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The Mafia's Ruination - Episode 4




The  Mafia's Ruination - Episode 4

Subtitle; {Between Love and War} 

Authoress Rejoice            


The morning sun's rays streamed through Alice's closed eyelids as she lay in bed. She shifted away from the window, sighing sleepily. Slowly opening her eyes to the bright room, she quickly shut them again, rubbing her fingers over them.

She got up and walked to the wardrobe, where she found an array of trendy women's clothes neatly arranged. Beneath the wardrobe, she spotted five different pairs of sneakers and a pair of flip-flops.

A blue sticky note on the door caught her attention, and she removed it to read the message.

≈ I picked these out. I don't care if you like them or not, but just don't wear your old, wrinkled clothes again. ≈

A smile crept onto her lips, dispelling her drowsiness. She selected a pair of jeans shorts and an oversized red T-shirt from the wardrobe.

Afterwards, she headed to the bathroom to shower and brush her teeth with a new toothbrush.


Descending the stairs in her jeans shorts and the oversized red T-shirt, she noticed a young man sitting on the sofa. He turned his head to look at her as she approached.

"Hi," Alice greeted, waving to him.

He waved back, smiling with dimples showing. "Hi, I'm Theodore."

She reached him and extended her hand for a handshake, returning the polite smile. "Alice."

"Once you're done with your stupíd pleasantries," Alexander's agitated voice echoed through the living room, "you can get to what you came here for."

Alice and Theodore turned to face him, finding him with an icy expression and eyes ready to erupt like a volcano.

"Yes, Boss," Theodore replied, bowing his head to Alexander, who wasn't looking at him but rather glaring intensely at Alice.

Seeing Theodore's hand in Alice's, Alexander's anger flared. Their touch seemed to enrage him, and Alice's smile at Theodore fueled his jealousy.

He had an overwhelming urge to claim her, though she wasn't his yet. Alexander desperately wanted her, and the sight of her making contact with another man made him feel... something. He refused to admit it was jealousy.

Jealousy? No, Alexander wouldn't define his emotions. He didn't feel anything for Alice except a burning desire. His reaction was justified, right?

"I need to..." Theodore began.

"He needs a picture of you for a background check," Alexander interrupted.

"What?" Alice snapped. "Why?"

"I believe I mentioned it earlier," he snapped back. "Are you daft or something?"

The jealousy and anger grew within him as he watched her confused expression. It seemed she didn't understand what she was doing. The sight of her shaking hands with another man and smiling at him frustrated him.

She is a freaking devil trying to rip out his soul from his body with her looks. He wanted her before but now, he needs her. 

Alexander couldn't deny his desire for Alice, especially with her wearing that oversized T-shirt and jeans shorts, which only intensified his craving for her. Seeing her bare thighs made him want to push her onto his bed and give her the best experience of her life, one that would leave her begging for more.

Alice bit her bottom lip, puzzled, and stared at Alexander quizzically as he continued to glare at her. "Did I do something wrong? Why are you mad at me?" She tucked stray strands of hair behind her ear. "And are you supposed to inform someone that you want to conduct a background check on them?"

"I'm Alexander Romano; I do things my way," he replied firmly.

She shrugged her shoulder slightly and muttered, "Okay, you can take the picture."

Theodore retrieved his phone and took a photo of her. "I'll be on my way, Boss,"  He faces Alice, a light smile on his face. "Have a great day." 

Alice beamed at him brightly. "Thanks, you too."

"She might, but you won't," Alexander interjected. "I need that on my desk by tonight without fail."

Nodding, Theodore replied, "Yes, Boss," before leaving the room, leaving only Alexander and Alice alone.

Alexander gave her a final once-over, his eyes trailing from her head to her feet, appreciating her outfit again. He just noticed that her reddish-brown hair was tied in a loose ponytail on top of her head, and her emerald-green eyes held a single question: "Why is he angry?"

Alexander couldn't help the vulgar images that flashed through his mind as his gray eyes traveled over her thighs. He didn't resist them this time; he allowed them to flood his thoughts.

"Where are you going?" Alice inquired as he turned to leave.

Since he had descended the stairs, he had been visibly furious with her, glaring fiercely. It was clear he was annoyed, but that didn't stop Alice from admiring the man before her. Despite his anger, he looked incredibly attractive in his navy blue button-up shirt and faded blue jeans, his suit adding to his appeal. His hair was ruffled, and his eyes, as usual, held a cold gaze.

Although Alexander seemed to be throwing invisible fireballs at her, Alice couldn't help but admire the man before her. He was undoubtedly God's favorite creation, molded and sculpted to perfection. Alexander was, quite simply, perfection itself.

He had the ability to literally make a woman have an orgàsm with just his tongue wetting his lips. He does that a lot. He shoots out his tongue to wet his lips a lot of times. 

"None of your business." Alexander remarks, walking away but she blocks him.

"Won't you eat breakfast first at least?" She asks, trying not to get intimidated by his cold-hot glares. "You want to threaten me again? I thought we were friends." 

"If you are hungry, tell the maids," He replies rather softly. 

"Did I do something?" Alice says questioning, keeping eye contact with him. He let her - he let his eyes lock with her, intensely. "Why are you mad at me?" 

Alexander snickered, laughing. "Oh Kitten, you think you are so important for me to be mad at you." He feigns a cute sad pout. "Don't flatter yourself." 

Kitten? Alice didn't let that six letter word stay put in her head. It wandered and travelled through her head and brain, giving her obscene thoughts. 

"Jerk," Alice murmured under her breath when he walked away from her. 

"What did you say?" He asked, striding slowly to her. Alice held her breath knowing that another threat was at the end of this tunnel, but, the not-so-bright-side of this tunnel is that, this one wasn't long and adventurous but dangerous and a Mafia. "What did you call me?" 

"Nothing." She breaths. 

Alexander's face was like a volcano about to erupt, not holding any calm features on his handsome face. His angry look more than scares Alice and she held herself from trembling.

"Watch your mouth, Alice." 

"What if I don't?" The words blurted out on its own before she could stop it. He raised his brows at her. "What will you do? Kíll me? That's already established." 

He smirked, psychopathically. "No, no, no. I don't think you know what I mean by kíll you?" Taking a short pause, he continues with a self-satisfied smile, watching the amount of fear that overshadowed her green eyes. "You're the first girl I'll kíll so I need to make it a memorable one, don't you think Kitten?" He waits for his question to get answered but it didn't, at least not orally. "I won't just shoót you with a gun like I'm supposed to do. No, that's boring. I'll torture you still you beg for your death." 

Alice stood transfixed, frozen on the spot, watching him leave after giving her a sneak peek of her death. "This is an horrible mistake." 

"What will you like to eat for breakfast, Ms...?" A gentle voice spoke, drawing her attention away from the near death experience. 

She turns to the owner of the voice and sighed then replies. "Pancakes please. I'll be in my room." 

"Alright Ms," The maid says, bowing her head. "It'll brought to your room when it's done." 

"Just Alice, please call me Alice." She states to the maid before climbing the stairs to her room. 


Driving his car towards his company, Alexander's grip on the steering wheel was so hard almost turning his knuckles white. 

"Questa è stata una cattiva idea. Perché l'ho portata a casa? Mi sta facendo impazzire." He snapped at no one in particular, hissing.

Translation: This was a bad idea. Why did I bring her home? She's driving me crazy. 

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Is Alexander jealous? 🤔

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