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The Mafia's Ruination - Episode 9




The  Mafia's Ruination - Episode 9

Subtitle; {Between Love and War} 

Authoress Rejoice            


Alice's POV

I couldn't believe what Alexander had just said to me.

"Kitten, do you want to come in?" How was I supposed to respond to that? Should I enter his room?

Nervousness flooded my body, and I knew exactly why I was nervous. He was Alexander Romano, and my fear and nervousness were entirely justified.

I stared at him suspiciously, and he responded with a smile.

Talk about strange.

"Should I come into your room?" I asked, just to be cautious. He nodded, and I bit my lip, weighing the pros and cons of entering the devil's den. "Are you trying to kíll me, Alexander?"

He raised his beautiful gray eyes to meet mine, surprise evident in them. There was nothing in this world that could make me desire this man any less. He was simply breathtaking, sculpted by the gods themselves. Other men should be envious of him. From his face to his chest and abs—God, I was infatuated with him.

"Why would you even say that?" he said. "I'm an innocent human being." He pouted his lips and looked at me with doe eyes. "I can't even kíll a fly."

Yeah, this was definitely a trap, and I shouldn't enter, but it was so tempting.

"Here's your breakfast; I'm going to my room," I decided not to risk my life by entering this trap.

"Get in, Alice," he replied curtly. "Don't make me regret bringing you here."

I groaned, rolling my eyes in exasperation, but I entered the room.

My very first step into the devil's den was slow. His cologne enveloped me, and I inhaled it appreciatively.

Call me weird, but have you ever smelled Alexander?

He smelled like heaven, a mixture of minty, musky, and strong scents that I couldn't get enough of.

His room was surprisingly normal. It was spacious and well-arranged, with a cream rug covering the floor. A king-size bed was situated in one section of the room, facing a TV. The walk-in closet occupied the largest part of the room, and a long sofa was placed by the window.

It was just a modern, larger version of a normal room.

I glanced at the walls and noticed there were no pictures of himself, his family, or any artwork. Nothing adorned his walls.

"Why aren't there any pictures on your walls?" My mouth blurted out the question.

"I like it this way," he replied. "Sit."

I wasted no time in taking a seat on the sofa by the window. He sat beside me and took a piece of toast from the tray.

"You're not going to work today?" I asked.

He took a bite of the obviously cold toast and chewed it thoughtfully. "No, I want to anger my father by not doing anything today."

Okay, that's intriguing.

Picking up a piece of toast, I turned to him. "Why exactly do you want to anger your father?"

He hesitated, toying with his tongue in his mouth. "Nothing."


He sighed. "After you went missing yesterday, I called my father and said some things I shouldn't have. He threatened me, so I've decided to be a rebel."

I couldn't help but burst into laughter. He didn't seem to appreciate it, glaring at me.

"You're already a rebel, Alexander Romano."

His lips broke into a grin, and it was the most beautiful thing I'd seen in my life. How could a man be so dangerously handsome and cute when he smiled? His mere presence could weaken a woman, and then he decides to smile... goodbye, sanity.

"Can I ask you a question?" I mumbled, chewing on my toast.

He stared at me intensely before shrugging. "Hmm."

"How many people have you kílled?"

"Lost count," he nonchalantly replied, picking up another piece of toast.

"Another question," I continued. "Do you sleep well after each múrder?"

His expression changed, softening. His gray eyes were no longer stern and distant but filled with a heavy burden.

"No," he replied in a voice that deviated from his usual monotone.

Although it was just one word, it carried an emotion. An emotion I never thought I would witness in Alexander: sadness.

He was sad.

Alexander Romano was actually sad, and his eyes displayed every bit of that emotion.

"Do you want a hug?" I asked, opening my arms to him.

He glanced at me and smiled weakly. "Do you think a hug will fix it? I don't think so."

"Well, a hug can't fix it, but at least I'm here to give them," I replied, inching closer to him. "I give the warmest hugs."

I didn't understand how everything this man did made him look more handsome. I shouldn't be feeling turned on right now by his sadness, but unfortunately, I was.

His sad gray eyes made him look like a cute lost puppy searching for its owner.

Alexander was like that puppy, except he wasn't looking for an owner; he was seeking comfort, and I would provide it.

"And it's for free," I added, and he chuckled. "I promise, I won't charge you, and I won't tell your workers, so you can keep your scary monstér reputation in front of them."

"Am I really that scàry?"

"Yes, yes you are," I replied. "You have intimidating eyes, and that scares me the most."

He nodded slowly. "My father is even scarier than me."

"Impossible," I scoffed, waving off his words with a dismissive gesture. "I've never heard of your father's name. If he's that scàry, then I would have heard about him, don't you think?"

"You didn't know my name either."

I nodded, staring into his eyes. His eyes were no longer cold, not like those of a normal human. "Yes, but now I know." His eyes weren't cold; they weren't those of a normal human. "About that hug, it isn't free anymore."

You know I said I had seen the most beautiful thing ever. Yes, I was wrong.

The most adorable smile appeared on his lips as he pushed his hair away from his face.

That... that was the most beautiful thing ever.


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