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Be My Woman - Episode 13 & 14




 Be My Woman - Episode 13 & 14

 Theme: (His•Baby•Mama...)

By: Naomi Cindy B.


"I....I want her to start rubbing her mouth on the ground, till I'll be satisfied" Rosy muttered.

Instantly, Liam faced Maya who was still kneeling, and she held her breath.

"Get to work" he ordered, and her eyes widened.

"Mini boss,I'm...

"You might wanna get fired instead of that" Liam muttered coldly, and she she quickly shook her head.

"No I'll... I'll do it" she said and bent over the floor. Immediately her lips touched it, she began scrubbing the floor with it, grunting in pains as she did.

Fiona's smile got wider, and her arms went folded under her b**bs.

"Scenes like this are more enjoyable with a bowl of fries" she said.

Rosy's eyes weren't even on Maya who's busy mopping the floor with her mouth. They're on Liam, and she's smiling as she stared at her boy.

He grew up so tall, too tall for a nine years old kid, and she crazily wondered what Roman has been feeding him. He grew up handsomely too and gawd, she loves him too much!

"Liam" she muttered before she could hold herself, but it was only Fiona who heard.

"You said?" She faced her.

"Nothing" Rosy quickly replied, wiping the little tear that's threatening to fall off her eyes.

Fiona gave her a deep stare, and that was when Liam shifted his eyes from Maya back to Rosy.

"Are you satisfied now?" He asked, checking the time on his wristwatch.

It has been five minutes already.

Rosy nodded, and he walked to Maya who's still mopping with her lips.

"Get up" he ordered.

She stood to stand in front of him with her face down and her lips swollen with several bruises. It's bleeding too, and she has tears on her face already.

"You should know your place when you're here. It's my dad's company and you have no right to bully" he said calmly.

"I'm so sorry, mini boss" she quickly bowed three times consecutively, and Liam turned to start walking out of the hallway.

"See ya around!" Fiona winked at Rosy before rushing after him.

Rosy faced Maya who's still standing there with her lips what's now bigger than her whole face.

"Not sorry" she said and walked away too, limping cos of her sprained ankle.

Maya practically ran out of the hallway and went straight to Mr. Zed's office.

"What the hell! What happened to your lips! Did you walk into the house of bees or something?" He stood shockingly.

"It's... It's Liam" she cried.

"Liam? Wait... Mini boss is here? How come I didn't hear the announcement?" His eyes widened.

"I didn't hear it too, and he met me teaching that b**chy Rosy a lesson. He told her to chose my punishment and the slut told me to mop the ground with my lips!!!" She cried again.

"What! Rosy said that?" Mr. Zed gasped.

"Isn't this enough evidence? Look at my lips!!! I'm in pains!!!" She yelled.

"I have to go meet him first, I can't get fired' Mr. Zed said and rushed out of the office.

"Zed!!!" Rosy yelled, stumping her foot.



Immediately Liam entered, everyone on seat stood and bowed their heads. Both male and female.

Anytime he visits like this, he's a ticking time bomb and his fingers are dangerous cos once he points at you, you're gone, and he focuses majorly on females.

He was almost done with the scanning, and everyone were ready to breathe out in relief when  he suddenly stopped in front of a desk.

"Face up" he said, and the lady looked up.

She's wearing a really transparent shirt, and her brà could visibly be seen. Besides that, the front of the shirt is open, showing off her b**bs too.

"Have you gone to my dad's office today?" He asked.

"No...I was just about to go submit... some documents..." She stuttered.

That instant, Mr. Zed entered the office.

"Mini boss" he bowed respectfully.

"Get rid of her" Liam ordered, and the lady fell back on her seat.

"I'm done for!!" She shouted as he walked out of the office.

"Pack your things" Mr. Zed said.



Rosy, Ann, Angelina and Bishop were already standing when Liam came in looking so serious.

They kept their heads down as he scrutinized them too, and after two minutes, he smiled.

"You guys are the best in this office. No issues always" he said, and they raised their heads.

"Yes!" Angelina and Bishop stuck hands.

"Thanks for the compliment, mini boss" Ann said, and he faced Rosy who was smiling too much.

"It was nice to meet you. Thanks for saving me earlier" she said, and he entered Roman's office immediately.

"Gawd! I heard he fired the lady who loves wearing transparent shirts at the management" Ann said.

"I was expecting it. She's always trying hard to seduce boss. It's obvious" Bishop said.

"If you're a lady, you'd probably trying to seduce him too" Angelina replied knowingly.

"I should be the one telling you that cos at least I'm not bearing the name of a girl" Bishop replied.

"My mum named me and it's not my fault but what about you? You bear Bishop but you like girls!" Angelina replied.

"I preach the word of God to them obviously!" Bishop said.

"Word of gawd on the bed? Clap for yourself honey" Angelina rolled eyes.

"Isn't it hightime you stop prying into my private life?" Bishop went closer.

"It's hightime you stop taunting me with my name too, Sinner" Angelina replied, and Bishop carried him off the ground immediately, mounting him on the shoulder.

"Drop me Bishop!" Angelina struggled.

"Make me" Bishop replied.

"Bishop!!!' Angelina shouted.

Rosy was already laughing so hard on her seat. Today is just too good for her.

"This is an office you both! Stop!!!" Ann slammed her palms on the table.



"You fired a staff? You made Maya mop the ground with...what?" Roman said frustratedly, resting back on his chair.

Liam is sitting on his laps, resting possessively on his chest.

"The staff was obviously trying to seduce you and I only wanted to keep you safe from females till mum would come back" Liam replied, and Roman smiled.

"You already love her so much without seeing her"

"I can't wait to see her. I'll give her all the money in my account first as a gift. I just wish she'd be happy wherever she is, and I don't want her to get hurt before we'd meet" Liam replied.

"So what about Maya?" Roman asked.

"She was bullying your new PA" Fiona replied, coming in.

"Rosy?" Roman's eyes widened.

He carried Liam and placed him on the desk.

"Why? Liam taught her a lesson already" Fiona said, but Roman was already out of the office.

Fiona and Liam exchanged glances.

Roman got to the assistances office and went straight to Rosy's desk.

She looked up with a blink.

"Why are you...

He took her hand and pulled her out of the office.

"Wait...is there something we're not aware of?" Ann said.

"Of course" Bishop and Angelina chorused.

"Really?" Ann faced them.


Roman didn't stop till he got to the end of the hallway with her, and he let go of her hand to face her.

"Are you ok? I heard about the shit Maya tried and...

"I'm fine. Thanks" she cut him off and started limping away.

Immediately he saw her limping, he pulled her back.

"You should go get treated at the medical room, I'll take you" he said, but she took her hand from him immediately.

"I said I'm fine. Stop pretending to be nice" she said and turned to leave again.

"I said those things to you nine years ago cos I was hurt, and...

"I was hurt that day too" she cut him off and faced him, making him bite the side of his mouth.

"You're not the only one in the world. Everyone has their crosses to carry, Roman. And I'm really fine, at least I got to see my son today" she said and limped away, leaving him standing.

Roman sighed and inserted an hand into his pocket, standing still.


Rosy got back to the office and met Ann on her desk, waiting for her.

"Mini boss wants something to drink" she said.

"Oh! I'll get it" Rosy smiled and started limping into the office.

"Wait.... You sprained your ankle?" Bishop and Angelina asked at a time.

"I'm fine" she smiled and finally went in, meeting Fiona and Liam.

"Get us coffee, please" Fiona said and picked her purse.

"Need to clean up" she smiled and entered the restroom.

Liam faced Rosy immediately, and she smiled brightly again.

"What did my dad talk to you about earlier?" He asked seriously.

"Nothing much" she replied.

"There's just one rule to follow as his PA. Don't fall for my dad" he said.

"Don't worry, I'm married and that'd never happen" she replied, showing him the ring on her finger.

"I don't mean to sound rude, but I'm doing it for my mum. She's coming back soon" he said, beaming with happiness.

Rosy's smile reduced immediately. If only he knows she's his mother right in front of him.

"You want coffee too right?" She asked.

"No. I hate it like dad, so get me...

"Cinnamon tea" she cut her off.

"You're Smart, I should start calling you Mrs. Smart" he said, and she chuckled before leaving the office, trying her best not to limp.

She met Roman by the door but pretended like she saw no one till she was out.

"Dad we're visiting the cinema tonight. My favorite animation, Boonie Bears will be shown again tonight after two years" Liam said immediately Roman came in.

"How many times are you gonna watch that" Roman replied.

"Fiona helped me with the tickets already, and she's even going with us" Liam said as she brought out three tickets, and Fiona came out of the restroom.

"Why are you here?" Roman raised his brows.

"Is it a sin to come see my best friend who's so hard to catch these days? And besides...I and Liam will wait till you're done so we'd go for the movie together" She said, and Roman looked at Liam.

Liam shrugged with a big smile.



Rosy received the cheque for the land purchase from Roman some minutes ago, and she met with the land owners immediately.

She got it for the company and was just coming back, but immediately she came out of the elevator, she met Mr. Zed.

"Good day" she greeted, and he blocked her.

"I thought you were a better woman during your first day yesterday, but now it's obvious you're just a b**ch desperate for attention" he said, and as he talked, he couldn't control the movements of his eyes.

They're on her b**bs.

"If you're here because of your girlfriend, then I have nothing to say" she replied and tried leaving.

"You must get on my good side if you wanna stay long here, but now that you did that to my girlfriend, expect hell" he threatened.

"I'm not afraid, Mr. Zed. You're only the head of staff and nothing else" she replied and walked away.

"You surely don't know me" he muttered.


Rosy was about to enter her office when her phone rang, and she stepped back to pick 

It's Matty.

"Hey Matty. Wanna go to the cinema with I and Iris tonight? It's Saturday so I have a little time. Bring Nancy along" she said straight.

"Damn, I called to say the same thing" Matty replied, and she smiled.

"Are the tickets ready?"

"Of course. But you sound happy, did anything happen?" He asked.

"Yeah, we'll talk later" she replied and hung up.

She hugged the phone to her chest, thinking about the little conversation she had with Liam earlier.

"My baby is so cool!" She said proudly, resting on the door in a funny way.



The parking lot was already filled with rich cars when Rosy arrived with Matty and the kids.

"It's so beautiful!" Iris gushed at the exterior of the building.

"I know, right?" Rosy replied, carrying her in her arms.

"You haven't told us the movie we're watching yet" Nancy said in Matty's arms.

"Iris chose it, so we're watching Boonie Bears" he replied.

"Yes! It's my best movie too I love you big brother!" She shouted, and Matty looked at Rosy.

They smiled at the kids cuteness, and his smile didn't stop.

It's so rare to see her happy like this. Though she smiles at times, but none had been as genuine as the one she's giving tonight, and he's hoping it'd last.

Rosy's phone rang, and she checked it to see 'Blockhead' calling.  Obviously Donovan.

She turned off the phone immediately.

She'd spend this moment in peace with Matty and the kids, then he can say or do whatever he wants when she gets back home.

She entered the cinema with the rest, and Roman's car instantly halted same time as Fiona's.

They came out of the cars at once...

Liam was holding Roman's hand, and Fiona was smiling as they stepped in.

The place is full of kiddos tonight. Boonie Bears is loved by kids all-over the world, so it's as it should be.

They got their popcorns and went in, taking their seats according to the numbers on their tickets.

It's a VIP cinema room, so there are just ten people in, and they joined.

"Roman Lawson?" A voice called immediately they sat, and he looked sidewards to see Matty.

He's sitting on the same column with Rosy and the kids.

"Mrs. Smart!" Liam said cheerfully, and Rosy almost rushed to hug him, but she flashed him a beautiful smile, feeling so happy that she came here. She met her son again.

"You're my role model, trust me I wanna be like you in the future! I'm Matty Johnson!" Matty said, but Roman was barely listening, just staring at Rosy.

"Roman" Fiona nudged him, and he woke up.


"Here, it's nice to meet you" Matty said again, and he turned to him.

"Oh... Thanks, we'll talk after the movie" he replied, and Matty smiled excitedly.

His eyes met with Fiona's, and she winked at him, making him blink.

She smiled before eating from the popcorn.

Rosy kept staring at Liam, and he wondered why as he ate the popcorn too.

Nancy and Iris were already chatting about how they'd laugh hard when the comedy movie starts, but then it happened.

Immediately the cinema TV came on, every single light in the room went off.

"The f**k!" Matty spat.

"What's going on!" Fiona shouted.

"I f**king hate darkness" Roman muttered, and the lights came back on Immediately, but shockingly, Iris is nowhere to be found beside Nancy.

"Iris?" Rosy spranged up.

"Iris!!!" She shouted fearfully.

"M...um" her muffled voice came from the end of the room, and they turned to see her getting taken away by a man, her mouth blocked with his palm.

"Iris!!!" Rosy ran after him immediately, entering the door he entered.

He was running pretty fast, but she flung her shoes away and gave it her all too, running after the mysterious man.

He opened another door and went in, and when she made to go in after him, he shut the door on her face, and it hit her on her forehead.

Her head made a straight sound, and she fell on the ground with a wounded forehead.


Meanwhile, immediately the man entered the next room, he was blocked with Matty.

"Matty!!" Iris shouted despite her blocked mouth.

"Give her back!" He said breathlessly.

"In your dreams" the man replied and made to kick him, but Matty dodged and grabbed his leg instead, dragging it.

He fell, and Iris rolled away from him.

"Who the hell sent you!" Matty made to punch him, but he used his kneel on Matty's stomach.

"Geez!!" Matty groaned painfully.

The man stood, going after Iris again.

"Leave me alone!!!! Leave me!!! Mummy!!!" The girl cried when he got her, and hands reached him immediately.

A kick landed on his face from Roman at an hidden angle, and he went down again with a bloody nose this time.


Iris rolled away from him once again, and Rosy ran in.

"Mummy!!" Iris ran to her arms.

Liam, Fiona and Nancy came in too with lots of people from the other cinema rooms.

Roman faced Rosy, and when he saw her bleeding forehead, he remembered Liam's words earlier...

"I just wish my mum will be happy wherever she is, and I don't want her to get hurt before we'd meet" 

He removed his tie immediately, then he took off his suit and dropped both on the ground.

He snatched a folded umbrella from one of the crowd of people, then he undid three buttons from his undershirt.

His eyes are so emotionless right now. The unfortunate man is still wriggling in pains on the ground.

"Out, everyone" Roman said, but everyone remained standing, wondering what he meant.

"I said out!!!" He shouted, and everyone rushed out fearfully.

He locked the door on himself and the man.


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