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The Mafia's Ruination - Episode 2




The  Mafia's Ruination - Episode 2

Subtitle; {Between Love and War} 

Authoress Rejoice            


The drive back home was uncomfortably quiet. Alice found her thoughts drifting to intimate images of her and Alexander, while Alexander couldn't help but ponder how a single action from a stranger had stirred desire within him.

Despite his efforts to avert his gaze, his eyes seemed drawn to her. He was captivated by the way her reddish-brown hair cascaded over her back, and the green allure of her eyes, with her bottom lip gently held between her teeth.

That act of her teeth caressing her lower lip, those lips as red as strawberries, soft and inviting, left him in a frustrated daze. He groaned and thumped the steering wheel, startling Alice. She looked at him with a questioning gaze.

Ignoring her, he focused on driving until they arrived at the front gate. Honking, the gate opened, allowing them to enter. Alexander stepped out of the car, his guards acknowledging him with a nod. As Alice opened her door and hurried to his side, he stood there, unresponsive.

Alexander's eyes remained fixed on her hand as she held his, a vivid picture forming in his mind of her against a wall, whispering his name passionately while he showered her with kisses.

This desire was foreign to him; his thoughts had always revolved around his clan, business, and family. When he needed intimacy, he'd call for a partner, but he'd never contemplated it or how it would feel with her.

The petite stranger he'd met just an hour ago had ignited his imagination, making it run wild. As Alice stood beside him, surrounded by his guards, he expected her to seek support and protection, but instead, her mind filled with equally explicit thoughts.

Their hands were close, their faces almost touching. With a slight movement, their lips could have met. He abruptly withdrew his hand, stating firmly, "Rule number one: do not touch me, understood?" She nodded, biting her lip nervously.

His commanding voice sent shivers down her spine. She gazed into his eyes, wondering how they'd appear if he weren't so distant and cold. "Yes," she replied, biting her lip again.

Alexander muttered curses and walked away, heading into the house. Alice followed, perplexed by the contrast between his demeanor and the vividly colored room she found inside. The mauve walls, lavender curtains, and other colorful furnishings surprised her.

As she explored the room, her thoughts briefly strayed to intimate fantasies with Alexander. Shaking off those thoughts, she lay down on the plush bed with lilac bedding.

Meanwhile, Alexander sat in his office, wrestling with the uncharacteristic desires Alice had stirred in him. Before engaging in intimacy, he always conducted thorough background checks to ensure security, especially with potential rivals.

His phone interrupted his thoughts, and it was Theodore on the line, confirming the completion of a task. Alexander then asked Theodore to conduct a background check on Alice and obtain her picture the next day.

Returning to his work, Alexander was briefly at peace, but the tranquility didn't last. A soft knock on his office door interrupted the silence at 11:40 PM. It couldn't have been his guards, and his maids wouldn't dare disturb him. The only option left was Alice.

She entered despite his lack of response, and Alexander's gaze turned piercingly cold. 

He purposely didn't answer to make her leave but she didn't. Not hearing any response of him ushering her in but couple of cuss word, she opens the bronze door and enters the office to meet Alexander's glaring daggers at her.

Her mouth dried off and she immediately became scared. "I. . . " She stammers. 

"What are you doing here, Alice? You have an habit of being where you aren't supposed to be." His voice came out in a chill way, sending chill down her spine. He didn't give her the chance to breath when he stood up, walking to her. "You want to know what I do to people who doesn't listen to my instructions?" 

Alice felt goosebumps on her skin not because of anything sensually but the way he was walking to her like a villain, his voice hard, cold and angry and gray eyes boiling with fire. 

"Um. . . " She starts off but clamps her mouth shut when he caged her on the wall in between his hands. 

He was standing so close to her but she felt nothing ecstatic about this. His breath fanned her face and tears pricked her eyes. 

"Alice, when you're told not to go somewhere by me and you do it, you die a painful death by my hands," He explains whispering into her ear, menacingly. "Do you understand?" She nodded her head to the question, tear-eyed. "Words, Alice, words." 

"Yes, I understand," She croaked out, peering into his eyes with her tear filled eyes. 

Alexander's gaze travelled all over her face from her teary eyes to her trembling lips. 

Her lips looked more red and soft so near to her. Resisting the extreme urge to apologize to her and kiss those tears away, he retreated backwards, playing with his tongue in his mouth as usual. "Leave!" 

She obliged - she turns back and leaves the office. Alice ran all the way to her present room and jumped on the bed, hugging the lilac pillow close to get chest, she let the tears fall. 

The tears fell and fell as she sobbed, softly. She weeps, murmuring to herself. "I shouldn't have done this, I shouldn't have done, I shouldn't have done this." 

This was just the beginning. The beginning of their complicated connection. 


Is it just me or is Alice a crybaby? 

What shouldn't she have done?

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