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The Mafia's Ruination - Episode 20




The  Mafia's Ruination - Episode 20

Subtitle; {Between Love and War} 

Authoress Rejoice            


Alice's POV

I hopped my way downstairs and headed straight to the kitchen, but Blair wasn't there, unsurprisingly.

Making my way towards the quarters, I saw her, seated on a wooden chair, reading a book.

"Hey, Blair." I waved at her, and she looked up from the book to me. She quickly got up from her seat. "No, no, don't do that." I placed my hand on her shoulder, patting it. "We are age-mates, don't give me that much respect."

"But you are sir's..."

"Forget that. I need a favor from you."

"Sure, what is it?"

"Lunch," I replied. "I need you to please make lunch and pack it in a lunchbox."

She looked at me, confused but remained quiet. "Your boss didn't eat breakfast, I'm sure, and he won't eat anything until tomorrow. He might faint, and that will be bad, don't you think?"

"But, Ms. Alice..."

"My name is Alice," I snapped loudly, and she flinched. "Sorry, I shouldn't have shouted."

"No, I'm sorry. You have told me you don't want to be called Miss, but I continued. Sorry."

Blair apologized, dropping the book on the chair. "I'll go make the lunch. It will be ready in half an hour."

"Thank you."

I watched as Blair packed pasta, salad, and chicken into a lunchbox and then into a bag. "Thank you, Blair," I told her, taking the bag from her. "I'll go give this to Alexander myself. Is there a driver among the guards?"

"No, but all of the guards can drive," she shrugged her shoulders. "You can just ask any one of them, and they will help you."

"Alright. Thanks."


Walking out of the kitchen with the lunchbox in my hand, I put my phone in my pocket. The guards by the gates looked alert and ready for a fight or to defend the mansion.

I studied them from a distance, and they all looked stern and unapproachable. "Hey, I want to take this lunchbox to Alexander," I prattled to one of them.

"It'll be sent to him, give it to me," he replied, stretching his hand to receive it.

No, if I give it to him, I won't see Alexander until he comes back from work, and I can't wait for that long. I need to see Alexander in his office, working. It might increase my insatiable hunger for him, but I don't mind.

I negatively shook my head. "No, I will give it to him myself. I just need someone to drive me there."

"Sorry, Ms. Alice, but I can't. Boss will beheàd me if I let you out."

I exhaled a deep sigh. They aren't going to let me out of here, and I won't see Alexander. I might have to resort to other means if he isn't going to agree with me.

"Listen, he will still beheàd you if you don't let me out," I quipped, frowning at him. Every trace of friendliness was gone with the wind, and anger replaced it. "I'll tell him all sorts of things about you, and he will kíll you. Choose one: someone should drive me to Alexander's company, or let me stay back waiting for Alexander's return? So, which one are you picking?"

"Fine, I'll drive you," he muttered his defeat after being reluctant for a few seconds.

"Good choice," I beamed him a smile, and he remained like a statue in his face. "Let's go; the food is getting cold."

"I'll be back; I need to get the keys."

Talk about rude!

Is he being serious? Will Alexander really behéad him? Did Alexander order my house arrést?

He came back with the car keys. "Please enter the car."


I stared at the tall glass skyscraper in front of me in utter admiration. The parking lot was the second biggest lot I've seen in my twenty-five years of existence.

AE; Alexander's Empire wasn't just known for its structure but its work. The CEO of the company is also very handsome.

"Ms. Alice, I'll be here waiting for you," he informed me, leaning on the car.

Entering the building, I saw people dressed corporately and working in their sections. I walked over to the receptionist, knocking on the desk.

"What?" She yakked, taking off her headphones from her head.

I ignored her tone. "I'm here to see Alexander."

She scanned me from head to toe, chewing her gum in a disgusting manner. "He is busy; come in two days' time."


"Tell him that Alice is here to see him."

"Well, Alice," she quipped, high-pitched. "This isn't Wonderland; go find one. Alexander doesn't like pésts like you."

A smile spread across my face as I nodded, taking in her words. "Oh," I looked at the name on her tag. "Tara, pésts like me know how to get the man she wants. I've lived in Wonderland all my life; I know all the tricks."

She scoffed, laughing. "You are not only crazy but funny. You are nóthing but a prostitúte looking for a quick catch."

My eyes went to the set of people entering the elevator, and I got an idea. I ran to the closing elevator and entered it before it closed.

"Which floor is Alexander on?" I asked one of the ladies there.

"Last floor."

I waited for all of them to get off before tapping the last floor button. In a few minutes, I'll see Alexander.

The elevator ding and opened. I stepped out. Taking a few steps, I came to a stop at two doors.

Which one is Alexander's?

I pushed one open, and I froze at the scene I saw. The most hórrible thing a human should see.

Alexander had a woman bent over his desk and... fúcking her, she had sweat on her face to prove that this wasn't just starting.

The lunchbox slipped out of my hand, and I just left it there, running out.

Running away from that térrible scene. I went through all the trouble to bring lunch for him when I haven't even eaten mine, and he was enjoying himself and pleasúring another woman... A curvaceóus woman.

Now that I think about it, Alexander might not want me. I have the body of a teenager and the face of a toddler. Why would he even want me the way I want him? He is obviously into curvy women... Annoying.

I wasted my time coming here.

TBC 📖✍️

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