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The Cursed Alpha - Episode 6




The Cursed Alpha - Episode 6

©Pinky Presh Chi❤️ma


I felt a sharp, excruciating pain in my chest. It was so painful that I fell on my knees. Alpha Marcus is so heartless… this is the first thing I got as my birthday present, being rejected by my mate.

He smirked. “Being rejected by an Alpha must be very murderous. If you beg, I might…” 

Interrupting him, I snapped, even though the pain was still severe. “I accept your rejection, Marcus.”

Immediately I said that, the red string that bonded us vanished. He stared at me with his eyes narrowed. “What? You what? Do you know how many girls who would die just to be my mate? Do you know how many girls who are wishing that I'd be mated to them?”

With my palms still clutching my chest, I snapped at him. “Not me, Marcus. I'd rather be a rogue than being mated to you. I'm not like the other girls.”

“You silly girl. I'm sure you don't know the repercussions of what you just said. Don't you get it? You will never be mated again.” He yelled at me.

I was hurt, but I still managed to speak up. “If that is the case, then let it be so.”

My words hit him so hard. Probably, he never thought any woman would reject him, the almighty Alpha of the Night Wind Pack. “You b****! You know what? I would rather not set my eyes on you again. Get your dirty self out of this room. You'll work in the garden all day with no food.”

With that, he stormed out of my room. I heaved a sigh of relief as I tried to calm myself down.

At the Cold Moon Pack, Alpha Atlas stood in front of the mirror, staring at himself. He was still in his night form, looking absolutely hideous. His ears were long like that of a beast.

“When the f*** Am I going to find you, mate? My life is absolutely worthless without you. I look hideous at night and handsome by morning. Only the kiss of my true mate can break my curse. I hope I find you, my mate.” He mumbled audibly.

He glanced out of the room through the window. It was getting brighter. Staring at the wall clock, he saw that it was almost 7am… a few minutes to it.

Likewise, he was still in his robe. Just then, the door creaked open. Strangely, he heard a female voice. Without hesitation, he quickly covered up with a hood, backing her. His wolf howled in annoyance.

“Atlas, it's me, Harper. Can I come with you to the Night Wind Pack party?” She approached him.

He tried to calm himself when he found out that it was Harper. “Don't come any closer, Harper. Didn't I warn you not to show up in my room at night?” His voice was hoarse, and Harper got a little scared.

“What… What are you talking about, Atlas? It's not night anymore. By the way, why are you putting on a hood?” She raised her brows at him, still standing at the spot where he shunned her not to move from.

Atlas tried to hold his wolf from pouncing on her. Her voice was getting him so angry. Of course, no one has ever seen him in his night form except his Beta, Jackson. “I can do whatever I want, Harper. Why can't you wait for me to get out of the room before you request that I take you to the Night Wind Pack?”

“Atlas, what's wrong with you? You and I have gone past that. Anyway, have you approved?” She grabbed his wrist and he quickly clenched his fist. He can't let her see his long fingers and hairy hands.

“Yes… Yes, leave. I'd like to get prepared.” He snapped with uneasiness.

But she wouldn't let him be. Harper quickly took off his hood. Alpha Atlas gasped, and quickly looked in a mirror. Luckily, he had already transformed to his normal self.

“What do you want, Harper? I must get prepared, since you're coming with me, I advise you to get ready too.” Atlas said as he walked into the bathroom.

Harper smiled mischievously. “Okay! I'll be waiting.” With that, she walked out of the room as her face beamed with a smile.

“That was close?” Alpha Atlas mumbled.


“Allison, where the hell is my jewelry?” Natalie stormed out of her dressing room as I tidied the room.

She quickly handed the box to her. “It's right here” 

“And my heels? What about my pair of glasses?” She yelled at me angrily.

She wouldn't even let me finish one before sending me to another. I heaved a sigh and replied. “I'll go get them right away.”

“Gosh! What's taking you so long? Or are you just jealous that you are not the one who is getting engaged to Alpha Marcus? Slow poke!” She laughed hysterically.

I shook my head and sighed. “I don't want him, and I never will.”

“Of course, and that's because you can never get him. He's all mine. Quit dreaming, loser!” She snapped as she walked away.

Taking a deep breath, I mumbled. “I just hope I get through this party.” It was time for me to do the gardening, so I headed straight to the bushy garden.


The Bentley was driven into the mansion, and it halted in front of Alpha Atlas and Harper, who were standing in front of the mansion. The servants opened the door, and they hopped into the car.

Immediately they got in, the driver reversed and speeded off the compound. They headed straight to the Night Wind Pack house.

In a few minutes, the car drove into the Pack house of the Night Wind's. Beta Jackson got down from the car and opened the car door for Alpha Atlas.

The moment Alpha Atlas got out of the car and adjusted his suit, his eyes caught mine as I carried the dirt from the garden to the trash can.

He couldn't take his eyes off me, and that baffled me. Looking away, I dropped the garbage and left, but he didn't stop staring.

“Atlas, What are you looking at?” Harper nudged him.

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