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The Cursed Alpha - Episode 9




The Cursed Alpha - Episode 9

©Pinky Presh Chi❤️ma


Tears rolled down my cheeks as Natalie continued pointing at me. She was bleeding profusely. 

“I didn't… What are you talking about, Natalie? I wasn't the one who stabbed you.” I tried to defend myself, but Alpha Marcus grabbed my neck.

His grip was so tight that I was slowly choking. “You scheming witch, how dare you hurt Natalie?” 

Tears continued streaming down my cheeks. They were all staring at me with disdain. Was I really expecting any of them to side with me? Dumb me! How could I overrate myself like that? “Please believe me, Marcus. I didn't do that to her. She was the one who…”

“If you didn't do that to her, then who the f*** stabbed her? I knew it! You are so jealous of her because she's going to become the Luna that you will never be. I gave you a chance to beg, but you threw it away. Do you think you can eat your cake and have it?” He sneered at me.

I continued sobbing as I was on my knees right in front of Alpha Marcus. The Pack's doctor rushed to the bleeding Natalie and exclaimed. “Wolf's bane?” 

My eyes widened in shock. Wolf's bane? Did she want to end her life? Why would she apply Wolf's bane on the knife she used to stab herself? Did she risk her life just to frame me? I was smacked out of my thoughts when Alpha Marcus yelled at me. “How dare you?”

“I didn't do it! Where would I possibly get Wolf's bane from?” I cried out.

Alpha Marcus turned to the doctor. “Take her to the room. Please ensure you do everything possible to save her.”

“Yes, my Alpha.”

Natalie, who was unconscious, was taken straight into the room while I was faced with the furious Alpha. The way he stared at me was enough to make me faint. I held my breath, expecting a very horrible punishment, instead he turned to the servants and said. “Before I get into my room and come back to this place, I would rather not see you anywhere in or within this castle.”

My heart skipped a beat. Yes, I wanted to leave and go rogue, but I wasn't prepared yet. “Marcus, I didn't…”

“One more word from you, and you will regret the day you got accepted into the Night Wind Pack.” He shunned me before walking away.

It was already dark. How do I leave on such a cold night? Wiping my tears off, I walked to the slave's quarters and packed the little things I had. Of course, I wouldn't want to incur his wrath by staying longer in the castle.

“Allison, I want to go with you.” Karina rushed to me as I approached the gate. Tears didn't stop rolling down her face.

I hugged her tight with a faint smile. “No, Karina. You can't come with me. I don't know how life outside the Pack will be for me, this is your home. I'll take good care of myself, and I hope you'll do the same.”

“Allison, please let me come with you. I can't bear to be separated from you. Even if everyone disbelieves you, I believe you. I know you didn't stab Natalie.” Karina assured me.

Sniffing hard, I patted her hair and waved her goodbye as I dragged my luggage out of the gate. The street was dark, but I kept walking down and down. I don't know what awaits me as I go rogue, but I don't care. I've seen worse, and I'm prepared to see worse.

“We will get through this together, Lily.” I told my wolf.

At the Night Wind Pack, inside Natalie's bedroom where she was lying, she gradually opened her eyes. 

She spotted Alpha Marcus sleeping at the edge of her bed. A smile escaped her lips, she had finally gotten the Alpha's attention like she wanted.

Immediately, she feigned pains and groaned. Marcus quickly opened his eyes and held her by the wrist. “Natalie, are you okay? How do you feel?”

“I… I'm still feeling pain, my Alpha. You know that she stabbed me with Wolf's bane. I can't heal that fast unless you help me.” She groaned.

Marcus raised his brows. “Help you? What do you mean? I've already had the doctor check on you and prescribed some drugs.”

Seductively, she grabbed his arm. “You know what I mean. If we can get intimate, I'll heal faster since you're an Alpha.” 

“What are you…?” Alpha Marcus tried to speak, but she shut him up with a passionate kiss.

Before he knew what was happening, she already went down to his trouser zipper and stroke on his hard c·ck.

She got down on her knees, and unzipped his trousers. Gradually, she took in his d·ck into her mouth and sucked on it like her life depended on it. Likewise, Alpha Marcus grabbed her blonde, shoving her mouth around his d·ck in pleasure. 

Meanwhile, I walked down the lonely road alone. There was no single person on the street, and that got me terrified, but I didn't stop going.

Suddenly, I heard voices. Two muscular, - built men grabbed me. I screamed helplessly, trying as hard as I could to get myself freed from their grip.

Before I could say jack, they placed a handkerchief over my nose and I passed out.

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