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Be My Woman - Episode 11 & 12




 Be My Woman - Episode 11 & 12

 Theme: (His•Baby•Mama...)

By: Naomi Cindy B.


"Call an ambulance!!!" Bishop screamed, but Roman stood immediately.

He gave Rosy another look on the stage, and she blinked innocently.

"I'm fine" he told Angelina who was about to call an ambulance, and he dropped the phone.

"We need to talk, Rosy" he said.

She wasn't chanced to reply before he walked out of the hall, still holding his chest.

"He wants to talk with you" Ann told Rosy, and she came down from the stage.

"You should go fast" Bishop added, and she nodded once before walking out of the hall.

She was wondering what he could probably wanna talk about till she got to his office and met him standing in front of his desk, his back on her.

He wasn't even aware of when she came in, so she had to clear her throat to make him aware, and he turned immediately.

"You wanted to talk about...

"Liam" he cut her off, and she sighed, walking closer to him.

"I already told you I'd just meet him as your PA for now. I'm not ready to...

"I know how you feel, I know you're hurt with everything I said to you that year but...

"Roman..." She interrupted, and he stopped talking.

"This isn't about what you said to me. I experienced something more hurtful so the things you said were meaninglessness to me, but getting introduced to Liam as her mum right now would definitely not go well for me" she said firmly, and he brought out his phone.

He placed it on the desk and played the recording of Liam's call earlier.

"Find me my mum!!!" His crying voice came, and Rosy bit her lip so hard immediately, very hard that blood started coming out.

"You hurt yourself" he said when he saw that, and he made to wipe the blood with his hand, but she stepped back, and that was when he remembered the ring on her finger.

"I heard we can clock out after the orientation. I guess I'll see you tommorow, boss" she said and walked out of the office.

Roman's phone began ringing immediately, and he wondered the reason for the call when he saw it's the management of Liam's school.

He picked.


Rosy met several staffs on her way back to the locker room, and they all have their eyes on her, murmuring different things.

👥 She obviously did that move to seduce boss

👥 I know, right? So obvious

👥 I thought Mr. Zed told everyone to focus on their jobs only.

👥 I don't like her!

Rosy decided to pretend like she didn't hear anything, licking the blood on her lip as she was about to enter the locker room, and she bumped into someone.

"I'm so sorry" she said simply, looking up to meet the eyes of a lady who seems so angry.

"Sorry? You think that's gonna cut it? You weren't blind when you were dancing to seduce boss yunno?" She said 

"I dunno what you're talking about" Rosy replied, and she came closer with a smirk.

"Didn't you do the b**bs move to seduce him? You got recognized as the company b**ch already" she said.

"You should take that back, Maya" Bishop's voice interrupted the conversation as he showed up with Angelina.

"We're all staffs here and there's freedom of speech!" Maya fired back.

"You're always treating newbies like this because your boyfriend is the head of staff" Angelina rolled eyes as they both covered Rosy from her.

"I was only stating facts, she's being too obvious" Maya scoffed and walked away.

"That mad one" Bishop muttered as they both faced Rosy.

"She's... Mr. Zed's girlfriend?" She asked slowly.

"Yeah, and it's her hobby to pick on newbies, so be careful of her" Angelina replied.

"And I guess your dance earlier affected boss for real" Bishop said.

"Absolutely no. He only just choked, not because of me" Rosy replied and entered the locker room

Immediately she opened her locker, Liam's voice from the call entered her ears again, and she stopped to stare into space for a while before shaking it off.

She got her clothes and dressed up before before leaving the room.



It's quiet popular among all the fashion showrooms in Greece cos Darla is so talented, and her designs are rare.

She does the drawing and sowing by herself, and her models are always the finest.

She just finished designing a new one in her personal sowing room, and immediately she came upstairs...

She was greeted with several cups of coffee from the apprentices, and she took one which she began drinking with a straw.

"There's a customer waiting, ma'am. It's a guy" an apprentice reported.

"A male? That's a once in a year occurrence, I shouldn't keep him waiting" she replied to opened the door to meet the rich looking guy.

"Finally. Thought I wouldn't be seeing you" he smiled.

"It's rare to see men walk in here to patronize, so what do you want?" She asked, dropping the cup of coffee on the table.

"A classic Frenzy suit, I saw your son Roman wearing the design and I fell in love with it" he smiled.

"What's your name?" Darla asked.

"It's Mason" a voice replied from behind, and they both turned to see a livid Fiona standing there with a murderous look on her face.

She's the most used model here so she's the closest to Darla, and she visits even when there's no photoshoots.

"Fiona?" Mason stood.

"You both know each other?" Darla asked.

"The jerk who cheated on me on river Zuma with another girl" Fiona replied with a smirk, and Darla's eyes widened.

"What!" She spranged up.

"Mrs. Darla, i can actually explain.." Mason quickly stood.

"He broke my heart and that's why I wasn't able to come for the scheduled photoshoots that day!!!" Fiona started crying for real.

"Guards!" Darla shouted and five of them rushed into the room.

"Take him away to any available room, don't beat him too much but enough to make him faint" Darla ordered, and they started dragging him out.

"Do you know what she did to me on the ferry? She almost bursted my balls!!! Fiona tell them to stop! Fiona!!!" Mason was screaming as they took him away.

"Shut up" Darla shoved paper into his mouth, and he couldn't talk anymore till they took him away completely.

Fiona smiled and evil smile as she took the cup of coffee on the table.

"Good riddance" she wiped her fake tears and began sipping.



The resturant is unusually busy today with different customers, obviously because it's Friday, and a lot of family do eat out.

Despite getting a job now, Rosy still came back to the resturant to work part-time after leaving the company. The money is the most important especially now that she has a child to claim.

She hasn't had time to even go pick Iris in school, but she called Matty to help with that already.

"You should rest a bit again, Rosy" Madam Brown said, and she smiled as she wiped her sweat.

"No ma'am. The others will probably hate me if I keep resting in-between"

"And that's cos you work harder than anyone here. You served close to twenty tables in space of 10 minutes" Madam Brown said, and she smiled again.

"I'm seriously fine, and I'm not tired.

A new customer rang the order bell, and she rushed there to take it.

She got there and met two rich looking men with full beards, obviously business men, talking business.

She had to wait for their talks to end.

"The dump site land? Heard it was abandoned cos a dead body was found there years ago" the first one said.

"It doesn't matter, the government is planning to build the biggest hospital in this city on the land soon, and if we buy it now. We can resell it twenty times the price" the second one replied, and Rosy's eyes widened a bit.

"Bring us turkey risotto" they finally told her, and she bowed before going to get it.

She got her phone first when she got to the kitchen, and she wrote down the location of the land fast before going to serve their meal.

She was in the resturant till past 6, and immediately she finished her shift, she rode a taxi to Matty's place.

She told him to pick Iris for her, so she's with him.

She opened the door and met her playing with Nancy in the living room with lots of balloons.

"Mum!" She spranged up and rushed into her arms.

She carried her and swayed her happily.

"Matty cooked my favorite coconut rice for us and I'm full already, so you don't have to cook when we get home" she said.

"For real?" Rosy smiled.

"Yeah. I'm a 5-star Michelin chef" Matty replied, coming downstairs.

He's shirtless and sweating, his black pants barely hanging on his waist, showing off his v-line.

Rosy scanned the perfect body for a while before blinking, and he smiled.

"Why are you... sweating?" She asked.

"Was doing push ups on my bed" he winked, and she chuckled.

"Thanks for always helping" she said, and he nodded.

"Can't you spend ten minutes here before leaving?" He practically begged.

"Please Mrs. Mendez, I really wanna play more with Iris" Nancy added, and Matty raised his brows.

"I'm sorry Nancy, my husband hates when I serve his food late so..." She replied.

"That's bad" Nancy pouted.

"Don't worry I'll come here to play again tommorow" Iris said.

"I'll see you tomorrow, Matty" Rosy said, and he smiled as she walked out of the house.

The taxi was still waiting, so she placed Iris in.

"Miss Rose!" Matty came rushing out.

"Matty?" She faced him, and he handed her a bag.

"It's a flask, I cooked a lot of the coconut rice and Iris loves it so..." He said, and she smiled.

"Thanks, Matty" she took the bag and waved at him before entering the taxi.

Matty watched it drive away and smiled again before going back in.



Luckily, Donovan isn't back when she arrived, but Iris was already sleeping.

She placed the sleeping cutie on the couch and went into the kitchen to fix something for Donovan before he'd be back.

Liam's crying voice kept disturbing her throughout, but she was waving it off successfully till she heard the door opening in the living room.

She went there, and her eyes widened when she saw Donovan is back, and he's currently sleeping on Iris on the couch!

She rushed there and pushed him away from her, then she carried her fast.

"Are you trying to get her killed? Can't you see?" She said angrily, and he laughed on the ground, obviously drunk.

"She's... she's not even your child, so why so... protective.." he mumbled drunkenly, scratching his cheeks.

"I nurtured her till she grew up like this so no matter what you say, she's my child!" She replied and went in fast.

She put her to bed and decided not to cook for Donovan anymore, so she entered the bathroom to take her own bath.

She came back in her robe and sat in front of the mirror, staring at herself.

"I can do this, just few more months and I'd be free" she muttered, touching her wounded lip.

"Ah!" She gasped, taking it into her mouth gently.

It hurts.



Liam spranged up immediately the main door opened, and Roman entered.

"Dad!" He rushed to him.

"You punched a classmate in school? I got a call from the management" Roman said, and he stopped on his tracks.

"He was talking rubbish about you and i hate it"

"So you punched him? When did you become violent? The Liam I trained might be a spoilt brat but would never raise his hand on anyone" Ronan replied seriously, and Liam went silent.

"Don't try it again" Roman warned and started climbing the stairs, but Liam rushed after him and hugged him tightly from behind, making him stop.

"You told me my mum left because of you, but he was saying she left cos you cheated. I know my dad is not a whore, and I don't like it when they say trash like that about our family. Please don't get mad at me dad" he apologized, and Roman sighed before facing him.

He smiled and sat on a stair in front of him.

"I'm not mad at you, brat"

"But you're not smiling" he replied, and Roman smiled lightly.

Liam hugged him immediately, and Roman reciprocated, stroking his hair gently.

Liam smiled and closed his eyes on her shoulder, enjoying his warmth.

"Dinner is ready" the two new maids announced.



After a warm shower and the delicious dinner, Liam fell asleep on Roman's bed since he insisted on sleeping in his room tonight.

Roman covered covered him well before going to his working table.

He still has things to take care of, so he opened his laptop, and that brought back memories of nine years ago at the bar when Rosy was begging and he ignored her while pressing his laptop.

He closed the laptop immediately and covered his face with his palms, sighing out.

"Why does it seem impossible? Now that I've met her" he muttered, gently taking his palms away from his face.

The scene of her dancing earlier replayed in his memory, but he shut it down and stood, going to bed.



Roman arrived at the office just now, and immediately he took his seat, Rosy came in with his cup of cinnamon tea like Jeffery instructed.

Roman's eyes accompanied her till she got to him and dropped it gently on the his desk.

"Goodmorning, boss" she greeted, and he nodded, taking the cup to drink from.

"I got an Intel" she said, and he looked up.

"What's it about?" He asked.

"The dump site land, the government is planning to build an hospital there soon, we can sell it for twenty times the price if you buy it now" she replied.

"How sure are you?" He asked, dropping the cup.

"Jeffery taught me well and also I love to do my job well anywhere, anytime, then I got the Intel from a reliable source. The fact that someone died there means nothing cos it has already been years, and people probably forgot about it. It's going for just 100M according to my research and if you get it then imagine how much this company is gonna make when we sell it to the government and...

She was still talking when Roman began smiling.

He never knew she talks like this, has she always been a talkative?

"Why are you smiling?" She said, and he nodded.

"Fine, I'll buy the land" he said, and she nodded, not sparing a smile.

"Ok..." she said dryly and left

"She can talk like this?" Roman smiled widely again.



"Mini boss is coming!" Ann announced, rushing into the office.

"What!" Angelina and Bishop spranged up at once.

" He's in the elevator with Fiona like I heard, and they're coming up together" Ann replied.

"Mini boss is coming!!!" The announcement was made with a loud speaker, and it echoed throughout the building.

Meanwhile, Rosy went to the restroom immediately she left Roman's office, and she came out to meet Maya in front of it.

"You again?" She said.

"I guess Bishop and Angelina told you who I am. I'm the girlfriend of the head of staff here, and if I tell Zed to fire you, he will" Maya replied arrogantly.

"Whatever" Rosy said confidently and started leaving, but Maya placed a leg on the way, and Rosy fell flat immediately she bumped into it.

"Ouch!" She whimpered. Her ankles got sprained.

"Serves you right" Maya smiled and turned to leave, but her eyes widened when she saw Liam standing right there with Fiona.

"Mini boss!" She gasped shockingly.

"You're a witch" Fiona said and walked to Rosy, helping her up.

"Are you ok?" She asked, and she nodded yes despite the pains in her ankle.

Her eyes stayed on Liam even when she was answering, and they're as wide as f**k.

Even without introduction, she'd recognize him in twenty , thirty years to come.

 Liam, her Liam...her baby.

He's glaring angrily at Maya, and Maya quickly went on her knees in front of him.

"Mini boss, she was...

"Mention any punishment you want for her" Liam interrupted, facing Rosy who was fighting back her tears of joy.

Maya's eyes came crazily wide, and Fiona smiled, facing Rosy too.

"Any punishment. Don't worry Liam is the second boss here" she said.

Rosy nodded, still staring emotionally at Liam whose left hand is in his pocket just like his dad.

He was looking at Rosy straight in the eyes too, waiting for her answer.

"I....I want her to start rubbing her mouth on the ground, till I'll be satisfied" Rosy muttered.


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