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The Cursed Alpha - Episode 8




The Cursed Alpha - Episode 8

©Pinky Presh Chi❤️ma


Gasping loud, Natalie clasped her palms over her mouth, feigning surprise. “Oh my gosh, you clumsy slave, what have you done to our honored guest?”

I was already trembling in fear as I tried to help the guest wipe the wine that stained her sparkling dress. “I'm deeply sorry, ma'am. Please forgive…”

Before I could complete the words, she already landed a resounding slap on my cheeks. My eyes stung with tears, and I couldn't barely breathe because of the tears that ran down my cheeks.

“Are you blind? Do you know how much I f****** got this outfit that I'm wearing? In your entire life, you would never be able to see such a huge amount of money.” Harper yelled at her.

I sniffed. “I didn't mean to do that. I'm sorry.” 

“Shut the hell up. You don't speak when I'm speaking.” Harper raised her hand to slap me again and shut my eyes, waiting for the slap to land on my cheeks.

Surprisingly, I didn't get any slaps in a few seconds. Gradually, I opened my eyes and saw the handsome looking young man sitting beside her, holding her hand in the air. Harper narrowed her eyes. “Alpha Atlas?”

I blinked my eyes rapidly, admiring the handsome looking young man. “So, he's an Alpha?” I mumbled under my breath.

“Don't you dare lay a hand on her again.” He warned Harper.

 My eyes widened in shock. In my entire life, this is the first time that someone has stood up for me. I have never been defended before, except for today. “Thank you, Alpha.”

He turned to me with the mildest look, and for some reason, I felt drawn to him, but I managed to hold myself. Natalie was boiling in annoyance, she quickly sprang up. “Alpha Atlas, you shouldn't defend this b****. She was so clumsy a while ago.”

“Natalie, shut up.” Alpha Marcus snapped at her. Glaring at him, she sat quietly and stared at me with so much hatred. If her eyes were guns, I would have dropped dead right there.

Harper growled in annoyance. “My Alpha, you should be blaming her. This slave right here just ruined my expensive outfit. You don't expect me to hug and kiss her for that, do you, Atlas?”

“She just apologized, why are you still making things difficult for her?” He sneered at her.

I bowed at them once more before running out of the place. Tears kept streaming down my cheeks. Why am I so unfortunate? Of all the mates in the world, why do I have to be mated to Alpha Marcus, who would reject me in a snap? I've always dreamt of being with my mate and gaining my wolf. Worst of all, I made an enemy with a powerful guest, Harper. How would I go rogue if she decides to hunt me down?

Meanwhile, Alpha Marcus turned to Atlas, whose face was expressionless. “I'm truly sorry for what happened between my maid and your mate.”

“It's fine!” Atlas snapped at him, and he nodded slowly. 

The rest of the party was eventless, but Harper couldn't get what happened off her mind. First, her Alpha had been staring at me, and I still had to stain her dress with wine. She wanted to know who exactly I was.

At exactly 5pm, Alpha Atlas left the Pack house of the Night Wind Pack. They hopped into the Bentley, and it drove out of the compound as they bid goodbye. 

There was silence between Harper and Alpha Atlas as they drove down to the city. Atlas was drowned in thoughts and Allison, while Harper was thinking of how he had spoken to her at the party.

“Atlas, I want to talk to you.”

“Harper, I wish to speak with you.”

They chorused, and gulped simultaneously. Alpha Atlas continued. “You can speak first.”

“Okay. Why were you defending the slave instead of standing up for me? You spoke to me in such a manner just because of a slave, Atlas.” Harper cried out.

Alpha Atlas scoffed. “Harper, I would appreciate it if you don't try to hurt that girl again. She apologized, and you still went ahead to slap her.”

“I can't believe you, Atlas. The Alpha Atlas that I know careless or not for people that are related to him, talk more of a stranger.” She snorted.

Alpha Atlas only kept mute with a faint smile. He just couldn't get her off his mind, and would do anything to get to know who Allison is.

On the other hand, I walked down the stairs with a basket full of dirty clothes. I was walking to the laundry room downstairs. Natalie met me at the stairs, and blocked my way. “What do you want, Natalie? I really don't have the strength to do this now.”

“You, slut! You must really think that you would become the Luna of the Night Wind Pack, right? I will stop at nothing until you're thrown out of this castle.” She spoke in between gritted teeth.

I sighed. “I've never wanted to become Luna. You can have him all to yourself. I'm not concerned about…” 

“You think I wouldn't find out that you are actually his mate, huh? Scheming witch!” She growled at me.

I replied. “Stay off my path, Natalie.”

Immediately, we heard Alpha Marcus's voice from a distance and his footsteps were approaching. Natalie smirked mischievously as she quickly brought out a knife from the pockets of her jeans. “Watch the show.”

Before I could say a word, she had already stabbed herself with the knife and dropped it on the ground, right beside me, before rolling down the stairs.

“Natalie!” I rushed down the stairs. Then, Alpha Marcus rushed to the scene and saw her bleeding profusely.

He grabbed her by the wrist. “Nat, are you okay? What happened?” 

“She… She stabbed me, and pushed me down the stairs.” Natalie pointed at me, and I became shocked. What was she driving at?

“Me?” I freaked out.

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