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Be My Woman - Episode 1 & 2




 Be My Woman - Episode 1 & 2

 Theme: (His•Baby•Mama...)

By: Naomi Cindy B.



The wide campus is currently decked with students who're looking proud in their blue coloured academic gowns, walking around with happy smiley faces.

It's the graduation ceremony today, and the school will be letting go of over 500 graduands.

Rosy is among the last group of students to rush into the hallway, late as usual cos of her part-time jobs.

Despite her tiredness, she was smiling as she ran all the way to the locker room, dressed in a short but fitting yellow gown and black flat shoes.

Heels aren't affordable for her. She was always in flat shoes throughout her studentship here, and wearing them today on graduation isn't a problem.

She doesn't care about what anyone thinks except Stefan her boyfriend or Olivia her bestie.

She got into the locker room and opened her wall locker hastily, bringing out her academic gown and cap.

She wore them on top of her dress, then she got a mirror to check out her face.

She might not be the very pretty type, but she's beautiful, and she knows it.

She was still checking the mirror when her phone buzzed, and the smile on her face fell when she checked to see it's a reminder from the loan sharks.

Apart from doing part-time jobs to pay for herself and Stefan, she also took loan, though she didn't tell Stefan about it.

If he can just love her till the end like he has always done, that's enough for her.

They're graduating today, and when he gets a job, they can live happily and pay the debts together.

She was still staring at the reminder when someone touched her shoulder from behind, and she jumped.

"You scared me!" She gasped when she saw it's Erica, her course mate.

They're not totally friends, they just talk randomly, but somehow, they know things about each other.

"You took a loan?" She said, and Rosy quickly hid her phone.

"You saw the reminder?" She asked slowly.

"I've been behind you since some minutes ago dummy! What do you think you're doing Rosy? Working your @ss off to pay for Stefan's fees isn't enough, and now you borrowed loan?" Erica said.

"I had to pay for our final year fees and my part time jobs were going slow. That's why I decided to take out the loan" Rosy replied.

"I wish you can hear how stupid you sound right now Rosy. Throughout your stay in this school, you only have eight blouses and four black skirts then two trousers and three gowns. You've never worn heels you're always on flat shoes and you only eat once a day, all because of Stefan. Do you trust him that much? Why are you blindly giving him all your life like this?" Erica said.

"You know nothing about us, Erica, so stop talking about Stefan that way" Rosy replied, looking angry.

"Oh sorry, I crossed my lane" Erica replied, and Rosy closed the locker.

"By the way where's he? I've not seen your bestie Olivia too" Erica said, and Rosy was about to reply when they saw students rushing on the hallway.

They exchanged glances and rushed out too. The rush was insane.

👥 Someone is proposing!

👥 I swear it you need to see it!

👥 Who's proposing to who?

👥 Just get there first and see for yourself, you won't believe it!

👥 Is it someone unexpected?

"Wait... someone is proposing?" Erica said excitedly.

"Let's go watch!" Rosy gushed, pulling her to join the rushing students.

They ran down the hallway till they got to the stairs and climbed down to the auditorium where the proposal is happening.

A lot of students were already gathered there, rounding a circle.

Immediately they got there, all eyes turned to Rosy, and she wondered why.

"What's happening? Why are they all staring at you?" Erica muttered, and the students started making way surprisingly.

Rosy entered the circle through the way they made, only to get to the middle to meet the shock of her life.

Stefan! Her Stefan is on a knee in front of Olivia her bestie.

 He's already wearing the ring in her finger, and Olivia couldn't stop smiling.

Rosy's jaws dropped, and her head banged. Sweat beads appeared on her forehead immediately, and she started feeling cold at the same time. Her throat began quivering, this is definitely a dream.

Her boyfriend and her bestie? No!

"Stefan! Olivia!" She walked up to them, and Stefan stood to face her.

"I'm sorry, Rosy. I fell in love with Olivia since our first year in this school, but if i told you, you'd definitely stop paying my fees, and that's why we had to keep our relationship a secret. Don't worry, when I get a job I'm gonna pay all the fees you payed" he smiled, and Rosy's heart fell.

Big flow of tears fell from her two eyes, and she was shaking obviously as she faced Olivia.

"H..ho..how could....

"How could I?" Olivia cut her off and came closer.

"Stefan stopped loving you since long ago, you're just too blind to see. He has always been mine, but thanks for the fees you payed though" she continued, and Rosy staggered back.

Her heart fell into muddy water, and it got trampled on in the cruellest way ever by the two people she trusts most..

How could this happen to her? How could...

"I love you" Stefan said immediately Olivia faced her.

"I love you more, Stef" Olivia replied, pulling him into a deep kiss.

👥 What the f**k!

👥 Looking for animals? Take those two

👥 How could they do this!

👥 F**k it!

That was all Rosy could take before rushing out of the circle in tears.

She was still running when the sole of her flat shoes fell off. 

She has been wearing them since four years ago, maybe it's finally time for the shoes to give up.

Her feet began touching the ground as she ran, the shoes looking pitiful on her.

She fell by the door but stood immediately and continued her race out.

Erica walked into the circle when Olivia and Stefan broke the kiss, and they faced her.

"What?" Olivia covered Stefan with a smirk on her face.

"Mark my words you two, no matter how much you both struggle, you'll always go down low. Damn you both for doing this to her!" she said, and Olivia slapped her soundly.

She tried returning it, and Stefan held her hand to stop her.

"She had not more than ten clothes and just one shoe, She eats just one time daily! She walks to campus for lectures everyday just to save the taxi money, and she lives in a boxy one room apartment all cos of you, how could you!!!' Erica shouted.

She was already at the verge of tears.

"And I said I'd pay her back for everything when I get a job, stop overreacting!" Stefan pushed her, and she smirked.

"You both are worse than demons, and karma will surely catch up" she said, and Stefan grabbed Olivia's hand, taking her out of the auditorium.

Erica rushed out too, going after Rosy.



The latest designs existing right now are all in the cute room in different colours, looking adorable as the lights blinked.

There's a path of red roses which led to the front where a big cake is sitting in the middle of expensive bottles of wine, and the background of the place was designed with the right wordings.


There's a girl in there who's currently lightening the candle on top of the cake.

Roman came into the room, looking so handsome in his loose white shirt and black pants.

He has always been a fan of loose outfits, and though he couldn't afford expensive ones, at least he still looks good in the knockoffs.

"All ready?" He asked anxiously, and the girl turned to face him with a big smile.

"Aww! My bestie is looking his best tonight! Always handsome!" She gushed, and Roman smiled.

She's Fiona, his crazy bestie since childhood. They've always been together, doing everything together, and that's why she's in charge of the decors tonight.

She prepared everything in the room including the cake.

"Stop the unnecessary hype and answer me" Roman said nervously, and she walked to him.

"Are you scared? You're shaking" she said, blowing air on his face.

"Who wouldn't be? I'm about to propose, what if she says no? I'm gonna die" he said fearfully.

"No? Gwen wouldn't want to try that. You took your salary in advance just to prepare all these for her remember? You don't even have a car but you bought her a car already, and you've been taking care of her sick mother, she has no reason to turn you down" Fiona assured.

"And if she does?" Roman said fearfully again.

"Blood will flow" Fiona replied, and he laughed.

"No violence here tonight ok?" He said, and she sighed.


They both suddenly started hearing the sounds of approaching heels shoes, and Fiona quickly went into hiding.

Roman stood at the end of the path of roses where the cake is, and he wore his best smile as the door opened.

Gwen came in, and she stopped by the door immediately she saw the decors and the wordings.

Her eyes met with Roman's, and she swallowed as she began walking to the front in a slow mo.

Roman's fidgets increased at each step she took, and immediately she got to him, he brought the ring box out of his pocket, and just as he was about to talk...

"Roman wait..." Gwen said, and he looked up slowly.

"Yeah?" He smiled.

She started crying slowly, shocking him.

"Gwen!" He tried to touch her, but she shifted back.

"I'm so sorry" she sniffed, making his eyes widen.

She revealed her left hand, and shockingly, a ring is already sitting there, dazzling ring.

"I'm so sorry Roman, I thought I'd be able to tell you earlier, but I was scared of what you'd think of me" she sobbed, and the ring box fell from him.

It landed on the ground, and the ring flew out of it, rolling down the tiled floor.

"I fell in love with a business man just last month, and he proposed to me this night too. I couldn't say no cos he promised to take care of I and my family forever. I need the money cos he's established, and you... you're still depending on salary, I.. I'm so sorry Roman, sorry about everything" she said tearfully, and tears rolled out of Roman's eyes immediately.

His arms went down, and he fell on his knees straight, shaking so much.

"Gwen..." He whispered, feeling the venomous sting of betrayal so bad. It's wrecking him.

"I'm sorry... Roman" Gwen whispered and ran out of the room in tears, leaving him to start his own tears .

"No...no it can't....it can't....

"Hip hip hip! Hooray!!!" Fiona shouted, coming out of her hiding place, but the balloons she's holding fell from her when she saw Roman's condition.

"Roman!" She ran to kneel in front of him, raising his teary face up.

"Roman what's...what happened?" She asked gently, but he just kept crying.

"Wait...she did what you predicted? She... turned you....down?" She muttered with wide eyes, and Roman nodded painfully.

"That b**ch! How could she!" She shot angrily and spranged up, rushing out of the room.

She ran to the parking lot but couldn't find Gwen's car anymore. 

She's gone!

"Damn it!!!" She screamed and rushed back in, but Roman was already gone.

"Roman!!" She shouted, rushing out of the room in search of him.



Roman is the only male left in the bar as it's already late, and he has five empty bottles of beer in front of himself.

He's on the sixth, and he's dead drunk already, but he's still pouring the beer down his throat, drowning himself in the intoxication.

The two bartenders were staring at him like he's some kind of movie, and they're shaking their heads 

"Is it heartbreak? What could make a guy drink painfully like this?" One of them said.

"Look at that one too" the second one said, pointing at a female who's also drinking in the bar.


She's not far from Roman, and she has eight bottles in front of her already. She's on the ninth.

"What the hell is wrong with them?" The bartender muttered, shaking his head.

"If they still order for more after this, we can't sell for them, they might die at this rate" the second one said.

Rosy suddenly stood from her seat when she felt the need to pee, but she fell back on her seat immediately.

"Oh I feel so....so heavy...hmmm!" She moaned drunkenly, resting her palms on the table before trying to stand again.

Her shoes are out of her foots already, so she's barefoot as she staggered to the bartenders.

"Where's....the pee room.." she said, holding the table for support.

"..you mean restroom? Oh...that way" one of them pointed, and she waved at them drunkenly before going that way, holding the wall to keep herself from falling till she went out of sight.

"Terrible" the second one said, and Roman staggered to them too, smiling drunkenly.


"Restroom? That way" the bartender cut him off, and he staggered there too.



Rosy finished her business and was about to pull up her panties when the door opened, and Roman came in, rolling his eyes around.

"Why are you here?" He said senselessly, holding the wall.

"I should...I should.. be asking you....that question" Rosy replied drunkenly, finally pulling up her panties.

She took a step closer to him and smirked funnily.

"Hmmm! You're hot" she said with a sly smile.

Roman smiled slyly too and took his hands off the wall, staggering afterwards, but he held himself from falling.

"I'll just...find another...room"

He turned to stagger out, but Rosy's hand found his arm quickly, and she pulled him back.

The door closed behind, and he'd have fallen on her, but his hands found the wall again, so she's trapped with her back on it.

 Roman is looking down at her drowsily, his lashes going lower and lower on her.

Rosy looked up at him slowly, still smiling like an idiot.

"Do you... want to... sleep with me?" She asked in a whisper.


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