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The Mafia's Ruination - Episode 18




The  Mafia's Ruination - Episode 18

Subtitle; {Between Love and War} 

Authoress Rejoice            


Alice's POV

I had decided to stay up late tonight since I had a long nap in the afternoon, wanting to binge-watch all the Teen Wolf seasons.

I made a quick trip downstairs to make popcorn when I noticed the doors leading outside were open.

Since it was only Alexander and me staying in the main house, and the others were staying in the quarters, that only meant one thing: Alexander was out.

I strode towards the door, peeking outside. The night was starless and cold, and it looked like it was going to rain heavily.

He seemed lost in his own world, sipping on the red wine he was drinking.

"Alexander," I called, walking over to him. He didn't hear, or he chose to ignore me, but I'm going with the "he didn't hear" part—it's better. As he attempted to sip the wine, I took it from him, gulping it all in one go. Bad idea on my part; it was really strong, and I almost coughed it out. "This is strong but delicious," I muttered, playing with the glass. "What is it?"

He didn't spare me a glance as he asked, "Why are you awake?"

"I can ask you the same thing, Alex," challenging him, I looked at him with questioning eyes. "And I will. Why are you awake, and what are you doing outside? Aren't you cold?"

"I'm not cold," he answered the least important question, ignoring the most important one, taking the glass from me. "I'm not feeling sleepy either."

He wasn't looking at my eyes. For some reason, he was avoiding it. Did something happen to him? Is he injured? Why doesn't he seem like his usual self? Well, his usual self when he is with me.

"What's wrong?" I stared at him, requesting to know why he wasn't giving me that handsome smile of his. "Are you okay? Did something happen at work? You were really quiet throughout dinner. You okay?"

He shook his head, raking the fallen strands out of his face. "Yeah. I'm fine," he muttered, dropping the wine and the glass on the grass. "Here is the remaining wine if you want it, night."

With that, he turned his back and walked away from me back into the living room.

What could be the matter? Was it that call he was making? Who was he talking to in Italian? I've almost forgotten how relaxing it was to hear him speak Italian. He only spoke Italian to me once, and I LOVED it.

That wasn't the issue on the desk right now. Something went wrong in his company today, and that has made him quiet. Should I just let him be? Should I go ask him more questions and make him open up to me?

I hope he will be okay. He didn't do a successful job in making me not worry.

Walking back into the living room, I collided with him and landed on my butt. It sent jolts of pain throughout my body, and I cried out. Not very mature, I know.

Alexander's hand stretched out for me to take it, and I didn't hesitate for a second before taking it.

He inquired, raising me up. "Are you hurt?"

How can he ask me that after playing the loner game with me? He acts like he cares one moment, then the next, he doesn't. I mean, I know he is supposed to be like that because he is a Màfia, but he should be different to some people in his life, especially the ones he kidnappéd.

"Yes. Of course, I'm hurt. Your hard body fell on me."

"Is it my fault that you're petite and weak?" He dared to ask me that question.

My mouth opened in shock, and I fisted my palm, punching his hard shoulder. Another bad idea on my part; it broke my knuckles. "You didn't just call me weak, did you? I'm very strong; you're just stronger."

"Can you walk?"

Of course, I'm not a baby. Though it hurts like hell, I'll have to act like I'm strong because I am.

"Yes, I can," I replied, dusting the invisible and non-existent dust off my butt. "You should watch where you go; it's useful."

He raked his hair with his fingers, retorting. "You bumped into me."

"No, I didn't." I stood my ground, walking to the stairs. "You did. Good night."

"Horrible night."

What?! He didn't just say that, did he?

I glared coldly at him, wanting to slap that attitude out of him. "You-- you know what? I'll be the bigger person and let you be."


Yawning, I checked the clock on the wall and smiled to myself.

I did it. I finished watching Teen Wolf last night despite the fact that Alexander annoyed me.

Entering the bathroom, I removed my clothes and stepped into the shower. The warm water rained down on my tired body.

I literally stayed up all night and didn't sleep a wink. I guess it meant more naps for me.

What should I binge-watch tonight?

I let the question wander in my head as I got dressed. Alexander did a wonderful job in getting me clothes. They were so comfortable and homey.

I guess I should probably go meet him and talk to him about anything. I shouldn't be mad at him; he got me a phone and had a bad day yesterday. I only made it worse for him.

I checked the time again, and it was 10:00 AM. Oops, he won't be at home by this time but wherever he goes.

I'm one hundred percent sure that he won't eat anything today if I don't do something about it.

Maybe I should go to his company to give him his lunch? I could tell one of those guards to drive me there. Should I inform him before I come over to his company?

I checked my outfit in the mirror, twitching my lips, inspecting it. A jeans skirt, a black blouse, and a red and black patterned flannel over it with white sneakers.

Okay, I could work with that. Simple but hot, I like it.

My hair, should I do something about it? Should I leave it straightened or curled? I decided otherwise, packing it up in a ponytail.

I looked beautiful.

I took my phone from its charger and connected the iPod. I was ready to go give Alexander his lunch, just remaining one thing—the lunch in question hadn't been prepared.

Apart from that small thing, I was ready to go see Alexander and apologize... Did I do anything wrong, though? Well, whatever; I don't want him to get mad at me, so I'm going to fix that by going to his company.

TBC 📖✍️

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