd do.

Liam sat beside Iris, and they started talking like they've known each other for long 

Roman looked at Rosy, and when he saw how uncomfortable she is in the wet clothes and how she kept moving from one foot to another, he smiled lightly.

"I'll get you something to change into, then I can get your clothes dried" he said, and she looked up.

Their eyes met once before he went upstairs, and she turned to face Liam and Iris.

"How old are you?" Liam asked.

"Five" she replied.

"I'm nine, so...

"I know, i won't disrespect you, mum told me to respect people who're even one month older" she interrupted, and he smiled, stroking her curly hair.

"Damn, you're so cute"

Rosy smiled, biting her lip as she watched her handsome son acting like a big brother already.

Roman returned two minutes later with one of his shirts, colour blue 

She handed it to Rosy and directed her to the bathroom so she'd change.

She came back three minutes later, already changed, and as usual, the shirt stopped at her mid-thigh, looking cute.

She took of her flat shoes and is currently putting on one of Roman's furry slip-ons which is bigger than her too. She's got small foots.

Roman's eyes widened the moment she came out, holding the wet clothes in her right hand.

He gave her a thorough look from her foot up to her face, and when their eyes met, he blinked and looked away, then he tried to take the wet clothes from her 

"No. I'll...dry them myself" she held back 

"No. I refuse" he replied and took it from her.

"You should have a sit, I'll be right back" he said and went out of sight.

Rosy sat on another couch, and from there, she stared at the kids who looks as though they're in another world.

Despite the fact that she's changed into another clothes, she still couldn't help but feel chills, so she began shaking slightly, pulling the shirt impossibly down so it'd cover more of her thighs.

Roman was coming downstairs when he saw her that way, and he immediately turned off all the air conditioners in the living room, then he went to the kitchen to make two warm cups of tea which he brought for mother and daughter.

"Thanks" Rosy said before taking it. She needs the warmness right now.

She drank from it instantly, and Roman got his working laptop before returning to sit beside her.

"You still haven't told me where you got the Intel from" he said.

"Secret" she replied, and he opened the laptop.

"So...Iris isn't your biological daughter?" He asked, but she was quiet.

"Donovan... Donovan Mendez, the disowned son is your husband" he said.

"Can you stop trying to dig into my private life? It's useless" she replied, and he nodded.

"I'm sorry, can we talk about the anniversary now?" 

"Jeffery didn't list my duties at the anniversary for me during the handover" she replied.

"I guess he forgot, but you have minor duties to perform. The office assistances will handle the rest" he said.

"So what are the minor duties?"

"You're in charge of the invitations. Prepare the invitation cards for the CEOs and important people, then you're to be my date to the party" he replied 

"Why should I be your date?" She quickly faced him.

"Jeffery was my date throughout the seven anniversary he celebrated in the company, and I didn't mind the fact that he was a man like me cos I don't like women, but now that you're here, you're entitled to it" he explained.

"You hate women" she replied.

"You're my baby mama after all" he said, and she scoffed.

"Stop calling me that"

"But you are" he replied, and she went mute .

"That's all about the anniversary, do you mind eating? I'll tell the maids to fix something" he said.

"I'm full" she replied, and he rested back on the couch.

"The clothes should be dried by now. It's getting late I should leave" she said.

"But it's still raining" he retorted.

"The rain stopped already" she replied, and she went to check. It truly stopped already.

He reluctantly went upstairs to get her dried clothes, and she took them.

"Are we leaving already?" Iris asked. She's currently busy with one of Liam's phones.

"Yeah, baby" she smiled.

"But I'm enjoying the game already" Iris pouted.

"You can go with the phone, I have two others" Liam said.

"Really?" Iris's eyes widened.

"Yeah, consider it my first gift to you" he replied, and she hugged him.

Rosy got changed, then she returned the blue shirt to Roman and carried Iris.

"I'll drop you" he said.

"No you...

"You can't reject, there's no way you'd get taxi in this estate on a rainy night like this" he said, and she relented.

"Bye Liam" she waved at him.

"See you soon Mrs. Smart" he replied, and she kept looking back at him till she was out of the house.

Roman drove them to her place, and they arrived after forty minutes.

As expected, Iris was already sleeping, so she carried her out of the car, and Roman came out too.

"Here" he placed a patch in her purse.

"It's better than the one on your forehead. It matches with the skin color" he said.

"Thanks" she said freely and started going in.

Roman watched her without blinking, and he couldn't help but have another flashback of that night.

"Please I have nowhere else to go, have mercy on me!!" Her pleading voice resounded in his head when she was begging him to take the baby.

He felt f**king bad immediately, and he was unaware of when he called her name.


She turned back by the door, questioning him with her eyes.

"Take care...of your forehead" he said awkwardly, and she went in without saying a word.

He drove away with guilt.


"Oh, my gosh! Don!" Asia's screams were tearing through the walls of the house when Rosy came in, but it's not new.

She ignored the moans and put Iris to bed, then she remembered Liam's face and smiled.

The ringing of her phone made her get her purse.

She brought it out and saw Ann on the ID.

The phone screen is a mess cos of how it fell at Roman's office the other time, but she's planning to buy another once she gets her first salary.

"Hey neighbor" she picked Ann's call.

"To the balcony" Ann replied, and she hung up, leaving the apartment.

She went to the balcony and met Ann there. She's sitting in front of a stool with two bottles of beer.

"Let's drink away our sorrows" she said, and Rosy joined her. They do this a lot though.

Ann poured their cups and they drank at once.

"Donovan is f**king the b**ch again, I guess" Ann said.

"I don't wanna talk about it" Rosy replied.

"Cheers!" Ann poured another cup, and Rosy smiled before clinking hers on it.




"So this week is the anniversary" Angelina said as he stepped into the assistances office, holding some files meant for submission.

"I can't believe it, the preparations are always tedious" Ann complained.

"No one forced you to become an office assistant" Bishop replied, and Ann rolled eyes at him, then they all turned to Rosy when they heard nothing from her.

She's currently busy on her laptop, so they rushed to stand behind her.

She's compiling the names of important figures and people to be invited to the anniversary already.

"You're already doing your job? I envy you" Ann said.

"Why is this column empty?" Rosy suddenly asked, pointing at an empty space among the names 

"A name used to be there, but boss scratched it himself. It's the name of his rival in the real estate world" Bishop said.

"He has a rival?" Rosy looked up.

"What were you expecting? Of course he does, but he's nowhere near boss, so I call it jealousy" Angelina said.

"Instead of doing this, why don't we go start our own work?" Ann suggested, and they all left Rosy immediately.

"Does anyone want coffee?" Rosy stood.

"Yes!" The three replied at once, and she left for the pantry to make everyone a cup.

She met Maya in there, and she just ignored her.

She took cups for the coffee but Maya snatched them from her and scattered them on the ground.

"What do you want?" Rosy faced her.

"Mini boss is not coming to save you so you should listen to me" Maya said.

"Well I don't want to" Rosy replied and made to leave but Maya pushed her forward.

Rosy turned immediately and pushed her harder. Maya fell on the ground.

"Don't try me" Rosy warned and walked out of the pantry, meeting Mr. Zed by the door.

He looked at her chest again before she walked away.



Roman came to school as instructed, and he's currently in with the principal and the parents of the boy Liam punched.

Liam himself is standing by the window of his class, waiting for him to come out.

"Liam!" Kendra joined him.

"What's up" he replied without moving.

"Look!" She showed him the picture of Zuma mountains on her phone.

"I've always wanted to go there, but dad never allowed me, he said it's dangerous" he replied.

"You don't have to tell him, we can sneak out of school tommorow and just go, then we come back before school hours end" she said, and he smiled.

"Sounds good"

"Liam Lawson? Come in" a teacher said from the principal's office door, and he went in.

The boy he punched (Nick) is in with his parents already, so he joined Roman.

"Nick said you punched him cos he said his wristwatch is better than yours" Roman said.

"What! Liar! He mentioned my family!" Liam shouted.

"I never mentioned your family" Nick said, and the next thing was Liam climbing the table to jump beside him.

He almost punched him again but thanks to Roman who was fast to go there and hold him back.

"Let go of me dad! He's a f**king lair and he needs to get punched again! I hate him!!" Liam shouted, struggling with Roman.

"Mr. Lawson, I think you need to reeducate him about how bad it is to be...

"I trust my boy. He'd never lie to me and if he said Nick mentioned my family then Nick really did. I know what Liam can do and he wouldn't fight without a reason, so warn Nick to avoid mentioning my family in any statement" Roman cut off the principal and took Liam out of the office.

"Why did you tell me about what Nick said when I entered? You could have defended me straight!" Liam shouted when they got out.

"I was expecting you to deny it right in front of them before I'd take action, you're not wiser than me Liam. I know you're mad that he kept lying but resorting to violence in there only gave them more points" Roman replied.

"He really mentioned you and mum, and I can't forgive anyone for saying trash about the two of you, it wasn't about the wristwatches" Liam said and started crying.

"Hey" Roman crouched in front of him and wiped the tears from his handsome face.

"I believe you and you know it, and I'm still gonna warn the Nick myself, so stop being emotional" he said, and Liam nodded.

"I want to eat out with you tonight, can we go out at 8? I'll choose the resturant" He asked, and Roman smiled.

"Of course, I'll come pick you myself after school" 

"I'll see you then" Liam smiled and gave him a peck on the chin before going back to class.

"Such an handful" Roman sighed as he walked back to the parking lot.



Preparing for the anniversary was so hectic at work today, but Rosy still came to the restaurant afterwards.

Money is her best friend and making it means restlessness just like now.

She was stretching after serving another table when another order came, and she took the tray to go serve the meal.

She got there and met the person reading a magazine, and the paper covered the face.

She placed the meals on the table gently.

"Enjoy" she said and was about to leave when the magazine went down, revealing the face.


"You again?" Rosy said, and she smiled before tasting the chicken soup, but she spit it out immediately with a sour expression.

"Do you guys serve poison here? Why is it so tasteless?" She said.

"If you're here to pick a fight, then I don't have the time" Rosy sighed and started leaving.

"Then I can leave a bad review on the internet about this place then, this resturant will go down within three days" Maya said, and Rosy walked back to her.

"Are you out of your mind?" 

"Do your job well Instead of asking stupid questions!" Maya shouted, spranging up.

"What? Are you gonna beat me?" Rosy said.

"You think I can't? Huh? Seducer! You're a b**ch ok? You do nothing but seduce boss at work! Unfortunate slut!" Maya shouted, drawing attention.

All eyes in the resturant are on them right now.

"You said?" Rosy said calmly.

"Unfortunate slut!" Maya shouted again, and Rosy banged her cheek with a loud slap immediately, making everyone gasp.

It was at that period Roman came in with Liam. Liam chose this place for the dinner actually.

"Wait... that's Mrs. Smart, does she work here? And that's the bully lady...don't tell me she came here to bully her too" Liam said, and before Roman could talk, he was already walking there.

"Did you just slap me?" Maya said, holding her stinging cheek.

"You deserve more, what did I take from you!" Rosy snapped, and Maya smirked before raising her hand to slap her back, but that was exactly when Liam got to their middle.

Like a tornado, the slap landed on Liam's face instead, and her five fingers appeared on his cheek immediately.

"Oh, my gawd! Mini boss!" She gasped with insane shock.

"Liam?" Rosy muttered shockingly too, running mad immediately.

She wasn't thinking anymore when she rushed to Maya and punched her heavily on the face.

👥 What the hell!

People started gasping, but it wasn't over cos Rosy punched Maya again, making sure she targeted her jaw.

"Ahhh!!!!" Maya screamed out, staggering back as another punch his her mouth.

Rosy didn't allow that to get cold before punching her on the eyes, and she fell on the ground, bleeding so much.

Rosy sat on her and resumed the punches, but this time she mixed it with slaps, and the more she imagined her fingers on Liam's cheeks, the more she punched.

"AHHHHHHH!!!!!" Maya cried out again when she punched her on the teeth.

Roman held Liam to himself, watching the lioness in front of him shockingly.

Madam Brown came out and tried dragging Rosy away from Maya, but she held back, and Madam Brown fell as a result, but she wasn't even looking at her.

She gave Maya the eleventh punch, and Maya started gasping for breath.

"Someone stop her! She'd kill her!!!" Mrs. Brown shouted horrifically.


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