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Be My Woman - Episode 15 & 16




 Be My Woman - Episode 15 & 16

 Theme: (His•Baby•Mama...)

By: Naomi Cindy B.


He locked the door on himself and the man, then he walked to him and gave him a hard lash on the stomach with the umbrella.

"Arggghh!!!!" The man cried agonizingly, blood bursting out of his mouth.

Roman have him another hit with the umbrella, but on the chest this time.

"Argghhhhh!!!!" He cried again, bleeding more blood.

The third hit was on his shoulder, and he rolled around in pains, crying even louder.


Roman dumped the umbrella and dragged him up by holding his collar.

"Who the hell are you? Who sent you?" He questioned.

Instead of answering, he craftily got a knife out of his pocket.

He tried to sink it into Roman's arm, but he was fast to dodge it, though not fast enough cos it made contact and gave him a cut on that arm.

His blood stained his white shirt, and his anger got rebuilt.

The man tried stabbing him again, but he grabbed his hand and twisted it.

The knife fell from him to the ground, and Roman began dealing his face with punches without stopping.

His expensive wristwatch fell from his wrist to the ground and got destroyed, but he cares less.

He just wants to trash this bastard here till he passes out.

The man even lacks the energy to fight back cos the punches are damn heavy, and as he receives them, blood coloured his face till he became unrecognizable.

After the tenth one, Roman grabbed his arm and flipped him.

He landed on the ground with a loud cry, but it wasn't over cos Roman gave him a kick on the tummy which sent him to the standing lockers in the room.

He landed between the lockers, and the metals wounded him greatly.

"Argg!!!... F**k!" He groaned, spitting blood again.

Roman folded up his shirt sleeves till his mid-arms and grabbed the umbrella from the ground.

He walked to him and made to hit it on him...

"I was sent by Iris's biological mother. She wanted her daughter back but Donovan wasn't giving her the chance, that's why...I was hired" he finally confessed, and Roman's hands went down slowly, hot breaths escaping his thin nostrils as sweat ran down his jaws.

At the same time, the door was opened forcefully, and cops came in together with everyone.

As expected, eyes popped when they saw the man's condition, especially Matty's and Fiona's.

Liam kept staring at his father shockingly. He has never witnessed him do this before.

The cops took the man away in handcuffs, and the crowd began leaving.

"You're hurt" Fiona told Roman, looking at his arm.

"I'm fine" he breathed out, walking to Rosy who's still holding Iris tightly.

"He mentioned that her biological mother sent him, and he mentioned a name too.. Donovan" he said, and she nodded.

"You should get your arm treated" 

"I'm seriously fine, you should get your head treated instead. If you don't want me to take you, then Fiona can do it" he replied.

"Matty will take me" she replied, and he nodded once as she walked out of the room.

Matty and Nancy followed her.

"I hate it when you get hurt" Liam's voice came, and Roman squatted in front of him, stroking his hair shortly.

"I'm serious" Liam said, squeezing his face as he stared at the bleeding arm.

"I'm sorry i, won't get hurt again" he replied with a little smile.

"I'll call Darla to come help you get it treated at home" Fiona said.

"Don't tell mum, I don't want her dramas this night" Roman stood and left the room with Liam.

"Jerk" Fiona muttered before following him.



Matty's car pulled up, and Rosy came out with sleeping Iris in her arms.

Her forehead is currently plastered as it got treated at the hospital.

"You should take the painkillers before going to bed. It'd reduce the pains and make you sleep" Matty said.

"I will. Thanks for all you do, Matty" she replied.

"I hate hearing thanks from you, Miss Rose" he muttered, and she smiled.


"Goodnight" he waved.

"Goodnight Mrs. Mendez!" Nancy waved from the backseat.

"Bye Nancy!" She replied and entered the house.

Matty sighed and rested back on his seat.

"Are you sad that that man saved her instead of you?" Nancy asked.

"Why would I be sad? She got saved after all, I should thank him" he replied.

"I heard guys love playing hero for the person they love" she said again.

"Miss Rose is someone I respect a lot, and I owe her my life. Loving her would mean selfishness. She's married and there are boundaries I can never cross. She's more like a big sister, and I just want her to be happy" he replied, and she leaned forward.

"You owe her your life? Did you both meet in the past?" 

"You ask too many questions, Nancy" he replied, and she went back to her seat as he drove away.


Rosy gently placed Iris on the bed when she got inside, and immediately she stood straight, Donovan came into the room.

"And where are you coming from by this time?" He questioned.

"Cinema. Took Iris out for a movie" she replied.

"Was that why you refused to pick my call? Are you crazy!" He shouted, coming closer.

"Why is it that you get uncomfortable with everything I do? I can't even breath well in this house!" She shouted, and he immediately grabbed her neck, choking her.

"Don.. Donovan!" She struggled, and he even exerted more pressure on the choking.

Her eyes began rolling.

"You can't breathe? Then die! Die b**ch! Die!!" He yelled as he choked.

"Donovan easy. You can't kill her yet" Asia said, coming into the room in just her underwear.

She has been here even before Rosy arrived earlier.

Donovan let go of Rosy, and she began coughing so hard, holding the red neck.

"I saved your life and you wanna start disobeying me now?" He said.

"I'm currently paying the price for what you did for me animal!!" Rosy yelled, and tears escaped her eyes as she had a flashback.


 Donovan really payed off Rosy's debts as promised, and he took her away from the thugs.

They went to her place together, and she invited him in.

His face shows how disgusted he's feeling with the poor condition of the place.

Rosy offered him water, but he didn't even touch the cup.

"Thanks.. thanks for saving me. I'll work hard and pay you back" she said gratefully, kneeling in front of him.

"I didn't save you so you could pay me back with money" he replied, resting back on the chair.

"Then...what do you want?" She asked curiously.

"I'm Donovan Mendez, the third son of the Mendez family" he replied, and her eyes widened.

She fell from her knees to get butt.


"And dad is currently dying, but any of his sons who don't get married before his death won't be included in his will" he explained, and her eyes widened more.


"I hate getting committed to one stupid woman. Why would I do that when there are a lotta holes to drill out there? You'd get married to me in a contract marriage for nine years. Don't worry I won't touch you, you're not my type at all. Just live with me as a wife, and nothing more" he said.


"Yes" he smiled.


"I've been married to you on paper since then and I always do every single thing you want!! You even brought home the child you had with one of b**ches and I didn't complain! I took her as my own daughter! You got disowned by your father and I've been the one feeding you since then! What else do you want!" Rosy shouted hurtfully.

"Come to think of it, you're the cause of my misfortunes cos I got disowned immediately I got married to you and my dad didn't even die like I wanted! You're bad luck!" He yelled.

"Calm down, Don..." Asia rubbed his chest.

"Then let go of me if I'm bad luck!" Rosy fired.

"You think I'm stupid? The contract is nine years and you're going nowhere before it completes, ugly thing...now I don't even blame your boyfriend for betraying you in college, no man deserves an unfortunate woman like you" Donovan said, and Asia pulled him out of the room.

Rosy sat on the ground and started crying slowly, covering her mouth with her palm so she wouldn't wake sleeping Iris.

Whenever he bashes her with words like this, he always mentions her past pains, and her wounds reopen each time.

Stefan and Olivia's face appeared in her memory, and for the 100th time, she cursed them.

She cried for long before entering the bathroom for her shower, and when she came out che changed into a black long-sleeved shirt which reached her mid-thigh.

She's cutely short, so things like this look long on her.

She sat in front of her mirror and swallowed the painkillers with water, then she remembered Roman's wound from earlier.

"I hope he's ok" she muttered, touching her own plastered forehead.

She touched her red neck too, and she sighed.

"Curse you, Donovan" she muttered.



Roman got his arm treated by himself when he arrived earlier, and he went for his shower afterwards.

He met Liam in his room already when he came out of the bathroom with a towel which he's drying his hair with.

"You're not asleep yet?" He said surprisingly.

"Do you like Mrs. Smart?" Liam asked straight, and he blinked in confusion.

"Mrs. Smart? Who's that?...

"Your PA" he replied, and Roman sighed. He expected this.

"You should got to bed, Liam"

"You told me not to get violent but you got extra violent immediately you saw her wounded head earlier" Liam said.

"That's because she's..." Roman said and paused.

"She's what?" 

"My PA, and...

"Jeffery once got attacked by goons when he was still your PA but you didn't...

"I don't like Rosy, I promise you" Roman cut him off, and he walked up to him.

He stood on the bed so he's taller a bit, and he hugged him from there.

"That's what I want to hear" he whispered, and Roman closed his eyes, hugging him back.



"Mum!!!" Nancy screamed when she entered Mrs. Johnson's ward in the company of Matty.

"Nancy!" The woman widened her arms, and Nancy jumped on the bed to hug her tightly.

"I've missed you so much mum!"

"I missed you more than you did Nancy. It's been a week" Mrs. Johnson replied.

"I didn't want to skip school cos I hate missing anything, you hate it too" she said, and the woman held her face.

"Of course. I want our Nancy to do well and become a great surgeon in the future" 

"I'll make you proud, and please get well soon" Nancy beamed, and Mrs. Johnson hugged her tightly again.

"Before you talk about a girlfriend again, I have a studio session so bye! I only came to drop Nancy" Matty said, and they broke the hug.

"Matty come back here!" Mrs. Johnson shouted.

"I'll come back at night to pick Nancy!!" He shouted back, leaving completely.

"Isn't he so handsome? Why is it hard for your brother to get a girlfriend?" Mrs. Johnson said.

"Give him time" Nancy replied.



Matty arrived in the company of his manager, and he went masked into the studio to avoid screams from fans.

He removed his mask when he got into the studio, and attention shifted to him from the female models.

👥 Hey Matty!

👥 Hey Matty!

👥 Matty you look hotter!

👥 Matty!

It's always the case cos despite the fact that he's new, he's one of the most handsome.

"This way" his manager directed, and he followed till they got to the right room where he'd be meeting his partner for the shoot.

He only saw the back view at first, but when she turned, he smiled.

It's Fiona Shawn.

"Hey!" She walked to him immediately.

"We met at the cinema last night, and at the café the other night. Told you I'm your fan" he said.

"Wait... you're my partner?" She blinked.

"Yeah. Matty Johnson" he smiled.

"Oh, my gawd! You didn't tell me you're part of this industry too!"

"I'm new. Just three months ago" he replied, and they shook hands.

"It's almost time, please get dressed" the director announced.

"See ya around!" Fiona winked and started leaving for her dressing room, but Lola, her manager kept staring at Matty, biting her lip repeatedly.

'Hes so cute!' she kept screaming in her mind till Fiona turned back.

"Lola!" She called out 

"Coming!" She winked secretly at Matty before going after Fiona.



It's not so busy today, so Rosy only did serving a number of times.

Iris is with her since it's Sunday. She's busy playing with Madam Brown's daughter who's same age as her.

"Rosy, you're needed here" Madam Brown said from the kitchen, and she rushed there to take the tray of turkey risotto.

It gave her a deja Vu feeling as she took it to the right table where she saw the two business men at, the ones she got the Intel from, and they're currently arguing.

"I said you're the only one I told about it!" 

"Then why did Landmark get it before we could? You obviously leaked it maybe you're an ally with Roman Lawson!"

"What the hell are you saying! I haven't met Roman Lawson before! We're rivals in this field!" 

"So how do we explain this to boss?" 

"I dunno!"

They left the resturant afterwards without even waiting to eat what they ordered.

Rosy dropped the tray and sighed softly.

"I'm sorry, you both" she muttered and smiled lightly, then her phone buzzed.

She checked, and her eyes widened when she saw it's a reminder.

The company seventh anniversary is next week, and she hasn't even planned anything as the PA

"Why so fast" she muttered, going to her contacts.

She scrolled till she got to Roman's number.

Jeffery gave her during handover since it's compulsory to have her her boss's number.

It's saved as 'Heartless Punk'

She contemplated on weather to dial it or not before finally dialling, and he was quick to pick.

"Rosy?" He said calmly.

"I called to ask about your arm, I'm not heartless like a certain person" she said.

"It's healing well, I called you in the morning to ask about your forehead, but you didn't pick" he replied.

"I was busy, and I didn't see the call too. Is next week really the anniversary or is there a mistake? Cos I just...

"You can come to my place instead, and we can talk" he interrupted.


"The anniversary, and you get to see Liam, or you can forget about i...

"I'm not...sure. Send the address though" She said before he could finish, and she hung up immediately, smiling wide.

"Mummy" Iris came to her, and she crouched in front of her.

"We're going somewhere" she said.

"Where?" She blinked innocently.



The taxi driver was good with routes, so he got the address very fast.

Rosy came down after paying him, and she nodded as she stared at the magnificent mansion.

"As expected" she muttered, and a raindrop touched her arm.

"Oh, my gosh. Is it gonna rain? I didn't see the weather forecast" she muttered, and before she could say another word, the rain started falling for real.

She rushed to the gate and placed Iris in a covered space so she wouldn't get drenched, then she gasped when she noticed her purse is gone.

"My purse" she muttered, going back into the rain to start searching the ground maybe it fell.

Her last cash is in, and she might go crazy if it's really gone.

Despite the rain, she searched everywhere but couldn't find it.

"Oh no" she mumbled, and the taxi drove back to her, stopping on the initial spot.

The window went down, and the driver pointed out the purse.

"You forgot it"

"Thanks so much, mister" she said as took it, and the taxi drove away, then she ran to join Iris.

"You're soaked, mummy" little Iris said, and she smiled. She was starting to shake.

"I found my purse, that's what matters baby" she replied and dialled Roman's line.


"I'm at the gate" she replied.


He showed up a minute later with an umbrella, and immediately he saw her wet state, he gasped, rushing to open the gate.

He stepped out and covered her with the umbrella, so they're both under.

"You said you weren't sure" he said.

"I...I changed my mind" she replied shakily.

"You're silly, baby mama" he smiled, giving her the umbrella.

He took off his loose multicolored jacket and covered her with it.

"What did you... just... call me?" She asked slowly, and he took the umbrella from her to hold, then he looked into her eyes before talking again.

"Baby mama"


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